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  1. I assume that the colour of the vial would be dependent on the concentration of the graphene. They are using the graphene as an adjuvant(increases the immune system reaction to an antigen). Maybe they don't need that much to increase the reaction.
  2. Also if you know anyone who got sick from the jab then they can take N-Acetyl-Cysteine to expel the Graphene Oxide. I don't know exactly how it works but the Glutathione removes Graphene Oxide from the body, and Glutathione is produced using N-Acetyl-Cysteine.
  3. Here is a good summary of what covid really is...basically the virus is bullsh!t and the real illness is injected graphene oxide excited by 5g https://beforeitsnews.com/healthcare/2021/07/mechanism-for-covid-graphene-oxide-in-vaccine-test-swabs-5g-a-factor-glutathione-protects-2539916.html Graphene Oxide is also used in a number of other medical treatments. IBM-Using Graphene to stimulate Immune System Graphene Oxide used for drug delivery systems Graphene Oxide used as an antibacterial agent Graphene Oxide drug release to be used for epilepsy treatment Graphene Oxide used to destroy tumours Graphene Oxide used to isolate cells for study Graphene Oxide used for cancer drug delivery system I could be full of sh!t but I figure they are using this to target groups they want to get rid of. Judging by the articles....people with compromised immune systems, people on medications, people with infections, epileptics, cancer patients. Maybe there are going to be two different health care systems. If you're rich you get the real medicine, otherwise you get the lizard juice. I looked for articles about the absorption rate through ingestion but I couldn't find anything. Maybe they don't want to target everyone in society and they want to focus on those who are sick. But if they said f you and put that in foods normally eaten by people of more meagre means then they could probably get rid of a good number of us. Also, most of the studies claiming that graphene oxide is safe are all pre 5g. I assume they did that so they can bullshit everyone. Which leads me to the question of how the "Elite" are going to exist with 5.5 billion less people to support their manufacturing, supply chains, engineering, agricultural developments, and resource extraction. The 4th Industrial Revolution is the Answer. Basically the 4th industrial revolution is the automation and digitization of all mechanical and information processes.....So basically robots and computers run by A.I. that replace the humans that ran the processes before. For a brief overview check out Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Industrial_Revolution For an extensive list of concepts involved with the 4th Industrial Revolution then take a look at the following site....I know it is a glossary but it gives a good idea of what they want to accomplish. https://www.kuka.com/en-ca/future-production/industrie-4-0/industrie-4-0-glossary?sc_camp=B0AD2317B83C486B8944E1432344D0F2 To sum it up they are going to kill anyone they can and replace them with robots and computers at all levels of industry. Maybe they already have zero point and TR3Bs though so they don't need to mine any energy materials or construction materials for infrastructure. Cheers
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