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  1. There was certainly a death surplus. Governments caused those deaths. They were homicides. Their weapons of choice were 5G + ventilators/Remdesivir, and euthanasia of the elderly by midazolam & opioids plus dehydration/starvation or via the vaccines. You can't prove a virus exists with gene sequencing. You can prove an exosome exists that way. The word "virus" means poison so it is only appropriate to call a thing a virus if you can prove that it is able to cause disease — something that has never been properly done. No virologist has ever proven any of our "viral" diseases to be caused by an alleged virus with an adequately-controlled experiment. This is one where the control is made up in the same way the virus sample was, only you start with taking a biological specimen from a healthy person rather than a sick one. This is to ensure that the control contains the same toxins the virus sample does so that you can't go and blame a "virus" for disease caused by the toxins (with sars-cov2, for example, the viral transport medium contains the toxins Gentamicin sulfate + Amphotericin B). Viruses and contagious diseases are mythical constructs. Belief in these things and that vaccines can protect you from them is essentially the worlds most widely-held religious belief.
  2. There is always some amount of suffering with chemotherapy, especially when it's a high enough dose to kill the person as i'm sure is the case here (and just about in every other "cancer" death). People don't die of cancer. They die from their treatment. They may in some cases be killed by a continuing build up of carcinogens, especially when microwave radiation is destroying the extra-cellular vesicles that would otherwise help to remove them from the body (Birbeck granules). Generally it's the chemo though.
  3. I'd stay away from both of those, tbh, along with anything that needs injecting. What symptoms do you have?
  4. Well, as well as being a butt of their jokes some people did ask genuine questions of me so it was a fairly good experience in the end (with my 2nd account). The thread has now been deleted though with the message: Message from MNHQ: This is chocka with troll hunting, so we've taken it down. PLEASE report to us instead of posting doubts on the thread. It seems it's the moderators who most adamant that anti-establishment ideas aren't discussed rather than the users.
  5. Started a new account with a different email address and have been educating the mumsnet crowd on the true causes of disease, cue plenty of insults. Managed to make a lot of posts without being banned again though.
  6. They do more than just that! I've just had my account deleted/been banned! I can no longer log in!
  7. I'm wondering what the censorship is like on mumsnet? Do they automatically delete anything anti-vax, anti-WHO, anti-virus/contagion-mythology? Maybe i'll put it to the test... Edit: I've left an enlightening (if I may say so myself!) post at the [2nd from the] bottom of page 5.
  8. The word doomsday is highly subjective and it was the first bits I read that made me use that word, i.e. the oil/climate stuff that I reckon is bollox. The book is generally positive and constructive so, fine, it is not a doomsday book — I am happy to back track on that one thing I said he doesn't have insider knowledge of a conspiracy. I knew full well he was in government but politicians are not all balls-deep in conspiracy ya know! I never said it wasn't on the CIA's website. I said it was not a declassified document and that is the case — it is a bog standard book. Talking about solutions to problems does not automatically make it a war games book. Only if those solutions are the Final kind would it be appropriate to call it a war games book. There is nothing Orwellian or Machiavellian about the book. Sure, I mostly skimmed the book and only read parts but I reckon my description of the book is still more accurate than yours has been in this thread. Maybe I will read it in full one day but I doubt it. There are much more enlightening books i'd prioritize over this. I am part way through the audiobook of "Virus Mania" which I heartily recommend
  9. The concept of an mRNA vaccine predates SARS. There is nothing suspicious about the author having that knowledge. It just shows he'd done his research. And talk about a New World Order and a one-world government is not automatically some Orwellian conspiracy or a negative thing at all. It can be a good thing if done with good intentions. It could eliminate famine, for example, which is caused not by a lack of resources but by their mismanagement. "a whole chapter on how they can sensor these communities with truth committies of qualified members" — Where? Name the chapter. I see no such thing. He talks about what can be done to battle increasing misinformation/fake news and how to prevent censorship of alternate ideas. It was, after all written at a time of increasing government interference in the media post-9/11. The author does not support censorship at all. The book is not a "war games" book. I have discovered why it was on a CIA website: It was supposedly one of the books found on Osama Bin Laden's bookshelf in his Abbottabad compound in Pakistan: https://www.dni.gov/index.php/features/bin-laden-s-bookshelf?start=5 Links were probably removed because the CIA were breaking copyright law by making these books available for anyone to download for nothing.
