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  1. ^This. The BBC isn't going anywhere soon. If there were some restructuring of the license fee you would still end up funding the BBC through taxes. MI5, GCHQ etc.
  2. I've been aware of the extensive match fixing for years (not as an insider), and it's a bit more well known in Asia due, mainly, to the the liquid underground betting markets. It's only in more recent years have I been thinking that there is an overlaying of 'scripting', which makes sense really, creating the most exciting product possible (although I have little evidence for it apart from certain teams being consistently 'handicapped' eg. Wigan [too many NW teams maybe] and Wenger's Arsenal before he got the push). Your picture above certainly adds more which ties in to my current outlook.
  3. @EnigmaticWorld Sorry to ping you, but cannot quote your Lineker tweet (because .. forum), but I knew exactly that would be quoted by the media. Lineker knows, so surprising he tweeted as he will surely get called out for it. (Lineker is a gatekeeper for systemic matchfixing and PED use in the Prem. League - esp. Leicester)
  4. Nearly didn't click on that link because..., bbc, but it's actual Clown World. Racist 'cracker' covid: as data emerged suggesting Covid-19 was "exacerbating existing inequalities". And it found "historic racism and poorer experiences of healthcare or at work" meant individuals in BAME groups were less likely to seek care when needed or to speak up when they had concerns about personal protective equipment or risk.
  5. A viral video on ytube and you're not suspicious? You think FFA seems legit? (You're welcome to follow the narrative, I'm not trying to convince anyone, I've seen all of these controlled op 'guard rails' before, they follow a template)
  6. Think that's old, seems familiar, Ferguson? (timestamp cropped too)
  7. Oh we are definitely in an election year (US). (The last time BlackLivesMatter trended on Google Trends was four years ago)
  8. Seems that he didn't cut anyone, just that his clotheline type punch looked 'slashy' .. the guy that got floored did get a shoeing though. It was another guy who got slashed, maybe antifa or a blm white guy. He's not a football lad for sure (haircut, jogging bottoms, nike's)
  9. I think it will escalate, as per the agenda. Looks like that lad who was getting a shoeing had his throat cut (?) https://mobile.twitter.com/AnonWoken/status/1271854426375032832
  10. Ah, I was wondering what was going on there. I had only seen the clip below, where blm pussies all steamed in when there was a guy on the ground.
  11. Fair play to the lad in the beige cap, no pavement dancing.
  12. Most 'viral' vids are agenda. Here's some more from this bish: controlled op.
  13. She is a crisis actor. Controlled op pushing COVid being real. Erin Marie Olszewski was special ops in the military, and was active in a controlled opposition operation against antivaxxers. Some more info here: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=128619
  14. ( transl. Even the WHO president gave up isolation)
  15. 'Facial recognition' uses gait's (in my opinion, as this is not published) which are very unique, plus other vectors. China's systems have been operating on mask wearers for years now.
  16. from wikipedia (accepted source for Clown World): The most direct evidence of a difference in intelligence among Ashkenazi Jews comes from psychometric tests. Different studies have found different results, but most have found well above-average verbal and mathematical intelligence in Ashkenazi Jews, along with slightly below-average spatial intelligence, producing an average IQ score in the range of roughly 107 to 115, well above the general mean of 100. A 1954 study found that 24 of the 28 (86%) children in the New York public school system who had an IQ of 170 or higher were Jewish. Another kind of evidence is that Ashkenazi Jews have had success disproportionate to their small population size in a variety of intellectually demanding fields, such as science, technology, politics, law, and commerce. Only about 2% of the U.S. population is of full Ashkenazi Jewish descent, but 27% of United States Nobel prize winners in the 20th century, 25% of the winners of the Fields Medal (the top prize in mathematics), 25% of ACM Turing Award winners, a quarter of Westinghouse Science Talent Search winners, and 38% of the Academy Award-winning film directors have either full or partial Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Jews comprise up to one third of the student populace at Ivy League universities, and 30% of the U.S. Supreme Court's law clerks. ? That's why then. They're more cleverer ..
  17. J. K. Rowling is hidden peerage (with a fake backstory, rags-to-riches), miltary parents and further ties to Intelligence. The Potter books were most likely written by a committee in Intelligence which then promoted the first book to unprecedented levels and Rowling was a front. (As with most spooks in the public sphere, their 'backstory' is fabricated and Rowling's is full of the usual weirdness). Rowling entering this trans debate should highlight that, as with anything in the media that gets coverage, the narrative is controlled. Interestingly, Baphomet Rowling has 'Solve et coagula' tattooed on her arm. This is an alchemy quote in Latin which translates to 'Separate and Join Together / dissolve and coagulate), and the meaning is that nothing new can be built if not before we make space, ie. breaking the old before building new (Ordo Ab Chao).
  18. Oh that's a good spot. They could be trollin', not sure. You can add your own statue with a description, location and reason, but it would go through moderation, so will see 'if' the number changes. (stoptrump org uk)
  19. I was going to the exact same thing when I saw that pic. Nice one.
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