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  1. Not a fan of crenshaw or anyone to be frank



    first 20 mins !



    I watched a vid a few yrs back showing complete Schuman resonance shielding resulted in autonomic disturbance that could have ended in failure if extended in experiments! To me this Indicates EXTERNAL autonomic system regulation!  - cant find the vids presently but will supply when found.




  2. 13 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    I feel you are muddying the waters with this now & not really addressing my post Zarkov, giving a full on lecture, thats nothing really to do with 72000 strand DNA in in relation to the triple helix. So is kind of mocking what we are trying to get at here. Hugos putting the case that DNA double helix has been changed to 20,000 from 144,000 genes.

    Feel free to correct if you think im going wrong here.


    Being 3x 72000 = 216000 "Triple Helix"



    Probably out my depth here, but fuck it this is a zombie apocalypse thread.

    What I find interesting & I am linking this with the monkey pox agenda right now & AIDS my little head is adding the pieces here, so bare with me.


    Characterization of an adenovirus early protein required for viral DNA replication: A single strand specific DNA binding protein



    The Adenovirus ad5 jab binds to DNA strand (72000) also they warned back in 2020 before the Lancet & Nature fully sold out, this jab originally was used for treating Ebola & Aids patients & made them worse 10 years ago!


      Use of adenovirus type-5 vectored vaccines: a cautionary tale https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7571904/


    Now we have the monkey pox scam, which as we know is just an excuse for the side effects from the jab, but also I believe with the jab causing immune deficiency syndrome, which will turn into an epidemic.. monkey pox is the perfect storm or cover & plus a side note they are giving gays the small pox jab, which maybe not linked, but MSM claimed sa small pox jab caused AIDS in the 1st place years ago. How much of this is true is debatable. I just find it yet another sync or coincidence in the web of lies. The Monkey pox of course is just small pox rebranded & an obvious sideffect of their jabs, with Shingles symptoms from immune disease.


    Ad5 is only used in the monkey vector jabs, but still this idea of binding to the dna strand is very similar to what Hugo is getting at here. We are talking gene therapy, which they tried to deny what the jabs are & never were any vaccines until they changed the definition.


    Hugo also mentioned Bill gates releasing 144,000 mosquitoes.


    Bill And Melinda Grin Billmelgrin GIF - Bill And Melinda Grin Billmelgrin  Bill - Discover & Share GIFs


    I also find another link to 144000 genes in many studies.




    Without going into one further, I think hugo is on the money here.


    Yea I wasnt trying to muddy the waters. I dont agree with viral "theory" and when mentioned as vector it creates an element of disbelief.

    It seems more simple to me that they would attempt to manipulate humans and their dna via chemical & electromagnetic sources, then make up elaborate cover stories with "virus science" as they have been doing to cover the chemical/electromagnetic experimentation that has steadily increased over the past century or so.

    Chemicals, aerosols and radiation are the main cause of harm- and media.


    I thought the vid might be of interest as it delves into base10 mathematics, and germatria and biblical references they relate to dna  if I recall correctly, its been a while since I saw it.








  3. 7 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    Whats your opinion on this third strand DNA with the 144000? Puts the game into perspective.


    Guinea lives matter!



    A lot seems to correlate with the video below.

    Its hard to define my opinion on this though, lately in a state of flux!


      ~1 hr



  4. 4 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    Interesting points from Hugo on triple strand Helix DNA. Not a new theory really, but definitely links in the with mark of the beast zombie agenda & bottomless pit.


    Im not well read on genomics, some claim is impossible, but seems to explain the transhumanist beast agenda we are witnessing.



    The Assyrian Tree of Life | Covenant of Babylon


    Fittest of the fittest shall survive.



    Maybe sun changes resulting in earth changes as per wave genetics (Gariaev - solari report)

    The jabs may be the inhibitor and the reason for wholesale rollout.

    Speculative thoughts!



  5. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


    I dunno, i think the cabal have the normies number. They have a deep understanding of human psychology and i think they know how to play the normies like a fiddle


    If we want to know how they will mould the normies into a slave class under a technocracy we only have to look to china. They have already enslaved 1 BILLION people there under a technocracy


    To pacify the normies they just have to give them universal basic income as the carrot and social credit scores as the stick.


    The one question mark that hangs over britain is how the people who actually have significant private wealth will react to 'owning nothing and being happy'?

    The impoverished will behave as you expect to bribery.

    They dont comprehend that they are replacing money (although fiat) with a non-money slave token. (limited trade ability)

    Some of the middle and some upper do understand so they will exert their influence increasingly as time progresses. (There is obviousness to all this)

    In doing so they stand a good chance of achieving some unity. Unity is the important factor when the parasites decide to escalate this and it will be I am certain martial law on the premise of ww3 or suchlike.


