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  1. The only way this will work and in the end beat this cabal is by doing it in numbers. It's the only way to do it. There will be millions of people like us all not wanting to get vaccinated and live like slaves on the grid anymore especially after all of this. We have strength in numbers and if we do this together as one it will work.
  2. You cant hide from it but you can make preparations and ideas because doing nothing will eventually lead to your own enslavement and you'll be in the vaccine que. Everyone needs a plan we just need someone to follow though with it. I'd do it but have no idea were actually go and dont have the money to buy land
  3. Think mainly its because they dont want actual humans about anymore they want the whole synthetic human hense the explosion in the transgender agenda. Humans to this cult are nothing more than slaves and eventually want humans more or less extinct sounds extreme I know but that's what's happening
  4. The main worry/ concern is that we are just sat here like sitting ducks waiting for the inevitable 2nd wave and the release of the vaccine because depending on your current situation its going to be a nightmare when the vaccines out because many will be pressured into taking it. Was hoping and still and hoping either david icke or someone came up with a destination or atleast an idea as to where we can all go and basically without been to dramatic start a new way of life away from all this because at the moment we are just sitting ducks. The vaccine and 2nd waves on Its way and we are still in the same position and from the looks of it even now masks are going to be forced nearly everywhere so life even here as we know it is over. Theres nothing left here anymore
  5. Thats the idea with it all. A slow death is easy to blame on other things. Say they get vaccinated and then like you say they eventually die it's easier if its years down the line to blame their death on something else other than the vaccine. They couldnt put something in the vaccine which would kill them quick as it would look obvious so a slow death is ideal. The nano technology is the key shit in the vaccine that's what they want the population having in their systems the slow death of people is secondary I think
  6. They cant control everyone remember and that includes the vaccine. Here in the uk theres 60 odd million people and after the 2nd wave scam think probably 50 million people will take the vaccine leaving us lot left to face the consequences and remember that's still 10 million people give or take left who they cant control. They csnt arrest or control so many people so if we all wanted to live away from all of this and started a new way of living/ community they couldnt stop us
  7. The off grid community does havent to be living hippie nature stuff or anything. People will be able to build their own houses bring with them whatever they like heck even myself would bring down my gym equipment for a gym Haha. We wouldn't be hunting for food or anything or living rough it would have to be proper and I'm sure it would especially with a lot of people doing it ie millions just just a handful of people. People can just live freely without this cabal running them.
  8. There will be land/ somewhere to go especially as there is so many of us. If it was only a few people rolling up obviously wouldnt work but legit there are probably 4/5 million people who will be looking at and now thinking about doing this as its become a realistic option especially with the vaccine on it's way. We will end up somewhere and it will be happening sooner rather than later from the looks of it
  9. Same I can aswell the way things are going it's going to be happening sooner rather than later. Where we all end go is another question but sure theres places/ land/ islands we can all go to because things are heading that way.
  10. The biggie with this is june 15th as to how the public react/ will they submit and go along with the mask bullshit. At the moment would say its 50/50. But if the majority do give in accept it masks will become mandatory in shops, pubs the worksplace next
  11. Feel the same. Thing Is aswell there are legitimately millions of people like us and together wherever it may be we can survive well and more important live and be happy. Alone you couldnt do it but if 4/5 million people decided they have had enough and went off the grid somewhere and started a community we would thrive. We do have a lot of options.
  12. To be honest legitimately think especially after this vaccine is humanity are going to go in two directions. The vaccinated group say 70 % of the world population will be allowed to go back to their old normal and the 30 % not vaccinated ie us lot who will be left unable to live on the system anymore as we will be banned from pretty much doing anything. We are all going to end up fighting this living together away in a community/ living area or something and I'm not taking the piss here either. I'd move now but nobody has suggested anything. To win this we need to stick together and we have strength in numbers
  13. If this new mask rule gets accepted things will only get worse and it will get to the point where you cant leave your house unless your wearing a mask. At the moment oddly enough think its probably split down the middle at 50/50 as to who is against it and who is for the mask farce. We have got a legitimate chance of stopping this rule because a lot of people are going against it
  14. Honestly just say no and say I dont want to wear a mask so I'll book an appointment elsewhere. If enough people go against this we will win
  15. Legit all we can do is not wear the masks and hope the majority do the the same because that's the only way of beating this. If this new mask rule gets accepted then it will be followed by shops, public places and then everywhere all leading to a mandatory vaccination. This has to be stopped now
  16. It will work out in the end/ we will win. It will just take time. More people are legitimately waking up by the day and eventually we will triumph over this cult.
  17. Honestly if you can live off grid even in a small scale do it while you can now before this second wave farce kicks in this winter or even September. Atleast that way you and your wife will be out of the way of all of this. Got a feeling this next lockdown will be like Italy's and Spain too with the military on the streets ect so it will be a nightmare. Then they will release the vaccine shortly after.
  18. In the end everything will work out for the better much like david said think humanity will triumph in the end. Just feel the rest of this year and basically the build up of this second wave and all the drama with that will be tough to take especially once they roll the vaccine out. It's hard to make any sort of plans in terms of what to actually do regarding where do you live, do you move off the grid, what to do with work ect. At the moment it's just frustrating but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It just might take a few years to get there
  19. Think the same unfortunately. They are already hinting at September as to when this is going to return neil ferguson said it yesterday aswell. Personally I'm struggling what to actually do at the moment because here on the grid atleast just feels like I'm waiting about to be under lockdown again and not allowed out unless I'm vaccinated. Was hoping david was going to say let's all sod off the grid and live away from all this shit or something lol. What are you looking at doing between now and the 2nd wave. You staying put or moving away to anything?
  20. Lol I'd go now. Cant be any worse than living on the grid here
  21. Can easily see this winter some even saying September they will bring this back so it's just a waiting game now. Dont want to be sat here again under lockdown come September not allowed out unless we are vaccinated. We could do with someone organising a location to move away or something to get away from all this farce
  22. Anyone else just totally fed up of this all. You cant make any plans because of the second wave coming so legit what do we do. Ie move off the grid?
  23. So basically us lot are growing in numbers by the day. Theres legit probably a few hundred million worldwide who back david and are onboard with everything that's going on. Even the critics and doubters can see what david has said has come true over the years so they are waking up to more of what he is saying instead of just ridiculing him.
  24. Would say us lot who know all about this agenda and what's really going on are about 15-20 % of the worlds population which although it sounds small it's still millions of people so that's a positive. Would say 40% are probably on the side of they know something isnt right and they know governments lie ect they know somethings going on ie it's just a flu under a scary name heavily scare mongered by the news and then theres the 30 % left who will believe everything the news tells them and the will be getting and pushing the mandatory vaccination ie pushing humanity's enslavement and this cults agenda
  25. Think if its coming back they will choose around that period of time too. Basically just wait for the weather to get colder when flu season is always high and call it a second wave. That's what they will be thinking
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