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  1. You could easily see that unfortunately. Ie using winter months when flu is constantly rife and turning into a "second wave". Think to be honest this all depends on how desperate they are to get this vaccine out and whether they are going to push it. The vaccine is the key in all of this as to how far this cult are going to go to prove their point. Ie will they back off for a period and just be satisfied with the damage they have already done or do they want to finish the job bring back more waves and get people vaccinated. Either way we will win this in the end because people are legitimately awakening to a lot of this
  2. Think similar to be honest. This cult have ticked off a lot of their goals in these two months by creating the biggest recession ever, fear mongering people into giving up their freedom threw new rules and tracing apps and have got 5g rolled out worldwide. Mean you never know they might not bring a second wave and instead just use the fear of one instead to further push their agenda. Thats another possibility aswell
  3. Think the exact same as you. Winters are always notorious for the flu for the reasons like you said ie lack of vitamin d, change in the weather ect. Combine that with the introduction of 5g and bingo you have your "second wave". You can see it coming a mile off.
  4. Whether you like Brian rose or not he done brilliant getting David's message across to arguably millions of people with his live streams and videos. So for that alone he deserves credit
  5. Legit wouldnt bother with a holiday abroad this year. Imagine how long it will take at the airports was bad enough before all of this. You would be at the airport for hours on end.
  6. When does everyone think the second wave will come? Myself think this cult will do it January when the weather is at its coldest ie be easier for them to keep the majority of the population indoors ect. What does everyone think?
  7. Let's just hope and it is possible more people wake up to what's really going on. Would say at the moment its 60-40% in this cults favour but more people arent thank god buying the official narrative they know somethings not right. The second wave and the vaccine will be the key moment in all of this as to what happens next
  8. Wouldnt be surprised if this second wave they are bringing in will be caused by 5g . They know damn well what they are doing and if people over the winter period start having trouble breathing we know what's happening especially if they turn it up to 60ghz or close to it
  9. They have banned 5g talk because it's a key asset to this cult ie by tracking peoples movements threw the tracking apps, running the entire smart grid and can be used to create illnesses through oxygen deficiencies so its majorly needed by them and obviously they have been installing 5g pretty much everywhere worldwide during the lockdown. Without 5g this cult cant progress their agenda they need it
  10. Flu season is always rife over christmas so you can bet your bottom dollar they will bring the second wave in over christmas. Will be far easier to keep the majority in lockdown too then as the weather will be cold so there will be less resistance. That will be when the vaccine will be out too so ideas/ plans do need to be spoken about/ arranged.
  11. In the same boat aswell man so know your frustrations. My dad in particular has fallen hook line and sinker for it and it's so depressing to see. At times like these I wish all people like us could just be living away from all of this together because living at home in and amongst this trying to tell people about all this is like talking to a wall. It's not even worth arguing back or talking about it with them it gets you nowhere
  12. Think it's more to do with the tracking to be honest. Ie theres no were to hide they could find you even if you were in the north pole. It's all about control. There will be other diseases in the vaccine too you can easily see that
  13. Think the same to be honest you could see that happening. Wouldnt be suprised
  14. It will be them. The CCD are a disgrace and have been attacking David for weeks now as has Rachel Riley. Just bullies the pair of them.
  15. No chance they will talk about the nano technology in it. Closest you will get them to admit will be about the digital tattoo which will show if you have been vaccinated or not. There will be a shit ton of stuff in it which will attack and destroy the immune system too
  16. Legit bet it's the CCD and rachel rileys gang of bullies who are behind all this taking down and hacking of David's website. They are scum of the earth
  17. I dont know enough about it but the nano technology david said about recently when he spoken to someone in the mid 90s who told him how nano technology would be in vaccines. It's another form of tracking/imprisonment. There would be no hiding or running away from the system as they could track you even if you were at the north pole Haha.
  18. To be honest it's pure insanity how the majority of people cant legitimately see wants going on especially with the vaccine. Shortest time ever to make a vaccine is 4 years and now all of a sudden it will be here in under 6 months. That alone should ring the Alarm bells with people
  19. The nano technology is the main thing in the vaccine that's the main thing in it. Got no doubt there are things in it which will make the immune system weaker too but the nano technology is key for them
  20. From the looks of it this vaccine may be ready at some point this year and I do think say 50% of the population will get it which is sad. You just know that they will bring a second wave of this back to force more of the population to get their vaccine too . Be 80% / 20% who get this vaccine in the end or around that
  21. The censoring and deleting everything is because of the vaccine coming out. All we can do is keep on spreading the message and keep on fighting this because we will win in the end.
  22. They can try and delete as much content or ban us from as many platforms as they like it doesn't matter. The truth is getting out there and people are finally waking up and they know it.
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