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    THE PLAN The World Health Organization has an official plan for 10 years of infectious diseases, from 2020 to 2030 The World Health Organization has an official plan for 10 years of ongoing infectious diseases. From 2020 to 2030: a decade of pandemics. That was revealed by Marion Koopmans, a WHO virologist from the Netherlands who did research at the notorious Wuhan biolab. She said on Dutch television that the World Health Organization has been working on this agenda for a long time. At the same time the WHO created the Pandemic Treaty, which gives them complete totalitarian control over all the nations in the world, whenever the WHO declares a pandemic... something they can do whenever they want, based on any test they choose. https://stopworldcontrol.com/?inf_contact_key=74d7ea79b3fb89283693431e6b15edc4d18a532c4142cb79caf2b269de1401fa
  2. YHWH Eh, gods? What'cha gonna do?.... clif high YHWH came to earth about 5000 years back. He was not alone. YHWH is just one of the El (Elohim) who the jews decided to follow. He offered them a choice & they chose him. He accepted their forced decision. YHWH is not a god. We know this as YHWH demanded the jews provide him with 6 liters of alcohol a day. Also he made them pay fines in the form of silver shekels. In addition they had to perform regular census of all that YHWH owned. YHWH was not omniscient if he had to have the jews count themselves & their flocks & lands so that YHWH would know how much he ‘owned’. YHWH was not transcendent, but had a physical body that craved drink and the fats of new born lambs, or new born children. YHWH needed the jews to supply him with silver coinage as that was the currency that the Elohim used between themselves for settlement of their interactions, especially their gambling debts. YHWH is the one who invented, and sanctioned the collection of interest for loans. YHWH provided, not 10, but actually 613 commandments on how the jews should live as his servants. Most of these were about how to prepare the ‘burnt offerings’ of abdomen fats from children, killed in their raids on the pre-Adamite humans, to his liking, and how to make the 6 liters of fortified wine he required daily. YHWH is reckoned as one of over 240 EL, who were claiming to be ‘lords’ over the humans they found on earth. He was not the boss of the Elohim, nor even in the top tier of the El here on earth. We would think of him as being a captain or major in an army that had ranks extending to General. YHWH was such an aggressive personality that the entourage of the El basically hated him and worked against him. Those support staff for the Elohim, translated as ‘arch angels’ who worked for the chief of the Elohim got such shit from YHWH that they constantly plotted his undoing. YHWH instructed his jews in killing humans. When he sent the Israelites against the hunter-gatherer tribes in E-Din (what we call Eden, now basically Mesopotania down to Egypt, YHWH claimed all of the belly fats from all the children, and some of the women, that his jews killed. YHWH did not allow the jews to take prisoners, or accept surrender. Yep, it is going to be a very interesting rest of this decade as we get into Serious Real History. Read the Naked Bible that you may know how the translators have been misled, and how they were played, and have played you with their translations.
  3. Are France and NATO Shipping Depleted Uranium Weaponry Into Ukraine? Freddie Ponton | The evidence is everywhere: vast amounts of deadly material is very likely being shipped into Ukraine - and the damage will not be contained there. Read on » https://21stcenturywire.com/2022/05/03/revealed-are-france-and-nato-shipping-depleted-uranium-weaponry-into-ukraine/
  4. Max Igan Strategies & Solutions May 2nd 2022 Max in Conversation with Chris Hall https://www.bitchute.com/video/8Fs_JatlzNc/
  5. That stupid fat slob of a person needs to go. Russian state TV threatens nuclear strike on UK and warns of radioactive tidal wave State-controlled Russian TV has said that Russian weapons could sink the UK in one hit. Presenter Dmitry Kiselyov also talked about an underwater nuclear warhead that he said cannot be stopped by any means. https://youtu.be/r4eJvwtQJu4
  6. Max Igan - Reconnecting with Source and The Power Within A Conversation with Max Igan https://www.bitchute.com/video/M5l3ZIkaahBH/
  7. David Wynn Miller,,,,,,,,,,,,DO NOT MISS THIS.............. DO WATCH,,,VIDEO 9 HOURS 30 MIN https://youtu.be/Lo1nnrn36F4 I watched it maybe a decade ago when it was in about 22-24 videos at around 12-15 minute increments. He proclaims to be a 92nd degree freemason and at that level he's the holder of the keys. He's also a judge and Native Hawaiians made him their king. A lot of the video is about quantum grammar. He feels contracts should be written with that format. He was taken by aliens and they put something on his head. He said we can't live in a real world and a world of make-believe at the same time. He said there was a construction crew taking down an old house and they found his books with his name of them buried for over a hundred years and he failed to explain that. They were sealed in beeswax, and they were given back to him. He did state he hasn't aged in 35 years. