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  1. 20 minutes ago, rideforever said:


    But you have to answer these questions with a good heart and wise reason and with a wide view.  Asking is easy.
    Perhaps the answers will not be to your liking, but still inside you ... reason can prevail.
    The choice to honest is the only choice we have.
    For instance, I am here in this body ... is this coercion?  Perhaps I would like to be 6'5 and a billionaire. Am I coerced?
    What about if I have lunch on the menu is chicken and veg.  The chicken doesn't want to die.  The vegetables also don't want to die, why do you think roses have thorns?  So I kill them all and eat them, and my immune system goes to work of mass murder.
    Okay ... so who is coerced here?
    A much bigger view of the situation is necessary if you want answers.
    Who am I anyway, do I even know?
    And let alone the Men on this planet do laissez-faire ... what about the Tigers?  Ever seen a tiger killing - they are not stopping much for human rights are they.
    In fact ... it is very interesting to engage with what is happening, it is illuminating.


    Why should I or anyone else be coerced to pay taxes (If I dont pay I get coerced through threat of or actual imprisonment or fines) to fund governments spending of billions facilitating arms deals with weapons of death in the name of defense while they project themselves falsely as benevolent or, while they wage war on other nations in the face of mass protest! or create drugs that are deceitfully passed off as the answer to all our ills through pyramidal sales structures using trickery and guile and waged upon the unsuspecting masses!

    As with AGW fraud and CV19, deceit is the narrative used to peddle fear. The fear of such threats is coercion foisted on a manipulated mass who seek safety and security, who would lead a rationally balanced life had not a corrupt & tyrannical system beguiled them into acceptance.


    To passively accept the artificial limitations imposed upon us denies the purpose of life. Each perspective is genuine and valid. Mine, as is Yours.





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  2. 18 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    That made me laugh, Zarkov. ?


    (I just only seem to get 1  or 2 likes to give out every few hours - it's a conspiracy).


    same here - infamy infamy - even the forums got it infamy ;)

  3. 42 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    I'm not wearing the mask without the rest of the costume. 





    Ijust want a light sabre to go with my shopping trolley that flashes green then amber and red to confuse the covidista .

    File:Darth Vader.jpg

  4. 27 minutes ago, rideforever said:


    Reality is reality, you know.  It is what it actually is whether it is convenient for you or not.
    It is what it is.
    Many people have utopian ideas and they say "why wouldn't it work" ... as if surprised or something.
    But the answer is very obvious.
    It is not done because it cannot be done, because it doesn't work, because we are not ready.
    Anyone can dream up world peace or ... whatever ... whatever dream you have, it just pops in your mind.
    But in the real world things are not like that.  It rains sometimes.
    Sometimes you fail and fall on your face because there are many things you don't know.
    It's really strange when people dream up a utopia and think they are just going to deploy it on this world, as if this whole world is like a canvas that you personally are going to decide about.
    Like it's all about you and your own dream.
    Rather than a shared space for countless people and other creatures.
    Rather than a place for all of life, rather than some place for your ideas only.
    It is what it is.  You are where you are.
    And so on ...



    I can agree somewhat with your demeanor - but as long as life exists then there is always hope, because life and morality are synonymous.

    Laissez-faire  or voluntaryism or other variants of libertarianism are far from Utopian   - it simply removes or relegates the psychopaths from power - authoritarianism is an immoral act in itself and therefore illegitimate but this unfortunately is what governance is based on.

    Not accepting the current state of societies mechanisms is not a utopian thought process it merely recognises the benefit of other approaches  such as libertarianism.

    No mention of world peace here  nor idealism. Everything  worthwhile is hard work of that I have no doubt.

    Mans existence does not have to be based on coercion. Information is the key for many - how else do people become ready for positive change?



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  5. 1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:
    1 hour ago, Noctua said:



     What's the legal definition of a face covering?  A scarf?


    Dark sunglasses mask my face partially

    I may destroy my wifes stockings and go full bankrobber - the statists would respect that ;)

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  6. 2 hours ago, rideforever said:


    Okay but who will keep such Principles in place?
    Say there is a group of people who wish to do evil and co-operate to do so, who will stand up to them ?
    And who will be responsible for nuclear waste disposal ... most people would simply forget about it as it is "far away" ... but if it goes off it is not far away from anyone ?  How is that dealt with ?



