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  1. Tomorrow... All the world, in a day... clif high Apr 4 Tomorrow, the Germans will wake to face a price increase of up to 50% on everything they buy. Even now the night shift is marking up prices. This is merely the first of many such increases this year. This is NOT due to the Ukraine war, but is due to the War against the Khazarian Central Bank System [CB]. The hyperinflation is ‘suddenly’ here because the Petrodollar was an abomination responsible for a reign of Death and Destruction around the world that lasted 57 years, and now the petrodollar is dying. Good riddance. Putin flipped the world onto the new Gold Standard the way Nixon flipped it off the old. From those ashes of the crumbling US Dollar in 1971, Khazarian Henry Kissinger fashioned the monster of the Petrodollar. All in a day. On March 25, 2022. That’s when the Petrodollar died. The Germans will see the corpse tomorrow. It may take a few weeks before it floats by your eyes. The effects are already being expressed in the new prices appearing in Germany tomorrow, the 4th of April. NATO was entirely supported by the Petrodollar. It will die as it’s life’s blood is cut off. Now we need to grasp that very soon we will have hyperinflation on American shores. It may take only an additional 3 weeks or less before it happens here. Probably we will not be as organized about the hyperinflation as the Germans. We will be every bit as angry. This will rapidly cause government to collapse. People in government will start walking away as their paycheck fails to purchase enough to last even a week. This will happen from the bottom up. The smallest paychecks die first. The last to leave will be the higher ups corrupt ones entirely dependent on the system to support them. This will include the Military. People will walk off the job even there. There is a real probability that this will be visible, here in America, starting in perhaps late May. There will be many many other effects boiling up in reality around you starting tomorrow. Your government, and all the corrupt fuckers who own it, are desperately trying to keep their paper debt money system together, now that Russia has put the world back on the Gold Standard. They are failing even now, and you can bet your ass that the corrupt ones are personally holding gold. Don’t you think you should get some? Bitcoin is good though. The Russians also accept that as good as gold. Too late to think about silver. Putin really did change the world in a single day. Even the normies who are not awake may recognize this tomorrow or one day soon when they wake up to $20 lattes & $200 Avocado Toast.
  2. SPECIAL SERIES:: HOW COMMUNISM IS RULING OUR WORLD. This is a special 10-part documentary series released by NTD in July 2020, in the middle of the George Floyd BLM riots. NTD is part of the Epoch Media Group that publishes the Epoch Times newspaper and website, founded in New York City by Chinese Falun Gong practitioners fleeing religious persecution by the CCP and its attendant “on-demand” forced organ harvesting. The documentaries are based on the book series of the same title, written by the editorial board of ‘Nine Commentaries of the Communist Party’, also published by the Epoch Media Group. *** OFFICIAL LINER NOTES The specter of communism did not disappear with the disintegration of the Communist Party in Eastern Europe. The collapse of the communist regimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe marked the end of a half-century-long Cold War between the capitalist and communist camps in the East and West. Many were thus optimistic, holding the belief that communism had become a relic of the past. The sad truth, however, is that a stealthily transformed communist ideology has instead taken hold and entrenched itself around the world. There are the outright communist regimes like China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam; there are the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, where communist ideology and customs still exert a significant influence; there are the African and South American countries, which attempt socialism under the banner of democracy and republicanism—and then there are the nations of Europe and North America, whose body politics have become host to communist influences, without people even realizing it. Communism breeds war, famine, slaughter, and tyranny. These in themselves are terrifying enough, but the damage dealt by communism goes far beyond this. It has become increasingly clear to many that, unlike any other system in history, what communism declares war on is humanity itself—including human values and human dignity. Over the course of a century, communism established massive dictatorships in the Soviet Union and China; it caused more than 100 million unnatural deaths; it enslaved billions; and it brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and thus destruction. Yet more important is its deliberate and widespread destruction of the family, its instigation of of social disorder, and its attack on morality, all of which are ruinous to the foundations of civilization. The authors say that “Communism is neither a trend of thought, nor a doctrine, nor a failed attempt at a new way of ordering human affairs. Instead, it should be understood as a devil – an evil specter forged by hate, degeneracy, and other elemental forces in the universe.” The documentary series reveals the ways in which the communist specter has burrowed into the minds of today’s people. It charts communism’s global advance and explains how this specter has embedded itself in nearly every facet of today’s society – from education to the judicial system – and the path humanity must take to escape its grip. AUTO PART 1 TO 10,,,,,,,,,, Part 10 https://youtu.be/kPsFsFLIS_o?list=PLNiGhWqYcxYtc5vup906iGZKZMobs2_1F