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anonymous - DAVID WYNN MILLER QUANTUM LANGUAGE PARSE SYNTAX GRAMMAR TO KNOW THE TRUTH OF ALL THINGS When you learn this nobody can lie to you anymore you will always know the real truth and you will be able to unravel anything you will know the truth and nothing but the real truth Syntax is the set of rules, principles, and processes that govern the structure of sentences (sentence structure) in a given language, usually including word order. The term syntax is also used to refer to the study of such principles and processes. The goal of many syntacticians is to discover the syntactic rules common to all languages. Dependency grammar is an approach to sentence structure where syntactic units are arranged according to the dependency relation, as opposed to the constituency relation of phrase structure grammars. Dependencies are directed links between words. The (finite) verb is seen as the root of all clause structure and all the other words in the clause are either directly or indirectly dependent on this root. Some prominent dependency-based theories of syntax are: Recursive categorical syntax, or Algebraic syntax Functional generative description Meaning–text theory Operator grammar Word grammar Lucien Tesnière (1893–1954) is widely seen as the father of modern dependency-based theories of syntax and grammar. He argued vehemently against the binary division of the clause into subject and predicate that is associated with the grammars of his day (S → NP VP) and which remains at the core of most phrase structure grammars. In the place of this division, he positioned the verb as the root of all clause structure. David Wynn Miller (September 17,1949 – June 22, 2019. also styled :David-Wynn: Miller or David-Wynn: Miller, was an American tool and die welder, a proponent of conspiracy theories, and leader of a far-right tax protester group within the sovereign citizen movement.[6] He was a proponent of the use of certain syntax he created to be used by people involved in legal proceedings. He referred to his syntax as QUANTUM-LANGUAGE-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR which he asserts constitutes "correct sentence structure communication syntax." This is a variation of the tax protester "capital letters" argument, a form of strawman theory. People seeking remedy with Miller's syntax in court have not met with success. Miller lived in Ohio before moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In his Messianic origin story, he said that he died for half an hour at the age of 25 when an inept surgeon removed both his kidneys and adrenal glands. His heart restarted spontaneously while outside his body during autopsy. Following this, he said his IQ became 200, his endorphin levels were six times normal, and he stopped aging. According to his website, he appeared pro se 67 times in child custody hearings, losing every time, and was inspired to develop his own theory of language. Among the bizarre rules of his language, sentences start with prepositional phrases, only nouns have legal meaning,[9] and a word that starts with a vowel followed by two consonants voids a contract.[11] He began styling his name as "David-Wynn: Miller", claiming that the punctuation marks are hieroglyphics that make him "life" and that without them his name is two adjectives and a pronoun.[9] He "turned Hawaii into a verb" to become "King of Hawaii". Miller has used and may have originated a scheme found in Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments that cites the Universal Postal Union as the authority. The argument is that affixing a stamp to a piece of paper changes the authority under which it is governed He assumed the title "postmaster" and called his followers the adherents of the "Universal Postal System".[9] On December 21, 2012 (the failed Mayan Doomsday), he claimed to restart the "US : FEDERAL-POSTALCOURT" and made himself the judge.He also described himself as a "Plenipotentiary-Judge" of the "Unity States of the World". Miller said that in 1988 he created what he has called "QUANTUM-MATH-COMMUNICATIONS", "PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR", or "CORRECT-LANGUAGE". According to Miller, the language he pioneered could end the war. Miller's design involves some sentences that begin with prepositional phrases, using the word For. His sentences have many more nouns than verbs. According to Miller, only nouns have legal authority. The language also has an abundance of punctuation. For example: FOR THE FORMS OF OUR PUNCTUATIONS ARE WITH THE CLAIM OF THE USE: FULL-COLON=POSITION-LODIO-FACTS, HYPHEN=COMPOUND-FACTS =KNOWN, PERIOD=END-THOUGHT, COMMA-PAUSE, AND LOCATION-TILDES WITH THE MEANINGS AND USES OF THE COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE FULL-COLON OF THE POSITION-LODIAL-FACT-PHRASE WITH THE FACT/KNOWN-TERM OF THE POSITIONAL-LODIO-FACT-PHRASE AND WITH THE VOID OF THE NOM-DE-GUERRE = DEAD-PERSON. FOR THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH OF THAT WHAT IS THE TRUTH KNOWN BY THOSE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH THAT IS THE TRUTH BY THE TRUTH AUTHOR OF THAT TRUTH SHOW LESS DO WATCH,,8 HOURS 18 MIN https://youtu.be/OvKH-QvUmeE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DWM on Wikipedia Alternate and shorter videos on YT