    That would be why people should read it.

    Once the moral ideal settles in the mind, is understood then the answers can be worked out.

    It then becomes clear that everyone would be responsible for themselves and treat each other as they wish to be treated. We all would keep moral principles in place. Those who behave immorally would be shunned or not dealt with - they would separate themselves from a society that bases itself on moral principle!

    True education and moral comprehension has been sidelined in favour of obedience training and not thinking independantly.

    Ultimately why would we not all stand up to any form of oppression, That is our right, the right that life bestows - most don't do that now because we have all be programmed to obey, & conform to tyranny!

    There is also no reason why many small competing private security firms could not be created by people to do what they are supposed to do now but for the protection of all rather than for the protection of tyrants. Each would keep each other in check as is the true nature of competition and competing would imply negation of monopolisation.

    It isn't perfect but not discussing and getting involved or exploring it as a viable alternative will not progress the pragmatics further!

    Peoples jobs might be similar to that of today - who knows how the social and economic landscape would change if tyranny were to be removed from the equation!

    Waste disposal would be ideally organised with those of sufficient expertise to deal with it. roads would be built by road-builders etc Just no requirement for government. At worst a minarchy might be a good starting point because people are easily frightened by the unknown, but as Larken Rose points out this is always a step in the wrong direction towards control.

    I take it you haven't read the book?


  7. 2 hours ago, Noctua said:

    Pandemic is chance to reset global economy, says Prince Charles

    Prince of Wales unveils a five-point plan to stimulate sustainable economic growth

    He said that the pandemic, which has forced governments worldwide to mothball their economies, had showed people that dramatic change was possible.

    “We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,” he added.


    Dramatic change is possible!

    If everyone read the market for liberty even just the first few chapters, It sets out a blueprint by asking pertinent questions relating to morality

    https://cdn.mises.org/The Market for Liberty_2.pdf?token=Wc6uBKXu


    Then there would be NO royalty, NO Governments and a mechanism for society based on Principles rather than Laws

    It could represent a golden opportunity but not for the extension of feudalistic expansion  and centralisation  that the globalist pursue

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    2 hours ago, Messenger said:

    Good post, Zarkov.


    Not only a money generator but the mercury and aluminum mixture of chemicals also prevent access to higher consciousness, and I wouldn't be surprised if it damaged the endochrine system reducing the victims ability to have offspring.


    Many thanks.

    Your quite right - Hg especially  does indeed damage not only the endocrine system but all systems. It is the causal nexus of disruption and system-wide chaos.

    Mercury and Aluminium when combined are synergistic, Hg in elemental form dissolves Al corrosively, each of which in all their varying salt and chelate forms potentially in the body could wreake all manner of havoc!

    Mercury is a super oxidiser! 


    There was an article I read a while back where research showed that EM waves targeting  the right temporoparietal junction (TPJ) which is where moral judgement is processed, could be rendered inactive temporarily by exposure. Interestingly it might be noted that mobile phone use exposes precisely the same area of the brain to EM waves if your right handed! 

    I would venture that Hg exposures are also able to block/alter many pathways/junctions in a similar way and might also be a leading reason why ~5% of the population are psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists! (just a hypotheses) and therefore these conditions might also be considered to be on the autistic spectrum!

    It explains why autism is considered spectral rather than specific.

    It also might be indicative as to why the general population through Hg exposures of one kind or another (vaccination - fillings - contaminated fish ingestion) have been so apathetic in the face of political and religious tyranny - they might simply be unable to process effectively - made worse by the brain washing through dogmatic educational obedience training. Not forgetting the daily exposure most get from fluoride toothpastes. The mouth is the perfect delivery system for this, absorption being relatively easy through the mouths thin epithelial cells. I remember reading that Fluorides also pass easily through the BBB to the brain and appear to be especially attracted to the pineal gland and would therefore attract more calcium accounting for calcification but also would serve to attract alumnium (Al) to that area too, if Hg is in the system it is also known to damage the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) thus enabling greater amounts of Al to pass through to the brain.

    Glyphosate also is known to damage connective tissue (BBB !) and it would be fair to say is now ubiquitous in our diets. 