  3. TRY AGAIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE LINKS..........
  4. PUTIN VS THE DEEP STATE - PART ONE AND TWO,,,,,, A Film By MrTruthBomb March 29th, 202281 views https://odysee.com/@NotTheBoilingFrog:f/PUTIN-VS-THE-DEEP-STATE---PART-ONE---A-Film-By-MrTruthBomb:0 PUTIN VS THE DEEP STATE - PART TWO - RED LINES - A Film By MrTruthBomb March 30th, 2022 https://odysee.com/@NotTheBoilingFrog:f/PUTIN-VS-THE-DEEP-STATE---PART-TWO---RED-LINES---A-Film-By-MrTruthBomb:7
  5. UAVs FOR PRAYING BIOLOGICAL WARFARE MADE IN UKRAINE. https://www.rt.com/on-air/rumble/ https://www.rt.com/on-air/odysee/
  6. ‘The Americans are no longer the masters of planet Earth' – ex-Russian president The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has explained why he believes “the unipolar world has come to an end” and weighed the odds of the European Union abandoning Russian gas. In a wide-ranging interview with Sputnik and RT, the former president assessed the response of the West to the Ukrainian conflict and revealed some details about Russia’s military offensive in the former Soviet state. He also discussed different viewpoints on the situation, including the opinions of those who chose to leave Russia. https://www.rt.com/shows/rt-interview/552722-medvedev-talks-gas-selling-europe/
  7. TOP STORIES Ruble Surges After Putin Ditches Dollars and Euros for Russian Oil and Gas 21WIRE | The US plan to ruin the Russian economy may have just backfired in the most extraordinary way. Read on »
  8. Well interesting Enigmatic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we do all live and learn,,,,,,,,,,,but he is quoting PUTIN. Did you read my post here SHOCKING DOCUMENT REVEALS TRUDEAU'S REAL PLAN!,,,,,,,,MUST WATCH. They all have dirty plans my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,you may one day have a choice...........US,,,,,,,,,,,,,or ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Moscow. they are all dirty.
  9. (June 2022) Global Food & Money Catastrophe The awareness of the world not having the usual supply of food available for the global population will tear the threads of civilization. Through the past a 4X increase is common as events line up for energy disruptions, grain export stoppages, weather extremes and supply chains barely if it all functional. When the awareness reaches main street and mama bear, our world will shift, here is a timeline. 25 min https://youtu.be/0CKZ0Ug9l3E
  10. Aleksandr Dugin: 'We have our special Russian truth' - BBC Newsnight 275,363 views 28 Oct 2016 In this extended interview, Gabriel Gatehouse speaks to Russian thinker and idealogue Aleksandr Dugin about 'truth', a new Cold War, and media control. 10.43 min https://youtu.be/GGunRKWtWBs
  11. Russian Philosopher Alexander Dugin: In Ukraine, Russia Is Fighting the Liberal World Order Prominent Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin said in a March 19, 2022 interview on Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) that Russia will either win in Ukraine and be accepted as a sovereign superpower, or “there will be no Putin, no Russia, no world.” He said that any NATO intervention will be responded to "in kind," including the use of nuclear weapons if NATO launches a nuclear attack against Russia. He emphasised: "The decision to continue with the operation to our last breath has been taken." In addition, Dugin said that Russia's war in Ukraine is not against Ukraine as a country, but against "American hegemony" and the "global liberal elites who are trying to take over the world." He also said that Putin is so popular that the people have effectively made him Russia's "natural monarch.” 5.25 min https://youtu.be/YnGcbxxOMwE
  12. The Nazification of the West Comment Frozencuttlefish 7 minutes ago Love the code,when they scream nazi,its what the nazis wanted to destroy,mirror,when they scream russia commies,its the same tribe,now russia not only kicked them out,they lost sixty million to the bolsheviks where does this bring us?the funders of the bolsheviks?same tribespeople,interesting,everything inverted,so people cannot criticise them,but you can shit all over russia and nazis,who funds the ukrainian nazis them,this leads to a simple moment,white heat,radiant weapons then they bring their spawn,who tries to con the world,it only last three years,,then true light https://banned.video/watch?id=623b3450abf90815ab2a80ec
