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  1. Just had a look through that link and there isn't anyone on there who knows what they're on about. The main point of confusion is the date differences on the post/picture which is normal, as explained. One guy replies that "I believe Q is showing WhiteHats went into Twitter and changed the pic" There is no need to hack Twitter when the webmaster at obama.org can just change/update the picture anytime they want. Here is the line of code from obama.org website (so they can change this themselves when they like): <meta name="twitter:image" content="https://www.obama.org/wp-content/uploads/053020_GeorgeFloyd_Protests_Chicago_IL_CD_1588-scaled.jpg" /> Here's that pic, hosted on obama.org (it's even got 053020 in the file name):
  2. 'Images from older tweets can be changed?' Only them embedded link part, the tweet content cannot be changed. So if obama.org were to change the twitter:card meta link, this image would change for all the tweets with obama.org embed.
  3. It's a meta tag in obama.org website to an image that will be displayed when embedding links to the site via twitter. It can be changed at any time by obama.org and it will then change on any tweets with that link.
  4. It's an old tweet but embedding dynamic content (live) from obama.org.
  5. These 'BLM' protests are state-sanctioned, media driven, top-down organised movements. They are not seeking to 'dampen' nor 'dominate' as they created it. Protesting for democracy, or for freedom (against lockdown) is not the same.
  6. Tucker Carlson - Society cults, self loathing and race Well aware of what Carlson's role is in the media for Fox, but controlled-op aside he does make valid points.
  7. Just passing this on to any Android phone users that want a visual guide to disable the track&trace (I have a hacked OS on mine, so I haven't watched the video through.)
  8. Hag turned up. Wasn't she supposed to be COVAIDS positive. Why aren't the protesters worried about being so close to a super-spreader? ?
  9. Mate, pretty much feel the same. What is surprising and worrying, is the sheer volume of people out in London for this. The vast majority of them are brainwashed into their ideology and identity politics via social media. With people higher up pulling their strings via top-down agendas (through all media) then they are really wolves in sheeps clothing and could 'cancel' anyone who doesn't agree with their current crusade if given the opportunity.
  10. DEFINITELY a meme. Don't edit your post though, everything you said is correct. Amazon are profiteering, amongst other things, and should be boycotted.
  11. Fairly sure they deleted two id2020 petitions off that platform, one of them had a few hundred thousand signatures. Bill Gates has 'invested' several millions in Change.org. From wikipedia: Ben Rattray (founder & CEO) - At Dos Pueblos High School, Rattray was "sporty and handsome" and "a homecoming king". He wanted to grow up to be an investment banker, then retire at age 35 and go into politics. Rattray attended Stanford University during the technology boom of the early 2000s, studying political science and economics. He changed career paths to focus on "the pursuit of effective collective action" after comments one of his brothers had made when revealing his homosexuality. He later attended the London School of Economics.
  12. Trump's role is that of a 'heel' (in wrestling terms) and mainly acts as an antagonist. Every comment and action is designed to 'pop' and cause a reaction of some sort.
  13. Probably a retweet that was deleted, not the original vid.
  14. BlackLivesMatter .. unless you question who's running the show
  15. Looks like they were hired for a music video and someone in the neighbourhood saw them rollin' and uploaded the clip.
  16. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jun/5/57-buffalo-cops-resign-from-team-after-two-are-sus/ The entire Buffalo Police Department Emergency Response Team resigned Friday to support two police officers who pushed an elderly man to the ground in a viral video, according to a report from a local news outlet. A total of 57 officers quit the team as a sign of support for the officers involved in the video who were suspended without pay, News 4 Buffalo reported. The 57 are still officers on the police force. “If they resigned, I’m exceptionally disappointed by it because it indicates to me that they did not see anything wrong with the actions last night,” Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said at a press conference.
  17. re:Jared Kushner Hired ‘The Purge’ Publicist, An Expert In Marketing Dystopia I think they knew this would be happening in 2020, and we are, in part, witnessing Trump's re-election campaign.
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