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  1. "Michigan House passes bill to make employee microchips voluntary The bill will now be introduced into the State Senate, where if it passes Governor Gretchen Whitmer will be able to sign the legislation into Michigan law." https://www.jpost.com/international/michigan-house-passes-bill-to-make-employee-microchips-voluntary-632940 "Michigan State Rep. Bronna Kahle sponsored the successful bill, and while the microchips are not widely used throughout the state she believes they will become standard in the coming years."
  2. I based my off-the-cuff prediction only on 'BAME quotient' (trying to follow the meta-script behind this overarching psyop). ?
  3. Yep, technocracy. All these concurrent psyops are pushing us quickly into it. The Chinese model is what they'll be rinsing us with, fukn loons.
  4. Everything is seems to be made uglier nowadays (not just for efficiency). Architects trolling but Marxists probably commissioning. The whole environment (and probably more) can be changed with these new buildings. About that Poultry building above (this is just from the wikipedia page, so I'm only repeating what's on there, no personal knowledge on this): "The construction of No 1 Poultry required the fiercely fought and highly publicised demolition of a 19th-century neo-gothic listed building on the apex of the site". of the new building: "Amongst the readers of Time Out magazine, it was voted the fifth worst building in London... The building was announced as Grade II listed on 29 November 2016 by Historic England." Seemingly quite a lot of effort to get rid of the original building and replace with the new one.
  5. Thot in the white dress looks like she's faceplanted a Louis Vuitton bag. Here's some 'redistribution' of architectural beauty & history, in the City of London: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_1_Poultry (building in the middle of the first photo)
  6. Communist network CBS go one better - Guess who is not in frame.
  7. non-stop social engineering from the Ministry of Truth:
  8. Insta-karma: (((Kyle Dennis))) has been doxxed. (he still lives with his mummy)
  9. (2017) President Donald Trump made headlines earlier this year after he announced a new slogan for his 2020 reelection campaign: “Keep America Great.” This was significant ― besides Trump getting way ahead of himself ― because that was the tagline of the 2016 American dystopian horror movie, “The Purge: Election Year.” Now, the White House has yet another connection to that movie as Jared Kushner just hired the publicist behind “The Purge” films, Josh Raffel. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/jared-kushner-the-purge_n_58e63e45e4b0917d34778c1e?ri18n=true
  10. The topic of this thread is 'Robbie Williams wants truth on pizzagate', not simply 'Pizzagate'. If someone is questioning Robbie Williams integrity, then that wouldn't be derailing the topic. If, his wife is trans, then that would mean they faked preganancies (moonbump etc) and have surrogates, and are participating in a media deception (at least) and therefore any opinions he has on 'pizzagate' are irrelevant.
  11. I can see you're quoting me, but not sure if you're talking to me? If so, we were talking about that specific photo, if you check above. Huge amount of disinfo.mixed in with this, which should be avoided, otherwise any arguments you have will be shot down instantly.
  12. No idea, but nothing especially weird is going on in the photos. Q posted a photo similar to the one TF posted above, taken out of context, it looked like Clooney was zipping up his trousers (disinfo).
  13. UK government, CDC, US gov, now Canada's (Toronto) Public Health spelling it out to the people:
  14. Social media influencers, celebs/famous - guilt trip whites, blaming them for slavery and racism, whilst themselves posing as white, then tell black people that they aren't white ..
  15. OB busy every evening now. Mostly peaceful gathering in the Maida Hill.
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