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  1. We live in a control grid, there's a whole hidden apparatus operating in the shadows keeping things in check, the first thing is to put you under a never ending investigation, pay visits, create a group in the community and put everyone on hyper vigilance mode, because their goal is to crack you in the end, make you flip, or go mental and sectioned, Manchurian candidate stuff, in my case I am some con man fraudster, and lots of other things, pushed into the mental health system by so called loved ones, no doubt it was either that or they testify against me for some bs they engineered, I have a FT ops team on me, wrecking me to everyone, mind games galore, everyone's gone, became part of the privilege "group", its taken 3yrs to try and suicide me initially, get everyone to believe I am depressed, create the conditions, under a banner of mental health, they own everyone, we never left the plantation fields, at the flick of a switch, you can be turned on, a scenery of democracy, rules and laws were put up. I live in a religious community, those community values were used to get people frothing at the mouth out for blood, I only have my children left now and that's being worked on, people have been manipulated to a level of just finish him off, clear the way for missis and kids, just have the "reasons" ready, depression, money worries, anything. They do it with fear, do you want to be him, privileges, jobs, cars, power, blackmail and lots of propaganda, there is nothing you can do! Nothing, as everything is done under the banner of mental health, you just watch the destruction unfold as an isolation grid is formed and try to refute the bs sold to everyone who think its a game, everyone operates on the banner of mental health, so to make it look like you are the one isolating yourself from people, people who betrayed you, life long friends who succumb to the propaganda, despite repeated efforts to provide evidence of allegations, regular community meetings keeps the conditioning going, I created a web page purely to get the facts out, a self policing group, judge, jury and executioners, operating under a layer of secrecy, but some people told me, this is then put under "auditory hallucination" secrecy is the key, the rule of law does not exist. I have no friends left, I have no life, I have no outlet, I have 3 children, 1 of whom is also being used and receiving messages, they have strategically turned it into a Mr V Mrs, genius, this shit is real, its the worst evil you can imagine on this Earth, the kind of stuff where you wonder how one human can inflict such evil on another. I am quite sharp in terms of picking up on allegations being sold hence the webpage, the mind games and the psychology behind it, absolute and utter lies driving the destruction. Basically, a lot of engineering of symptoms, synthetic, to create a diagnosis of paranoid skitz, paranoid persecutory delusion, getting people to talk about conspiracy theories, "order out of chaos", but inflict the trauma using DSM medical text book methods so everything can be explained with mental health and a trail of paperwork and witnesses, everyone has to be turned first, and grouped, turns into a social game, its proper sick and sadistic. Thousands of people around the world, dissidents, whistleblowers, anyone who doesn't fit in the system or is perceived a threat, in my case, I had an entire community go full on hostile mode despite hard efforts to counter a lot of allegations before its too late.
  2. It's a sport, it basically turns into a social game, I guess its addictive, to inflict torture on a fellow human, being part of a powerful group basically removes any norms and herd mentality, group think takes over, first you have to dehumanise them, expose every wrong and then some, so theres no guilt, a group is created and everyone close to the target is worked on individually using advanced psychological techniques after profiling everyone around the victim first i.e. whats going to wind them up against the target, what lies can be fed, or even blackmail, the people running the show have access to everyone and everything, and then the group is driven from the shadows to inflict trauma and play mind games based on these fabrications, basically your whole life is hijacked and surrounded along with every contact, they will tell people your depressed or mentally ill, pre-conditioning the steered outcome.
  3. This is true, its basically ganging up by members of the community and general population after you have been smeared and led into the health system so you can have an official on paper diagnosis after synthetically creating the symptoms to be described by the use of perps, you cant prove it, its covert and touchless, only those who have taken part in it know, but each person is disconnected from the others actions, no one but the victim knows how impacting it is, you know theres a full time psychological warefare team on you, when you publish information and you suddenly get a call from the person you mentioned who pulled the skitz, basically gangstalking turns into a game for participants, and the unfortunate victim is just bait/entertainment, like running man, but as it can be buried under a mental illness, plausible deniability, I dont know how people get off on another humans suffering.
  4. Gangstalking would imo, is evil and its designed to inflict trauama, isolation and induce a mental illness, and eventually suicide you, leaving no accountability, the key is to figure out the tactics and expose them, call them out, call out every cruel act done to you, its done under a layer of secrecy and under a banner of mental health, once declared as "paranoid" or "skitz", everything can be laid on full blast, because you are now classed as "delusional".
