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  1. None of this sits right with me. Where's Richard D Hall when you need him?
  2. Thats the mystery of the empty Chinese cities solved, giant Ponzi schemes.
  3. I know Whitehawk very well,of course one could argue Moulsecoombe is a close second.
  4. I started following this guy because of growing and prepping. Then he posted this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV0qRdEbEIQ
  5. Jimmy Carr could have said " now take that hand and give it a shake from me ,cos I can't reach from here ". Now at least there is no doubt, he's a wanka.
  6. It is a painting by me. It is about 15 years old and painted when I first was aware of geo engineering. Its based on my thoughts of trying to wake people up , friends told me I was mad. Still mad, not insane though .
  7. regards David Jason. Heres a can of worms that needs shaking up.His brother Arthur White is dead. Mr White also an actor appeared on tv a lot sometimes with his brother. No mention of Mr whites death. Who killed him and what was he into ? Start here with Mr Jason and ask why is his brothers death does not appear anywhere. Actors rest but this is ridiculous. He died apporox 3 years ago by the way.
  8. You can sprout seeds. Broccoli is good,other seeds are available. Garden by jam jars. You need very little plus you can sprout through the Winter.
  9. Unfortunately she is surrounded by soft cocks.
  10. Heres another example of how the narrative has been manipulated .
  11. The one I have been using for the last 8 moths is apple flavour ,at first I hated it ,now I like it . I take it every month for 3 days . Just a smidge now, but I think its beneficial and cheap.
  12. They have been after this woman for a long time. Shes right in the frontline. I love the way the good Dr did not attend, she does not need the board. They want her to just shut up and go away. She will not consent. A warrior., They need to bully her. Baffling.
  13. The problem I have with Mr Oliver,is he tells you what you know already. Ahh the lilting Scottish burr just telling you relaxxxxx,hes seen it too ,hes one of the good guys. Meh....comon wheres the peeps speaking out about whats coming down the line ??
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