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  1. This is an interesting take ,I found this guy and subscribed after hearing him phoning the pratt that is James O,brien on LBC.He is a UK guy living in China,this is his escape,it looks pretty grim.
  2. Day 2 Is there anyone more brilliant than Alex Thompson ? Excellent take on where we are today and how the hell we got here. https://www.bitchute.com/video/fD5gx40qRmzN/
  3. Richard D Hall with his own brilliant style of deductions on what is in the jab ? https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=295&part=1&gen=99
  4. Hi there basket Case I think if you watched/Listened you would see its very relevant. Thats whybI posted it here.
  5. John O Looney in the Mail online now.
  6. Utopia the best television to come out of UK in years. Don,t watch the US version its rubbish.
  7. On the streets where police or troops are expected,fill your pockets with glitter. It goes everywhere ,sticks to their smart black uniforms but also has a comical effect. Protests could end up looking like a slapstick wedding brawl. Someone posted somewhere about mayonnaise is a squinty bottle for vizors.
  8. Find your nearest Stand in the park,you will find like minded people and new friends.Its a network start.
  9. Its ok ,no need to apologise. He won,t be there for long no doubt. Sometimes an unlikely hero sneaks through.
  10. Shout out for Maajid Nawaz who is killing it on LBC now and has been for weeks.The only presenter telling the truth on lamestream radio.
  11. Stand in the park. Freedom hubs. Research , join. TODAY
  12. My friends and I were chatting last night about Gove's ominous words. Made all the more ominous ,because I recall another talking head saying same . I think its going to be a weather event. Hopefully not here ,but near enough to trigger act 2 of this awful penny dreadful covid tragedy. Calamity climate crisis. Cheer up now. It will be better than covid ,its gonna be a musical.
  13. Saw this in todays Mail online. No one mentioned this addition in the comments ,and no clever quip under the photo .....come on it is odd.
  14. Richard D Hall @ rich planet,still has done the most detailed videos on this saga. An excellent watch in my opinion.
  15. History,the calendars,missing time added time. The shite these bunch of ruling elitists ,with the resets and weather modifications, and eeeeek. Once there was a golden age,there is no reason not to have that back,once this scum are burned. Peace
  16. Jesus bread and circus , I can,t wait till Richard D Hall rips into this nonsense.
  17. Well its got meg and hasa off the agenda, covid,s taking a backseat .Police are corrupt, bring in private security. Good god they were ready to go with this load of bo#lox,its flying on all airwaves.
  18. Go to mail online ,check out the photos. Have alook at the foliage in the background. The car on the hoist, the coppers combing the heath. I see old footage,afoot here.
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