  13. Its a shame that this post is of no interest to some...........but what we have here is an outspoken Hebrew Jewish Doctor who had stood against the Corporate narrative and agenda with his life being threatened. This here is his personal view of his belief's and his understanding of the world situation, and his view of the Goyem as they see the Jewish/ Ashkenazi manipulation. Do Listen
  14. Daily updates for 21stCenturyWire.com subscribers View this email in your browser Your Daily Dose of Truth. Curated by 21st Century Wire TOP STORIES Pentagon-Ukraine Bio Labs: The Hunter Biden Connection Freddie Ponton | The Ukrainian bio lab story goes much deeper than we thought - straight to the nexus of US political and corporate power. Read on » How the IMF Turned Ukraine Into a Western Vassal State Prabhat Patnaik | If you are wondering how Ukraine’s economy was hollowed out, look no further than the parasites at the International Monetary Fund. Read on » Analysis of Sergei Lavrov’s Latest Interview One World | Lavrov calls out the Western agenda, and outlines what to expect next in Ukraine. Read on » War Mongering: ‘The America First Movement Has a Sean Hannity Problem’ Revolver | Fox News, the GOP are reverting back to their dark roles played in the run-up to the Iraq War. Read on » Message to Sky News: London Is No Freer Than Moscow Dr Vernon Coleman | Why won't the western media also raise the alarm about how the truth has been systematically suppressed in Western cities around the world? Read on » Democracy? Zelensky Martial Law Forces Merger of Ukraine Media, Outlaws Opposition Parties 21WIRE | Not a word from either the European Union or NATO on Kiev's latest move to suspend democratic institutions in his country.
  15. Economist Who Predicted Covid Tyranny Warns of Imminent Collapse 103,746 views · Mar 22, 2022 https://banned.video/watch?id=623a5dbcf4fc571449491d96 Comment. 10 hours ago If they weren't able to stop election fraud, then the country is pretty much over. Think of what happens when your dog accidentally bites someone. Normally you get sued, and the dog gets killed. Americans just had their military murdering thousands of people for multiple decades after framing those countries for fake WMDs, and by branding them as terrorists as Americans were the one funding, arming, and training the terrorism. I don't think any American gets to walk away from this. At the very least, we will all be sued back into the stone age, and our dog will be killed off. After they sentence the mad scientists bringing back medical experimentation, they will probably sentence all military that was following orders during the illegal invasion. For 20 years our country was terrorising innocent nations, pillaging their resources as we murdered their citizens. You also have to remember that General Wesley Clark already publicly admitted that he knew about the premeditated plan to invade the middle east starting with Afghanistan and ending with Iran. Notice the United States turned against God's people and now they are being destroyed. US lost in Afghanistan surrendering all our equipment. US never made it to Iran like General Wesley Clark and his war criminal fake generals wanted. God shut down their whole plan and has them on the run. The only problem is they somehow were representing our side, so now we all get destroyed too. But think about it. Why does a pandemic, or vaccine, or fake pandemic Event 201 crisis even matter? When Americans have freedom and power, they use it to frame innocent nations, murder their citizens, and steal all their resources. Maybe pandemics, elections, and world wars matter to you, but it doesn't make much difference to someone that had their family killed by a Predator Drone.
