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  1. # Me too. Don't bother on my account Boris I'll pretend I don't exist just like the virus.
  2. Creepy, strange may he have gone to the Hyde Park protest and got arrested??? Anyone know where Muir is from?
  3. Goldilocks8


    I would love to fire a syringe full of his deadly cocktail at him with a bow and arrow.
  4. Seriously though how hard is it to add up the numbers they make it seem like rocket science we need scientists to calculate the numbers, what? Give me a spreadsheet a couple of other people and a few telephones to ring all hospitals every day to ascertain death rate with no underling causes. They are taking the piss. That's too uncomplicated to fit their agenda.
  5. Drugs are their answer to everything they just mask the problem.
  6. How many have died and been severely maimed by bomb strikes, peadophilia and other monstrous crimes? Far more than have suffered from the so called virus (flu) imo.
  7. Pity they don't put that money into finding out what health risks it causes before lining their pockets scumbags.
  8. Ha ha I doubt there is a shortage but if he was escaping really he probably wouldn't have had time to find them. May have been a soft landing area.
  9. Unless maid was changing the sheets would have needed forethought to gather enough bedsheets to tie together for the escape. There is at least 4 sheets there, presumably only one bed in room so imo hoax.
  10. Can you recommend any with mail delete option please?
  11. Is it possible Mother Nature is fighting back do we have frequencies in the earth? Maybe a dumb question but are there any magnetic frequencies that would disrupt the status quo?
  12. My guess is 0 have had Covid 19 but many may have had coronavirus (common cold).
  13. That would have been an excellent poster for the protest imo.
  14. Just wondering maybe there are other frequencies at work here does seem rather dangerous if people would climb them to set them alight maybe their system is going tits up on them ha ha if only.
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