  10. You either fake it (if they require some sort of certificate as proof, get a counterfeit), or sue them for wrongful dismissal, if it comes to that. Since the "communicable disease" is a mythical construct and the "virus" is a mythical being, any demand that you are vaccinated is effectively a demand that you subscribe to the religious beliefs of others. Discrimination on religious ground is of course illegal — whether you'd be able to convince a judge of this is another matter.
  11. So, are trying to con people here or have you just not read any of it? This is not a declassified CIA document at all. It's just a bog standard book that you can get from Amazon. There is nothing special about it. It isn't about any secret agenda. It isnt written by any "insider" with any knowledge of any conspiracy. It's just one more doomsday book predicting major upheaval by approx 2030 due to various pressures, some of which lie on shaky ground, like the idea that oil is gonna run out by then or that there will be a major global warming problem, yadda, yadda. Nothing new here. It's solutions are the bog standard ones like renewable energy. Nothing about a plot to secretly sterilise everyone with vaccines or anything. It may be hosted in the CIA's reading room because the CIA are involved in such a plot and wanna remind themselves what the clueless plebs have been talking about. Not everything they host there is a declassified document. Now, if you want to get hold of a real declassified CIA document that does relate to what has been going on, get this: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP88B01125R000300120005-6.pdf It's quite a large file and it is mainly the last one of the selection of scientific papers in there that is relevant, i.e. the one titled 'THE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF MILLIMETER RADIOWAVES' — you can get just that one here instead: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mX1fSrTzvWIxJBOC0Q8POLD0XhBQSpDv I explain the relevance of that paper here:
  12. It causes hypoxia by killing red blood cells, releasing highly oxidative cell-free haem into the blood stream which prompts the body to reduce oxygen saturation as a protective measure, hence the victims get out of breath easily but as it is not the lungs that are primarily affected it is not respiratory as such. If the condition is sustained oxidative damage will be done to the lungs though, as well as all around the body. This is amplified if the person is given oxygen therapy, especially via intubation which has proven to be a death sentence to most. Some of the haem gets deposited around the lungs and therefore shows up as ground-glass opacities on a chest x-ray — a condition called pulmonary haemosiderosis which is commonly mistaken for pneumonia. Doctors think these people have fluid on their lungs even if they haven't been coughing any up and convince themselves intubation is necessary. The term silent/happy hypoxia was coined for these people due to them appearing to be rather healthy and not gasping for breath at all if they have been relaxing on a hospital bed and have not been exerting themselves recently. Btw, here's the research that shows the biological effects of millimetre radiation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mX1fSrTzvWIxJBOC0Q8POLD0XhBQSpDv This one shows that it also causes that other "covid" symptom of hypercoagulation in humans, as well as affecting the immune system and inducing a stress response: http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Zalyubovskaya-1978.pdf Other "covid" symptoms like loss of taste & smell can be symptoms of zinc deficiency and since that element is critical for the production of the globin molecule (the organic part of haemoglobin) the necessity of replacing red blood cells would prompt the body to divert zinc to bone marrow for that purpose, leaving a deficit in the organs that require zinc to function like the olfactory bulb. The hippocampus and the retinae also require zinc and "brain fog" and light sensitivity are also covid symptoms. Basically all the characteristic "covid" symptoms are really symptoms of millimetre microwave radiation poisoning. Zinc and ascorbic acid supplementation would likely be the safest and most effective treatment for the condition. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) assists iron absorption and the first article I linked to also mentions an ascorbic acid deficit in the afflicted. Vitamin D would provide some protection from the microwave radiation and I wonder whether the habit of Indian women, particularly in rural areas, keeping themselves covered up at all times might make them extra vulnerable. Maybe these Indian villagers have also been exposed to a higher dose than what many in the West have. Maybe they are generally closer to the mast. The dry air might increase the range of this weaponry over there too (water absorbs millimetre waves very well). Btw, it is very much a weapon as what's new about 5G, as well as the higher frequencies, is the beam-forming technology it uses. That means that the signals of many transmitters on a mast (some have 100+) can be synchronized so that, through constructive interference, one person can be hit with high amplitudes of radiation whilst others in the area, even those much closer to the mast, are not (radiation levels recorded by a bystander close to a tower would suggest they output less radiation than 4G). For a person to be attacked by 5G, their position needs to be triangulated. This can be done when they use any mobile or wifi device. In the West, most of our street lights have been replaced with LED ones that clearly have an RF antenna on top (you can see that they are all sporting little "hats"). There is no good reason for them to have this. I reckon this must be part of a targeting system for the 5G weaponry. I wonder whether this Indian village had LED street lights installed in addition to the 5G mast, or maybe other things that might house receivers.
