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  1. Its one of the best 2 part series ever on Uk tv.
  2. I see your name Comedy Time,and I know that any thread you join will end in absolute boredom. You suck the air out of the room. I can,t wait till your gone. You are tedious,you really need go away,far away. The only person who thinks your really clever is you. You are a valuable lesson in how to recognize grade A narcissism ,so thanks for that.
  3. groan the cult of David claims another. Repeat his prayer,"its all your fault " I don,t have enough time to tell you how wrong your post is.
  4. the nicest photos I have seen in a while. Thank you
  5. I tried to listen to this,I really did .I need no more convincing that this is all a massive lie. I want something to wake the sleepers with, facts delivered in a way that makes people remember. Although worthy and goodly,this is not the one. What is ?
  6. The name of the enemy is coming out.We are at war with the Phoneticians,we have been at war the last three resets,maybe forever.To understand this I recommend Martin Liedkte
  7. sorry if this has already been posted,not a lot of time left to tell em they do not have your consent https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/distributing-vaccines-and-treatments-for-covid-19-and-flu
  8. oh my sweet jesus in the high. I just found this thread,Omg you mo fos have got 6 pages of this wailing. The online dating site for awake people was called awake dating. It was dire. I,ll date anyone with a Maserati,a plane outa here ,or a bong. Answers on a postcard to planet fecking agenda feck feck covid feck 19.
  9. look to be fair I think I.m almost a globehead again,this evidence is looking very strong.
  10. I would be happy if this debate was never re opened. I would be happy with one scrap of proof that the realm spins. I would be happy with one photo of hilly water Wheres the curve,oh where can it be ? Its a lie people,and its a dog that can,t have any sleep still. I love seeing the experiments , I find this debate so exciting,it reasures me that our human race still questions. I would be fine with admitting I have been wrong,its not about beating people who choose a globe over the head with insults. Question everything, learn and move forward.
  11. I cannot find the original doco made by Linda Moulton Howe entitled Alien Harvest. But theres this. I don,t know about her now ,but anyway its something to consider,if you want.
  12. this to me has the same feel about it as the Lee Rigby show,just sayin
  13. Oh forgot has no one seen any footage on arsebook from all the dumb phones around ?
  14. Its all very strange, I wonder what bullshit story's coming down the tracks ?
  15. No one has ever asked me.I did get a hidden disabilities card ,no one has ever asked to see it. I do sing Grace Jones " Slave to the rhythm" whilst in shops with muzzlers.
  16. I remember clearly,it was sent to me with a message which basically said This is real,its on arsebook. Sent to me from someone who gets annoyed that I think everything is a false flag. Cos it is lol. So the first time I checked it out I was shocked,then I remembered,watch it again without sound,then really watch it,so 3 watch,s in and I see its the usual shock and awe bunch of crap. To date I think Manchester was the worst hoax,with Borough Market a close second.The lorry ploughing through dummies in France was hysterical ,recently followed by the dummies in the Italian hospital being nursed through covid cooties. I just laugh now, its no wonder my list of friends is rapidly depleting .
  17. I think inflation will go into free-fall. Meaning things will become cheaper and cheaper as business,s strive to take your money.The housing market will crash,but still no one will lend you anything to buy with. The post will be disrupted and the only stuff that gets through will be Amazon,or other such like who set up their own infrastructure of delivery. Food will be rationed. Fuel will be rationed. Utilities rationed. Hospitals remaining empty. Internet censoring ramped up ,with fines for incitement. People will strive through all this to be more kind,connect more. Cooking,sewing,baking,reading.art.music,poetry,herbalism will booom. Bartering will make a comeback,as will squatting as will alternative knowledge for different forms of energy. There will be an effort to switch off the internet,we will switch off before they do. People will bill post,graffiti. We shall sing and we shall laugh we A L W A Y S win
  18. Hi Carlos,a few pages back I posted something to the thread ,this thread of discovery,sharing and learning . It was from a channel where a woman told of the 5hr difference in sunrise between 2 islands in the seas between Alaska and Russia. You said it was because of the international timeline.I went back and looked at her video again,and noticed in the comments under the video that people were being as cross as you that people were just not getting it. The quickest way to shut anyone down is to be rude ,angry and insulting.This thread will probably be closed soon,someone will loose it and abuse you back.If you are so sure of your argument why are you so angry? I really don,t understand why you are so bloming cross about everything. It is starting to make me laugh now....Mr Angry tight pants Carlos you are funny. More numbers and graphs please,but longer and much much much more complicated please.
  19. pretty good attitude to keep in mind
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