  16. Khazarian Mafia's Scapegoat, Evil Manifested Today Dr. Zelenko Dr. Zelenko rejoins the program to discuss the world today and the evil that is being manifested thru state controls, corruption and a brainwashed culture. How did we get so off track and what will it take to refocus the world towards universal godly principles? These are the main topics we discuss. Khazarian Mafia's Scapegoat, Evil Manifested Today w/ Dr. Zelenko (1) https://rumble.com/vxy7op-jews-true-calling-khazarian-mafias-scapegoat-evil-manifested-today-w-dr.-ze.html Khazarian Mafia's Scapegoat, Evil Manifested Today w/ Dr. Zelenko (2) https://rumble.com/vy3fxl-jews-true-calling-khazarian-mafias-scapegoat-evil-manifested-today-w-dr.-ze.html
  17. You're really going to have to put a sock in it muppet, its just a honest mistake my friend, the second link should of shown you where I got the row of links from on the first post, which should of been this Episode 416 - SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau's REAL Plan! My mistake, my bad............. Regards sock muppet
  18. Hi Sock, I put it there to see if there was a muppet here that would pick this out ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks. From 2 different sources. Regards.
  19. Are Russian Oligarchs 'In This Together' With Klaus Schwab? STORY AT-A-GLANCE Russia was very prominently represented at WEF’s Cyber Polygon exercises in 2020 and in 2021 In fact, it seems like the WEF-supported Cyber Polygon simulations were actually organized by BI-ZONE, a group associated with the Russian central bank Klaus Schwab listed Vladimir Putin among Young Global Leaders on multiple occasions Head of Sberbank, the central bank of Russia, is a WEF trustee heavily pushing for 4IR Mayor of Moscow, the capital of Russia, has a plan called “Moscow-2030” that lays out a plan of making Moscow a full-on “smart city” filled with the usual futuristic gimmicks, such as implantable biosensors, “smart” clothes nudging people to do things, and so on This story is about the connections and shared agendas between the oligarchs in Russia, where I was born and raised, and Klaus Schwab. Recently, I interviewed Riley Waggaman, a.k.a. Edward Slavsquat, an American journalist who currently lives in my old homeland and writes brilliantly about COVID Russia. I think Riley's work is tremendously important as it helps to understand some of the missing pieces of the puzzle. Our conversation was a ton of fun. (We recorded it a week or two before the heartbreaking war began, so we did not talk about it in the interview but if you want to know my thoughts about the war, you can find them here.)So, what about Schwab and Russia? As it turns out, the Russian "stakeholders" are deeply, deeply in bed with the World Economic Forum — as deeply or perhaps even deeper than their Western colleagues! Either that, or they are just trying to outscam each other, which is also possible. To continue press link below. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2022/03/19/russian-oligarchs-and-klaus-schwab.aspx?ui=6f50f569649db4250e58ca7ee088dc907c239caa382432c5dd731f3e8cf10757&sd=20211101&cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art2HL&cid=20220319&mid=DM1128174&rid=1437472232
  20. Hi Sock,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,this video mentions Trudeau for the first reading of the document about 14 min,,,,,, the rest was about Putin/Russia/China all the way to 58 min. You had obviously missed the point of this must watch post,,,,,,,,,,,, let me copy from my post above,,,,,,,,,,, Two documents showed at the beginning, vis-a-vis US/Canada compared to Russia/China were blatantly similar - are they actually word for word the same? I wonder how many of the neo-nazis in Ukraine are onboard with the agenda, I confidently suspect most of them are not; just useful idiots for the cause, who will be thrown under the bus at a later date. "All the world's a stage" - and we're all being 'played.' Maybe others had just skimmed the content of the video as yourself This video exposes the fact that Russia and China have accepted and are following the the very same 2030 crap as the Canadian dickhead the commie as you had put it. So from this it does seem like the Ukraine invasion is a step for destroying food and energy worldwide as agreed with UK, US, EU, Russia and China, UN, NATO. as designated by the the ZIO cult. There is shit coming our way bigtime. People need to know, the world has to stand up before TSHTF.
