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  1. well done getting any alternative view past that trio of cant do,s
  2. Its one of the best 2 part series ever on Uk tv.
  3. I see your name Comedy Time,and I know that any thread you join will end in absolute boredom. You suck the air out of the room. I can,t wait till your gone. You are tedious,you really need go away,far away. The only person who thinks your really clever is you. You are a valuable lesson in how to recognize grade A narcissism ,so thanks for that.
  4. groan the cult of David claims another. Repeat his prayer,"its all your fault " I don,t have enough time to tell you how wrong your post is.
  5. the nicest photos I have seen in a while. Thank you
  6. I tried to listen to this,I really did .I need no more convincing that this is all a massive lie. I want something to wake the sleepers with, facts delivered in a way that makes people remember. Although worthy and goodly,this is not the one. What is ?
  7. The name of the enemy is coming out.We are at war with the Phoneticians,we have been at war the last three resets,maybe forever.To understand this I recommend Martin Liedkte
  8. sorry if this has already been posted,not a lot of time left to tell em they do not have your consent https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/distributing-vaccines-and-treatments-for-covid-19-and-flu
  9. oh my sweet jesus in the high. I just found this thread,Omg you mo fos have got 6 pages of this wailing. The online dating site for awake people was called awake dating. It was dire. I,ll date anyone with a Maserati,a plane outa here ,or a bong. Answers on a postcard to planet fecking agenda feck feck covid feck 19.
  10. look to be fair I think I.m almost a globehead again,this evidence is looking very strong.
  11. I would be happy if this debate was never re opened. I would be happy with one scrap of proof that the realm spins. I would be happy with one photo of hilly water Wheres the curve,oh where can it be ? Its a lie people,and its a dog that can,t have any sleep still. I love seeing the experiments , I find this debate so exciting,it reasures me that our human race still questions. I would be fine with admitting I have been wrong,its not about beating people who choose a globe over the head with insults. Question everything, learn and move forward.
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