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  1. @ink That is the concern though, because as long as admin considers the old forum as "last on the list and unimportant," then it is as good as lost! How can we ever get it back without their co-operation? Like you said earlier in the thread, after all their complaining about censorship and de-platforming, they are actually sitting back and allowing our voices to be lost! In all my years of researching David's work, I honestly never thought he would let it would end like this. 

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  2. @jonesthepost Thanks mate. I know I really really miss that old forum! It's like losing a dearly beloved friend. What makes it worse, is that the admin don't seem to care about how much it meant to us, and could mean to others in the process of awakening right now.


    At this very crucial point in time, when we are in the very grips of the NWO, that old forum could have been instrumental in helping to wake more people up right now. So many are asking questions, they know something's not right, but don't know where to find the answers. That old forum would have shown them the light! Such a loss. 


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  3. @Ziggy Sawdust I assume the censoring was being done by the mods/admin (at that time), as like I said the best posters were being banned with no apparent rhyme or reason. These posters were well respected by the other members, so when they started disappearing (with the word "Banned" beside their profiles), people took notice and started questioning. Of course we don't know what goes on "behind the scenes," but from what I could see those members were never stepping out of line or misbehaving, their only "crime" perhaps was that they were getting too close to the truth and were wakening too many people up. I'm not sure, but their absence was sorely felt, and no one offered any explanation as to why they had been removed. That was the beginning of the end of a once great forum. 


    Edit- I was unaware of the BBC attack that Truthspoon just mentioned, perhaps that would offer some further explanation..


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  4. @Ziggy Sawdust It was a wonderful forum! Always buzzing with tons of well educated and researched posts. It was absolutely pivotal to my awakening, I learned soo much from that forum. Sadly though, things began to decline when some of the best members were being banned left, right and centre. I think everyone just started leaving after that as it was being too heavily censored. 

  5. @A_Grand_Tale_Of_Horror That would be great! Thank you! :) Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot, but I recall a previous thread where someone (I think it may have been Ink?) posted a screenshot from a cache of the old forum. I'm hoping someone on here may have a better memory than myself and be able to elaborate further! Sorry I'm not being much help atm I'm afraid. I'll try to have a dig about and see what I can find.

  6. @A_Grand_Tale_Of_Horror Would you possibly be able to create a forum like the old (original) DIF? If so, that would be wonderful! If not, I would still be happy to see one like this one.


    The main thing is that it is NOTHING like a social networking site, and would be somewhere where members would feel comfortable to share information/research freely, whilst remaining (relatively) anonymous. From what's been discussed in this thread, I really dislike the format of the new forthcoming DIF, as it is too focused (like FB) on profiling of members, instead of being focused on the actual research material. 

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