  8. Four More Allegations of Midazolam Murder Added to PCP After Judge Commits Obstruction by The Bernician. In relation to the allegations against the Midazolam Murderers, as I initially disclosed to the wonderful audience who packed the opening night at Speakeasy Comedy Club last Saturday, where I performed stand-up for the first time since 2007, then on Twitter a couple of days ago, after sitting on the evidence bundle in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution for the better part of four months, the presiding judge sent us the following ‘decision’ last week: “I have considered the application and I have now decided not to consider it…” Now if that’s not a contradiction in terms, I’ve never seen one, but it actually gets even worse because her bone-shakingly unwise reason given for deciding not to consider the application was that three of the eight defendants listed on the first page of the application cannot be named – but that is because their NHS employers have thus far failed to comply with the demands of the witnesses in our case to disclose them. Moreover, even if that were a ground for not considering the application, which it most certainly isn’t because there are five defendants who are named, there are binding precedents which demonstrate that she was bound to issue summonses against the named defendants and to order that the police ascertain those who are as yet unidentified by their NHS employers. In other words, it is yet another miscarriage of justice, in a tyrannous system that is broken beyond repair. Fuck The System & All Who Perpetuate It Nevertheless, in spite of the attempt to railroad the PCP into a brick wall, amended papers are currently being drawn up by myself and the rest of the PUB team, which will not contain any of the allegations previously made against the three as yet unidentified defendants [until such time that they are identified], thereby exposing the judge’s single reason given as the nonsensical nullity it is and giving her no alternative but to allow the case to proceed or face obstruction of justice charges. Furthermore, the amended application will be significantly bolstered by an additional four witness statements making exactly the same allegations as the other harrowing testimonies the presiding judge has unforgivably overlooked, thereby delaying justice for the victims’ families, as well as willfully obstructing it, at least according to the legal advice we have received from the former Senior Crown Prosecutor who will sign off on those charges if required. However, the judge will be given one final chance to reconsider her decision not to consider the application to summons the Midazolam murderers who stand accused, in which she will be required to summons them to answer to the charges before a jury; and in the event she doesn’t administer them accordingly by issuing the summonses and listing the matter for trial, our barrister will file obstruction charges on behalf of the People’s Union of Britain in another Magistrates Court. If the establishment delays, perverts or obstructs justice one more time in the event we are forced to do so, we will convene a real Common Law Grand Jury – not the legally toothless one that people have misplaced their faith in – and our barrister will seek on our behalf the just outcome that has been denied us for the last eighteen months, which will be enforced by the order of a Justice of the Peace. So fuck the system and all who perpetuate it because if they think we were not prepared for this eventuality long ago, they really haven’t been paying attention because we never let the actions of criminals dressed in ermine deter us from seeking that which we are entitled to by birthright. Moreover, justice will be seen to be done and there will be much gnashing of teeth, as well as soiling of expensive undercrackers, before that transpires. But it will be done, one way or another. Of that you may rest assured. Necessarily including the arrest of Hancock et al, come the day of reckoning, which edges ever closer. Speakeasy Revolution Now we come to a subject which I know some of you are a little confused about. To wit: Why the fuck is Michael O’Bernicia doing stand-up comedy all of a sudden? The answer to that question may be obvious to some of you, especially those who attended the launch of Speakeasy on Saturday, but I will endeavour to elucidate for those who are still scratching their chins about it. In simple terms, releasing the first part of The Three Faced Terrorist in February brought more heat on me that anything I’ve done before, which pretty much resulted in my ability to promote my own work on almost every platform being either suspended, curtailed or terminated. However, this coincided with the coming together of the triumvirate behind the new 22 venue Speakeasy Comedy Circuit – the uproariously funny, blacklisted Canadian comic, Craig Campbell, his best mate and manager John Robson and myself. Within just the past three weeks, we put together a team of UCT trustees and some of their family members, who put together a purpose-built comedy club for our launch night, which will now