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  1. NUREMBERG 2 TRIAL AGAINST WORLD LEADER FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY KICKS OFF IN POLAND. Posted by EU Times on Dec 2nd, 2021. We cordially invite you to a live broadcast of the first Republic of Poland Members of Parliament Investigation Committee as part of the Nuremberg 2.0 project with the special guest Dr. Reiner Fuellmich attendance. Many were demanding an update to our first story, well here it is! Please put on the youtube translator when necessary. https://www.eutimes.net/2021/12/nuremberg-2-trial-against-world-leaders-for-crimes-against-humanity-finally-kicks-off-in-poland/
  2. THE STARK REALITY::MAX IGAN SAYS THEY CROSSED THE FKING LINE::MUST WATCH. I have followed Max since 2011, never seen or heard him like this, if reality offends you, do not watch. https://odysee.com/@thecrowhouse:2/The-Stark-Reality:0
  3. I have no link but made sound copy and put it on my platform with youtube,,,,,,,,,please make copy before they remove it Please do listen as it could be true and very important to all of us. ALEX COLLIER Q&A https://youtu.be/sQXbvbIv5BU @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Alex mentions these interview as important to listen to. Christine Massey and Mike Adams Christine Massey reveals to the Health Ranger: Covid-19 “virus” has NEVER been isolated and shown to cause disease… https://truthinplainsight.com/christine-massey-and-mike-adams/ The Stew Peters Show | November 23, 2021: Dr. David Martin EXPLOSIVE Revelations https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2021/11/the-stew-peters-show-november-23-2021-dr-david-martin-explosive-revelations/
  4. Omicron Variant and Vaccine Resistance STORY AT-A-GLANCE Another SARS-CoV-2 variant dubbed Omicron has reportedly arisen in fully “vaccinated” patients in Botswana. Handfuls of cases have also emerged in other areas of the world In response, Japan, Israel and Morocco have closed their borders to all foreign travelers. The U.S., the U.K., Canada and the European Union have banned travelers from southern Africa specifically. Australia has delayed its reopening plans and China has announced a “zero-tolerance approach” to the new variant Fear over Omicron is likely unjustified, as it appears far milder than previous strains. Primary symptoms of infection include extreme fatigue for a couple of days, headache, body aches, scratchy throat and intermittent dry cough. No severe cases have been identified While the mass vaccination campaign appears to be driving the rapid mutation of the virus, governments around the world continue to double down on this failed strategy According to National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci, Omicron might evade both monoclonal antibodies and COVID shot-induced antibodies, but he insists getting the COVID shot (if unvaccinated) or a booster if “fully vaccinated” is your best bet https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/12/06/omicron-variant-vaccine-resistance.aspx?ui=6f50f569649db4250e58ca7ee088dc907c239caa382432c5dd731f3e8cf10757&sd=20211101&cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1ReadMore&cid=20211206_HL2&mid=DM1053521&rid=1342227020
  5. THE BLACK MAGIC OF PHILANTHROPY FT. GATES, CLINTONS, ABRAMOVIC, GAGA, WHO & MORE Evil posing as good has inverted our culture. I show you how and where it is going from here. https://www.bitchute.com/video/CzcaFH6liwtc/
  6. THE MYTH OF SOPHIA, SATAN, AND THE ARCHON KINGDOM “Gnostic Wisdom – The Myth Of Sophia, Satan & The Archon Kingdom” The GREAT and fascinating Mr. JOHN LAMB LASH, author of “Not In His Image” is the star-guest today, when he joins AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander for a MEMORABLE, EYE-OPENING and extraordinary interview and discussion JOHN LAMB LASH: Author, Lecturer, Gnostic, Telestic Shaman, Truth Speaker and Esoteric Researcher. The founder of the Mystery School: Nemeta. He has doubled-down on the material of his best-seller “Not In His Image” and published a new mind-blowing version of the book, relevant for the world today, in September 2021. Video 2hrs 24 min https://ageoftruth.tv/john-lamb-lash-gnostic-wisdom-the-myth-of-sophia-satan-the-archon-kingdom/