  13. Go here: https://www.nmc.org.uk/registration/search-the-register/ and enter PIN 84K0043S to find this pdf Here's the juicy bits: I'd say she is broadly correct
  14. The 5G-ventilator combo and the care home euthanasia campaigns. I guess you've heard of "silent/happy hypoxia"? That is the only new disease that doctors saw last year (well, new outside of the military that is). It's when patients have very low oximeter readings which doctors previously thought were not compatible with consciousness, yet here they are fully compos mentis. Now this paper explains what I reckon is responsible: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mX1fSrTzvWIxJBOC0Q8POLD0XhBQSpDv Millimetre microwave radiation kills red blood cells and reduces tissue respiration. I would say that the reduction in oxygen saturation is a deliberate reaction by the body. The destruction of red blood cells releases cell-free haem (the iron-containing oxygen-transporting molecule) into the blood stream which is highly oxidative so the body reduces oxygen saturation to minimize the oxidative damage. This means that the government-mandated treatment of ventilator usage is precisely the worst possible treatment. It's no wonder so many died: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIDsKdeFOmQ It's not really a respiratory condition at all, although one other thing that can make doctors think it is is another symptom of radiation poisoning known as pulmonary haemosiderosis. This is when haem gets deposited around the lungs and shows up on chest x-rays as ground-glass opacities — doctors mistake this for fluid and think intubation is necessary when it definitely is not. That paper also mentions reduced ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and, as it is known to assist iron-absorption, high dose vitamin C would make sense as a treatment (even though most doctors consider that voodoo). And using zinc in combination also makes sense seeing as another "covid" symptom that you might have heard of is a reduced sense of taste and smell, which is a known symptom of zinc deficiency. Zinc is important for the production of the globin molecule that makes up haemoglobin so it is likely that the body's zinc is being diverted to bone marrow for this purpose causing deficiency symptoms in the organs that also require zinc. This includes the olfactory bulb and also the hippocampus and the retinae (brain fog and light sensitivity are also "covid" symptoms). The people who suffer this disease are not accidental victims btw. What's new about 5G, as well as the higher frequencies, is the beam-forming technology it uses. That means that the signals of many transmitters on a mast (some have 100+) can be synchronized so that, through constructive interference, one device (or one person) can be hit with high amplitudes of radiation whilst others in the area, even those much closer to the mast, are not (radiation levels recorded by a bystander close to a tower would suggest they output much less radiation than 4G). Now, the people who were dropping like flies in New York hospitals were the poorest of society... they were clearly not the early uptakers of 5G tech, so if they were being hit with this radiation it is because the technology has been weaponized and these people have been deliberately targeted. As for why anyone would want to do this — basically, the capital holders who puppeteer our governments are a bunch of idealistic psychopaths. They have already declared their plans to the world — literally written in stone, i.e. the Georgia Guidestones. They intend to reduce the world's population to 500 million and the most reliable and covert way to do this is through anti-fertility vaccines. To that end they need to create a disease scare so that vaccination can be forced on the populace (or life can be made very difficult for those who refuse). Btw, anti-fertility vaccines have already been tested on girls in Kenya: https://www.pop.org/whos-behind-the-program-to-sterilize-kenyan-women-without-their-consent/ There have also been many deaths in care homes from other causes; still deliberate though... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrD8lkhc4aw https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12100515/care-homes-accused-sedatives-coronavirus-die-quickly/ ...including covid vaccines of course: https://youtu.be/nZRYTx6D9x0?t=664 Btw, if you want to avoid getting targeted by the 5G weaponry, I suggest you avoid using a mobile or wifi device for long periods at home. Use Ethernet rather than Wifi. This is because when you use these devices your position can now be triangulated. This is thanks to all the microwave receivers that now sit on top of our new LED street lights.