  5. I know people who had covid as well, or a form of influenza called covid
  6. labrats

    Common Law

    If its one thing I have learnt, its, you don't mess with the system, bit of a defeatist attitude I know, but I am telling you, its easier to comply and just get on, it's always been a Police state, there is a secret Police, there is no Government, it's all scenery, when they flick the switch, your screwed man, they will come at you with things you couldn't imagine, they will have your own people turn to finish you off and sit back and watch, I have learnt there's somethings you simply don't mess with or upset and it aint a bad place on the other side, it is entertaining nonetheless.
  7. So I figured I may as well provide an update since things have got worse on the family front and my life is surrounded by a theater basically deleting my life and marriage where agreements have been done over the past 3yrs in a community policing initiative I have figured, essentially involving everyone, one by one turning everyone so not a single person left to object to things, its all going under mental health, persecutory delusion after being psychologically raped and humiliated in the worse way imaginable - but reverse engineering the symptoms, essentially lay on the punishment we got the paperwork and health officials to corroborate, anything anyone's told me would be auditory hallucination, some good people have let it go, this was done on a community level, basically my whole life destroyed on a covert layer - its outside the law, plausible deniability, serious domestic conflicts caused in my home by winding oh up, really genius stuff. I have been to the Police on two occasions, demanded the CPS to proceed with anything, begged family and friends, and I even know what each one of them has been turned with, the lies and smear, because whilst this is going on, my life is being destroyed on a family front, and custody etc going on in the background, and its not being done by the book either, I was aware that cars I sold to people were being replaced for them in order to buy testimonies, people around me were bought, money seemed to be no object, and when I use to leave the house, I would get swarmed with Police cars i.e. don't be going anywhere, I realised a few things, some ancient things are being dug up, and lots and lot of staging of events and evidence. I have realised, we never left the plantation field, we have owners, they own everyone and everything, there is no rule of law, no innocent until proven guilty, this system of gang-stalking is blacklisting your existence, the harassment is to induce trauma, in my case they have managed to get family to take part in some evil stuff after turning them, as its done on a group community level it turns into group think, a social game, and paperwork and a trail created, its the years of trauma which is supposed to get you, the isolation and cleverly orchestrated with military precision, with everyone operating on this mental health theme, there is no one who cant be bought, blackmailed or just turn it into a game, a community fun thing to do, its basically bullying on steroids with an operational team on you full time using anything and everything, community values, religious values, staged events, basically a closed community court involving everyone you know and the community, to keep the situation contained and decisions on family matters, marriages, private and personal information all on display. Everyone is grouped and form part of this group, everyone you know, socially annexed, this group becomes the layer with privileges, and your on the outside, the target, say anything and you can join him, fed by staging events and fabricating things, which the members of the community are shown, on one layer, its hes not well, on the other creating the very symptoms which would point to paranoid skitz, or depression, psychosis, etc and associating triggers for it but not what the group did, so if something happens to you, "he wasn't well anyway", it happened when x happened, etc, this is like family, protecting the group is priority, didn't go out much, when conditions were created where you would be harassed, and in a religious community where you have basically been stripped bare naked, you would be policed by the locals on apps, it becomes a powerfully backed self policing vigilante group operating in parallel to the legal system but no law of the land, no rights, no privacy, nothing, just daily terrorism and humiliation in a tight knit community and social structure, psychiatrists, and every official is brought into this group and people showered with gifts, jobs, money, cars, promotions etc, these are then used as props, and form the reasons why someone is depressed thus conditioning people to why this person fell over or flipped, nothing to do with the damage being inflicted on a covert layer, basically everyone is bought and preconditioned, in my case its that bad - I am making desperate efforts to salvage my fam but its so bad, my efforts turn into a joke for people, this is an evil cruel and nasty system and its not to be messed with, its the second most powerful force in the Universe, basically everyone in my life has dissapeared, when I publish information, or when someone pulls a stunt, I publish it, I quickly get a phone call, or a visit to shake my hand, basically, this is how sick it is, they make out someone is suicidal, then keep laying it on, using your own people, then in case he blames you get it off your conscious, make sure pictures are taken for evidence to cover yourself if we manage to suicide him using you and using false reasons, its sick, twisted and sadistic, for example mention a friends name who has been turned, I get a missed call one ringer whilst on a call, so I have a FT ops team on me, basically every track is covered up, devices are messed with and a complete ring fencing socially and electronically, I am not sure if Leicester is being used as a test bed, its basically using CBH harassment protocols, the law is the law, no one should be above the law, without laws and judicial systems, we would all just be outlaws and behave like the Mafia, its a dangerous precedent being set and turns even the nicest people into something else and getting them involved. Before this started, I was a normal guy with a family, 3 children, whom I was dedicated to, I have a credible work history i.e. I am not deranged person with a history of mental illness - I have worked for many well known organisations, I held a FT job, my last job was a 19yr service, and flipped a few cars on the side, bit of a wheeler dealer, I was a bit wild in my young days but we all grow up and make a life for ourselves, we don't expect our laundry laid bare in some closed community witch hunt where family and life decisions are decided on outside of judicial systems, even then, we don't become judge, jury and executioners, and dish out punishment and we certainly don't mess with a mans family/children use family members to create a mental health paper trail.
