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  1. its like watching a sunset. You know the routine. Dr. Igor Shepherds talk was great! Thanks
  2. @EnigmaticWorld yes, vaccine damage is vastly under reported. it is widely acknowledged. When I find or dig up old links I will post. Error reporting system they use is also highly questionable adn some say so useless as to be redundant Out of likes for all the posts as usual !
  3. And it is estimated that only around 1% of cases are ever reported !
  4. These people are no longer human. It seems that people are losing the idea that they are individuals. We have entered into an era where overt communist groupthink pervades. First and foremost our primary identity is as an individual. Then we may fall or align or get categorised into particular groups, but these considerations are secondary in nature. As soon as individual choice is gone then we are slaves by definition as in the case with any compulsion/mandate. If self ownership and therefore the right to self determination is
  5. Hi Wriggle - welcome and many thanks for your post.
  6. Code for they are hacking it themselves, to convey fear and desperation translating into ill informed choices by a public who value ignorance above all else. Schwabs cyber attack predictive programming narrative.
  7. agree - there is no reasonable excuse for their aggression. My mind keeps rotating back to the lack of application of ethics in all this. The lack of ethical application overall has massive implications wrt our individually percieved rights and those as applicable to groupthink.
  8. Agree - shame its not my comment, not that I am interested in self agrandisement. There are a lot of smart people out there Im very pleased to see.
  9. https://principia-scientific.com/are-pcr-tests-secret-vaccines/ for full article Concern is growing that an innovative nanotech device developed at Johns Hopkins University may be used to secretly deliver the COVID19 vaccine to those people who are “vaccine hesitant.” Certainly, the technology is real, but is their any merit to such a claim? Patrick Smith (November 25, 2020) writing for hub.jhu.edu explains: Called “theragrippers” these tiny devices are made of metal and a thin, shape-changing film. They are coated in heat-sensitive paraffin wax and each
  10. Further down the tweet featuring Johnsons "the virus needs to be stored at -70 C" was the following clip & exchange Some dilligent commenters added the following: Linda Scantlebury16 hours ago HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, is the hormone that rises early on in pregnancy in order to prevent the body from expelling the fetus(which is foreign to the body). When HCG is injected in a vaccine, the body's immune system perceives it as being foreign and develops antibodies against it. So when a female who has received a vaccine contain
  11. UK column todays news matt hancock shown in the first few minutes muttering something about a vaccine. The way he was blubbering I think he may have been in the test group. At the end 1:04:30 NHS freedom of information request shows actual deaths in liverpool/merseyside Actual deaths within the trust related to covid19 for the period feb 2020 to nov 2020 is 5. All patients that passed away had pre existing conditons. After vaccination the blood brain barrier will not build back better
  12. They are master deceivers and concealers. They know AGW is a fraud. They know crude scarcity is an artificial construct when it is abiogenic. They know a large population is the only threat to their continued dominance in this culture of slavery. They know the universe is electromagnetic in nature as are we all. They know chemical medicine is poison. They know true history. They know occulting knowledge is the path to ingnorance and slavery..... The facade we equate with normality is what we are trained to perceive. They engineer our percepti
  13. The freedom passport. Yet another oxymoron Freedom is inaleinable and innate. It cannot be granted.
  14. The parasite class - what a bunch of walking talking prolapses. They be sticking it to each other a bunch too, allegedly.
  15. COVID TEST FAIL: External Peer Review Exposes 10 Key Scientific Flaws https://principia-scientific.com/covid-test-fail-external-peer-review-exposes-10-key-scientific-flaws/ According to the consortium open letter (read here) the paper is:
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