    The infrastructure for what they expect to achieve has continued to be built unabated.


    There is already reaction within this simulacrum - Texan billionaire very recently purchased 50 million in US minted gold and silver coin with the intention of increasing those holdings and noise of silver movement in quantity is being reported by pundits.

    Not that we can eat silver or gold but at the base level historically speaking it provides the lubricant for trade when SHTF, is completely decentralised carrying its own  value unlike fiat.

    Surprised at the Chinese but their story isn't over yet and we dont hear what goes on there to a great extent in terms of unrest/resistance




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  6. Why would a police be allowed to speak? (why would anyone with a thought listen?)

    Morality and order taking cant exist in the same space.

    Morality requires free thought and none exists while taking and executing orders.


    The main requirement for entry into police therefore must be an absence of morality!



    Everything these order takers say by default is evil crap.

    Abuse is a slow death.





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  7. 52 minutes ago, JCP said:


    I heard that. Max Igan said they had moved the date of completion of their agenda 2030 to 2027 because too many people were waking up.

    I would not be surprised. I think the internet is the responsible culprit, being a double edged sword of information availability and mechanism for control, yin yang!

    Their nefarious risk assessors must have been perplexed at its inception lol.  Gamblers Inc!

    Their attempt to defy the natural order of things will fail as their persistence is as limited as is their weak will.

    They fail to understand the power of will and why and how mankind has survived their worst efforts throughout the entirety of history! 

    The death cult is doomed naturally ;)





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  8. their intent exemplified 



    https://www.bitchute.com/video/Um0kZDzf6HoO/ - I dont have much further info on this, veracity unknown but posted today and fitting towards un agenda

    FOUND ON: STFN (Telegram) apparently 





    Fucking reprobates 





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  9. 11 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Interesting timing, too (when isn't it). What with the heatwave showing up all the fuckwits who are jabbed, and their greater chance of falling ill or even dying because of what's been put in them.


    Increased circulation in the sun - similar to sport types keeling over during exertion.


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  10. @DaleP

    Dr Jennifer Daniels speaks of it and it is mentioned on the internet if searched for. it has a long medical history too and has been subject to abuse and misunderstanding as many natural treatments have.


    @Morpheus It might be wise to be cautious of turpentine where kidney function is already compromised as it may be overtly stimulating.



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  11. 49 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    What if you have chronic kidney disease, will it affect that at all? My Mrs has it and is jabbed, so of I can detox her without damaging her further I'd like to look into this. Thanks. 👍


    Cant remember off hand which herbs support kidney function.

    Uva versi, I think supports function, cranberries too and pomegranate.

    Often pancreatic function disaffects kidney function as it supplies bicarbonates to the kidney essential to homeostasis - so milk thistle, turmeric and cinnamon may be of use.

    I would consider 1 day a week water only fasting - a gentle intro to fasting as it will ultimately clear up any problem that has capacity to heal within the bodies remit and give confidence to further explore this modality of balance. & the most effective detox on the planet.

    As I say though - due diligence!  taking responsibility for our self is no easy task as we emanate from an environment of authority and are the first steps to independent thought.

    Apologies for my pedantry!



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  12. 41 minutes ago, Morpheus said:



    url: bitchute.com/video/KSt9VDaCj2PS/


    I've seen this posted somewhere else, I've not watched it yet but due to the subject matter, I thought it would interest some people. 

    Excellent thanks.

    Confirms the previous advice in this thread.

    NAC still top billing!


    For ubiquitous parasite issues associated with the jab  I would also recommend Natural gum turpentine.

    Been using it myself - no ill effects after consuming 1 fluid oz over a matter of a few weeks.

    I wouldn't recommend anything I haven't tried myself, even so always perform your own due diligence and if in doubt avoid!



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  13. 20 minutes ago, Celticdevil said:

    I believe everyone one this forum mostly busted there gut to awaken the sheep other than kidnap it wasn’t possible I tried like Fck but only saved a few from second and third death shots my sons and daughters included  I had mixed success but I console my self that I did succeed in the end .

    russian fckn roulette with your health 🤷‍♂️

    on the Ist day of lockdown march 2020 I talked to most of my immediate family and told them what to expect and to stay away from the "vaccines" when they come.

    The so called uneducated in the family avoided masks/distancing/jabs. The educated in the family all got the juice.

    Fucking compliant retards.

    I have ambivalent feelings towards them.


    At first I told everyone at shops that I encountered the same. 

    Some wide eyed stares then aggressive accusations of selfishness started so I stopped telling them.

    The irony is that people claim they want the truth but when they get it, it does not compute for them!

    Closeted minds.

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