  7. U.N. TAKING DOWN PRIVATE WEBSITES - DOMAIN LEVEL CENSORSHIP The U.N. Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) is now responsible for taking entire privately hosted websites offline, as they seek to take total control of the flow of information and establish their "Great Narrative." CTED notifies domain registrars of "extremist" sites -- i.e., those that promote narratives they don't approve of -- and the sites can no longer be found. This reflects a new level of internet censorship, but it is not just publishers who are in the crosshairs...it is all of us. Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast. https://www.bitchute.com/video/FGgptMetfqWm/ ’’’ UN REPORT here. https://www.un.org/counterterrorism/...report-web.pdf
  8. ECLIPSE OF THE SUN ---DECEMBER 4th, IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND As all things we must always work from the HEART, Watch and listen to David Icke’s latest video, https://davidicke.com/2021/12/02/the-moronic-variant-and-the-hidden-gods-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast/ The please read this offering from a forum member from Project Avalon Important understanding to not react but to understand from your higher self and stand your ground. ’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 12°22' SAGITTARIUS: "Are You Ready To Be Blindsided? "Greetings Fellow Travellers, On Saturday, December 4, the world will experience its second total solar eclipse in Sagittarius in less than 12 months. A total eclipse of the Sun happens when the Moon blocks 100% of the Sun's light, projecting an ominous shadow upon the earth. At 07:33, Universal Time, the day will turn to darkness for 1 minute 54 seconds. But unless you are a penguin in Antarctica, you will not witness this phenomenon, one of nature's most extraordinary experiences. However, whilst you might miss the spectacle visually, you will most likely feel its effects. Eclipses have a powerful impact on our lives and the areas indicated in your chart specifically. We experience the eclipse's influence for months preceding the event, and the crises they activate in our lives can dramatically alter the course of our affairs for many months, even years after. Now, given that this is a South Node Eclipse, this acts like a cosmic power-outage, challenging us by weakening our capacity to distinguish truth from dogma and exhausting our ability to argue our philosophical views. It is generally felt as a depressive period, filled with unfortunate incidents. Losing control, relapsing into addiction, unconsciousness, power­lessness: inexplicable sorrow, sullen withdrawal, fear and paranoia, hopelessness, negativity, and loss are common side effects to crises experienced as a result of matters that plague us during a South Node Solar blackout. Interruption to the travel indus­try, flights, global postal systems, schools and educational institutions, foreign relations, and religious practices, distrust with legislation, lawmakers, political pundits, media broadcasters, and any industry associated with polling, speculation, expansionism and big developments, as well as sporting and cultural festivals, immigration and foreign travel all take a hit. In short, it sums up the current ****show to which we are all somewhat party. This kind of melee is what happens when the Moon cuts off our Solar power for just a couple of minutes every six months. As mentioned earlier, this is the second SN Sadge eclipse since December 14, 2020. One may easily argue that current events in our lives are merely an extension of those that became aggravated a year ago. Fortunately, this will be the final eclipse in the Sagittarius/Gemini series, which began with the Lunar Eclipse (again in Sadge) on June 5 2020. I have shared many interesting observations on how these eclipses have specifically impacted our sociopolitical experience over the past 18 months. If you're a follower of my weekly Cosmic Bus episodes, it's been no secret that these significant lunation crises are here to test our faith, not just in our 'gods', 'gurus' and 'religious ideologies' but in the sacred trust in one another. At this point, we feel nothing but the strongest aversion to anyone whose beliefs and narratives do not align with our own. Meanwhile, we become prone to feeling an enormous affront that others do not take what we think too seriously at all. Scepticism and distrust are spreading at epidemic proportions. We have departed so abstrusely from the rationality and clear thinking necessary to facilitate not just our day-to-day