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  1. The one I have been using for the last 8 moths is apple flavour ,at first I hated it ,now I like it . I take it every month for 3 days . Just a smidge now, but I think its beneficial and cheap.
  2. They have been after this woman for a long time. Shes right in the frontline. I love the way the good Dr did not attend, she does not need the board. They want her to just shut up and go away. She will not consent. A warrior., They need to bully her. Baffling.
  3. The problem I have with Mr Oliver,is he tells you what you know already. Ahh the lilting Scottish burr just telling you relaxxxxx,hes seen it too ,hes one of the good guys. Meh....comon wheres the peeps speaking out about whats coming down the line ??
  4. Last time I can remember Satanic Verses being referenced was during Pizzagate
  5. The captain and crew would like to wish you a relaxing stay on the new normal utopia of the British isles. Please feel feel to use the defibulators as often as you wish. There will be NO CHARGE due to energy savings and your patience is appreciated
  6. Couldn't be any simpler really. Two topics one topic for the globe heads to post . One topic for the flat earthers to post on. Its a great idea ,we get to see new ideas and experiments without being side tracked ,without people getting nasty and the whole thread being shut down, just as long as we stick to our lanes what can go wrong ???????????
  7. I watched on catch up bbc unvaxed or whatever its called. I was surprised at how badly done it was,almost a token fight to get you vaxed. It did,nt change anyones mind. Pure bloods are not going change sides. I wonder what the real reason for the programme was? Pregnant women and ethnic minorities? , I did feel sorry for the black pregnant woman falling for the lies of how she could outreach in her own community. Noooooooooo love don,t do it they are still lying to you. The bbc are shite they need a slap round the face with a sock full of diarrhoea .
  8. Things are getting to the point where we will have to fight. I would prefer the way of love ,love always wins ,non compliance, thats what they want us to do blah blah blah. Time to start breaking things all the street furniture ,the cameras the defibulaters traffic lights .Then the towers gotta burn. Start glueing locks ,cutting the purple conduit on the smart motorways. And graffiti. Spank the Bank buy nothing ....But first stop the tv signals ,the radio signals .Burn fleet street. Take down the internet. They are going to do it to us anyway ,better to do it to them. Storm the vaccination centres burn the mask warehouse's. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz just a dream ,just a dream.
  9. This is an interesting take ,I found this guy and subscribed after hearing him phoning the pratt that is James O,brien on LBC.He is a UK guy living in China,this is his escape,it looks pretty grim.
  10. Day 2 Is there anyone more brilliant than Alex Thompson ? Excellent take on where we are today and how the hell we got here. https://www.bitchute.com/video/fD5gx40qRmzN/
  11. Richard D Hall with his own brilliant style of deductions on what is in the jab ? https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=295&part=1&gen=99
  12. Hi there basket Case I think if you watched/Listened you would see its very relevant. Thats whybI posted it here.
  13. John O Looney in the Mail online now.
  14. Utopia the best television to come out of UK in years. Don,t watch the US version its rubbish.
  15. On the streets where police or troops are expected,fill your pockets with glitter. It goes everywhere ,sticks to their smart black uniforms but also has a comical effect. Protests could end up looking like a slapstick wedding brawl. Someone posted somewhere about mayonnaise is a squinty bottle for vizors.
  16. Find your nearest Stand in the park,you will find like minded people and new friends.Its a network start.
  17. Its ok ,no need to apologise. He won,t be there for long no doubt. Sometimes an unlikely hero sneaks through.
  18. Shout out for Maajid Nawaz who is killing it on LBC now and has been for weeks.The only presenter telling the truth on lamestream radio.
  19. Stand in the park. Freedom hubs. Research , join. TODAY
  20. My friends and I were chatting last night about Gove's ominous words. Made all the more ominous ,because I recall another talking head saying same . I think its going to be a weather event. Hopefully not here ,but near enough to trigger act 2 of this awful penny dreadful covid tragedy. Calamity climate crisis. Cheer up now. It will be better than covid ,its gonna be a musical.
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