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  1. And just when you thought it was safe to establish a heroin based organisation... https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/taliban-bans-drug-cultivation-including-lucrative-opium-2022-04-03/ So... Who had "Back in Afghanistan to re-establish an opium supply" on their 2022 Bingo card?
  2. Converted from Islam to CHRISTIANITY Other front pages running same story available. In other news. Hope things well. See ya. https://www.tomorrowspapers.co.uk/times-front-page-2021-11-16/
  3. I didn't mean to come back here, however. Pig in uniform murders woman. Vigils planned. Discussions with Police had over the vigils that the Police broke off from discussions over. Vigil held in Clapham Common. Heavy handed arrests. Also saw footage of a small vigil in Liverpool being dispersed. Fines given. Candles blown out. "Oh the David Icke forum will be all over this!", I stupidly thought. No. Not a thread. You're fucking weird. It's right on your doorstep. Happening in your own country. Or should Sarah Everard have just compliiiiied? See, I've read the odd post of "Waah! They'll be coming for us soon!". And yet radio silence here over a fucking British subject being murdered by an Officer. 2/10 DIf. Must do better. The OLD forum would have been all over this by now.
  4. From an album released in 2020! Very chilled. But how's that for drumming patterns?
  5. Always on pay as you go. Do have a Tablet which I'm making this post on. But mainly, I don't like the idea of being online all the time. I like the memories of songs that play in my head when waiting for a bus or walking. I like the views from Windows on the top deck.
  6. Men lie. Men will say anything and everything to get you horizontal. Lennon lied. Even Icke with his "love is the answer". Well, love for yourself and environment probably. But for other humans. No. But don't let me put you off! I'm happy with extinction. Other things just get in the way. That whole "When you die... A part of you lives on in your children!" is just total nonsense, as far as I can see.
  7. Tear emo because no "Woahhh" face! But that is astonishing. Its so hard to believe something like that could happen. If it was UK, it would finally show the Health and Safety Executive how powerless they really are. Worst outcome for the UK would be if they had investments in this port. It's looking more neglecting than terror. The compensation would obviously come out from our arses somehow! They don't even have the courtesy these days to phone up and admit responsibility. Expect Attenborough to give it the "Ah see, hottest temperatures in the yard exacerbated etc". And if above seems light, I'm really sorry for the casualties and the very least, it seems picking on considering the massive burdens they've already had put on them, but Aoun has got to go. (Hahaha, I even thought Bush Jnr should have resigned on 9/11 in my pre-Icke days!)
  8. "Highly explosive material but not explosives" People still trapped in homes by the blast. 2,700 injured and now 50 dead. Foreign Secretary offering help. That's Sky ticker. I'd forgot about the Iranian bombings earlier.
  9. https://news.sky.com/story/lebanon-large-explosion-heard-in-capital-beirut-12042456 Huge explosion around a port in Lebanon. One picture doing the rounds looks almost like a mini nuclear cloud. Seven storey building exploded. Ten reported dead so far. Even if it blew up by accident, to have that much explosive material in one building etc. A new weapon testing? Missile strike? Not that many details but I think it should have a thread in case things get really weird.
  10. I have similar hearing troubles. You'd think it'd be a blessing to not be able to hear whatever bullshit Boris or Trump says! It's still possible to sleep. Just try and concentrate on the white noise in the ear that's the least affected. Went over to my GP to try and get registered as deaf or hard of hearing. As per usual, fobbed off with some crap about cleaning my ears. How are those receptionists still employed? And of course they can't do much "because of covid etc". But the ear where the hearing seems less worse. Just focus on that when trying to get to sleep. That might work to get you rest.
  11. Ah! The thread that takes ages to load is back! Appreciated Motorcycle Emptiness a few pages back, but are you aware (you are now) singer guitarist frontman James Dean Bradfield has a solo album out next month. Called "Even In Exile" it's a CONCEPT album about the life and death of Victor Jara. James has known about him far longer than I could ever claim to have. And in response to RichplanetTV, I've no problem with James "just accepting words" as he doesn't. There's discussions and things taken out and added it. I get the Manics division of labour. Bring him the words, he'll come back with the music and the drummer works out the arrangements. Fuck would I be in something like that than how my music usually turns out? Anyway, rambled, this sounds like it's going to be a really interesting album.
  12. Ooh if you would! Oh. Let's see, 1999 about Autumn I last took acid. I think the year before I did mushrooms. Wonderful experience, but sometimes it seemed some trips had a limit I couldn't get past. Most trips went good bad good. Not done E because put off by both quality and "Like LSD without the paranoia". The paranoia is there to ride! Don't drive or leave house. Headphones are your friend. Would love to take one again as a pick me up. But you can't use them like that. I have unhappy moods and feelings recently. If it's a potential medical treatment for it, yeah! Ok! Where's the trial? Given it'll be all sorts of conditions and monitoring to get that program. If never done them, don't know. Would it work now? The late 90's were fucking simpler times.
  13. Ah! They never mentioned the learn about the future do geography. Or if they did I can't remember.
  14. Around the third year of secondary school. Came the "Options" part. Dropping one subject and going with another for the rest of the time there at school. Everyone was on at me "If you don't learn history... You make the mistakes of the past!!" and even though I was getting good marks in geography, far better than how I was doing with history. But I stupidly chose GCSE History over GCSE Geography. I think that's my biggest mistake in school above switching to bass guitar over Keyboards. So although the nature of reality forum might be as suitable, I just want to make a thread about Geographic information and studies. I have at least began the BBC Bytesize on geography but I'm probably looking in the wrong place. Mentions types of soil absorbs rainwater, but nothing of vibrating atomic. Because I want to look at the structure of the planet, the records of lands washed over (and land that's since risen above sea level. Pretty sure I read a thread about such things happening) and not so much politics, but the general peaks and pits on this Earth. I am not convinced the Earth is flat. Not got a spaceship to hand, but a warped ball as opposed to perfect sphere. Probably. Climate change is natural, so I want to see those records began before began at a certain cut off point that's since been used. It's not going to turn back the clock for me. Even if Mature Student angle pushed, the amount of pre-work jumping through hoops would probably drain my enthusiasm. But if you managed to save any links to the geography (not geoengineering as such) and history of the globe, be delighted to read them. Thanks in advance. Btw, did anyone take GCSE or further Geography? Does it ever leave you?
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