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  1. Disgusting filth! clear incitement to raise the rabble! They keep pushing that envelope because they can take control. Hard as it is, now is not the time. Wait, because numbers are growing! Tactics of parasites. (also out of likes!)
  2. Max Igan - not the best sound quality. https://www.bitchute.com/video/iZsD3pLLfVMD/ To be frank - I dont follow anyone. I simply listen/watch content and if any of it is of even minor interest, I post. Anyone consider that he might have stayed in Australia if enough others were as outspoken/non compliant as he has been. Still - Im not judging. Ultimately, people do that to themselves.
  3. I can relate to that and concur. 2020 around june experienced a great deal of hi pitch buzzing and popping and pulsing, during that time had several nose bleeds which is unusual for me. Correlates with what I read in "invisible rainbow" ! Noises, pulsing, constant tones, variable tones have been observed not only by me but confirmed by others I know personally. Anecdotes dont prove anything, but I have found them to be more reliable than peer review personally.
  4. THE BRAIN DEAD DON'T GET IT AND WILL NEVER GET IT (REDUX) https://www.bitchute.com/video/cWRRl5Gob9DW/ "There's just too many fucking stupid people everywhere and we dont know what to say to you anymore"
  5. A bit of track and trace of the self proclaimed "eco friendly" parasitical overlords is more than appropriate. Illuminate the hypocrisy!
  6. The lady in this clip claiming that 20kz+ frequencies effect the jabbed. LOL Who knows but I would imagine that interference and other interactions might be possible and maybe hackable. https://www.bitchute.com/video/xKpz6Qa7vHE1/
  7. Transmitters are literally the problem LOL
  8. Secretly, they must at some level trust government. Governments of UK, US Russia, China, Germany, France actively enable and participate in the global dissemination of munitions at industrial levels of scale. Loss of life is the inevitable outcome of that specific action and is undeniable which makes them complicit in death. They do this because they care about life and present it in the name of defence because they are trustworthy! Sometimes saying something along those lines has worked for me but mostly people are not receptive because TV/media plays too large a part in their lives. Keeps them in infant mode as they are spoon-fed a toxic cultural narrative.
  9. I appreciate the positive affirmation of common law by Weston Price Foundation! I think you understand it rightly. Acts are legislation not Law. Legislation is commercial, law of the sea, law of invading pirates. I think that common law, as it is based on principles of natural law is something that we may be compelled to collectively stand behind or under as the legislators become more draconian. Natural Law/Common law presents the opportunity to unify the mass of humanity under life affirming moral principles. As common law is embedded into our constitution, its only our lack of familiarity with it that prevents its more frequent use. The coronavirus act was enabled after gov announced that covid was no longer classified as an HCID. The gov guidance is referred to and regarded by legislators to be enforceable which it is not but is enacted commercially upon the public regardless. If the legislators do not protect our sovereignty then they act against us! These acts and many others conflict with the established rights of sovereignty under the constitution/common law. Its is not possible to have laws that conflict with one another, one must be right and the other not. Sovereign rights are innate, cannot be removed and are above any and all laws allowing us the freedom to own property (including self ownership), to travel and act unhindered in the pursuit of life and happiness provided we cause no harm, loss or deception to others. If Natural Law is derived from principles based on objective morality which affirms life. Morality then is an act of consciousness, the divine enabler of life which we observe all around us in various forms and stages. Natural law then can be seen as divine law and as precursor to common law bestowing each of us our inalienable rights. Just musing though! - historically common law was referenced in connection with Christianity thereby linking the divine and placing it above the monarchy or any other body thus keeping them in check. Overall, their commercial legislation has no place in law. The discrepancy between Law and commerce/legislation becomes all the more apparent as there is no equitability between them. Logically a sovereign being can choose which commercial transaction he enters into. Acts and Statutes therefore cant rationally be seen as legitimate or relevant other than commercially. - as far as I can tell lol
  10. & the dust sized rfid that is supposedly included with the clotshot ?
  11. this needs verifying but looks authentic with the coughing and movement away from the area. If so then these tactics seem increasingly diabolical. WORKERS AT PORT OF TRIESTE ITALY STRIKE AGAINST JAB PASSPORTS - THEY ARE THEN CHEMICAL GAS ATTACKED 42 second clip https://www.bitchute.com/video/ik0VZyQz61n9/
  12. First 5 minutes shows someone getting overwhelming bluetooth connections on their phone inside store? anyone else found anything to this? BLUETOOTH PHONES SEEM TO REVEAL THOSE VACCINATED & THOSE NOT VACCINATED https://www.bitchute.com/video/qOIa15HzjLqP/
  13. lol notice that a lot here ;) in the middle of a likes crisis too !
  14. interesting thread re: law https://twitter.com/WAPFLondon/status/1437828847467175946 Weston A. Price Foundation, London Chapter @WAPFLondon · 4 Oct Except that they haven't because: Case of Proclamations : [1610] EWHC KB J22 "the law of England is divided into three parts, common law, statute law, and custom; but the King's proclamation (including government guidance) is none of them" https://bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/ https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/KB/1610/J22.html KB/1610/J22.html
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