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  1. @Mr H I would add that our standard western diet is sorely lacking in alkilinity. The body does self regulate so long as you have access to suitable precursors that are available through good nutrition. Generally the pancreas creates bicarbonates to neutralise hcl after digetion but also supplies the kidneys with bicarbonates to help regulate blood ph level - so long as easily useable carbonates are present in the foods you ingest you will have a plentiful supply of carbonates. The blood maintains a very stable narrow range of ph most of the time and if it moves outside of that range then poor health or worse ensues. Meats tend to be acid forming whereas fruit and vegetables tend towards alkaline. When the body becomes acidic through poor diet it will steal from parts of the body to balance ph. For example it will migrate carbonates from bone which is a last resort which then in turn might cause other problems. The real problem is the soil - esp industrially farmed soil. They only add NKP and CaCo3 to fertilise the soil in the form of harsh chemical salts. These tend to disrupt the organic life in the soil then the crops are sprayed with copious amounts of pesticides. The whole farming environment is now getting toxic apart from organic growers and even they still use approved pesticides but not routinely! The best food you can eat is what you can grow yourself. I read some articles many years ago that showed tests on modern day foods compared to foods grown 60 -70 yrs ago and the difference in mineral content is now orders of magnitude less. I.E. to get the same nutrition from oranges today compared to one 60 years ago you would have to consume 10. Similar story with veg. We're now low in Mg, Cu, Zn, Se, S, I, among others and most people supplement the wrong things. Multi vits are useless and cause more problems than they solve. Doctors know next to nothing about nutrition generally so its up to individuals to learn as much as they can. Poor health is related to the environment - the soil, water and air. Thats why there is such a health crisis atm - obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia and so forth - all conditions of poor and contaminated soil, undrinkable water and poor quality air esp in the built environment. (not mentioning the overuse of chemicals or increased levels of radiation were subjected to) As health in a population declines - its easy for gov and other authorities to use their science propaganda to divert attention from the underlying causes of disease and redirect it towards boogeymen like invisible viruses. The health scares and all other scares exist because people have no faith in their own sensibilities. Everyone is capable of learning whatever they need to in reality but our independance has been slowly stripped away over generations. There are many good sources re: health, nutrition and any other subject. The more you read, the more you can correctly discriminate between poor and useful information. Soak it all up - let it settle in and it will all fall into place.
  2. There is no where to walk away to any more -TZC- I would have decades ago otherwise. We live in an insane toxic society, where the mainstream is so totally immersed that they cant tell the difference between right or wrong, up or down, poison or nutrition, tyranny or freedom or breathing and suffocation. The lunatics took over the asylum millenia ago. The new normal has always been with us - only no one noticed it I would like very much to experience normal.
  3. The difference between common criminals and government, is that government has a self sanctioned monopoly on violence. The greatest susperstition is the belief in authority.
  4. @sickofallthebollocks I beleive they are fudging the figures - cherry picking for news bites. Statist-ics or statist tricks is there forte as is media propaganda. If people get wind of the truth re: CV then 100% would reject all measures.
  5. Hi @Kala Namak - thanks for the post. I particularly like Vernon Coleman's expression that "it would be like a mouse being prevented from passing through marble arch" - not likely! It occurs to me that for those who beleive that a pathogenc virus does exist, then if these pathogenic particles are being transmitted in moisture droplets we exhale then as the moisture hits the fabric and settles and some of this is going to be water vapour then the particles are going to concentrate over a very short time. esp if re-used. When positive pressure builds up inside the mask duiring exhale the amount of particles forced out is going to be much greater than ordinary exhalation. It doesnt seem to make any real sense. Breathing is more than the function of inhaling oxygen for energy production (atp cellular respiration...) and removal of the Co2 by product during exhalation. It provides the body with a vital mechanism for the instantaneous ejection of toxins which in our current environment is increasingly something of a concern. With 80 thousand plus man-made chemicals in regular use around the world which are in just about every part of our daily lives, it is clear that our bodies have an enormous load to process and eject! Masks block this process and if people of even slight vulnerablilty wear them this is gong to increase health risks for them considerably! and inhaling your own bodily ejections is not a snsible thing either. Plus of course hypoxia and co2 build up.
  6. Eastern europeans understand communism - pleased we have many here. Their virtue signalling will help with the pushback.