  21. SHOCKING DOCUMENT REVEALS TRUDEAU'S REAL PLAN! We all know that when a politician walks like a globalist, talks like a globalist, acts like a globalist and quacks like a globalist, that means they're a globalist, right? And what about when that politician comes out with an unbelievable, in-your-face endorsement of the UN-led Agenda 2030 to remodel the world order and lead us into the maws of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset in the name of "sustainable development." Then we all know they're a globalist, right? Well, get a load of this. .Two documents showed at the beginning, vis-a-vis US/Canada compared to Russia/China were blatantly similar - are they actually word for word the same? I wonder how many of the neo-nazis in Ukraine are onboard with the agenda, I confidently suspect most of them are not; just useful idiots for the cause, who will be thrown under the bus at a later date. "All the world's a stage" - and we're all being 'played.' . Watch this link first https://www.bitchute.com/video/WqHeBUFrsnHH/?list=notifications&randomize=false Check this link after https://odysee.com/@corbettreport:0/ep416-putin:c Episode 416 - SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau's REAL Plan! Corbett • 03/19/2022 • 19 Comments Audio Player 00:00 00:00 Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed We all know that when a politician walks like a globalist, talks like a globalist, acts like a globalist and quacks like a globalist, that means they're a globalist, right? And what about when that politician comes out with an unbelievable, in-your-face endorsement of the UN-led Agenda 2030 to remodel the world order and lead us into the maws of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset in the name of "sustainable development." Then we all know they're a globalist, right? Well, get a load of this. . . . Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee or Download the mp4 For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode. For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download). SHOW NOTES: Klaus Schwab Bragging About Infiltrating World Governments | The Great Reset WEF Canada to send more lethal aid to Ukraine, intends to ban crude oil imports from Russia | FULL Announcing mandatory vaccination for the federal workforce and transportation sectors The Canadian MEDIA $600M BAILOUT Exposed! - What You NEED To Know! PM Justin Trudeau speaks at inaugural global summit on artificial intelligence – December 4, 2020 Justin Trudeau Admires Communist China's "Basic Dictatorship" Joint Statement on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development Klaus Schwab Bragging About Infiltrating World Governments | The Great Reset WEF Russia's Putin announces 'military operation' in Ukraine Putin Signs "Fake News" and "Internet Insults" Bill Censorship, arrests, shutdowns: Putin crushes Russian media | The Listening Post Protester arrested by Russian jackboots for holding sign that says "Two Words" Russian President Vladimir Putin says country needs to step up vaccination campaign Russia : Moscow, St. Petersburg and Perm Restaurants to "Hire" Robots to Check Qr Codes of Vaccinate Putin and Herman Gref at Sberbank's Artificial intelligence conference Putin praises China's achievements in combating COVID-19 Vladimir Putin says he drove a taxi after fall of Soviet Union Special Address by Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation | DAVOS AGENDA 2021 Episode 381 - Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? "Putin and Kissinger have maintained warm personal relations over a number of years" "Putin and Kissinger have held more than a dozen meetings" Putin Welcomes Kissinger: ‘Old Friends’ to Talk Shop? "No War" an arrestable offence in Russia, even printing photos of "No War" graffiti is illegal Sputnik V: What you're not being told Sputnik V is a scam Russia's Gamaleya Research, UK-Swedish Astrazeneca Sign Memorandum of Cooperation in COVID-19 Fight Trump calls vaccines the "greatest achievement" Trump brags that he's boosted, admonishes hecklers World Economic Forum Freezes ‘All Relations’ With Russia to Dodge Sanctions Interview 1703 - Riley Waggaman on Russian Myths vs. Russian Reality Russia Joins Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network 10 Signs The War In Ukraine Is Part Of The Great Reset Is the Narrative Shifting? Or Is This Phase 2 Mass Psychosis? ESG muscle flexing China and Russia Creating "Alternate" Banking System China’s Digital Yuan May Aid Russia Bypass SWIFT Ban, But Will It? Bank of Russia Proceeds With Digital Ruble, Renews Push for Crypto Ban Zelensky Receives Standing Ovation From EU Parliament in Emotional Scenes Episode 369 - Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order!
