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  1. Delphi technique I believe to channel or funnel information outcome bias. also out of reactions
  2. Agree and out of likes. I had to watch again to pick up on the tone. Trouble is that I feel totally saturated in all this shite-fakery. Pleased its the weekend!
  3. I know - its got mileage ! cant wait to try it out on the local planks I reckon if I sanitise my hands before, they'll be alright with it ;)
  4. These talking heads all sound invested in the scam. The midwife sounds like she genuinely believes. Is it possible that a great majority of health prostitutes are not aware of the yellow card scheme! as illustrated on UK column news earlier this week from the twatter thread Humble Human @xeclogistics 9h Replying to @GMB and @SeanFletcherTV Can you make available on your programme this morning the YELLOW CARD REPORTS FROM THE NHS ON THE JAB.!!!!
  5. Id like to know exactly what they have been promised.
  6. Battyman upgraded his vocab ;) Nice!
  7. May have to wait a while though as you know they recruit from the low end of the scale. Kinda makes me wonder how they managed to reframe them in the first place lol
  8. Noticed the same in supermarkets. Masks on staff definitely on the decline. Shoppers still self flagellating though. (midlands)
  9. In this crazy reality it wouldnt surprise me.
  10. 4th final phase: Cremation - strictly no autopsy.
  11. Are you getting the vaccine? If so, chances are that you own a television and it has performed a full frontal lobotomy without your knowledge! Undo your lobotomy by clicking the link https://videopress.com/v/p8R7ebPy?s=01 For further information observe the roadmap below. ;)
  12. Interesting read. Some resonates, some strongly & some I perceive as subjective which is impossible to escape, being man. Windows on the world has also covered a little of the Nag Hammadi scriptures which I have fleetingly listened into and will be reading when time permits. It seems many are trying to piece together a puzzle that is hidden and disparate paths converge. Interesting times.
  13. I would imagine that she will be sectioned as all communists should. The asylum is after all, their natural home ;)
  14. Dont think it sounds dramatic at all. I think that your perception is spot on.
  15. Out of likes. The system always strains when implementing strictures. Strain always leads to fatigue then breakdown. The larger the system the greater the probability that weak links exist.
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