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  1. I waS watching DAYZOFNOAH when the news came in live. Watching back footage later I noticed a lot of blurring in photos. I picked up on Trumps hair, and his bald areas were visible and for me the long held mystery of his comb over was solved . Subsequent images were blurred on same footage when later re run. Shooting starts at 1.48 https://rumble.com/v56tu51-futureshock-episode-100-agent-orange-and-warpspeed-2.0.html
  2. I think its to strive for the highest frequency to vibrate to. Then you are untouchable mo fo.
  3. Another good oil to the list Hemp seed oil.
  4. In my opinion whatever you have to spend on Alt coins, spend that amount on Bitcoin. You don,t need to buy a whole one.
  5. Wim Hof for breathing.Very easy to do. Micro dose of the old magiky mushroooms. A bong. Music. The knowledge that everything passes but nOthing changes but you.
  6. I had forgotten this about Brand, had you ? The video is time stamped although I found it very interesting and was sent to it via Archaix channel on u tube.
  7. None of this sits right with me. Where's Richard D Hall when you need him?
  8. Thats the mystery of the empty Chinese cities solved, giant Ponzi schemes.
  9. I know Whitehawk very well,of course one could argue Moulsecoombe is a close second.
  10. I started following this guy because of growing and prepping. Then he posted this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV0qRdEbEIQ
  11. Jimmy Carr could have said " now take that hand and give it a shake from me ,cos I can't reach from here ". Now at least there is no doubt, he's a wanka.
  12. It is a painting by me. It is about 15 years old and painted when I first was aware of geo engineering. Its based on my thoughts of trying to wake people up , friends told me I was mad. Still mad, not insane though .
  13. regards David Jason. Heres a can of worms that needs shaking up.His brother Arthur White is dead. Mr White also an actor appeared on tv a lot sometimes with his brother. No mention of Mr whites death. Who killed him and what was he into ? Start here with Mr Jason and ask why is his brothers death does not appear anywhere. Actors rest but this is ridiculous. He died apporox 3 years ago by the way.
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