be our flagship venue under UCT’s government free jurisdiction, after the first truly barnstorming night of uncensored stand-up comedy in the Speakeasy Revolution, which is coming to a village, town or city near you in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for further details of the gigs currently being booked and scheduled as I write this. Opening Night 5 Star Reviews After just a few hours had passed the day after the opening night, we started receiving 5 star reviews from dozens of people who packed the audience for two and a half hours of unbridled hilarity, such as this particularly memorable one: “The night was one of the most enjoyable since this damn plandemic started. Excellent hosts of the venue. A real personal touch and down to earth – not a snowflake in sight. So welcoming and ‘normal’. The acts were great and lovely to be able to laugh about the whole experience, but also a more mature and intelligent understanding of the psychology of what they’ve been doing to people who allow and promote it – I appreciated that. Just the best event I’ve been to for 4+ years. So thank you so showing us there is a spark of greatness in comedy that is going to come back stronger than ever before with some great intelligence behind it and some great humour to help heal the horror that’s built over the last 20 years!” These words have been echoed by almost everybody we have talked to who was at the gig, so many of whom said they haven’t laughed so much in many years, whilst Craig, Tania Edwards and Steve Hughes had the best gigs they can remember having in a comedy club for too long and they chatted all the way back home, in spite of their physical exhaustion, with the comic’s camaraderie of the old days, when being dangerously funny was a badge of honour, not an allegation on a police charge sheet. In short, the launch of the Speakeasy Revolution could not have been more explosive, just as we intended. Because if the jester does not dare to savagely attack the king who lords over him with menace, malice and malevolence, freedom can never prevail over tyranny. Hence, the return of the Speakeasy, in the form of a comedy club near you, featuring only the very best of cancelled comedians, as well as up to the minute latest from me, which you won’t get anywhere else – even on this blog – is heralding the end of the godless gobshite of all that is woke and ushering in a cultural revolution founded on laughter, not politics. On the basis that nobody fears that which they can belly laugh at voluntarily after hearing a joke, whereas politics is nothing but the dark art of teaching people to fear the consequences of not voting for them, largely for the material gain of those who hold the purse strings – the same white collar criminals who get to say who gets cancelled and who has manufactured, fake success handed to them on a plate, provided they agree to sell their souls and keep their mouths zipped about anything that adversely affects their private vested interests. In other words, at all Speakeasy clubs, we will be committed to laughing our arses off at the privileged parasites who lord over us with tyrannical diktats none of us will obey, before telling them to go fuck themselves while they can because pretty soon the suicides which their profoundly evil actions have caused over the last two years alone will look like the best option they have left, when the sword of righteousness mercilessly slays the beast of tyrannical central government. Final Notice Talking of criminals, it has been reported to me multiple times that Simon Goldberg and Ian Stamp have been commercially exploiting my work and criminally charging people for it, which I have expressly forbidden by public notice many years since, including on this blog and in relation to the lien and NOCA processes documented upon these pages and on other websites and forums. This shall therefore be considered notice to them, given they almost certainly stole and misappropriated my intellectual property for fraudulent purposes, that unless I am provided with prima facie evidence they are not guilty of what they stand accused of by people who would angrily testify against them, having allegedly already been fleeced by the same, the evidence we have will be used in non-judicial damages claims against their personal estates, using the very processes they stole from me, pretending they had the right to sell them for their own material gain. Let that also be a warning to the others who are doing the same in the name of UCT because we’ve already got evidence files with documents, audio and video which show you are all standing on the same legal quicksand, so you had better pack it in now or you will sink into severe financial consequences, as your assets will be liened up by the inventor of the process to lien up the assets of fraudsters just like you. About The Bernician Critically Acclaimed Comedian, Playwright & Anarcho- Filmmaker | Blacklisted 'Potential Subversive' | Revisionist Historian | Recalcitrant Philosopher | Bankster-Busting Nemesis of the Rigged System | Founding Sovereign of UCT Support The Bernician Support The Bernician's work by throwing a tip in the jar. Tip Some Coin Professional Links The Bernician on IMDB Anarcho-Film