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  1. LOL out of likes. youd have thought theyd ave gone for the diapers! ;) spoke to soon ! They did and put them on their faces LOL Backward Dipshits! Nothing like a bit of toilet humour to cheer up the gloom :)
  2. I am surprised that people know how to breathe - seriously! I cant take the gormless interactions, the fluoride stares, the inane reposte - why would government do that! They dont even try They deserve to eat toilet roll soup LOL
  3. Dont think they hoarded enough for the 14 months of shit weve been dealt
  4. Apart from the global warming fraud that started ramping up during late 90s.
  5. Best thing I heard on UK column today was that the focus of authority was on human rights When it should be on inalienable rights!
  6. What the fuck is that - another adverse reaction!
  7. Definitely And ALL those that facilitate. Shame that Stockholm syndrome also includes many of our neighbours. the shame is on them though! Since the industrial revolution. Its simply an information gathering exercise for them.
  8. Its formulaic indoctrination. If people are waking up then the formula is breakable! Slow and steady wins the day and undoing this globalist inspired crisis is going to take time to rectify. We are self organising as all life is - the fact so many are here on this forum is an extension of the same and serves as testament to this and the level of co-operation between people elsewhere who realise the fraud is unprecedented. That bodes well in my eyes as does the energy, anger, humour, curiosity and concern that vibrates here and elsewhere. Authoritarianism is anti lif
  9. I was pointing out that chemicals are ubiquitous within society and hence unavoidable with reference to Mikheils comment. Your three comments above make some good points which I fully agree with & I had no intention of embroiling argument against yourself even inadvertently as it might appear.
  10. I dont recall who posted the Delores Cahill video on this thread earlier (thanks! great video!) but one of the comments below the video on bnt was a bit concerning and is as many suspect! and thought it worth pasting here. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/prof-dolores-cahill-a-notice-of-liability-cork-may-1-2021_ooALNBtLoATrSUb.html Comment posted was the following: "MichWaelB 6 hours ago I'm not saying what follows is certainly going to happen but please read and form your own opinions. Let other people know and just offer it as something that, if it occurs,
  11. Absolutely right and it is known that these chemicals cause harm. 20 years ago it was estimated that there were eighty thousand new man made chemicals in common use, of course we dont encounter all of them at once but globally they are in use and there are thousands that we do encounter from hygiene products, make-ups, perfumes, deodorants to household cleaners, detergents to the treatment of foods and additives when processed, not forgetting the chemicals/poisons that are used in industrial farming etc. The list is pretty endless and they usually get gras (generally regarded as safe) sta
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