matters but our entire evolutionary purpose. Even our science, the one dependable provision to our fact-based academic means of critical reasoning, seems to have become enlisted in the Sagittarian mission to pontificate mandates and narratives. Our bigger story is akin to some quasi dystopian plan to convert every human on this planet into a strange cult-like movement whose 'charismatic leader' still seems curiously unknown to us. Perhaps we may never meet him. Perhaps it's not a 'him' at all, or even a 'her'. It may just be intelligence without form or centralized location. Those who are at least partly aware of the absurdity of our situation also see the gross perversions to our truth and justice now being carried out. It is happening at every level. We are soon about to understand that we, humanity, are in the throes of being universally governed and groomed by a deep and sinister state of authoritarian control. Our species is currently in the grips of a psychotic mind-virus - the most sinister epidemic disease known to humanity. Originating deep within those who suffer ancestral soul-sickness, it can potentially either wipe us all out or wake us all up. It all depends on whether we can see what it reveals to us or continue to sink into the mire of illusion. Essentially, for our mind to comprehend any concept, it has to align with a structured neural edifice called a 'frame' that makes it possible for our intelligence to contextualize, make proper sense of, and mentally 'discern' the thing in front of us. When 'truth' is repeatedly distorted, our frame of mind becomes twisted, consequently altering our understanding of the world. Our perception affects our consciousness, which is indeed what defines our character. When it becomes so frequently distorted by those human and nonhuman entities now possessed by a dark, cannibalistic life force for insidious purposes or profit, who offer nothing back in return, we find ourselves in a reality bereft of any purpose or meaning. Eclipses produce powerful awakenings, brought about by sudden, unexpected incidents or encounters that jolt our lives into a new direction. They are often not what we expected, yet we realize that we should have expected as much and nothing less when we look back. Like the Moon's pass before the Sun, we suffer a momentary blackout, followed by an intensely bright epiphany to the very thing that has the potential to blindside our fate. As such, it becomes incumbent upon us to stop everything, unplug and deal with the most glaringly obvious matter at hand. So let's do that! If you don't already know what 'that' might be, or more curiously, refuse to address it because it interferes with your selfish plans, then I might suggest it's vital you look deeper. It may sound like an imposition, but it's good for your soul. Besides, you may not have much choice. The cosmos knows your pressure points... Many blessings, and have a profoundly enlightening eclipse experience xx"
  9. THE POWER TO IMPRISON---LIFE IN PANDEMICLAND STORY AT-A-GLANCE As of midnight November 15, 2021, Austria began another nationwide lockdown, but it only applies to residents aged 12 and older who have declined the experimental COVID jab. An exception is made for unvaccinated individuals who have recently recovered from COVID-19. The lockdown will reportedly affect an estimated 2 million of the 8.9 million residents Germany is preparing legislation to make people work from home again unless they have a “compelling professional reason” to be in the office, in which case they must prove they’ve gotten the COVID jab or show a negative PCR test In 2017, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was granted authority to restrict interstate travel during a health crisis and to quarantine Americans without a clear and direct path to challenge the quarantine order in federal court Will the CDC use these powers? At the end of October 2021, CDC director Rochelle Walensky said “there’s a plan” to provide unvaccinated workers with “education and counseling,” which sounds like a plan to put people in reeducation camps The plan to quarantine people in their homes and shutter private businesses as a form of pandemic response was invented by Dr. Rajeev Venkayya, president of the Global Vaccine Business Unit at Takeda Pharmaceuticals and a former head of pandemic policy for the Gates Foundation https://youtu.be/6wqEcUQkXtw
