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  1. My friends and I were chatting last night about Gove's ominous words.

    Made all the more ominous ,because I recall another talking head saying same .


    I think its going to be a weather event.

    Hopefully not here ,but near enough to trigger act 2 of this awful penny dreadful covid tragedy.


    Calamity climate crisis.

    Cheer up now.

    It will be better than covid ,its gonna be a musical.



  2. History,the calendars,missing time added time. The shite these bunch of ruling elitists ,with the resets and weather modifications, and eeeeek.

    Once there was a golden age,there is no reason not to have that back,once this scum are burned.


  3. Just now, perpetual said:

    It's that 33 again. The arrested is somewhat higher up as well.

    This makes me think 1) the victim being a sacrificial subject and the arrested one's 'duty' to fulfill sacrificial task gone wrong OR 2) his sacrifice to receive higher degrees/rank refused and now he has been ditched/framed...

    Of course, this is totally conspiracy. lol


    Go to mail online ,check out the photos.

    Have alook at the foliage in the background.

    The car on the hoist,

    the coppers combing the heath.

    I see old footage,afoot here. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, skitzorat said:

    I haven't investigated the legitimacy of this "data dump" source that this woman explains as she presents it in this video - but it sure is one hell of a lot of documentation/reports in it to create a hoax for the small amount of people globally who will actually see it presented.


    I've gotten the feeling from the vast majority of people on this site that we can instinctively know when something truly is BS and when something looks legit....Its horrifying to see it (the confinement and torture of thousands of children to 'milk' like bears for their bile) as raw data like this when we know it goes on...  I believe whats presented in this video is most likely truthful 




    (screenshots below as an example because clip wont populate here)





  5. EXIT Blueprint


     Non compliance.

    A strategy to implement above.


    We,re gonna need a bigger strategy. 
































  6. 18 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    83 year old Maureen from Barnsley has been on Good Morning Britain today with her husband speaking her truth again along with plain common sense.


    She eclipses the nauseating and patronising Dr Sarah Jarvis who has clearly been wheeled in as the so-called "expert" to shut her down and who has quite some nerve to say that this has been the worst pandemic in 101 years.



    well done getting any alternative view past that trio of cant do,s 

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