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  1. if ya do nothing,you will definitely perish in a right nasty way. loooooser. go out swinging,gotta get winnin
  2. Listening to LBC james O,Brien nearly crying that Trump looks like storming it.
  3. well done getting any alternative view past that trio of cant do,s
  4. Its one of the best 2 part series ever on Uk tv.
  5. I see your name Comedy Time,and I know that any thread you join will end in absolute boredom. You suck the air out of the room. I can,t wait till your gone. You are tedious,you really need go away,far away. The only person who thinks your really clever is you. You are a valuable lesson in how to recognize grade A narcissism ,so thanks for that.
  6. groan the cult of David claims another. Repeat his prayer,"its all your fault " I don,t have enough time to tell you how wrong your post is.
  7. the nicest photos I have seen in a while. Thank you
  8. I tried to listen to this,I really did .I need no more convincing that this is all a massive lie. I want something to wake the sleepers with, facts delivered in a way that makes people remember. Although worthy and goodly,this is not the one. What is ?
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