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  1. Yeh well, everyone seems to be blaming everyone else, public enemy no1. Oh well, God knows hey! No, I should have an opportunity to explain, this is totally unfair! The CPS should do the right thing and bring this corruption out in the open, it can destroy lives! Theres a difference between setting someone up, and fairly investigating something and exxonerating that person if found to not be doing anything! I dont know what else I could do!!! I have tried eveything, everyone.
  2. Hi mate, I dont have a solicitor - I am ringfenced, I cant get any help, anywhere. From what I gather they have been engineering motives, conditioning people to a profile, buying people using NDA's, literally making shit up, spinning anything and everything, or making it happen through minions or trickery, money, cars grandious living, a very specific type of profile, connecting whatever can be connected, its got to be for a reason - which is all complete bullshit, a lot of the shit was staged, because I didnt quite fit the profile they had to engineer it or spin it and say psychological shift and tried to make people believe it, or made it happen using my own family I now gather, this has been going on for over a year etc building events using dirty tricks, or steering me into certain things using my family, all a frame up, plain and simple! The way they have gone about it is very dirty, slowly they have conditioned the population, the community, my friends, whilst I trusted others, its mostly all lies and they have been feeding this profile to my oh and family, at each and every step trying to break my marriege promising shit, interpreting events with a psychological spin and interpreting this to my oh, making her act out in front of others, relaying instructions to others, theatre and all sorts to get specific reactions, so getting to a point where everyone loathes me, they worked on every person individually to create this image - I didnt imagine this. Initially they tried to suicide me by using the community to harass me, isolate me, hate me, and ran noise campaigns etc whilst spinning the story, whereby all anyone was concerned about was if he topped himself what can we assign blame to. I was an activist and also a corporate whistle blower, whether this is a cover up for events which is quite damming given that a corporation would subscribe to murder and profiles built to cover up for shit that happened years ago and because I am still alive despite efforts, or I am being targeted for being challenging, I know there was some investigation into finances whereby there was nothing, got the whole community involved, but I had nothing to hide, I am happy with exposing every single one of my faults, but I wont accept being made out to be something I am not where I have everything to lose, I called it out by telling people come and investigate all along, basically someone got something wrong, I dont know, I know I need this shit over with, I need to show my oh that they have been spinning a lot of the shit, they have actually got everyone believeing it like gospel, unfortunately, everyones had a hand in it - so I am kind of on my own. I aint afraid to answer for anything but I will be dammed if they can fit me up and use psychology as a weapon against me, the community blaming my previous employer, and getting shrinks to direct stuff from the shadows, and everyone blaming each other whilst they gang stalked the f*** out of me, everyones in on it - the only way to resolve it is find out exactly what this stitch up is for - you cant do that shit, you either investigate and exxonerate the guy, or you prosecute based on real evidence not invent evidence, profiles and tamper with shit, you dont rip his world apart and get him to kill himself whilst you run psychological warefare, dispatch a whole city against someone just so you could get your narrative broadcasted, I am not losing my family based on someones projection, I know I am a good person on the whole, they have projected the image of an evil person with ridiculous and meaningless associations of past events, whilst trying to dig into my past no doubt to cover up any real reasons, its all corrupt and dirty, nothing is by the book, nothing! I was a normal everyday guy, I had no past trauma and shit, this was all being engineered. I got no issues with no one, no hate for anyone, so lets get this shit out in the open, all the lies they told my family, I am a racist, jelous narc, competing etc when they should know better, because I was actually the opposite, I am confident as to who I am and I can account for all my actions, and accept whatever faults I have, but I aint getting shafted like this. I cant be dumbed down with drugs, I need to be on the ball to protect what I have left, I told my parents - if people can try and fit you up as seems to be the goal otherwise people wouldnt stage shit and I would have by now been cleared, if they can psychologically rape you - what credibility have these people got and what else have they been up to that I dont know about. Mate, its all about salvaging my family, nothing else, wasted years of my life, trying all sorts and turning everyone, why? I just want to take my family and get the f** out of town, or be arrested and charged so I can get some real help, because I am being stitched up, real dirty methods have been used to get outputs out of desperation! I just want to be left alone, or deal with what I need to deal with, they been manipulating everyone against me to build a picture in advance, and then sending them to shake my hand after they did some theatre, I kind of figured this out, neighbours, inlaws, this a friggin nightmare parralel world, - I got f*** all to hide, I have done nothing I cant answer for, I aint the profile they are desperatly building, I would rather get this over with and go fix up with my missis, who I still love despite whats been going on and how they got us working against each other. I am under investigation blah blah rethorique, no I am under a stitch up operationI am not inclined to do any dodgy shit! I am sick of living this lie, its all politics, people needing results, imprisoned by dispatching trains of cars and keeping me under some kind of house arrest, no, either I am free, or I am under arrest, you dont get to pick and choose, because if I was guilty of shit that I cant own upto I would have sucked it up and shut up. I am inocent until proven guilty! Not have my life dissasembled from behind the shadows, not where my children are at risk. Theres a right way to go about stuff, and a wrong way - if your only goal is to screw someone, your going to do the latter, if your fair, you will see it for what it is.
  3. ill be sure to pass it on to the dark forces dedicated in making my life hell, given the experiances I have had, and how wrong everyones got it, I have zero faith in that subject matter, its there for a system and no doubt to be used and abused when required, and no doubt for pharma to dispense...
