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  1. Max has really got on some peoples nerves, he was targeted recently and taken out for a bit, he was hit by DEW it seems whilst he was still awake i.e. not asleep in bed.
  2. True - I have experienced evil trust me and from good, really good people, it's amazing how humans can behave in different circumstances, how good people can be so cruel and evil, knowingly wanting to inflict suffering on another human.
  3. Nothing new really, the curtains are just coming up and its always been one rule for thee and one for the elites
  4. I define it as - A malicious act with intent on causing unjust damage - off course the acts are subject to interpretation and down to perspective
  5. Funny that, I posted on crowhouse and noticed how Belarus was carrying on as normal - next thing you know the fire gets stoked for not going with the agenda and there's trouble there... https://thecrowhouse.community/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1179&p=4089&hilit=belarus#p4089
  6. Yeh you have to do one or the other, be careful, sometimes "it is what it is" the masses have voted for you. Mine are back and they say it's fine, they are happy nothing noticeable to them, I did ask, that's what counts, long as they happy. No masks at ours, that would be a bit concerning even to the missis
  7. It takes a few tick of some boxes in the DSM to designate someone as having any mental illness, you could designate lifes problems into any illness, as long as you get the boxes ticked by whatever means, its all down to interpretation, as the saying goes - ones mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, it's down to perspective also
  8. Never liked him originally re his wall and stance on certain things, then he started getting bashed by press and promised to drain the swamp of these pedo rings and stuff, all part of the crew aint it.
  9. Aint no one going to listen, they do what they want, fill their pockets when they want, short of storming no10 and a hostile takeover of the militiary, you just have to watch the show and get spoon fed to justify everything through the control box - and I am not advocating anything as such or breaking any laws, just a scenario..
  10. I tried a trial, lots of videos and podcasts on there, tons of content - I would rather pay for my choice of viewing than be forced to pay for something I dont watch or want to watch
  11. These controllers don't see color etc, why should we, we are ONE, united on a common front, the people, the earth belongs to everyone, no one signed a contract with God to have handed it over to a few, that's the message that needs to get out, they have us divided for long enough, because they fear the day the people unite - this sham should unite people on the other side, put aside everything, the turrets are firmly pointed at all of us, they will mock, far right/bigots/conspiracy theorists - I am sure I saw a headline saying "conspiracy theorists gather in London" - basically just label anyo
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