  7. From what I can tell, I would say specifically the plan for a virus threat goes back way further than 1 or 2 decades. It is a long played out meme using an invisible enemy to control. Before the so called HIV/aids crisis, funding for virus research had all but dried up and the meme of the pathogenic virus was on its last legs. When HIV/aids was "discovered" the funds poured in and viruses suddenly became the topic of concern! The only reason that you keep a falsehood alive is so that you can use it politically and politics is state control. To understand this it is required to delve deeper. Terrain verses germ theory illucidates the issue further - Pastuer was politically and financially connected. Logical comparisons between terrain and germ theory ultimately display the flaws of germ theory and is worth interrogating with objectivity. Going back further still, religions have used fear of the "unseen" to superstitiously terrorise the masses into subjugation for centuries. Its a meme that has been played out for centuries and merely changes shape according to the times and prevailing state of technological development. Superstition Rules and ferments in the mind to create fears that shape reality according to those who originate it to deceive and control. Psychopaths are intrinsically logical and astute observers of ordinary people. It is easy for them to understand the triggers for behaviour to achieve a desired outcome. All authoritarians fall into this category. It does not matter what your existential view is, whether esoteric, religious, scientific, occult, psychological, alien or any combination and /or of anything else. It all plays out the same way and the weights and measures of problem reaction solution direct toward the same end. The same trick over and over for centuries. from every angle and from multiple paid actors Poeple have got to learn. The germans peaceful protest is a sign that they are getting it. our turn please!
  8. Berlin just did but has been censored heavily! virtually no accurate coverage.
  9. What is so disheartening is that this crap could end right now - this minute! People should resume ordiary life! immediately protect the vulnerable from all the authorities (gov, councils police, army, medical mafia and banks) and set up a (greenback) debt free, national fiscal policy. really easy - everything is on place and paradise (compared to this) awaits on the other side. The infrastructure is here already ! The will and comprehension is all that is required to do it! unplug from the matrix!
  10. Excellent video wideawake - thanks!
  11. Canadian Government Admits Inflating COVID Numbers By 50 Percent A few days ago the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield admitted COVID-19 deaths were probably over-counted. Now a similar admission comes from Canada. How much is the virus death toll being exaggerated and who is to blame? Beyond all doubt, there is indeed a “perverse incentive” for hospitals to overcount their coronavirus deaths by falsely attributing unrelated deaths to the virus. Officials do this because of the CARES Act passed by Congress in March, whereby hospitals receive a 20 percent premium when seeking payment for Medicare patients who died allegedly of the coronavirus. Now we learn that an official report can be found on the Public Health Ontario website that the kind of same scam is happening north of the border: the rest here - https://principia-scientific.com/canadian-government-admits-inflating-covid-numbers-by-50-percent/#comments
  12. I hope a peaceful pandemic of non-compliance breaks out there for you soon. I assume you saw the Berlin video and coverage earlier on this thread 1.3 million + peaceful demonstrators. I think that we will all need to follow suit.
  13. COVID-19: Vaccine ‘Not Possible’ For A Virus Not Yet Quantifiable Published on August 6, 2020 Written by Saeed A Qureshi PhD (edited by John O'Sullivan) Regulatory authorities, such as the CDC/FDA all insist that their handling of the current Coronavirus pandemic (SARS-CoV2/COVID-19) is based on science and associated data or facts. This is especially the case in the United States. We are told that an identified virus causes the infection which in turn causes, or may cause, deaths – potentially in the millions. Furthermore, authorities also claim that the viral disease (COVID-19) can only be treated with a vaccine – which at present does not exist – and must be developed urgently and then made available to the public worldwide. Let us evaluate these claims on a proper scientific basis. First of all, let us see if the virus has been proven to exist in humans. Then more importantly, determine to what extent, if any, it can be measured as the disease which causes all these alleged deaths. The presence or absence of COVID-19 in humans has not been determined effectively and efficiently because of the known current technical (scientific) limitations, as explained below. In most cases (in fact, in almost all cases) the presence/absence of the virus is established by indirect testing. These indirect tests are commonly known as PCR and antibody tests. Without going into technical details, one may consider that these tests monitor specific types of proteins or related chemicals which are produced by the presence of viruses, not only by SARS-CoV2 or COVID-19, but by all pathogenic viruses as a defence mechanism to get rid of the viruses and/or to protect our bodies from their ill effects. It is important to note here that when someone refers to testing for a virus, one does not determine the actual virus itself but a marker (such as a protein). The Irony Is That These Markers Are Not Specific To COVID-19, But Are Generic To All Viruses To Which We Are Exposed. Saying it differently, these tests are never sufficiently specific – and scientifically speaking should not be relied upon for declaring the presence of a specific virus – including COVID-19. Obviously, if a virus cannot be monitored reliably, then by implication the associated disease or deaths cannot be established reliably and accurately – at least scientifically. Hence, we see confusion and the inaccuracies over the predicted death rate which turns out to be no higher than a normal to severe influenza and concurrent attrition rate. In a simpler and daily life example, one may explain the situation as akin to establishing car safety by monitoring the air pressure levels of the tires (the marker) because someone decided that deviation in car tire pressure is to be the determinant of safety. It is quite possible (by chance) that a deviation in tire pressure could compromise vehicle performance/safety. However, it is neither accurate or logical using tire pressure alone as your safety criteria and to then label “unsafe” any and all cars with one or more