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  1. I like that they use the pcr to identify it, good old reliable pcr tests! Not just isolated to covid eh! LOL
  2. https://ourfreesociety.com/is-rabies-a-virus/ Is rabies a virus? The question came up in the comment section of a video issuing a challenge to PROVE that viruses can be passed from one person to another. You can watch it here. So I went to take a look at what Dawn and Dave had to say in their bible of a book on health and unpacking ALL the lies that have been spread for the last 300+ years by the mafia allopathic medical industry by way of the fake scientists who came up with these claims. I’ll bet you ANYTHING these fake scientists were funded by the evils and then they invested huge amounts on their public relations campaign so everyone would think that everything these fake evil scientists said was FACT! You can get Dave and Dawn’s book here. It’s a MUST HAVE that will explain away almost every single lie the evils have brainwashed us into believing for the last several centuries. Since the information in their book took more than a few paragraphs, I decided to paste it here. “Rabies – The OIE definition of rabies refers to, “…a viral disease that affects the central nervous system of warm-blooded animals, including humans.” Rabies is classified as a zoonotic disease; as the definition explains, “Rabies is one of the most deadly zoonoses. Each year, it kills nearly 60,000 people worldwide, mostly children in developing countries.” It is claimed that rabies is present throughout all continents of the world, with the sole exception of Antarctica; however, the May 2019 WHO fact sheet entitled Rabies states that, “Rabies is one of the neglected tropical diseases that predominantly affects poor and vulnerable populations who live in remote rural locations.” It is claimed that rabies is transmitted via an animal bite and that the overwhelming majority of cases occur due to a dog bite, which exposes a person to ‘infected’ saliva. But this explanation does not seem to be consistent with the above statements that rabies mainly affects ‘poor and vulnerable’ children in ‘developing’ countries. The OIE information sheet makes the interesting comment that the rabies virus is not immediately active after the bite but instead, “…will generally remain at the entry site for a period of time before travelling along the nerves to the brain.” The WHO fact sheet refers to some of the symptoms associated with the disease. Although the initial symptoms are mild and include pain at the wound site and a fever, far more serious symptoms are said to develop later; the fact sheet explains, “As the virus spreads to the central nervous system, progressive and fatal inflammation of the brain and spinal cord develops.” The discussion in chapter three demonstrated that the particles called ‘viruses’ are inert outside of a host cell; which means they cannot ‘travel’ around the body. According to the fact sheet there are two forms of the disease, one of which is called ‘furious’ rabies because it is said to produce ‘hyperactive behaviour’. This behaviour may include hydrophobia, which is an alternative term for ‘fear of water’ and also the original name for rabies. The other form of the disease is called paralytic rabies, because it is claimed that the virus can induce paralysis. The bite from an ‘infected’ animal is said to require prompt ‘treatment’, which rather unusually involves the administration of the rabies vaccine. The vast majority of vaccines are administered prior to ‘exposure’ as a preventive measure; but the rabies vaccine can be administered both before and after ‘exposure’. However, this vaccine is not routinely administered prophylactically, except for people who are considered to be ‘at risk’ from rabies; which mainly refers to people who work with animals, vets and animal researchers, for example. The rabies vaccine is used for both animals and people, although the first rabies vaccine was produced only for human use. Its development is credited to the French chemist, Louis Pasteur, and it is considered to be another of his ‘achievements’. As discussed in chapter three, Dr Geison’s research revealed that the ‘science’ of Louis Pasteur was not as meticulous as it is believed to have been; his formulation of the rabies vaccine was equally flawed. Prior to Louis Pasteur’s study of rabies, the ‘treatments’ used for patients diagnosed with this disease were of a most bizarre nature; they owed their existence more to superstition than to ‘science’. In her book The Poisoned Needle, Eleanor McBean presents an extract from an essay entitled Rabies Past/Present in Scientific Review, written by physician and surgeon Dr Millicent Morden MD. The essay includes reference to examples of the pre-Pasteur treatment of rabies, “In 1806 a Mr. Kraus was awarded $1000, by the then rulers of New York temtory for his scientific discovery which had kept rabies out of New York for over twenty years. His formula is a matter of record and consisted of the groundup jaw bone of an ass or dog, a piece of colt’s tongue and the green rust off a penny of George the First reign.” These treatments would be more appropriately described using the previously cited words of William White that refer to ‘a combination of absurdity with nastiness’. In view of the absurdity of these treatments, it is not surprising that the medical establishment regards it as ‘fortunate’ that Louis Pasteur decided to turn his attention to a study of rabies. But it has not been fortunate; the experiments he conducted were similar to the previously described gruesome monkey experiments, which were claimed to demonstrate the transmission of polio. In his book entitled The Blood Poisoners, Lionel Dole describes the nature of Louis Pasteur’s experiments, “The manner in which Pasteur made rabbits “rabid” by boring holes in their skulls and inserting filth into their brains was not science but simply brutal quackery.” Nevertheless, it was on the basis of this brutal quackery that Louis Pasteur developed his rabies vaccine. The medical establishment references to this vaccine indicate that it was a resounding success; contemporary reports however, tell a very different story and one that again speaks of Louis Pasteur’s fundamental errors and even of fraud. In her essay, Dr Morden refers to two medical practitioners who were contemporaries of Louis Pasteur but outspoken in their criticism of his work; as the following extracts demonstrate. The first extract refers to Dr Bruette’s exposure of the fraud of the rabies vaccine, “Dr William A. Bruette, former assistant chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry in Washington, was also a contemporary of Pasteur and gave many proofs of Pasteur’s incorrect findings. Dr Bruette has proved, as a matter of fact, that rabies vaccine is not only a fraud, but harmful. He scorns the use of rabies vaccine and states that ‘inoculation spreads disease.’ He goes as far as to call the sale of rabies vaccine an out and out racket.” Although 21st century vaccines are different from those used in the 19th century, they are all based on the same flawed theory. The second extract refers to Dr Woods’ exposure of a major flaw in the theory about the alleged cause of rabies, “Dr Matthew Woods, another contemporary of Pasteur, then a leading member of the Philadelphia Medical Society, wrote much on the subject of rabies. He stated, ‘…at the Philadelphia dog pound, where on an average more than 6,000 vagrant dogs are taken annually, and where the catchers and keepers are frequently bitten while handling them, not one case of hydrophobia has occurred during its entire history of twenty-five years, in which time 150,000 dogs have been handled’.” Dr Morden cites a further quote from Dr Woods, in which he suggests alternative causes for the symptoms that are often labelled as ‘rabies’, “In animals, so-called rabies is fundamentally due to maltreatment or malnutrition or both.” Dr Bruette and Dr Woods were by no means the only medical practitioners to disparage Louis Pasteur’s rabies vaccine; a critical view was also held by Dr George Wilson MD, President of the British Medical Society, who, at the Society’s AGM in 1899, made the following statement that was published in the British Medical Journal, “I accuse my profession of misleading the public. Pasteur’s anti-rabies vaccination is – I believe, and others with me – a piece of deception.” Unfortunately, the rabies vaccine is far more than a piece of deception; it was, and still is a serious public health problem that poses severe health hazards for both humans and animals. It should be clear that maltreatment and malnutrition, the alternative causes suggested by Dr Woods, can be neither prevented nor treated by vaccination. The health of a person or an animal can certainly be adversely affected by vaccines. In his book, Lionel Dole expands on the many problems associated with the use of the rabies vaccine, “Pasteur cannot be proved to have saved a single life with his vaccines, but it is quite certain that many people died from his treatment of them, even when the dogs that had bitten them remained perfectly well….” Any dogs that remained ‘perfectly well’ could not have been ‘rabid’; nevertheless, many dogs were destroyed on the basis that they had a disease that they could transmit to people, if bitten. Although it is claimed that rabies is caused by a virus, the refutation of the ‘germ theory’ in chapter three demonstrates this to be an unfounded claim. There is, however, other evidence that also denies the viral cause of rabies, as explained by Hans Ruesch, a Swiss medical historian, who states, in his book entitled 1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection, that, “Medical students are taught that Pasteur solved the ‘problem’ of rabies in the last century – thanks to experiments on dogs. They – and the public – are not told that neither he nor his successors have ever been able to identify the virus which is supposed to cause rabies….” Hans Ruesch’s book was first published in 1978; in other words, more than four decades after the invention of the electron microscope; this, in turn, means that there had been more than ample time for scientists to have identified the virus alleged to cause rabies. The fact that it had remained unidentified in the late 1970s demonstrates that there can be no original ‘proof’ that rabies is caused by a ‘virus’; the idea that it can be transmitted to humans through the bite of an allegedly ‘infected’ dog is similarly unproven. In the conclusion to her essay, Dr Morden provides a summary of the mistaken ideas about the existence of an ‘infectious disease’ called rabies, “Is rabies then a disease? Have we isolated a virus or germ? Is the Pasteurtreatment specific? Is rabies, in short, fact or fancy? I believe it is fancy, for I have handled so-called rabid animals and humans without benefit of Pasteur treatment and in no case has there been a death or any other symptoms of rabies. I submit that rabies is non-existent and that the Pasteur treatment for rabies is worse than the disease, if it were a disease, which it is not.” The claim that human rabies is a disease of the central nervous system and involves inflammation of the brain, otherwise known as encephalitis, provides an indication of some of the possible causal agents for these symptoms; for example, the discussion about the 1918 Flu referred to cases of ‘post-vaccinal encephalitis’. Some of the possible ‘side effects’ of the rabies vaccine include pain, dizziness and nausea; more serious effects include breathing difficulties and swelling of the throat, both of which are regarded as medical emergencies and demonstrate the dangers of the vaccine. Although contributory factors, vaccines are not the only sources of neurotoxins to which people and animals can be exposed. However, the control of rabies is said to require animal vaccinations, mainly for dogs; in many countries these vaccines are mandatory. Despite the belief that they are ‘lower beings’ than humans, animals also experience vaccine ‘side effects’; they can suffer stress, pain and discomfort from the vaccination process, as well as the more serious effects from their toxic ingredients. The acknowledged ‘side effects’ include vomiting and fever, both of which are obvious signs of poisoning. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) provides information on the web page entitled Vaccination FAQ about the possible, common ‘side effects’ that can occur and states that some of the more serious reactions, “…can be life-threatening and are medical emergencies.” The seriousness of these effects demonstrates the extent to which animals are at risk from the effects of vaccines, including the rabies vaccine. Unfortunately, the OIE claims that the appropriate measure required to eradicate rabies is to, “Vaccinate at least 70% of dogs.” Although rabies is mainly claimed to be transmitted via a dog bite, other animals are also implicated as vectors that are able to transmit the ‘virus’ alleged to cause rabies; these animals include rats, raccoons and cats. The idea that rabies can be eradicated by only vaccinating dogs is, therefore, yet another anomaly that remains unexplained. Despite the complete lack of evidence that it is a genuine disease, rabies continues to be considered as an important zoonosis that requires many animals, especially pets, to be subjected to vaccines; this is highly lucrative for the pharmaceutical industry but extremely detrimental to the health of both humans and animals.”
