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  1. I was inadvertently diagnosed well over a decade ago and did not bother with their drugs or returning since then for inept advice 7 Doctors and no joy for me so took matters into my own hands. Water only fasting ended the diabetes for me and a return of bad habits reintroduced diabetes. While in the thrall of bad habits I made a note of what improved sugar regulation, fatigue, digestion, weight gain and loss. What I found to be useful was Turmeric mixed in water with some black pepper, butter/oil improves absorption of turmeric. Cinnamon mixed with water - (learn about the 2 types) Milk thistle helps both liver and pancreas Dandelion root which is similar in action to milk thistle. Gymnema sylvestre I found to be the most helpful and definitely helped with pancreatitis and pain reduction and improvements to digestion. liquorice root is also great for glands. Pancreas is also responsible for supplying the kidneys with bicarbonate for blood homeostasis so an alkaline diet helps as does bicarbonate taken regularly if your diet is lacking. Modern medicine tends to view aspects of health in isolation which as flawed. Magnesium deficiency is also a major factor with many conditions. However, I don't know about metformin & cant believe it will resolve your troubles in the long term.
  2. Their jobs are to act! Ive seen some other clips implying he is now fully part of the hollywood cabal, but didnt bookmark. My personal thought is that we will all be shocked by how many of these "Fronts" are Cunts.
  3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pxPnkE5f461R/ TRUTH IS - YOU HAVEN'T HAD COVID Amanda Volmer
  4. I use oregano oil, orally - usually to fight tooth infections. Pure turpentine gum oil distillate - interesting stuff and history. https://www.bitchute.com/video/zvwD3FNwbaEO/ Dr Jennifer Daniels Interesting that the taste & smell strongly reminds me of old sweet shops and their contents, cough drops, gums drops etc Diamond G Forest products
  5. MEDIA NORMALISATION OF NEW CLOUD TYPES CAUSED BY CLIMATE HACKING TECHNOLOGIES https://www.bitchute.com/video/dw37B7O1WyVO/ 2:43 min Geo engineering exists. and placate with this shite. Nothing doing here, move on!
  6. Broken bit of scagliola (artificial marble) i made about 10 yrs ago. ~6"x4" (poor photo) I have a copy of millars plastering plain and decorative first published 1897 They had a great many recipes for transformation of plaster to stone-like robustness using resins, gums, acids, bases, oils, tars and dissolved minerals and metals. Various cements and concretes incl roman cement which can have vastly different properties dependant on the added constituents. Anything that can form a crystalline matrix over time can be used to culture stone with the appropriate aggregate. Seems to me that antiquity had a more thorough comprehension of elemental chemistry than the limited compartmentalised thinking of contemporary sapiens. Not to say construction wouldnt have logically been a combination of real stone and geopolymer. I would think that a castable equivalent to marble or granite was eminently possible & discoverable over the past 20K yrs. Likely multiple resets and culls have left us at a disadvantage.
  7. GEOPOLYMER - THE FORGOTTEN TECHNOLOGY OF THE OLD WORLD ANCIENTS https://www.bitchute.com/video/U3gEZCwPoDaU/ Part1 https://www.bitchute.com/video/ivhgVRJH9Tbh/ Part 2
  8. & HIV AIDS As Mullis stated - pcr cant tell you if your sick.
  9. DR JOSEPH YI - BAILEY, COWAN, KAUFMAN RESPOND TO COLE-MCCULLOUGH-MALONE https://www.bitchute.com/video/t0QXBWfoYStZ/ Another great breakdown of virus fraud. 1Hr 8mins
  10. my gut tells me periodic water only fasting is an important factor.
  11. found this interesting/useful https://www.bitchute.com/video/PPaJn0OwcUOK/ DOES SHADOW WORK HELP YOU ASCEND?
  12. As pcr absolutely cannot confirm the presence of a virus and vira cannot be observed directly leaves me wondering how they were able to verify the sniffer pooches findings? So now, even dogs can perpetuate the casedemic. Fuellmichs corona committee may plan to mount a grand jury against the canine cabal who are apparently easy to bribe with tasty treats and Yeadon will go barking mad lol
  13. had some of that too! They like to throw their weight against the defenceless! I had polio injection and cubes preschool. Left me paralysed for a day in intense pain and screaming when I tried to move. (weird how you dont forget some pain but other pains melt away with the years!) Lucky I guess - it wasnt permanent! Always wondered why I had recurring mightmares unable to move - usually under the sideboard where i used to hide as a child screaming too but no one could hear. around 3 years random occurrence after the event. Realised why (dreams) only a few years ago. Was a completely blocked memory and probably subconsciously life changing as these things are.
  14. I had it as a child. Caused by severe trauma. Years of paralysing recurring nightmares.
  15. A rare thing nowadays and nice to hear. They used to use beef tallow which made fish and chips a healthy option but now we have rancid plant derived oils instead to which they are applying scarcity premiums lol. Cant make this shit up.
  16. One thing I have never comprehended from allopathic doctors is why they never do a comprehensive mineral and vitamin/nutrient analysis, same applies to toxins! Rest assured, they do not have the skills to conduct this type of testing nor the rationale to enquire. I guess one quarter of victims is enough to sustain their lifestyles. Most people dig their own graves with their teeth.
  17. R.I.P TO ALL THE VAXXED PEOPLE SOON - WE WARNED YOU https://www.bitchute.com/video/KVtdHQ65NmUf/ Dr Robert Youngs vax findings ?
  18. Interesting listen. RESPONSE TO FUELLMICH FACT OR FICTION BY DR. THOMAS COWAN https://www.bitchute.com/video/Q8IMFBqCZ3vl/
  19. Bare in mind there is no requirement for compression as no explosion takes place, no requirement for conventional cylinder merely guides/runners for piston travel. With magnets aligned on OH cam and on the substitute piston heads with the magnets arranged for repulsion. 12 inline sets would give 30 degree rotation on the crankshaft. There are some powerful neodymium magnets around of different shape/types - would be great to have time to experiment! No reason why a combination of earth and coil magnets couldn't be used either as you say offer greater control and variable power offering greater control as you say. If the earth magnets were of sufficient strength and resistance minimal the net gain from magnets would/could provide over unity hypothetically. When I get a chance I'll do a drawing to see if I can make any sense LOL Also came across magnetic switch videos like this which shows that magnets can be controlled to some extent similarly to a coil.
  20. This cultural mechanism simply breaks our legs then offers us crutches. The disabled are a consequence of this corrupted counterfeit system endlessly feeding and simultaneously consuming itself. Similarly charities exist precisely because the system is so corrupted and damaging. Not to say that all technological advances are bad but to use them effectively unlearning the social engineering of the past century would seem essential from a moral perspective. Musk clouds the water as intended.
  21. Thanks - great video Most wilfully do not comprehend, acknowledge or differentiate between "direct" and "indirect" observation. Virology is entirely indirect which leads to malfeasance of all kinds due to unobservable indirect assumptions! (scientology) Virology is pure assumption. A myth based on indirect observation & therefore unproven. The onus is upon those who make the claim to prove that these so called viral particulates are pathogenic! Never proven as Dr Kaufman clearly states.
  22. The original post contains your "alternative" I take it you disagree with terrain theory LOL
  23. Seriously, have you read virus mania at all? or looked at the work of Lanka?
  24. As for other causes? Not looked for, so never found.
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