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  1. Jesus bread and circus , I can,t wait till Richard D Hall rips into this nonsense.
  2. Well its got meg and hasa off the agenda, covid,s taking a backseat .Police are corrupt, bring in private security. Good god they were ready to go with this load of bo#lox,its flying on all airwaves.
  3. Go to mail online ,check out the photos. Have alook at the foliage in the background. The car on the hoist, the coppers combing the heath. I see old footage,afoot here.
  4. Listening to LBC james O,Brien nearly crying that Trump looks like storming it.
  5. I see your name Comedy Time,and I know that any thread you join will end in absolute boredom. You suck the air out of the room. I can,t wait till your gone. You are tedious,you really need go away,far away. The only person who thinks your really clever is you. You are a valuable lesson in how to recognize grade A narcissism ,so thanks for that.
  6. the nicest photos I have seen in a while. Thank you
  7. oh my sweet jesus in the high. I just found this thread,Omg you mo fos have got 6 pages of this wailing. The online dating site for awake people was called awake dating. It was dire. I,ll date anyone with a Maserati,a plane outa here ,or a bong. Answers on a postcard to planet fecking agenda feck feck covid feck 19.
  8. look to be fair I think I.m almost a globehead again,this evidence is looking very strong.
  9. I would be happy if this debate was never re opened. I would be happy with one scrap of proof that the realm spins. I would be happy with one photo of hilly water Wheres the curve,oh where can it be ? Its a lie people,and its a dog that can,t have any sleep still. I love seeing the experiments , I find this debate so exciting,it reasures me that our human race still questions. I would be fine with admitting I have been wrong,its not about beating people who choose a globe over the head with insults. Question everything, learn and move forward.
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