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  1. I feel the need to point out that the virus stuff is BS. Herpes is caused by sugar-laced saliva getting in to cracked skin or, as in this case, open wounds caused by unnecessary surgery. It is not deadly either. What is deadly is the treatments used on sufferers, e.g. the anti-viral drug acyclovir. Viruses are a myth.
  2. Vaccination is itself a religious ritual with no scientific basis so I'd say you just need to be a true athiest, i.e. someone who does not believe in mythical beings like viruses or silly superstitions like the idea that people catch diseases off each other. Vaccine mandates and mask mandates are effectively forcing people to practice religion and wear religious clothing which is against the law in most countries.
  3. The reality is that not only do pathogenic viruses not exist, but neither do contagious diseases. Whenever any rigorous scientific investigations into disease "spread" have been carried out, they have failed to demonstrate that person-to-person transmission of disease can happen. (e.g. https://moscow.sci-hub.se/4021/da48b390a33f0ef54f59d6974a4104f6/rosenau1919.pdf) People don't even catch colds off each other (they are caused by sugar consumption coincident with the break down of the mucus lining of the throat). Contagions are an old wives tale that dates back to biblical times. This mythology is still with us because of how useful it has been over the centuries for population control and for getting away with mass murder/genocide (in colonial times western powers would poison the water of natives to take their lands without a fight and then pretend they accidentally passed a disease on to them) and because of how lucrative it is in the modern era, allowing poisons to be sold as cures and prophylactics.
  4. Amazon would probably ban them, like they did for the Audible version of 'Murder by Injection' by Eustace Mullins — that appeared on the site for like a month or two this year before disappearing. I had put it in my wishlist, intending to use a credit on it, but then they removed it ...anyway, found someone had made an alternative audiobook with graphics too and put it on bitchute¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸
  5. Polio was caused by neurotoxic pesticides like DDT, especially when they were sprayed around residential areas — as exposed in books like 'Fear of the Invisible' by Janine Roberts & 'The Moth in the Iron Lung' by Forrest Maready. Kids would run alongside the pesticide spraying trucks and catch the "rain" in their mouths, then end up paralysed and needing an iron lung to breathe. A virus was blamed so that governments and Big Chem could escape liability and, rather than paying out money in compensation to the afflicted families, they defrauded the public and poisoned them all over again with the vaccines which caused many cases of polio themselves. Withdrawing DDT from sale was the main thing that brought an end to polio. Governments pretended it was done to protect animals as they don't sue. Governments have often revised history to promote the fraud that is vaccination. Smallpox was caused by bed bugs bites — when the vaccinated continued to get it, the disease was recorded as pustular eczema in order fake vaccine efficacy. The Spanish Flu was really started by meningitis vaccination. Vaccines have never provided any living thing with any biological protection against disease throughout the whole of history. They are a massive fraud and should be universally banned.
  6. How long have you worked there? Dunno about Australia but here in the UK you can sue for unfair dismissal if you get sacked unfairly after having worked at a place for at least two years. Vaccine mandates are illegal as vaccination is nothing more than a religious ritual. By taking one you are professing belief in the mythical contagion so discriminating against the unvaccinated amounts to religious discrimination. No vaccine throughout history ever provided anyone with any biological protection against disease. They have only ever caused disease and death and should be universally banned.
  7. There was certainly a death surplus. Governments caused those deaths. They were homicides. Their weapons of choice were 5G + ventilators/Remdesivir, and euthanasia of the elderly by midazolam & opioids plus dehydration/starvation or via the vaccines. You can't prove a virus exists with gene sequencing. You can prove an exosome exists that way. The word "virus" means poison so it is only appropriate to call a thing a virus if you can prove that it is able to cause disease — something that has never been properly done. No virologist has ever proven any of our "viral" diseases to be caused by an alleged virus with an adequately-controlled experiment. This is one where the control is made up in the same way the virus sample was, only you start with taking a biological specimen from a healthy person rather than a sick one. This is to ensure that the control contains the same toxins the virus sample does so that you can't go and blame a "virus" for disease caused by the toxins (with sars-cov2, for example, the viral transport medium contains the toxins Gentamicin sulfate + Amphotericin B). Viruses and contagious diseases are mythical constructs. Belief in these things and that vaccines can protect you from them is essentially the worlds most widely-held religious belief.
  8. There is always some amount of suffering with chemotherapy, especially when it's a high enough dose to kill the person as i'm sure is the case here (and just about in every other "cancer" death). People don't die of cancer. They die from their treatment. They may in some cases be killed by a continuing build up of carcinogens, especially when microwave radiation is destroying the extra-cellular vesicles that would otherwise help to remove them from the body (Birbeck granules). Generally it's the chemo though.
  9. I'd stay away from both of those, tbh, along with anything that needs injecting. What symptoms do you have?
  10. Well, as well as being a butt of their jokes some people did ask genuine questions of me so it was a fairly good experience in the end (with my 2nd account). The thread has now been deleted though with the message: Message from MNHQ: This is chocka with troll hunting, so we've taken it down. PLEASE report to us instead of posting doubts on the thread. It seems it's the moderators who most adamant that anti-establishment ideas aren't discussed rather than the users.
  11. Started a new account with a different email address and have been educating the mumsnet crowd on the true causes of disease, cue plenty of insults. Managed to make a lot of posts without being banned again though.
  12. They do more than just that! I've just had my account deleted/been banned! I can no longer log in!
  13. I'm wondering what the censorship is like on mumsnet? Do they automatically delete anything anti-vax, anti-WHO, anti-virus/contagion-mythology? Maybe i'll put it to the test... Edit: I've left an enlightening (if I may say so myself!) post at the [2nd from the] bottom of page 5.
  14. The word doomsday is highly subjective and it was the first bits I read that made me use that word, i.e. the oil/climate stuff that I reckon is bollox. The book is generally positive and constructive so, fine, it is not a doomsday book — I am happy to back track on that one thing I said he doesn't have insider knowledge of a conspiracy. I knew full well he was in government but politicians are not all balls-deep in conspiracy ya know! I never said it wasn't on the CIA's website. I said it was not a declassified document and that is the case — it is a bog standard book. Talking about solutions to problems does not automatically make it a war games book. Only if those solutions are the Final kind would it be appropriate to call it a war games book. There is nothing Orwellian or Machiavellian about the book. Sure, I mostly skimmed the book and only read parts but I reckon my description of the book is still more accurate than yours has been in this thread. Maybe I will read it in full one day but I doubt it. There are much more enlightening books i'd prioritize over this. I am part way through the audiobook of "Virus Mania" which I heartily recommend
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