tires with somewhat irregular pressure. One or more tires alone may be the problem – not the car. Unfortunately, in the extreme, the authorities end up deciding that all car safety will be monitored only on the basis of tire pressure level. Now this would become a “Regulatory Compliance Requirement” or the law for car safety assessment. On top of this comes the irony that these authorities provide their own version of tire pressure gauges to test all our tires, which happens to show tire failure routinely in otherwise perfectly acceptable cars. This is exactly the situation we have with the pandemic and COVID-19 monitoring i.e. a regulatory compliance requirement that COVID-19 infection will be established based on PCR/antibody tests (let’s call that the “Official Test”) which, as noted above, is not specific at all to COVID-19. Worst yet, the authorities are specifying the use of a testing protocol instituted and “approved/authorized” by them alone. It is important to understand that the “Official Test” is solely on a regulatory compliance requirement basis. It is NOT a scientific validation of having COVID-19. Yet it is promoted as scientific. While it may be true that believers and promoters of this requirement of testing are experts from the areas of pharmacy, epidemiology, virology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, medicines, and biochemistry to name a few. They are not experts in testing. Where the real capability lies in determining a valid test falls in the category of analytical chemistry. The multiple aforementioned disciplines named are the users of the tests. They should not claim to being the developers and/or validators of the test – they lack the required expertise. I say this as an expert in this field of testing. To better illustrate the subtlety of this point let us consider the analogy of a baker who uses agricultural products (e.g. flour) and cooking equipment (e.g. oven) to make bread but then believes he is somehow also qualified and holds authority over the developing and manufacturing of the items used to make the bread. If one sees the issue from an analytical chemistry perspective, it should become immediately obvious that such inexpert testing is scientifically invalid and so, too, are all the associated claims based upon it. The reason that current COVID-19 testing should be considered bogus is that these tests do not meet the basic and fundamental requirements of science (analytical chemistry) which is the procedure of validation of the tests. This validation step is commonly based on establishing four parameters: (1) accuracy; (2) precision; (3) specificity; (4) references used to validate the test. No analytical test is accepted without meeting these validation requirements – the most essential scientific requirements. However, at present no COVID-19 test is used (or is even available) which has such validation. As such, the current practice is ordinarily considered as a cardinal sin in the scientific community. Pro-PCR/antibody test scientists often argue that seeking a specific test for COVID-19 (or its associated disease) is like seeking “absolute truth” which would hinder the current and (to them) “acceptable” testing/science. This unfortunately is the most deceptive, even fraudulent position possible and yet it is often supported (and promoted) by the regulatory authorities. Therefore, at present, regulatory authorities are not implementing the true scientific principles applicable to this pharmaceutical issue. Instead, their methodology is self-created and an arbitrary science of “regulatory compliance requirements” with various flashy and catchy marketing phrases. Now, if the COVID-19 virus cannot be determined (isolated), and by extension the real nature of the pandemic, for what purpose is a vaccine being developed? Again, this is all just a regulatory requirement because regulatory authorities are asking for it, and as such, it needs to be developed. On the other hand, it is impossible to develop a true vaccine for COVID-19 because – if we are incapable of actually monitoring the virus or disease – how can the effectiveness of a vaccine be established? In short, it cannot! Therefore, most likely a fake vaccine will be developed to satisfy the regulators’ wishes (as well as to calm down the created public hysteria and fear). Unfortunately, such vaccines, if developed and administered, will certainly create potentially dangerous side effects, without any presumed benefits, by interfering with the body’s own immune system, as well as other related physiological processes. The ill-thought out regulatory compliance requirement is not new or just associated with COVID-19, it is pervasive in other pharmaceutical areas as well. For example, it reigns for the approval process of traditional pharmaceutical products such as a tablet or capsule – and it has been standard procedure for at least three decades, which certainly has ruined the science, as well as pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing. All kinds of enforceable regulatory requirements have been spawned and implemented in the name of quality control of the manufactured products. The irony here is that authorities have never defined what they mean by a “quality product” with some (scientifically) measurable parameter/criteria. However, there now exists a huge battery of compliance requirements (such as regulatory guidance documents) available from authorities, in particular the FDA. The requirements and guidance, are enforced with or without numerous unrelated testing requirements. They have never been validated to see if they meet their intended purpose or claim. But industry must comply if it wants to survive and the public goes on assuming it is receiving “quality” pharmaceutical products. In summary, at present there is a serious and fatal flaw in the practice of regulating pharmaceutical products, development and assessment. This can only be addressed by critically evaluating and implementing appropriate scientific principles from relevant scientific disciplines and expertise. https://principia-scientific.com/covid-19-vaccine-not-possible-for-a-virus-not-yet-identified/#comment-38260
  14. well - thats not the least bit confusing - no mixed signals there lol We are the government and we will turn your brains inside out. Left is right, up is down, imprisonment is freedom and death is life. Australia Coronavirus Cases: 20,698 Deaths: 278 So they turn melbourne into a concentration camp LOL king unbelievable! Amir Khan sod off too! Wasnt that peice retracted becuase it wasnt supported by the tyranny squad?
  15. Could you point to the full disclosure that shows that a complete intact virus particle of adenovirus has been isolated to a gold standard.
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