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  1. When trying to make a forum post I am often unable to and receive and are taken to a page saying "Sorry you are blocked from DavidIcke.com", and it mentions the security put in place on the website.


    Anyone else have this issue?


    I only seem to get this message if I try to post a link to a YouTube video.

  2. Hi all!?


    I think aliens are pretty misunderstood: if they exist, then surely they want to make positive communication and contact with us??


    Check out my latest video and subscribe if you enjoy it!


    Thank you ?




  3. Greetings everyone!


    I launched a YouTube channel exploring the world around us, Spirituality and exposing the dark truth of Freemasonry. I hope that one day the truth will be open to the public, and those who want to better the Earth have an opportunity to do so. My channel is called Dare To Fly, and if you like what you see then any support would be appreciated. 


    David Icke has been a big inspiration for this channel, and I am still to this day amazed by his courageous efforts and hard work! :classic_smile:



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