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  1. This is very interesting.Very clearly delivered.
  2. Once you have quarantined safely from the infection of lamestream views,you can then watch all again. Its ok for a laugh sometimes,good to watch the outrageous nudging and distraction. Yes once you are sure your immune you may safely invoke the daily fail online,or the groaning guardian .Stay away from T.V unless the sound is off,and you are wearing your hidden disabilities lanyard .
  3. I hear something.....yep somethings on the move over that next hill. It ain,t Zulus this time.
  4. Busy stockpiling space and time. Sharpening my machete exciting times,the herd is infuriating,but its my herd,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bring it on Illuminati fuckas
  5. And re l a a a x, the Megan and Harry cards on top of the deck now
  6. Re set coming,this is what the last ones looked like
  7. A little ting. No one seen it I,ll wager
  8. Just caught up with this thread. If you want to get into the country and got no job/money,try for work on caravan sites.You will get a van,some money and be in the country. I was thinking the travelling community,gypsies,tramps and hobo,s and the like would be cracking up reading this thread.They just do it. Squatting,yes they made it unlawful ,but they forgot commercial premises. Lots of empty office blocks,light industrial estates . Think outside the box,hardest thing would be getting groups together.Once one small community starts,and thrives,many will follow. It is said that the most important member of any new group is the second one to stand,the one that rises to the call of " who is with me. "
  9. This stupid new slogan is not even right,take a knee,its bend the knee. Now feck off with this stupidness. Oops bit of a kneejerk reaction there.
  10. Be the best you can,in the best place you can,you will find or be found.Strength in numbers.
  11. All possible,filmed on different days,different actors ,one corpse. The film of a man with his knee on anothers mans neck is a hard watch. After I had watched Chris Spiveys take on it,it was much clearer to me that the cop doing the kneeling was doing his best to hold his leg in place,the cops full weight was on the other knee. Watching it again with no sound, the odd body language of the cop made more sense,his hand in his pocket,helping to make that leg more weightless. The most compelling thing for me was the oddity of the whole shot,the angle.You are focused to look at nothing but a head on the floor and the cop. I know when I look at this film now something is not right. Yet another awful loose, loose situation. I loose if the film is right. Its a shocking bit of footage,but then it would have to be.So was 9/11 in the first day,Boston,Sandy Hook, Christchurch......These awful films shock us,our psychs are repelled. But when the smoke and mirrors clear we see just how awful these films really are. They are not getting any better at them,full of holes. But damage done,mission accomplished
  12. Things are getting really bad when the PTB play this card. Apparently a new lead.A German man,already behind bars was in the Algarve at the time of the childs death/disappearance ,so screams the press,all over tomorrows papers like a bad dream. For an excellent in depth look at this case then watch Richard D Hall,on rich planet.It will open your eyes.
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