  4. Too late for diaries its been going on for over a year and half, poss even longer everyone told me its nothing or this and that, my phones already been wiped when I mentioned evidence, I am not out to prove anything, everyone knows what they have taken part in and its contained - people will pay for what they have done up there and I am fine with that, if its done in good faith, even then I forgive em, whats done is done but you aint taking shit away from me cos someone got something wrong or is able to project me as something else and family decisions based on this, hell no, I aint having that - some real shady stuff is going on and none of it is by the book, profiles being engineered, motives engineered, shit planted, basically everything thats not me, directing shrinks etc from behind the scenes, its all dodgy, its one thing doing it by the book, its another stitching someone up. I have been looking for ways to get it out in the open so I can fix things as once the moves were made on the kids, well, I held back because of them, none of this right and its basically been a set up/stitch up/cover up all along to create a very specific profile using dodgy methods and this I have a problem with, especially I am not into anything or have done anything, if I have prosecute me but dont f*** with my family and try and restructure it from the shadows like I am some spoilt little boy in short trousers, wouldnt surprise me if thats being projected, I dont think some people live in the real world, or accept that not everything fits the little book. I am sick of living in a parralel universe where I am the bandit, I am sick of it, I want it over and I want to go and see people and shit and catch up without this bs layer and being under some community arrest, I wanna enjoy my kids, go and do shit with them without being under surveilance and stalked, and for what, NOTHING, nothing I tell you!!! I tried human rights lawyer who took Libertys issues up with MI5 but I could feel it was intercepted when they said they couldnt help me - Yes, they have been trying to make me look crazy, but I am the ball now, I have zero psychological issues, any diagnosis to the contrary is corrupt. I trusted people and I was led, I cant believe what anyone says anymore, I believe myself, I know what I am, and what I am not, I know whats real, and whats not, I know my faults but I also know I am a good person, IDC you come for my family, I am going to do everything I can to save it, and trust me, I have been fighting this battle for like a year, whereby agendas are split, so everything is against me, everything, and all for the wrong reasons!!!
  5. A majority of the people come to work to better their lives, I think you should channel your energy towards the bigger picture here, you live next to a hostel I think I read - loool I can just imagine you steaming at the ears...I know not of the jackpot you think off, I would swap places with someone from a village community in Africa anytime living the good and natural life, its all down to perspective, most come here for work and send money back to families, and so what if they come for flats etc, I am sure at some point we have taken from their land or hand a hand in other matters leading to their situation, the actions of few should not reflect on the majority.
  6. Looks all the same or will be soon, just different veils.
  7. He is referring to the conspiracy theory everyones on about
  8. Regulated by who, have you seen whats been going on with platforms? And anyway, competition is good for the consumer...
  9. I have now lodged a complaint with the crown prosecution service Form Complete Submitted at 14:50 on 09/08/2020 Your initial reference number EKD1NTG03P Hi, Below is a plea for assistance from the British Govt, including MP's and Ministers, relating to covert investigations, please be aware that I have no psychological issues and I am of sane mind - whichever investigating authority has had me under surveilance and has been making efforts to entrap me has been violating all my human rights, and conducting operations with no regard for the law, where all my family are involved operating under NDA's, and corrupt parralel community based justice system, illegal in its entireity, using the layer of secrecy/covert investigation - my family and friends have been used for entrapments purposes, the psychological profile being engineered (using underhanded methods) and used to cause my marriage to breakdown, where I stand to lose my children because of all this, I have commited no crime that I am aware of, I am not a criminal, I do not consent to citizen surveilance and for confidential information to be shared for nefarious purposes - I demand that I be arrested and prosecuted if I have done anything, or all operations against me cease and dessist, all information and nefarious psychological profiling used to break down relationships be corrected - if that means being arrested and charged, then so be it, but I will not have my marriege and family relations break down as a result of biased profiling using underhanded methods, involving corrupt health officials who are being directed from behind the shadows, if I have something to answer for - let us get this over and done with, now. I have had enough of these gang stalking operations, I demand justice and for records to be corrected, with my wife who is being used against me, and my extended family, this is not justice, this is totally unfair - an operation on this scale can not simply be covered up, despite the involvement of intelligence agencies, no one should be above the law, or operate outside of it. I kindly request that I be given an opportunity to correct the blatant lies and motives being engineered out of sheer desperation. I will answer for anything, anything, but I wont have this break my marriege and seperate me from my children, at any cost. This operation follows no rule of law, it is entrapment, setups and nefarious tactics are being used, people coached including health officials. WHERE IS THE RULE OF LAW!
  10. So I spoke to a law firm to see if they could write a letter or something to bring this out in the open and gave them details of the events, I thought maybe a formal letter asking why should I be under surveilance etc - pretty obvious someone got there first and they said there was nothing they could do, I mean a letter to the council or authorities, or something, neither did I get any assistance from Liberty or anyone else I approached - so essentially I am being ring fenced from all forms of independant unpoisoned support, how is it, in a democracy that such systems are allowed to exist, where effectively you could be completely isolated and have an entire community pitched against you, have everything ripped away from you inc your freedom, without even a fair trial and scrutiny of information, I am not giving up - I want to address the false allegations and the corrupt psychological profiling that everyone is viewing through, which everyone is being conditioned to, seeds planted, and for a reason, and if my theory is correct, its all more corrupt than I thought, if only I could bring it out in the open and address some of the issues, I could save everything, be dammed if I am going to be stitched up like this, for a cover up, or as some guinea pig!
  11. RT seem to be covering it quite well
  12. Interesting, I think I posted the grain thing when it happened, there is a theory that food is going to get hit in general, everywhere, dunno, have to wait and see.
  13. So now basically there is now civil unrest and riots in an already struggling country, same as in USA etc, hmmm They need to think hard, ousting the existing Govt at a time of crisis is not good for the people, unless they have a planned replacement...
  14. Nooooooooo thanks, I have enough trouble as it is, thanks for the thought though lol "Armed Police repond to a gun wielding psychopath in Leicester" - lol - it aint even funny, but if I dont laugh, I will cry...For the record I am in no way inclined, it was a joke, just to be clear lol
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