  15. Largely about Andrew Wakefield, accusing him of being the architect behind an antivax movement, even though he was hardly anti-vax since he was promoting individual jabs as an alternative to MMR. Of course you wont hear about all the other evidence of vaccines causing autism, like the study by Dr. Thomas Verstraeten that was presented at the Simpsonwood conference in Georgia US in 2000 that the CDC then doctored before it was published — luckily the original version got leaked out and a congressman kicked up a fuss over it and the CDC had to admit in congress that they doctored the paper to hide the link between thimerosal and autism that it revealed (a dose-dependant association): http://www.autismhelpforyou.com/Simpsonwood_And_Puerto Rico.htm They also complain about deaths of kids following vaccines being used as ammunition, as if these can only be a coincidence. Well one good thing that came out of lockdowns last year was a drop in vaccination take up which caused a significant drop in infant mortality and reduces cases of SIDS to almost nothing: https://healthchoice.org/lessons-from-the-lockdown/
  16. There is definitely anti-gravity, or as I would call it, electrogravitics, as used by the UFOs that achieve accelerations impossible via thrust. The truth is that gravity is not the "bending of space-time" but is a compound force that has electrostatic and electromagnetic components, which makes it possible to create a craft that effectively pushes against the earth at a distance — I believe passing high voltages through a rotating [semi-conducting?] disc is involved, hence the reason for the familiar saucer-shaped UFO (there were cigar-shaped ones too that presumably contained stacks of these discs, as well as triangular-shaped ones that presumably contain 3 discs arranged side-by-side). The US government sought to hide this fact by promoting the BS that is Einstein's Relativity Theory. Back in the sixties they got US universities to get rid of their Relativity critics by telling them they'd be blacklisted when it came to awarding lucrative government research contracts if they didn't. There is plenty of astronomical evidence that gravitational lensing is a myth, which disproves General Relativity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kJ8gTdOsek Btw, a good book on anti-gravity is 'The Hunt For Zero Point' by Nick Cook. I suspect it may also be possible to remotely accelerate objects using this technology, in a way that would effectively imitate telekinesis, possibly with a device small enough to carry about your person (all sorts of evil stuff could be done to a victim — done in an occult ceremony it could be used to get people to believe in satanic black magic). Or perhaps more importantly, it may decelerate them, i.e. stop bullets or anything pointy being thrust in your direction, as well as stopping you from hitting the ground hard in a fall. It may effectively make the person invulnerable to physical harm. Maybe a lot of important people have such a device. Maybe when they are given one they go through some ritual in which they are struck and physically harmed which is supposed to be the last time in their lives they suffer an injury: https://prepareforchange.net/2018/08/22/the-black-eye-club/
  17. Not labor intensive in the slightest. I imagine it is an automatic system. AI selects the target based on certain criteria like race and occupation (health workers and black & ethnic minorities are particularly targeted), and maybe physical attributes too (I suspect they target fat people also). AI could determine some of these things from the photos on peoples social media accounts as well as passport/driving license photos. When AI detects the person's phone/laptop is in use the position is triangulated and they get the millimetre beams fired at them over a sustained period of time. The only labor would have been in the setting up of the system in the first place, i.e. writing the software and installing all the masts and the LED street lights. They are obviously not just going after subversives — that would be way too suspicious. Going after health workers helps to fake a pandemic as people will think they got it off their patients. They go after ethnic minorities because they particularly want those people taking the vaccines so that they can be sterilised most comprehensively. They may also specifically target those who travel and visit relatives in order to fake contagiousness.
  18. You were attacked by the 5G weaponry. Millimetre microwave radiation destroys red blood cells and reduces tissue respiration as this declassified paper shows: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mX1fSrTzvWIxJBOC0Q8POLD0XhBQSpDv The destruction of red blood cells releases highly-oxidative cell-free haem (the iron-containing oxygen-carrying molecule) into the blood stream. The body reduces oxygen saturation deliberately in order to minimize the oxidative damage that then occurs around the body, hence the emergence of the condition they called "happy hypoxia". People who go to the hospital with this condition risk being intubated which is the worst possible treatment. Pumping extra oxygen into someone in this state with a ventilator just maximises the oxidative damage and has proven to be a death sentence to many. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIDsKdeFOmQ The correct treatment is ascorbic acid & zinc supplementation. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) assists iron absorption and zinc is important for the production of the globin part of haemoglobin. Many "covid" symptoms are actually symptoms of zinc deficiency that result from the body's zinc being diverted to bone marrow for increased production of red blood cells leaving little for organs that also need it. The olfactory bulb, the hippocampus and the retina all require zinc, hence the loss of taste/smell, the brain-fog and the light sensitivity that the victims experience. Anyone who uses a wifi device or mobile/portable phone is vulnerable to such an attack as the user's position can be triangulated thanks to the microwave receivers that are fitted to all the new LED street lights. It is 5G's beam forming technology that allows a specific individual to be attacked. One 5G tower can have as many as 100+ millimetre transmitters on it that can be synchronized so that via constructive interference, significant amplitudes of radiation can be fired in a specific direction.