  8. Masks are dying here, not many wearing them, useless anyway, symbolic imo
  9. labrats

    Common Law

    Sorry to say, fiction in practice, you can't beat the system, it's too powerful and established, it is entertaining though, just watched a video on it
  10. I was skeptical but I have reports of people having "COVID", imho a strain of influenza, whatever you want to call it, same thing, no taste and bed ridden, so something is out there, however it came about and why is another subject.
  11. Its a gift and a curse
  12. Materialism is nothing but an illusion of this world to keep you chasing and grasping for grapes you cannot reach, its an illusion for the foolish, by all means spend and live within your means but be prepared for everything and anything and your a winner, play the game but remember its only a game and you only go round once, the one with the biggest toys wins is what they want you to think lol
  13. Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil consultant surgeon has been working in Uk since last 30 years. Recently his medical license has been suspended by the GMC for 12 months due to his opinion on the pandemic of the COVID-19 released in videos on the social media .GMC did not give him chance to reflect upon his video when the entire world is confused about the novel virus. Mr Mohammad I Adil is Chairman of All Pakistan Medical association & Global Nishtarian Organisation( GNO) with large number of medical graduates worldwide. The association promote medical education in Uk and Pakistan. Mr Adil has family with 3 children to support. NHS Uk need doctors to work . It would not be in the best interest of the public and health sysytem to lose experienced and highly qualified surgeon like him. We the doctors community within U.K. and across the world feel that it’s injustice to suspend Mr Adil on his personal point of view on the Covid-19 without giving him chance to reflect upon his video before enforcing suspension . We request to the GMC to revoke his 12 months unfair suspension of his legends and allow him fair chance to work in this country beneficial for the health sysytem , communities and medical graduates in large . Dr.Muhammad Safdar FRCS, Msc Urology
  14. Dr has given 30 years to the NHS and no doubt saved countless lives! https://www.change.org/p/genaral-medical-council-gmc-to-revoke-12-month-suspension-on-mr-muhammad-iqbal-adil-consultant-surgeon-uk-in-relation-to-covid-19-pandemic?redirect=false
  15. Max has really got on some peoples nerves, he was targeted recently and taken out for a bit, he was hit by DEW it seems whilst he was still awake i.e. not asleep in bed.
  16. True - I have experienced evil trust me and from good, really good people, it's amazing how humans can behave in different circumstances, how good people can be so cruel and evil, knowingly wanting to inflict suffering on another human.
  17. Nothing new really, the curtains are just coming up and its always been one rule for thee and one for the elites
  18. I define it as - A malicious act with intent on causing unjust damage - off course the acts are subject to interpretation and down to perspective
  19. Funny that, I posted on crowhouse and noticed how Belarus was carrying on as normal - next thing you know the fire gets stoked for not going with the agenda and there's trouble there... https://thecrowhouse.community/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1179&p=4089&hilit=belarus#p4089
  20. Yeh you have to do one or the other, be careful, sometimes "it is what it is" the masses have voted for you. Mine are back and they say it's fine, they are happy nothing noticeable to them, I did ask, that's what counts, long as they happy. No masks at ours, that would be a bit concerning even to the missis
  21. It takes a few tick of some boxes in the DSM to designate someone as having any mental illness, you could designate lifes problems into any illness, as long as you get the boxes ticked by whatever means, its all down to interpretation, as the saying goes - ones mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, it's down to perspective also
  22. Never liked him originally re his wall and stance on certain things, then he started getting bashed by press and promised to drain the swamp of these pedo rings and stuff, all part of the crew aint it.
  23. Aint no one going to listen, they do what they want, fill their pockets when they want, short of storming no10 and a hostile takeover of the militiary, you just have to watch the show and get spoon fed to justify everything through the control box - and I am not advocating anything as such or breaking any laws, just a scenario..
  24. I tried a trial, lots of videos and podcasts on there, tons of content - I would rather pay for my choice of viewing than be forced to pay for something I dont watch or want to watch
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