  22. "Media isn't warning you" that US careening towards food crisis Tyler Durden ZeroHedge Mon, 14 Mar 2022 04:15 UTC Two weeks after the Russia-Ukraine crisis began, the world is quickly moving toward a food crisis that could affect millions of people. A spillover of the crisis could soon spark agricultural mayhem in the US. The curtailment of agricultural exports from Russia and Ukraine will have dramatic knock-on effects on global food supplies. Both countries are known as the 'breadbasket of the world' and are responsible for a quarter of the international wheat trade, about a fifth of corn, and 12% of all calories traded globally. Another major problem is access to fertilizers, as Russia has banned exports of the nutrients. It's not whether or not there will be a food crisis. It's how big that crisis will be. We've already noted a handful of emerging market countries to monitor as the Russian invasion is choking off grain exports to them and causing prices to rise, which may result in social unrest. Even in the Western world, agricultural markets have not been immune, and higher prices have stung consumers. A tweet from Douglas Karr, the founder of the businesses blog Martech Zone, made the point the "media isn't even warning you" a food crisis in America is emerging. Karr said he spoke with numerous folks in the food industry who said farmers in the South and Midwest are having trouble procuring fertilizer to grow crops ahead of planting season. He said farmers in the "Midwest are switching," likely referring to crops that need fewer nutrients because they "can't get nitrogen nor fertilizer." Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, the global food system was strained. Snarled supply chains and adverse weather conditions in top growing regions of the world resulted in low crop yields and rising prices. The supply shock of Ukraine will amplify the crisis as the UN warned global food prices could jump 8%-20% from here (prices are already at record highs). Responding to Karr's viral tweet, some people said they were buying a freezer to panic hoard food supplies as the worst food crisis has yet to come. "Likely getting a 2nd chest freezer soon and stuffing it with meats/frozen vegetables/etc. Also, it looks like "preppers" who were dismissed or made fun of last decade are about to be set on being right," one person said. Another person said, "Read this and then understand why in the last 6 months several publications have been grooming us to accept eating bugs. All of this was planned. Buy a 2nd freezer, and stock it. Soon." Comment: See also: Conflict in Ukraine could double Finland's food prices, economy minister warns Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Which countries run out of food first Food Crisis: EU expects shortages, S. Korea feed producers to declare Force Majeur
  23. West’s global political and economic dominance ends – Putin The Russian president says the “myth of the Western welfare state, of the so-called golden billion, is crumbling” Russian President Vladimir Putin has opined that the latest rounds of unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and its allies over the Kremlin’s military campaign in Ukraine, mark the end of an era. According to Putin, from now on the West will be losing its “global dominance” both politically and economically. Speaking on Wednesday, the Russian head of state proclaimed that the “myth of the Western welfare state, of the so-called golden billion, is crumbling.” Moreover, it is the “whole planet that is having to pay the price for the West’s ambitions, and its attempts to retain its vanishing dominance at any cost,” Putin said. The president predicted food shortages across the world as Western sanctions against Russia are adversely affecting the entire global economy. Touching on the decision by several Western powers to freeze Russia’s central bank assets, Putin claimed that this would only serve to irreparably undermine trust in those nations, and make other countries think twice before placing their reserves in the care of those countries. According to him, nearly half of Moscow’s assets were “simply stolen” by the West. Addressing people in the West, the Russian leader said the massive sanctions imposed on Russia were already backfiring on the US and Europe themselves, with governments there trying hard to convince their citizens that Russia was to blame. Putin warned ordinary people in the West that attempts to portray Moscow as the primary source of all their woes were lies, with a lot of those issues being the direct result of the Western governments’ “ambitions” and “political short-sightedness.” The Western elites, according to Putin, have turned their countries into an “empire of lies,” but Russia will keep on presenting its own position to the whole world, no matter what. https://www.rt.com/russia/552079-putin-west-domination-ends/
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