    The overview of this, as for everything from the authoritarian perspective i.e. from globalists to doctors  and every other authoritarian in-between -  their methodology uses the same meme:  problem, reaction solution.

    It seems its a universal prescription for domination.


    Dr Andrew Kaufman mentioned in one of his videos one of the new techniques for vaccine administration using 2 electrode needles either side of the delivery needle. iirc he stated the process is called electro-poration whereby the local (to the electrodes) cells epithelium develop temporary pores enhancing absorption of the vaccine contents.

    [Speculatively!  wrt 5G, with its wide frequency & power range, its ability to be targeted and pulsed and noting that hair follicles of the skin purportedly act as receiving antennae - could EM currents be induced enough to create an effect similar to electro-poration?  again, this is a purely speculative question/thought, it may well be baseless, but in consideration of the crap that has been foisted upon us all by the psychopathic parasite class maybe this thought/question is justified? EM radiation has been shown to be a carcinogen after all ! ]

  9. 35 minutes ago, Messenger said:

    The thimerosal is very bad, it is mercury. Thimerosal was created by eli lilly pharmaceutical company.

    George bush senior was at one time on the board of directors of eli lilly.

    Thimerosal is one of the main ingredients in the MMR vaccine along with aluminum and other poison such as aborted fetal cells.


    The human brain is made up of copper, carbon, and water. Copper is highly conductive. Aluminum is not, it has a very low melting point, and mercury has always been known as a poison.


    Thimerosal is extremely bad - very bio available and converts in the body to methyl mercury. I have heard arguments about ethyl and methyl variants and the potential to damage but in truth they are both highly toxic forms both being far worse than elemental mercury (Hg). (Andy Cutler spent many years demonstrating  proper chelation protocols and helped many thousands of autistic children heal from this abomination.)

    Once in the body it gets through the blood brain barrier to the brain fairly easily and is strongly attracted to sulfur which is bad news because sulfur is present in almost all cells of the body esp the nervous system and brain and main organs.

    Dental amalgams are approx 50% Hg  and an often overlooked source and should be avoided at all costs.

    https://educate-yourself.org/cn/mercuryfreedentristy2000.shtml lists at the bottom many cited findings from amalgams.


    Dr Rashid Buttar mentioned that in autistic spectrum disorders (though not limited to) mercury is always found in the brain and nervous tissue.

    Because of Hg's affinity with Sulphur (S) it screws up detoxification pathways because  S is involved in nearly all detox pathways.

    Western diet makes the whole Hg issue worse because of lack of S in plants because of the Sulphur cycle has been disrupted by overuse of chemical fertilisers  and likely why there has been a noted increase in joint problems in western populations as S is robbed from the connective and joint tissues to supplement the body's requirement in more essential processes like detox pathways.


    Overall, Mercury (Hg) is an enormous problem. Our terrible nutrient poor diets drastically increase our susceptibility to its effects in all forms and I can only assume that the petrochemical industrial complex knew this all along, since rockerfellers ancestors were snake oil salesmen.

    They would have been well versed in the history of Hg and its misuse as a treatment which was an intentional money spinner for early so called physicians who frequently treated rich clients with calomel, it would ease symptoms of whatever ailed them briefly only for the symptoms to return some time later usually a few months. They knew the fine line of balancing the correct amounts to administer to prolong the patronage of these rich clients. 

    Allopathic medicine was borne of this mindset and is the mindset of the globalist cabal.

    Authoritarians are all snake oil salesmen!


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  10. 4 hours ago, chocomel said:


    But smartphone users have already been tracked by GPS for many years, whether they admit it or not when you think about.... :classic_rolleyes:

    Don't get fooled by flight mode. Leave your phone at home and only switch it on when you use OR wrap it in tinfoil or put it in a mylar bag when out and about.

    God, I've been doing this for many years and I don't even have a smartphone. lol

    I've started to tell people that I don't own a phone and they have to write a letter to me. Are they gonna force me to have a phone? Well, send me one then.

    Hi chocomel.

    you are quite right about these devices - tracking us already for years already

    good points  and I have been wrapping it in foil when travelling :)

    I have only just started using a mobile phone about 2 yrs ago and frequently leave it at home. Its a hand me down from wiffy  and I use it as an alarm clock and to read pdf book downloads which is handy.