Productions The Great British Mortgage Swindle Nefarious TGBMS Links Watch TGBMS On Prime Buy TGBMS On DVD Join Class Actions To End Mortgage Fraud Follow On Social Media The Bernician on MeWe The Bernician on Gab The Bernician on Minds The Bernician on Bitchute The Bernician on Odysee Popular Posts Four More Allegations of Midazolam Murder Added to PCP After Judge Commits Obstruction Speakeasy Comedy Club | See The Bernician's Return To Stand-Up The Deception of Virology & Vaccines | Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious The Three Faced Terrorist | Teaser-Trailer PCP Update, Blind Man's Bluff In Ukraine & The End of COVID-1984 The Comet of 562 AD and the Arthurian Wasteland The Monumental Case of R v Robert 'Bob' White Mortgage Fraud 101: The Commercial Lien Process London Met Police Set To Investigate The Midazolam Murders Lien On Banksters | A Potential Remedy For 11 Million Void Mortgagors
  9. "We Now Have This Amazing Opportunity" https://odysee.com/@InfiniteAwakenings:7/IA---We-Now-Have-This-Amazing-Opportunity-_-INSPIRED-Conversation-With-Max-Igan:5 The Truth about Devil's Agenda - Conversation with Max Igan https://odysee.com/@januszkowalskii1979:e/Max-Igan-Devil's-Agenda---Conversation-with-Max-Igan:4
  10. They are about to change everything again,,,,,,,,,,,,we need to wake people up to stand up togather. STOLEN HISTORY - LIFTING THE VEIL OF DECEPTION . The official version of human history is a construct of lies. We are in a state of collective amnesia. Let's free ourselves from the artificial matrix that has been imposed on us. https://youtu.be/6xt3HdVAdPo https://youtu.be/awfISeJl5-A https://youtu.be/TzVeKL-hERA
  11. RUSSIA & ASTRAZENIKA “VACCINE” COLLUSION. In other words: by July 2020, the Russian government had positioned itself to profit from the production and distribution of two COVID vaccines: Sputnik V and AstraZeneca’s shot. As vaccine-linked injuries and deaths continue to be documented around the world, some have portrayed Russia as a bulwark against Big Pharma’s murderous business model. As we will document below, nothing could be further from the truth. https://off-guardian.org/2022/04/21/russia-astrazeneca-vaccine-collusion/
  12. WAR ON FOOD GOES HOT: FBI WARNS CYBERATTACKS ON FARMS -- ONE FARM STANDS UP The food wars have gone hot -- and even the mainstream is noticing. Even as the fires and explosions destroying our food supply are broadly reported, the FBI warns of cyberattacks on farming infrastructure. As this awareness grows, one farm has stood up to NY state, refusing to comply with Bird Flu orders. Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gYy94KnZWE1i/
  13. IN JUST 68 DAYS FROM NOW, YOU WON'T WANT TO BE OUT IN PUBLIC! https://youtu.be/KNseignRiC8
  14. PROTESTS, LOOTING, PETS DESTROYED AND MASS SUICIDES IN SHANGHAI AS PEOPLE STARVE DURING LOCKDOWNS As everyone watches the current show in the theater called "Ukraine" today, thousands of people are committing suicide in Shanghai, China, as its 25 million residents continue to be locked down and many of them reportedly starving because they cannot get food. Protests and looting have reportedly started, and horrible images are appearing of people jumping to their deaths from buildings while others hang themselves. Dogs and cats are being murdered on the streets. And this is Shanghai! I have spent time in Shanghai in the past, and it is the most modern city in China. It's financial and shopping district would rival Manhattan in New York, the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, or Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. If this can happen in Shanghai, it can happen anywhere. Words cannot describe what I have watched today from reports coming out from people on the ground there, so I have created a short video montage that will communicate what is going on in Shanghai right now, better than anything I can write. This is VERY GRAPHIC! It will disturb you. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bhscvLke2Iu4/
  15. Erdogan’s Dervish: Turkey Pivots Again, Ready to Face-off With Russia in Syria Steven Sahiounie | What we all expected, but hoped wouldn't happen: Turkey seems to be shifting position once again. Read on »
  16. They Can Control The Weather and Cause Disasters: Weather Modification We exposed the covert geoengineering that is happening before your eyes – the reasons why it’s kept secret, the horrific impact it’s having on us and our environment and the reasons you may want to join the growing number of people seeking to take our power back, to address climate warming with solutions that support life, rather than poison it. https://youtu.be/kZqI4cXOxt8?list=PLYwn70uGLQO1LP3-gh3uQVPWE2-NoJWFq
  17. DAVID DUBYNE: GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM CROPS & CLIMATE https://projectcamelotportal.com/2022/04/22/david-dubyne-grand-solar-minimum-crops-climate/
