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  1. pretty good attitude to keep in mind
  2. Show me show me show me. Show me water curving Show me a photo of the wibbly wobbly spinning globe, Just 2 things Now do it now ,now now ,now .
  3. she clearly states not time difference,she says sunrise difference.
  4. @ 44.45 theres a point of interest. You can have fun with that to begin with.
  5. I posted this a few pages back,I post again because here is an explanation of how the sun moves. A talk filled with things that you will not of heard before.
  6. Oh do lets finish this before the dis-tractors descend. Although the argument for B Flat and Ark being related and editing laser vids is compelling, one silliness at a time .
  7. They can feck right off out of it,with their dodgy lies,misery making nonsense.G,wan get to feck.
  8. so rude,so fed up of the globe shit heads resorting to insults,see what I did there.
  9. Fortunately for us ,TPTB are predictable . Food shortages, pollution of water supplies, power cuts,internet down. Tune in every day to a radio station spewing out propaganda. Travel restrictions,fuel rationing . Mandatory testing. Forced vaccination programs. Military on the streets . Prison camps. We know what they will do,its the same old. we A L W Y S win
  10. I re watched the dogcam video.I slowed it right down .At 7.41 there is an image I cannot understand. On the slowest setting at 7.41 what do others see ? You have 3 images that fall within that 1 sec.
  11. of interest,maybe of help http://tapnewswire.com/2020/08/home-recipe-for-hydroxychloroquine-hcq/
  12. Flat earth British. On this channel you will find heaps of joy,Jon Levi,U.A.P is good 2. Martin Liedtke has a data base of old maps ,Vatican files,photos,a photo drop all free.
  13. they are,yeah they are all pratts,and if they wern,t they would not have airtime.
  14. Ahh LBC doncha luv em ? James O,Brien is a total absolute tosser.Eddie Mair is sort of alright. Nick Abbott is funny,sometimes very funny.They are all working the same agenda,sometimes just sometimes someone gets through and is allowed 30 secs top before being cut off. Once someone asked O,Brien ,did he honestly not know what Agenda 21 was,O,Brien said......we have to go to the news now.
  15. This is very interesting,shocking in parts and mindblowing in others.Once again pleasant articulate folk doing their own research.
  16. I want to tell you a joke about Covid 19......... B U T You won't get it.
  17. Wales,whales,wails. Wales first choice.
  18. oh forgot to give the reason why Yes they will do this lockstep dance over and over again,why ? Cos the music they are dancing to is the music of our connected energy being sliced and torn and our tears are their sweet sipping cups. They really are the parasites,the worms wriggling away through the underbelly of our realm. They will not stop ever. We must not give consent .Take off the masks.Walk over the arrows.Hug.Go out.Remember who you are.
  19. Will they ,won,t they ?Oh welcome to the dance. I worry about the old and the poor,the sick.I worry for the herd. My herd, my people. Them fu#kers in power,they got it coming. OOh lessons have been learned,you can bet on it. Them fu#kers got it coming.
  20. I find it puzzling that there are a lot of very good videos of people testing the shape of the earth. Lazers and Nikon cameras,mirrors,drones and they say look,look here ,we should not be able to see this.Then using the chart for curvature they point out that there is no hill of water . They bring ships back into focus,not hidden by a hill of water,but still here. Ordinary people,experimenting and filming.Working out distances,and saying Nah,its wrong,we can see it ,no hill of water . I have yet to see the curve. Where are the people going out and doing the research into showing a hill of water ? Old Greek men with sticks and shadows,Nasa. Where is the curve , sHow me the curve and maybe I can prove them wrong when they say...once you see its flat,theres no going back.
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