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  1. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/d-c-mayor-bowser-has-black-lives-matter-painted-street-n1225746 "WASHINGTON — District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser on Friday had "Black Lives Matter" painted on the street that leads to the White House where protesters have been demonstrating following George Floyd’s death in police custody." ?
  2. No coronavirus deaths anymore in NY ?
  3. It's not an official ad, it's by an advertising agency in Madrid. "The outdoor campaign shows Madrid’s bus stops fitted with a mirrored surface that reads: “Black Mirror 6th Season. Live Now, everywhere.” Passersby wearing masks, face shields, and gloves are reflected in the mirror surface, adding an extra surreal, interactive layer to the ad." https://mymodernmet.com/black-mirror-ad-season-6/
  4. Black Mirror's advert for Season 6 (they're not making it, we're in it) is an actual mirror.
  5. @Given To Fly I get it every time if I quote someone that has embedded links in their post. I have to delete the embedded media part out from the quoted part () before replying ..
  6. Don't think that clip is real. Saw it yesterday and thought that the guys voice was dubbed over and he was saying something else. Watched it again now and just looks staged. Her reactions to a guy running up from behind are unnatural (she immediately hears and understands what he is saying). (edit. have to remove the video clip to avoid getting blocked when replying)
  7. She could do with a few tips from this pioneer of that field:
  8. Yep. Q is miltary intelligence. All sides are being controlled.
  9. Australian mainstream's 'Tucker Carlson' highlights the hypocrisie of the (Floyd/BLM) protests in London. "looking at these pictures aren't these the same people who were so militant about social distancing?"
  10. Just wrote a reply to you oz but it got 404ed, so I won't quote you this time. Look, I'm not interested in leading you by the hand or back-and-forthing on this thread, so you're welcome to follow the narrative that is put out from the mainstream. Local police autopsy sides with police, 'independent' brought in and finds otherwise, is a template used in these psyops, so you could say that I don't trust Baden or the MSM.
  11. RE: HONG KONG PROTEST (can't quote EW's post) Just wanted to say, in case there are people that don't know (not you EW), that these protests in Hong Kong are pro democracy and against the NWO (via CCP). China have imposed rule immediately over HK using COVID as the means. The BLM/Some-dead-dude-who-you-dont-even-know protests in the US, and starting elsewhere, are driven/funded/promoted by the NWO (to put it simply).
  12. Sorry, I meant to say that I don't think the actor playing Chauvin or Chauvin himself will go to jail. The media will most likely show that he has, but the crisis actor will not actually serve any time.
  13. One from the across the road very short, then Frazier's phone. The other from a shop camera (?) dodgy slum landlord with a history. Anyway, they have a budget for these productions. Chauvin will not go to jail for this. Re-assigned, new id etc.
  14. From what I can see the whole thing was hoaxed, so, all crisis actors. Where is Frazier the woman who filmed it? She can't even be found on public databases. Chauvin looks at the camera so he knows she is filming him 'murdering' Floyd - would he happily kill the guy while his colleagues watch and be filmed doing so? (Was is it even filmed on the day it was supposed to have been?)
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