  18. SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Burnt Alive In Odessa’ (2021) SUNDAY SCREENING | Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE. Read on » Episode #416 – ‘Soldiers of Fortune’ with guests Hesher, Ruckus, Basil Valentine SUNDAY WIRE | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world… Read on » ‘Are We Being Hypnotized, And Do We Like It?’ – Mattias Desmet on Covid and War Hysteria Pandemic Perspectives | What is it about human beings that makes us so willing to submit to a collective 'mass formation' psychosis? Read on » Ex-Marine Exposes Washington’s Covert Political Meddling in Asia 21WIRE | One of the best pundits exposing Washington's regime change road show. Read on » Two Russian Oligarchs Linked to Gazprom Found Dead This Week Zero Hedge | In the high stakes game of geopolitics and war, these latest disturbing reports point to a wider conspiracy. Read on » Patrick Henningsen Show: ‘Food Shortages and The Great Reset’ Patrick Henningsen Show | Breaking down the important issue of food shortages and food security, and how it relates to the globalist agenda. Read on » Along With Donbass, Russia Seeks ‘Full Control’ of Southern Ukraine, General Confirms Zero Hedge | Western punditry are going wild over this latest statement out of the Russian camp. Read on »
  19. rwkt

    Watch The Water

    Is Covid Actually Snake Venom? 52,578 views Premiered 11 hours ago "Watch the Water" is a hugely successful/popular "documentary" that purports that Remdesivir is actually snake venom, and that what we call Covid is really people's reactions to snake venom. Worse, that municipal water systems are the means for distributing the toxins to people. Leave aside that snake venom could not be produced in such quantities as to poison entire nations. Leave aside that snake venom wouldn't survive a trip through stomach acid. What about all the people who have well water that still got sick? Snake venom. Graphene and Nanotechnology. These are the latest conspiracies that could be planted into the ether as a way to discredit anyone opposed to mandates and experimental vaccines. Don't be fooled, BUT more importantly, don't allow yourself to made into a fool. These theories are easily destroyed with a little bit of simple science, doing a bit of research, and deductive reasoning, yet somehow they gain traction in the public. My hypothesis: if I had an unlimited budget to promote my highly profitable vaccines, I'd pay my public relations teams to start whisper campaigns and plant false narratives that embarrass our opponents. The trick is to take down the truth you don't want in the public eye by attaching it to an obvious falsehood and then sinking both of them at the same time. Politicians and the media do it every year during campaign season. (Congressman Matt Gaetz has been accused of deviant sex crimes by the New York Times and his political opponents, but one year later, not a single law enforcement agency has charged the Republican.) And there is no doubt corporations engage in these kinds of espionage/psyops campaigns. So, doesn't it make sense that billion-dollar corporations could work to protect billion-dollar profits by anonymously planting these outlandish conspiracies? I may be wrong, but I'm not confused. If you buy into these myths when there is no actual, simple scientific effort to prove or disprove them, you play into the hands of the same people that wanted to dismiss and de-platform you for thinking Covid could originate from a Wuhan lab. The lab leak claims included irrefutable, solid evidence exposing the idea. There is zero backing that covid was derived from a snake. Are there elements that might look like a connection? Sure. But they are subtle and indicate areas of further inquiry that might be fruitful. However, by declaratively spinning an entire (and false) narrative about how Covid is actually snake venom those ideas will be buried in the ridicule that is sure to arise. In our latest video, I'll take you through what reasonable research, inquiry and due diligence actually look like. My aim is to prevent you from being taken in by a very shoddy piece of investigative work, bad science, and faulty logical conclusions. https://youtu.be/gRpyVPjFzf8
  20. Hi Grumpy, I believe I had put in here some where the first and the second trail,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, only found the conclusion here,,,,,,,,,,, ,this is no BS it actually happened and is genuine ,,,,,,,,,,,check the links as this website took it to publish,,,,,,,,,,,, and we all should share,,,,,,,,, even UK Column was involved. Regards
  21. The new jew question Are you? Likely not.... clif high Apr 18 Mel K thinks she is a jew. Bret Weinstein thinks he has jewish heritage. Ditto for his brother Eric. There are 8 academic scientists or teachers I follow as my ‘trend line people’ that I use to track the penetration of ideas or trends into their area of influence. I follow Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying, for academic professor trend markers. Bret’s brother Eric is my science/finance trend marker. Both Bret and Eric are in my ‘jewish guys’ set as well. I follow 34 people as representative of the political construct that we call ‘jews’. This lets me know when trends have reached into their realm of influence. There is reason to suspect that a real scism is going to erupt within the Jewish community at all levels, as well as within the individual people within the community. Mel K is a video personality who is now showing signs that she is running into the internal, personal scism forecast by the data some 