  10. INCRIMINATING PFIZER VAXX SAFETY STUDY REVEALS 1 IN 17 MORTALITY As we move closer to the nationwide resistance on the 21st of December, Pfizer has been forced to release safety data which should have prevented to UK’s MHRA from authorizing the emergency use of the company’s purported COVID ‘vaccine’. The screenshot above, taken from the incriminating Pfizer Safety Study [dated April 30 2021], shows that, out of 21,325 known outcomes within 90 days of ‘vaccination’, 1,223 [5.74%] suffered fatal adverse events. Yet the rogue UK Government just ordered 54 million doses of a vaxx which is known to kill 1 in 17 of those injected with it. Therefore, if all 54 million doses are administered, that will extrapolate into 3,176,470 vaxxterminations by lethal UK Government, MHRA and WHO approved Pfizer ‘vaccines’. Read more https://www.thebernician.net/incriminating-pfizer-vaxx-safety-study-reveals-1-in-17-mortality-rate/
  11. SUPER VALUABLE VIDEO points out the most toxic vax batches The most toxic Covid vax batch numbers end in 20A or 21A This does not mean the others are OK, it just means that those two are the ones that make people complain. But based on Britain's stats, they are ALL bad. Just some are (a lot) worse than others, to such an extent they look like they are probably outright weapons given to "the right people". Since there are now known to be 3 different vax variants - one for politicians and "elite", one for general nobodies, and one for "bad people", it is probably safe to assume that you can delete 2/3 of the vaxxes from the column he shows and conclude that your personal chance of getting a bad one are much much higher than it looks on screen. The killer batches are probably produced in higher numbers than the rest of the batches also, And remember, this is from Vaers, which means for real world numbers you have to multiply by 100. 10 min video https://www.bitchute.com/embed/g62gcjrOuOyu/
  12. VIENNA CALLING-- ON 04-12-2021--UNITED WE STAND--HELP SUPPORT. 9 min video https://youtu.be/YorEkorTAd4
  13. VACCINE DAMAGE AND PLANETARY CONTROL Continuing our reports into the global covid scam, characterised as a despicable attack on the human race. The 'vaccination' programme has now been in place for almost a year and we are starting to get a picture of the immense damage and death it is causing. Examination of the contents of the injections by numerous independent scientific groups has revealed that graphene oxide is inside many of the 'vaccines'. What could this mean? Also, a fundamental change to the monetary system is now being championed, the consequences of which if implemented the way they want, will mark the end of human freedom. Wake up and get active. We are in a very important time period for mankind and must recognise the assault on our freedom and take action to oppose all the changes being proposed by unelected global forces. Please remember there is nothing here that David Icke has not already said and published,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just a different point of view on the same subject matter by Richard D Hall Richplanet,tv PART 1 https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=294&part=1&gen=99 PART 2 https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=294&part=2&gen=99 PART 3 https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=294&part=3&gen=99
  14. Hi Rob, I would not bother to watch this MORONIC film, my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not the way to go.
  15. 1963 FILM--THE OMICRON VARIANT ( ENGLISH CC FIXED ) OMICRON 1963 THE MOVIE ENGLISH SUB TITLES AVAILABLE IN / SETTING/AUTO-TRANSLATE.. Omicron is a 1963 comedic sci-fi film in which an alien variant takes over the dead body of an Earthling to learn about our weaknesses… so his race can take over our planet. There are obvious political and societal sub-texts. https://youtu.be/8r2RHj8cxgc
  16. MORE NAILS IN THE COFFIN --MARK DEVLIN There are always different perspectives to be put on world events. Does the making-up of the O*n!cr0n (m0r0n!c) "variant," and its use to justify the return of the fear muzzles in England, reveal a control system still very much on top of its game? Or rather, does it smack of the panicked desperation, sloppiness and absurdity that might be what's needed to awaken the profane masses to the extremity of how they're being taken for mugs? https://youtu.be/oumm-fQY8FM
