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  1. That's super cool (and creepy) https://wayforward.archive.org/ia2046/
  2. This is a very key point and how we should now all start thinking. Blow the dust of the history books, because it's well past time we became organised, lest we be sheep to the slaughter. None compliance, strategic resistance and organisation are key. The people need to be mobilised.
  3. Have many forum users been going to the protests and marches?
  4. Any one ever heard of BitMinutes before? I came across it on some Rothschild Facebook pages last year and they were taking about it's implementation with Central Banks of Digital Currency. https://www.bitminutes.com/
  5. Sorry, false alarm, the name came back to me; Jon Ronson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Ronson Part One of Ruby Ridge (Secret Rulers of the World)
  6. Wondering if anyone could help me remember the name of some journalist/reporter who done a documentary on Ruby Ridge. He's quite a respected British (I believe) journalist and I think it was an instalment of a 4 part series on "Conspiracy topics". It was a great documentary on Ruby Ridge & the aftermath. I feel like his name was ... Ron Johnson, or something like that, but I'm not turning anything up.
  7. Just come across this, I've always been somewhat dubious off David Icke, I've always suspected him of being a closet Freemason - but this talk he gave in 1997 is clearly very heart felt, and wayy ahead of his time. Thank you David. Page 12, Phoenix Journals, Tehachapi California, 1997. http://www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com/970506.pdf If anyone has more information about the people who were running the Phoenix Journals, could you let me know please.
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