16 years ago. Mel K is a knowledgeable, engaging personality, who is deeply concerned with current events, history, and our general social progress. She expresses a bent towards religion. Disclosure: I once contacted Mel K to advise her of connections between Charlie Ward and the CoWR (cult of the white rabbit) which I thought to be polluting her video image, and which I assumed she was unaware. She was pissed that I had attempted to make contact, denied that Charlie was a CoWR participant, and came unglued with Karen-like behavior directed my way. Mel K has/is hitting her personal encounter with the “jew question”. This is a new thing. This “jew question” is what those people who think, and have been told all their lives, that they are jewish, will need to wrestle. The new ‘jew question’ that is facing Mel K, and all the other who think themselves jews, at this moment arises from the common condition facing all humans in the western republics, and to a lesser extent, the entirety of humanity. This common condition that gives rise to “the new jew question” occurs because we have been lied to by a coordinated criminal organization for several hundreds of years that has obscured so much that even our basic identities are unknown to us. Those people organizing all the lies are claiming to be Jews. Are they? Nope, not in my opinion. These are Khazarians who have NO connection via DNA or inheritance or lineage with any people descended from Judah through Shem. So they are not racial Jews. They may practice a form of judaism, but if we follow the history from the Khazarian Empire, we see that from the year 740, we get the Khazarian Mafia beginning the Big Lie that they are Jews, not merely ‘jewish’ or ‘judaism adherents’. They start playing at the religion of judaism, all the while working to bury their real religion deep into the obscuring words of the Talmud. At the time of the mass conversion of the Khazarian Empire, the ‘true jews’ from Judea became an instant minority in their own faith and race. The best thinking now is that racial jew people, by the year 814, had been reduced to less than 30% of the total world Jew population by the birth rate of the Khazarian component. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2022/03/10/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/ Today, the ratio appears to be less than 3% of the claimed Jews in humanity are actually carrying any Semitic DNA. Maybe. There are those geneticists who conclude that NO JEWISH DNA exists in humanity any longer. This is the core of the ‘new jew question’ that Mel K, and others will be wrestling over these next few years as the horrific crimes of the Khazarians are revealed. Mel K, and other jews, will have to face our harsh reality. That those also claiming to be Jews are behind the horrific state of humanity at this point. That those claiming to be Jews directing the evil that is besetting humanity now, are a continuation of the same process that has led to “jews” being expelled from over 100 countries over these last few hundreds of years, all due to the same source of contention. Those people thinking they are jews will have to contend with the issue of their personal identity, as a judaism adherent, as a ‘claimed jew’ with probably NO racial connection to any Semitic lineage, all the while living in a world were the secrets will be revealed in excruciating details of the crimes of the Khazarian Mafia, their cousins, being laid at their feet as well. This is going to be a real bitch of a problem for most of humanity. True Jews have no need for ‘name stealing’. The Khazarian Mafia has been name stealing from the very beginning. The Khazarian Mafia practices Name Stealing as though it was a primary virtue of their real religion, which we can call ‘satan-ism’ without being too wrong about it. The Name Stealing of the Khazarian Mafia goes so deep that they practice ‘word deception’ in ALL the ‘official documents’ you have ever signed in your entire life. Research it! Check your status, legally you are owned by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC, a CORPORATION, resident here on the American continent, but not you nation. Correct your status. We have all been infiltrated and captured. https://tasa.americanstatenationals.org/ We are all wrestling with our identities now. The Khazarian Mafia introduced the subject of Identity into the body of the populace with their CRT and WOKE religion, so we are all here, now, questioning our identities as the Khazarians desired, but now there is a shift arising as many of us are pushing back by pushing the concept even deeper to ask real questions for real answers that lead to real changes. Correct your status. https://tasa.americanstatenationals.org/correct-your-status/#tab-id-6 No one will be wrestling harder than people thinking that they are jews originating from the Middle East. That will be a big shock, that they are not Jew by race. Perhaps worse will be reconciling their lives to the idea that they are Khazarian by descent, and cousins to the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia. Their cousins are child rapists, murderers, traffickers, produce adrenochrome, and drink human blood from freshly killed babies in rituals. Their cousins