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  11. Not sure if anyone has posted UKColumn Wed news update but was quite good today started by giving a good comparison of UK and Sweden lockdown.

    covered some improving media coverage of our loss of liberties, the suggestion that courts could be run without a jury!  the impact of brexit, cummings role behind the scenes creating chaos and the direction that is negating the role of parliamentary process. Some android op systems auto-installing track and trace apps!





    Its even clearer that Brexit is a major thorn for UK gov and the EU's move towards greater centralisaton and globalisation with the un eventually taking precedence!

    Phone on flight mode for the foreseeable future!



  12. Visited a small co-op shop earlier this week. there was no queue outside because I tend to choose the time I go so no queues  but they have cordoned off entry to some of the aisles so its a one way system!

    Anyway - I walked down one aisle to get to the next for some doughnuts but unbelievably people were queuing to get down the aisle because 2 people were there already. I just walked by them & grabbed my doughnuts and couldn't help smiling at the tutting and mumbling that was coming from the 4 or 5 people queuing behind me.

    I would think that the more people demonstrate ordinary behaviour that has served us for untold millennia, the quicker it will return,  not that I expect normal life to resume now that the politicians, media, banks, UN  etc have gang raped the world economy.

    Seeing more people slowly showing their disdain for queues and distancing - weird how the feeling of isolation was extended this way!  Some serious planning went into the psychological elements of this.

    Does anyone remember referring to the last so called recession when Michael Heseltine  said something along the lines  of "if you think this is a recession you aint seen nothing yet" - that was around 2009 ?


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  13. 22 hours ago, Seeker said:

    Thank you for adding the environmental factors I forgot to mention, in particular Monsanto’s DDT! This is something Dr Buttar has talked about. I don’t know if it’s challenging germ theory but our toxic environment of air, water, food, vaccines, emf is suppressing our body, the immune system and the brain, especially the pineal gland, not an accident. This is of course resulting in so many illnesses. Sorry to hear about your painful experience, I hope everything is 100% with you now. What is your overall stance on vaccines then? 


    Yes - As far as I can tell back to normal (whatever that is :) ) Thanks.

    Vaccines - absolutely against them as they invade personal space and I regard them as abuse. The contents are toxic and disease forming and these are intentionally added. It appears we have been the unwitting subjects of a mass experiment. Those who orchestrate this abuse should be subjected to the will of the families and individuals who have suffered harm & loss and not least to a programme of their own sanctioned medicine - reap what they sew! I am not sure that anything works with empty vessels such as psychopaths though.


    Glyphosate is an advancement which is ubiquitous now, it has a deleterious effect apparently lowering the integrity of connective tissue so the gut is affected, and blood brain barrier and likely many other effects. It clearly is related to earlier pesticides - they cant help themselves and I believe its more about experimentation/death than profits for them - they collectively control the economic system though our energy funds it which is a similar play  with governance - ironic!

    I entirely agree with your assessment wrt brain function/pathways, pineal, emfs etc - the whole caboodle. 





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  14. 21 hours ago, oz93666 said:


    Well that's slightly different , and not really paid actors , more soros financed chaos agents , as well as black-ops  US Army groups ... they will be there trying to push things along , starting the fires .... This has been going on ... sporadically , for decades , but riots never really took off ...


    I'm saying lock-down restrictions have created a will in the people in general , to want to get some exercise ..get out on the streets in large numbers so social distancing and lock-down laws cannot be enforced  , direct anger at the supermarkets that made them que for hours.... all unconscious motivation 


    This added factor  may just be enough to make the riots take off , and happen in other countries .




    Agree -  I was generalising  - your detailed explanation says it much better 

  15. 5 hours ago, Seeker said:

    As we all know bill gates wants to vaccinate anything that moves, he has caused tremendous damage in India and Africa, having the WHO, which he funds, help to cover up his damage. Here is proof that bill gates knew his vaccines would cause a lot of damage. 