  17. CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: VACCINE PASSPORTS WILL ABSOLUTELY END HUMAN LIBERTY IN THE WEST. Catherine Austin Fitts: Vaccine Passports Will Absolutely End Human Liberty in the West. "This Is Not About Democracy Versus Fascism. This Is About Freedom Versus Slavery." https://www.bitchute.com/video/bC4D2z4sktbP/
  18. MORE NAILS IN THE COFFIN --MARK DEVLIN There are always different perspectives to be put on world events. Does the making-up of the O*n!cr0n (m0r0n!c) "variant," and its use to justify the return of the fear muzzles in England, reveal a control system still very much on top of its game? Or rather, does it smack of the panicked desperation, sloppiness and absurdity that might be what's needed to awaken the profane masses to the extremity of how they're being taken for mugs? https://youtu.be/oumm-fQY8FM
  19. CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: VACCINE PASSPORTS WILL ABSOLUTELY END HUMAN LIBERTY IN THE WEST. Catherine Austin Fitts: Vaccine Passports Will Absolutely End Human Liberty in the West. "This Is Not About Democracy Versus Fascism. This Is About Freedom Versus Slavery." https://www.bitchute.com/video/bC4D2z4sktbP/
  20. NO VAXX, NO FOOD/FUEL IN INDIA - FOOD WITHHELD TO FORCE VACCINATIONS "Police won't enforce the mandates!" ... but they won't need to, as groceries and fuel are being withheld from those who fail to get their shots in Aurangabad, India. As Henry Kissinger warned, "Control food, and you control people." Christian breaks down this development and the plan to incrementally restrict access to food and basic services everywhere. Protests aren't helping; instead, build gardens, new healthcare, energy, and communications systems, and GET OFF the toxic systems of control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ag7fOthBM8&t=19s
  21. VACCINE STATUS AS THE NEW IDENTITY POLITICS (THIS VIDEO GOT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL REMOVED!) Renegade intellectual Joseph Atwill (author of Shakespeare's Secret Messiah) joins Sean Stone (author of New World Order) to discuss how the New Left spawned the disintegration of Western civilization, now reaching its climax in authoritarian vaccine mandates and passports... https://www.bitchute.com/video/Pi1pXUjuRBEc/
  22. RICHARDO BOSI AN AUSTRALIAN POLITICIAN TELLING IT LIKE WE ALL KNOW IT TO BE Riccardo Bosi is the leader of the Australia One party, a party formed to fight against globalism and with a goal of removing an “unconstitutional government”. The party has come to prominence in the backdrop of the pandemic and in this wide ranging chat [see below time stamps], Mr. Bosi discusses COVID, vaccine mandates, government responses, the threat of China and Australia’s housing crisis https://youtu.be/bN90aTt3lZU
  23. WHO CONTROLS THE PLANET ? PREPARATION FOR UFO SCAM. Anyone who is awake enough to realise that the so called 'pandemic' is just a scam with ulterior motives, by now will also have worked out what the likely motives are. Much tighter control of the human race, the introduction of a technocratic monetary system, human enslavement and an as yet unknown amount of injury and genocide. But where does the real power lie? Where is the focal point of this agenda? Is it even on the planet? In today's show we discuss the probable motives about why the mainstream media has shifted its position on the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) issue. This includes detailed statement analysis of a prominent 'UFO whistleblower', which concludes he is comprehensively deceptive. We also discuss the possible reasons for the flood of mainstream misinformation about UFOs, and how this relates to todays fear based agenda, which is being thrust onto humanity. Part 1 https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=293&part=1&gen=99 Part 2 https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=293&part=2&gen=99 Part 3 https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=293&part=3&gen=99 Part 4 https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=293&part=4&gen=99
  25. GRAPHENE "RAZOR BLADES" FOUND IN THE COVID VACCINES (DR. ANDREAS NOACK) https://www.bitchute.com/video//X9oMvf6dbhCi// Dr Andreas Noack ist tot ( DEAD ) https://youtu.be/uUWcL3SHuBc To honor this courageous MAN and his WOMAN, their 2 videos has to go viral... together
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