want to destroy 13 out of every 14 people alive today, which includes, ALL the people who believe themselves to be jews. https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Adrenochrome These Name Stealers are incredibly evil. According to the Codex Oera Linda, we have been fighting the Khazarians since before 300 AD. According to some scholars, the Khazarians were responsible for the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization in 1177 BC. So we have been fighting this fight for all of modern history. https://books.google.com/books/about/Codex_Oera_Linda.html?id=84vUzgEACAAJ Personally, I stop dealing with people when I discover they are Name Stealers. They may be ‘regular jews’ who don’t know any of their connections to the Khazarians who started all the name stealing, and they may think that it is a ‘natural protective coloration’ that is ‘worn by jews’ to protect themselves from the hatred of the Gentiles, but they never examine why the ‘name stealing’ is so abhorrent to the gentile population. Name stealing is word deception. This is basically, other than violence, and rage, the KEY weapon used by the Khazarian against you. The name stealing is being revealed along with the secrets of these past centuries. This will take us decades, if not centuries to unravel all the lies and deceptions and to place proper names on things, people and events. To all those who think themselves to be jews, note this: if you practice the Kol Nidre, you are affirming that you are actively a name stealer. You are on the wrong side of this unfolding history. Be advised. The Kol Nidre is the formalization of Name Stealing. “All vows, all obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called 'ḳonam,' 'ḳonas,' or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths." https://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/9443-kol-nidre Mel K thinks she is a jew. She is just now grappling with the idea of the satanism that has succeed in taking over much of humanity, and that she is enveloped within the ‘community’ that is creating this evil. She is near to the ‘take down’ part of the grapple. She is near to getting her first good grip on this. It is scary for her. This will likely be her most serious life-crisis. https://archive.org/details/TheSynagogueOfSatan/page/n19/mode/2up Surviving such contention hardens the will and sharpens the mind as may not be achieved in any other manner. Such survivors are people that leave ripples in humanity long after their passage. There are a lot of people rowing the same boat as Mel K, who will be trashing about over these next years trying to figure out, now that some of the secrets and history have been revealed, What does it mean to be a Jew, now? And, Am I a jew? Being human is not for wimps.
  22. STOP WORLD CONTROL https://www.stopworldcontrol.com https://stopworldcontrol.com/jury/ Please share these links with all.
  23. Grand Jury: Revealing the Agenda for World Domination. “The Covid-19 Pandemic is a Criminal Operation Grand Jury: Revealing the Agenda for World Domination. “The Covid-19 Pandemic is a Criminal Operation” Global Research / Stop World Control Lawyers & experts reveal evidence for world dictatorship under the guise of pandemics EXPERT WITNESSES Among the expert witnesses are World Health Organization advisors, a United Nations official, members of British Intelligence Services, former officers from the U.S. and U.K. military, an expert from the Center for Disease Control, a former vice-president from Pfizer, a Nobel prize winner for medicine, and many other high-level witnesses. PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION The experts show how mind control, psychological manipulation and hypnosis techniques are used to control the opinions and behavior of the public worldwide. The information is backed up with official documents issued by the governments and the named organizations. Below is one example of an official document from the British Government, revealing an official strategy to psychologically manipulate the public: DOWNLOAD GRAND JURY EVIDENCE The evidence is presented during six Grand Jury legal proceedings, that each last about six hours. The length of these proceedings, make it hard for the majority of the public to receive this information. That’s why Stop World Control is creating easy-to-read summaries of each six hour session, so these extremely important revelations can reach a greater audience. The first summary is now available, and can be downloaded below https://exopolitics.blogs.com/files/grandjurysummary1.pdf
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    Watch The Water

    TAKING THE SERPENT'S HEAD OFF: "WATCH THE WATER" EXPLODES WORLDWIDE, GLOBAL CITIZENS DEMAND ANSWERS NEW RECORDING WITH STEW PETERS Dr. Ardis joins the Stew Peters Show days after the "Watch the Water" Documentary took the world by storm. Dr. Ardis addresses the main questions about the snake venom Covid sequences, and answers the important question of WHY the children were the least effected. Watch the Water EXPLODED with millions of views worldwide, exposing the true origins of the Covid-19 Plandemic. https://www.bitchute.com/video/76Oef5tBwwkw
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