    Starting with the oral polio vaccine (OPV) according to the CDC 95% of people who get naturally occurring polio do not experience any symptoms (thanks to a strong immune system) roughly 4% get mild flu like symptoms, 1% paralysis rate and a 0.1% death rate. The OPV was causing a new type of polio called non-polio acute flaccid paralysis which had a paralysis rate of 35% and a death rate of 8.5%. Here we can clearly see that the OPV caused far more harm than good, so it was phased out in countries around the world, phased out in America in 2000. It was the year 2000 that bill gates decided India needed the OPV, he knew it was dangerous as it was phased out in his own country in the year 2000. Over the 17 years it has lead to 495,000 children being paralysed. I cannot find an official death rate figure but if 495,000 is the 35% paralysis rate (based on CDC numbers) then an 8.5% death rate is over 100,000 kids. Like I say this isn’t an official figure but based on CDC numbers. The WHO covered for gates and media outlets claimed that gates had eradicated polio, sick fucks.


    The same was done in africa with the dtp vaccine, whilst the dtp vaccine showed signs of protecting against dtp, it was found to compromise the immune system, meaning that they were more likely to die from other diseases. It was associated with a 5 fold higher death rate than those unvaccinated, the dtp vaccine was phased out in America in the year 1997. So what does bill gates do, decide africa needs this vaccine. This vaccine as you can guess caused total devastation with those vaccinated now having a 10fold higher death rate than those unvaccinated, and more dying from the vaccine than the diseases they were supposed to protect against. Dr Soren Mogensen and Peter Abbey who were pro vac were shocked to find this. Again covered up for by the WHO. 


    In kenya the scientists found that the anti fertility agent HCG antigen was in the tetanus vaccines. 


    The question is why is bill gates sterilising and killing us with vaccines? He was raised by eugenicists, his dad was the head of planned parenthood. He wasn’t joking what he says below...


    he is now leading the way for a covid19 vaccine, do you think it’s wise to take it based on this info? 


    Polio emerged when pesticides such as lead arsenate were introduced. When lead arsenate was phased out it was replaced with the early organophosphate variant DDT which attacked the nervous system in a similar fashion. These variants all effect the nervous system in different ways - Mark Purdey exposed some of this with the related mad cow disease debacle.

    Your quite right that the gates vaccines causes a acute flaccid paralysis syndrome but its not new. Approx 10 hours after the polio vaccine at 6yrs of age in the 70's I experienced leg paralysis. It was one of the most painful and harrowing experiences lasting around 20 hours and it is etched vividly in my memory. I was lucky as it passed and life resumed.

    Chemicals are probably the most ignored facet of modern life yet the most detrimental whether injected or consumed with food or sprayed on our bodies.

    They are beyond psychopathic!





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  16. 2 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    If governments keep people in their homes , restrict access to shops , then these freedoms of movement of  the people  are thwarted .... Pressure builds up and it's only natural at some point the dam will break ... people will run wild on the streets , manifest the exact opposite of orderly monitored ques at supermarket , break through all the  restrictions and loot and riot 


    So I'm suggesting the riots in America would not have happened , but for lock-down  ...


    Could similar riots be coming to Europe ? Europeans are more subdued than Americans , but it could happen , an excuse will be found. 


    Interesting that you started this thread. Mark Windows (windows on the world) has been covering this for a while.

    His broadcast earlier tonight covered the falsification of the US rioting - paid actors! 

    Global Takedown Endtimes Syndrome


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  17. 1 hour ago, oz93666 said:

    I'll save you being tortured by that video .... lots of rambling from  Passio and LOTs of interuption by AJ 


    So what does Passio say is the biggest occult secret ... ? .."the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior "  


    Hmmm... well , I wouldn't have put things that way ... I would say this is no secret , we are all born with an innate understanding of right and wrong ... the cabal would certainly want to corrupt that ....


    No clear message given in that video  about what Satanism is all about , where it comes from  .... It's simply the life style choice of the ET's who control things here .... the ET's who have been corrupted by dark spirit and Fallen Angel influence ...They get off on controlling and causing pain to others , dominating others ...And the fallen angels , who work through the ET's  want humanity to adopt that life style too. 


    I agree that we are born with an innate understanding of right and wrong, but as soon as we open up to external influence from pre-school to primary school those innate comprehensions are quashed by obedience training. It seems that that is where the internal discord begins and continues for many into later life and becomes the illusory framework from which all societies ills emanate. 


    Aristotle “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”


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