  3. Mentioned in a video on wave genetics (solari report on youtube) that russia had previously been directing electromagnetic frequencies towards Saudi for around 20 yrs iirc. To what effect I couldn't tell. I wouldn't imagine it would be benevolent though in any case of fact. TV alters state, computer screens similar, led's, dirty electricity, cellphones/towers, tv broadcasting - we're saturated & monitored. I think MIT conducted a study on EM effects on the brain and showed that EM micro voltage applied to the skull where extra parietal junction is located was able to disable moral function/decision in the brain for a period of 20 minutes or so. Cell phones irradiate the same area of the head in a right handed person though that is my speculation lol. Barry Trower said on one of his video sessions that around 40K cell phone related brain tumours occur in the uk annually.
  4. yes I realised & amended previous post - very demoralising on top of personal circumstance & feel similarly though have to say weary of it at times. peaks and troughs!
  5. I get the impression feeling fucked is par for the course, part of the mind wargame on us as well as myriad other insult not least duration. (outside of personal predicament that is)
  6. . never stop learning or unlearning ;)
  7. Biogeometry - Dr Ibrahim Karim A search on youtube should provide something. Long videos & poor sound q - feeds into aspects such as Feng Shui, TCM, energy medicine.
  8. FREEMASON DELUSION - THE GEORGIA GUIDE-STONES https://www.bitchute.com/video/V0n4E8sdHoHT/ I like his take on the one eye symbolism.
  9. I agree with natural law. I am however interested how religion is pieced together, limited as my knowledge is.
  10. Mike Yeadon interview on Delingpoles podcast https://odysee.com/@JamesDelingpoleChannel:0/yeadon2:9 - skirts around terrain theory but reinforces the fraud of asymptomatic transmission among other things. He states his position as not requiring the existence of vira to provide evidence of fraud. Good clarity over digital IDs ! Interesting talk
  12. Worth a look. https://weatherwar101.wordpress.com/category/nexrad/ https://www.youtube.com/c/WeatherWar101/videos channel
  13. The extent of manipulation appears to be worse than we imagine. Worth investigating further to validate! https://www.bitchute.com/video/XvWWSnQ6E1Tn/ Igan - Around the halfway point delves into weather manipulation. https://weatherwar101.wordpress.com/category/nexrad/ Nexrad - network of radar systems likely worldwide. https://www.youtube.com/c/WeatherWar101/videos Weather war101 channel
  14. entry in to "the last valley" - score by John Barry
  15. Still looking for full version of this with subs! watched it when it came out but haven't since and wouldn't mind seeing it again.
  16. Kung fu hustle Knife throwing scene
  17. one of my favourite endings "you met me at a very strange time in my life" as the financial sector is demolished
  18. Liberty Report on economics and possible return to sound money. https://odysee.com/@RonPaul:d/repeal-1913-end-the-income-tax-the:1
  19. Agree totally. You couldn't have expressed my feelings any better ;) Our output feels futile in a sense and I guess thats the point of demoralisation. The siege takes many forms - leaving us hanging is part of their process. Clarity of intent will intensify though as a natural repercussion to all the machinations of the state and the good news is that we have a head start on this forum! The last bit is thanks to all on here who have shown their true intent!
  20. Agree, v side effects too. Im not sure they have to do much else than they have been doing already re: fake tests, msm has it covered and the dominos set to fall with a pick of trigger points. All fake and relatively easy to rectify in a sane world, but we're far from that. Unbelievable that reality has not set in en-masse!
  21. Similarities in many ways with andreas moritz's Cancer Is Not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism iirc
  22. Direct link to full pdf text. https://odysee.com/@survival-archive:6/The_Invisible_Rainbow_Arthur_Firstenberg_highlighted_24_June_2020:7?&sunset=lbrytv I would posit that long covid is continual exposure to EMR.
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