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  1. Stand in the park. Freedom hubs. Research , join. TODAY
  2. My friends and I were chatting last night about Gove's ominous words. Made all the more ominous ,because I recall another talking head saying same . I think its going to be a weather event. Hopefully not here ,but near enough to trigger act 2 of this awful penny dreadful covid tragedy. Calamity climate crisis. Cheer up now. It will be better than covid ,its gonna be a musical.
  3. Saw this in todays Mail online. No one mentioned this addition in the comments ,and no clever quip under the photo .....come on it is odd.
  4. Richard D Hall @ rich planet,still has done the most detailed videos on this saga. An excellent watch in my opinion.
  5. History,the calendars,missing time added time. The shite these bunch of ruling elitists ,with the resets and weather modifications, and eeeeek. Once there was a golden age,there is no reason not to have that back,once this scum are burned. Peace
  6. Jesus bread and circus , I can,t wait till Richard D Hall rips into this nonsense.
  7. Well its got meg and hasa off the agenda, covid,s taking a backseat .Police are corrupt, bring in private security. Good god they were ready to go with this load of bo#lox,its flying on all airwaves.
  8. Go to mail online ,check out the photos. Have alook at the foliage in the background. The car on the hoist, the coppers combing the heath. I see old footage,afoot here.
  9. At 26.08 in the video,an address is given Medimmune UK Ltd,Liverpool L24 9JW A quick serch on google maps gves this address as an industrial unit.Also housing Astra Zeneneca
  10. EXIT Blueprint Non compliance. A strategy to implement above. We,re gonna need a bigger strategy.
  11. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/watch-the-ten-stages-of-our-genocide-henna-maria_ENSVD7oFu3VTNo2.html Chillingly laid bare.
  12. if ya do nothing,you will definitely perish in a right nasty way. loooooser. go out swinging,gotta get winnin
  13. Listening to LBC james O,Brien nearly crying that Trump looks like storming it.
  14. well done getting any alternative view past that trio of cant do,s
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