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  1. Surveillance technology coming through inside the covid trojan-horse .. https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/top-news/meet-israeli-intelligence-linked-firm-using-ai-profile-americans-guide-us-lockdown-policy/ "An Israeli government contractor founded by a former Israeli spy has partnered with one U.S. state and is set to announce a series of new partnerships with other states and U.S. healthcare providers to monitor civilian health and use an IDF-designed AI system to profile Americans likely to contract coronavirus and to inform U.S. government lockdown policy. A company tied to Israel’s military signal intelligence unit, Unit 8200, has recently partnered with the state of Rhode Island to use an artificial intelligence-based system developed in tandem with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to profile Americans potentially infected and/or “at risk” of being infected with coronavirus, then informing government authorities of their “risk profile.” Once flagged, state health officials can target those individuals as well as their communities for mandatory testing, treatment and/or more restrictive lockdown measures. .... ... The information collected by the site itself includes an individual’s “risk factors” and if they have any of several common symptoms as well as demographic and medical background information. A user’s IP address and device information is also collected. While the official purpose of the site is to recommend if a participating individual should seek medical care or request a coronavirus test, the Diagnostic Robotics-created site notes in its Terms of Use that the site is not intended for use as a “diagnostic tool” and “does not provide diagnosis and/or professional medical advice.”
  2. Looks to me like they are harvesting data for (future) identification. Are they collecting DNA with these 'covid' tests?
  3. Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses (Daniel Estulin) (815 kb - epub) https://anonfiles.com/j1GdM8Dco2/Tav_Inst_Soc_Eng_Mass_D_Estulin_epub
  4. Phase 2. 36 suburbs in Melbourne back into lockdown, door-to-door DNA tested.
  5. Could be, hadn't thought of that - the shadow of the duck is almost dropping vertically, it's not a bird of prey so it could be dead (?) One thing I had noticed is that (excluding kitty) there is father, mother and child which mirrors the ducks (I know the decreasing sizes are supposed to be perspective) Large Medium Small - both the wife and the medium/middle duck are pointing/facing towards the dad.. don't know what that could mean though.
  6. Here's a twitter account of a guy that's been breaking down the official figures of BS-19 and destroying their narrative, so useful from a mainstream point of view. (This guy has a Master Degree in Epidemiology specialising in Infectious Diseases). Tracks covid exactly with flu season (ending June) Covid fatality rate max 0.3% 2nd wave is entirely made up of extra testing https://twitter.com/EthicalSkeptic
  7. There is no coin shortage. It's further pushing society into a cashless, clownworld digital fantasy currency.
  8. It's official: BLM protests cure covid but lockdown protests spread it ? #defundUniversities https://coloradosun.com/2020/06/30/police-protests-coronavirus-spread/
  9. People need to understand it's not about 'black' lives at all.
  10. List of 700+ companies (BLM/Antifa support) https://www.oneangrygamer.net/traitors-of-america/ List of 269 https://conservativeus.com/the-full-list-here-are-the-269-companies-who-are-supporting-blm-antifa-riots/ Corporate funding (that is known, at least):
  11. Yeah there is, it's massive. I'll try and locate it and post it up.
  12. (fake) Terrorists have been superceded by (fake) airborne pathogens as the new bogeyman.
  13. Maybe the CND kid knows the scam? One of the ducks has left the wall and is flying down .. (?)
  14. Posted this in the cv thread, will add it here: Rothchild owned The Econimist, often has cryptic/occult imagery on the cover, somehow seemingly aware of what will happen in future world events. Here's their latest discharge: oink oink
  15. Interesting about the time, certainly could be that. I had thought the time referenced the lockdowns often being implemented at 11:59 in many places (Parts of US, Aus & NZ). Aliens (? What else is the plug/outlet on there for) ?
  16. Rothchild owned The Econimist, often has cryptic/occult imagery on the cover, somehow seemingly aware of what will happen in future world events. Here's their latest discharge:
  17. Haven't watched it yet, but I'll post it here anyway:
  18. Yep, communism/zionism both sides of the same coin in the hands of the happy merchant.
  19. Parts of Melbourne going back into lockdown, just for another few weeks eh.
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