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  1. 3 hours ago, rebornsteve said:

    A glimmer of hope…





    Agree - there is always hope!

    - but they need to connect the dots, and a lot more needs to be done to illustrate WHY people are still being conned the answer to which is the ID2020/CBDC beast system!

    The fiat replacement is with a non currency!

    CBDC is not money. It is a control mechanism.


    Financially the masses are not astute! There exists the collective wealth to use collective finances positively for our mutual benefit and over-ride the commercial sectors machinations towards statism.

    The conscious direction of collective wealth I feel is possibly the greatest weapon the people have in their arsenal against the cabal and is yet unrealised.


  2. 4 hours ago, Saved said:

    That's the majority of social media for you. If any man is being paid through ad revenue and/or Patreon or other donations (PayPal etc) or is perhaps just running adverts on football forums then he had better say the right thing. 

    Even if he remains neutral, allowing somebody else to say something they should not might result in the destruction of whatever they have built up over time. All those tens of thousands of hours spent growing a big channel, only for somebody else to get it shut down because they dared to speak the truth.

    'Money' is thrown at everybody - particularly people with no to little useful talent - and can be highly addictive whilst never bringing satisfaction and is therefore a perfect tool with which to maintain control.


    on the money ;)  - money celebrates the trauma based society and elevates the negative side of our sensibilities bringing it to the fore.

    Money is the vessel and the media/tv/entertainment/politics .....  is the rudder


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  3. 1 hour ago, alexa said:

    33 Million he raised & now they decided to probe into it, what's up didn't they get enough of the money ?


    Captain Tom Moore fund faces charity probe: Foundation in crisis as watchdog prepares to open inquiry over decisions that 'may have generated significant profit' for company run by his family


    Captain Tom Moore fund faces charity probe: Foundation in crisis as watchdog opens inquiry

    The Captain Tom Foundation was in crisis last night after the Charity Commission revealed it is opening a statutory inquiry. It is investigating decisions that 'may have generated significant profit' for a company run by the war veteran's family. The commission opened a case last year but has escalated it due to 'newly identified concerns'.


    Don't charities have the option to retain up to 80% of the value of donations to cover administrative costs?


  4. 5 hours ago, rebornsteve said:



    My brother got me onto James about 6 months ago. His podcasts are brilliant and help me discover UK column news which I listen to daily. I must admit I’m slightly addicted; always checking to see when James’ latest interview has dropped. 


    Have to agree - he has a great variety of guests and its been interesting noticing him change his views over the past 18 or so months.

    He was always rational on the climate front & he's gone the extra mile. Hats off to him - He puts the mainstream journo's to shame as the GBnews clip shows !


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  5. 19 hours ago, Observations said:

    And also that ... Blaylock believes that MSG is toxic to the brain, Aspartame is toxic and may be the cause of multiple sclerosis,


    wrt MS, causative agents also include lead arsenate, mercury, thimerosal, DDT and glyphosate. All contribute to the destruction of the myelin sheath and tissue junction integrity including that of the bbb.

    The invention of polio by example was always to camouflage the extreme agrochemical experimentation of the industrial military complex as are all these modern conditions paraded as disease.

    Dutiful and virtuous tax payers fund their own demise, the irony is lost on them.


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  6. There's a push atm to make us believe that AI is sentient/conscious. Igans been pushing it lately in his vids and it comes across as disingenuous fearmongering. Another layer of complication/obfuscation.

    They can programme sophisticated autonomy to the extent it appears to be sentient but its not.

    Ai will be used as a scapegoat of blame for radical changes to the internet imho.

    worldwide reliance on internet is problematic.



  7. 3 hours ago, pete675 said:



    All the usual suspects there.


    But conoravirus might be the least of our worries, take this Wellcome Sanger news release from 2001: https://www.sanger.ac.uk/news_item/2001-10-04-black-death-unveiled/


    Black Death Unveiled' indeed. This - literally - unhealthy interest continues, see https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-01673-4


    I for one would be much happier if all this research into Yersinia pestis had someone decent, responsible and humanitarian behind it, like Dr Fu Manchu, instead of Wellcome Sanger and hence the Harvard flunker.




    Interesting that germ theory expanded in line with advances in electromagnetic technology and chemical discovery.

    The problem of blame presented its own solution and people merely remained to be steered into reaction and belief.



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  8. 19 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Bloody hypocrite alert





    These were the virtue signallers. The ones who wilfully accelerated the plans of the parasite class without a thought in their head.





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