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  1. Amazed the Pike (33) statue was pulled, Masons own BLM. (But being a confederate, it would have been glaringly obvious, like you said).
  2. Just out of interest I watched 5 minutes of a game on today, mainly to see the empty stadium and training-game-like sounds, but was surprised to to hear crowd noise! They are actually playing sampled sounds from the stadia (FIFA2015 video game, apparently) when the match is played live, to add atmosphere ? https://www.techradar.com/news/footballs-canned-atmosphere-how-crowd-noise-is-added-to-empty-premier-league-grounds
  3. Norf FC exposing the crisis actors in the 'BLM White Knight photo op':
  4. Most likely. I was talking about that specific 'black whistle' game being known in underground markets in Asia (SE).
  5. Sheffield United 'not winning' already known pre-match in underground SE Asia. Referee missed the goal. Hawkeye missed the goal (1st time in 9,000, or was turned off) Assistant ref. silent. No VAR. Premier League 'Football' is back.
  6. Ever feel like you're getting played?
  7. Clown League's back up and running and everyone's on their knee. Seems no-one has noticed the empty stadium ..
  8. Here's some Chinese crisis actors on the floor, selling the corona-scam to Asian populace - Fake as f*ck: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/china/video-2094890/Video-Dramatic-footage-shows-people-collapsing-suddenly-Wuhan-city.html @0:47 - lucky he put his hands out before face-planting the pavement Disinfecting everywhere (part of the show): More fakery & crisis actors, from 'leaked ' vid:
  9. This makes no sense, even in Clown World. Are the people at the BTLM march saying that they victimised by the ? because they are trans?
  10. I searched Black Live Matter latvia, poland europe and took crowd pics. The vast majority are women. No even split.
  11. Quick google image search for Black Lives Matter europe, took only the crowd images:
  12. Floyd got a folded flag from masky Pelosi .. (I thought that was only for veterans )
  13. I'll take 'em of their hands if they want rid.
  14. Yeah that's her, always ranting/crying never any tears. (Some people have said she could be Dr. Waynel Sexton in the George Floyd hoax, not sure myself)
  15. Meanwhile in Chazistan... This is what happens when a bunch of people that are normally led around by social media influencers, have to communicate with each other, without identity politics as a framework or a social injustice to crusade: (This is a seminar on how to communicate, they're talking about talking) ?
  16. Good spot. No coincidence Trump & Johnson are 'in charge' at this specific time. (The Orlando shooting was another hoaxed event, from which they can use as a framework for their ongoing narrative).
  17. ^ Was going to make up something like myself later. That's the main newstory - guy on his phone has a slash next to a road sign on the floor. Predictably the media are hyping up his 'far-right thuggery' and non-judgemental on flag burning and actual statue removal. (The pic on the left is old, can't remember the demo. some student thing?)
  18. LGBT is bankrolled by the same billionaires and is part of this new theocracy that is being pushed. BLM, LGTBQ, Antifa, Occupy, Extinction Rebellion .. all the same people behind them, and the 'followers' are interchangeable cult members/SJWs/woke crowd.
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