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  1. People truly interested in matters of spirituality could do a lot worse than to research the work of Rudolph Steiner, who judging by his output lived about 10 lives in one. Amongst Steiners more pertinent contributions to humanity was his work on Bio-dynamic farming, Waldorf Schools and would you believe his thoughts on vaccinations? (he warned against them also) Probably most important to where we are now however was his warning about the appearance of an entity he called the Ahriman, who Steiner claimed would manifest in some kind of "artificial" form. Finally and as some good news, Steiner also suggested that there would be a window of time, for what are essential human truths to manifest. And we are now in that time !
  2. F.W.I.W The death cult have far better ( or is that worse) things to do with their time. They simply need to keep promoting lie after lie through their powerhouse media, ( which, needless to say is rapidly losing its power) and let those who either believe their lies, or they can compromise sufficiently enough , (financially or otherwise) to promote them. We must always remember that those compromised, to relatively high levels ( politicians, chief medical advisors a multitude of mainstream media lackeys) seem to believe, for reasons that escape me, that they will be protected by this death cult. Dare I suggest to anyone reading this, and willingly compromised that you need to seriouslly think again about that? If not for yourself, then for your children and theirs.
  3. If members of this firm (77th brigade) truly believe they are acting in the best interests of humanity, then we can't possibly have a problem with such people on an individual basis. The very fact that this is all deeply compartmentalised speaks volumes. And as usual we end up with a very select few fully aware of what is truly happening and the litany of lies about this virus being directed at those footsoldiers., (to say nothing of what is ultimately planned for them and their families,) The more we focus on these leaders the weaker the said lunatics in control of this operation become. The more the infantry read the facts about what they are being paid to suppress, the more they will refuse given that Its a truly natural human reaction. They have already had enough defectors to confirm this. Big credit to UK column for exposing the leaders of this domestic terrorist organisation. As with any current global hierarchy , these are the people we should all be focusing on.
  4. The lizards get their way, given that we are all an eternal spark of infinite consciousness? How does that work exactly ?
  5. You may well be right. Think money not soul. But trust me , this is not the easiest choice for true human beings to make. Hence the dilemna, given that most of these people are un-doubtably true human beings. A few of whom will be reading this post no doubt :)
  6. Let's consider those within 77th brigade for a moment. It must be incredibly demoralising for the rank and file of these currently bought and paid for souls to be conducting their activities, knowing within their hearts and souls what they are participating in. And worse still how this will ultimately end for their own families and children?
  7. I am Spartacus? I'm not by the way, but I might be ? These very sick people are physically incapable of punishing us all unless we allow them to?
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