  19. also: Petition to ban face masks in schools: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/577831
  20. I suggest you read this: https://off-guardian.org/2021/03/16/the-curious-case-of-geert-vanden-bossche/ You shouldn't be afraid of any "viruses" — they are a myth: https://www.globalresearch.ca/dr-stefan-lanka-2020-article-busts-virus-misconception/5719146
  21. It is a shame that you dont have the same sort of aversion to drugs that you have to hospitals and vaccines... from https://www.drugs.com/imodium.html : Stop taking this medicine and call your doctor at once if you have: diarrhea that is watery or bloody; stomach pain or bloating; ongoing or worsening diarrhea; or fast or pounding heartbeats, fluttering in your chest, shortness of breath, and sudden dizziness (like you might pass out). Common Imodium A-D side effects may include: constipation; dizziness, drowsiness; nausea; or stomach cramps.
  22. There is no such thing as a contagious disease and I doubt that is going to change as a result of this vaccination. Whenever any rigorous scientific investigations into disease spread have been carried out, they have shown no sign of any disease symptoms being transmissible from one person to another. A good example being the US Navy Gallops Island study into the supposedly highly infectious "Spanish Flu": https://moscow.sci-hub.se/4021/da48b390a33f0ef54f59d6974a4104f6/rosenau1919.pdf
  23. (1) Viruses are mythical constructs. No alleged virus sample has ever been shown to do harm to a living organism in a controlled experiment. See: https://www.globalresearch.ca/dr-stefan-lanka-202... Not only that, the Germ Theory of disease is a massive fraud, as revealed by Pasteur's diaries (they revealed that many of his experiments were fraudulent) and the legitimate animal experiments of Alexander Fleming (they showed penicillin kills infected animals faster) and Weston Price (they showed that an "infected" tooth remains pathogenic after sterilisation, and that bacterial culture fluid is deadlier if you filter the bacteria out of it). Together they showed that bacteria are symbiotic within a living organism and will switch to consuming toxins rather than producing them. Btw, it is toxins (or malnutrition) that are the cause of all disease. And I will go even further and say that contagious diseases are nothing more than an old wives tale that dates back to biblical times. The idea is only still with us because of how useful governments continually find it. The fraud even goes back to colonial times when Europeans would poison the food & water of the native Americans and as these methods were deplorable they would record that the natives were killed by "contagions" that were accidentally introduced. The mythical contagion makes a good scapegoat for when governments poison a load of people, whether it is deliberate or otherwise; "Spanish Flu", being a good example: https://principia-scientific.com/the-truth-about-the-1918-viral-influenza-pandemic/ Some good research was done during that epidemic that was able to find no sign of infectiousness at all despite the many varying attempts: https://moscow.sci-hub.se/4021/da48b390a33f0ef54f59d6974a4104f6/rosenau1919.pdf
  24. There is a way to minimize the damage that a vaccination might cause if you feel compelled to have one. That would be the consumption of plenty of capsaicin — the compound that gives chilli peppers their pungency. That is because the vaccine contains polysorbate 80, an emulsifier that makes various protective barriers in the body (like the blood-brain barrier) permeable and thereby acts as a damage multiplier for the various other toxins in vaccines. Capsaicin has opposing properties to emulsifiers (it promotes clotting) and studies have shown it to act as an antidote to polysorbate 80: Convulsions and death induced in rats by Tween 80 are prevented by capsaicin - PubMed So, to anyone who is compelled to get vaccinated, I would suggest getting some chilli sauce and eating some with all your meals, starting the evening before you are vaccinated and continuing for at least a month. I have some chilli sauce on any toast/sandwich I make, mainly cos I noticed white bread tends to contain emulsifiers. I stopped eating ice cream because of it's emulsifier content which can contribute to a leaky gut and to the common cold (by breaking down the mucus lining of the throat). I buy Encona Hot Pepper Sauce (it's cheaper than Tabasco!).
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