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  1. It's all do able but needs to be done properley. Know that sounds daft but we cant just jump ship without proper planning which to be fair like you said is happening now. Food, water, decent houses living facilities, toilets ect and it needs to be done in numbers we have legitimate strength in numbers and that's the only way this is going to work. It's the location more than anything which I'm struggling to think of going. Somewhere near a coast would be ideal as it's near water.
  2. Same would be great and to be honest can see something like that happening in the not to long distant future particularly if the mask rule stays in
  3. It's a perfect opportunity and one I just cannot see them passing up on because legit winters are always notorious for flus and it's the easiest chance ever to pull off another scam and label every flu and symptom known to man as Coronavirus. All comes down to how much they want this vaccine out that's what it boils down too
  4. If they are going to do the 2nd wave it will be this winter because It gives them a perfect opportunity to do so and some all be it low credibility of convincing the population that they have "finally" found a vaccine. Time will only tell of course but we do have to prepare for this happening. On twitter theres people already looking at starting communities and buying land. I'm definitely up for that! Haha
  5. Think similar mainly because if this second wave arrives this winter it would literally bankrupt the entire globe. They would have no slaves left and all companies would be on its knees. It depends how keen and quick they want to roll this vaccine out but david has said a second wave is been planned and hes been right on the money in all of this so it would be foolish not to prepare for this 2nd wave and vaccine because it impacts all our lives massively.
  6. It's not seeing into the future. David has already said they are planning a second wave and after the second wave is when the vaccine is coming out. It's happening whether we like it or not
  7. This was just a test and to be honest we have failed as per bloody usual. This cult still have the majority on board with this bullshit just like they always have done.
  8. Same. Think basically we have got months at best left until this all kicks off again and we in lockdown only this time a far more severe lockdown with military on the streets ect and that's when the vaccine will be ready. We havent got long
  9. They will do because the next wave will probably be a real one unlike this hoax. Winter is always a notorious time for getting the flu so no doubt they will use that to push this agenda forward.
  10. The 2nd wave is planned. I know the this virus is just the flu under a scary name as does thankfully a lot of people now but the 2nd wave is coming whether we like it or not. They will probably will use brazil as the place were it comes from. That's when the vaccines coming out which is why I and all of us just cant sit here waiting to go into lockdown again
  11. Mean to be honest I think we are just sitting ducks sat here because the 2nd wave is coming whether we like it or not and I just think the majority will give in and take the vaccine simply so they can get back to their old normal life whilst the rest of us lot suffer the consequences. It's just a matter of time before they create a 2nd wave and from the looks of it Brazil will be used like china was in the first wave to create another pandemic
  12. Long term ie before this planned second wave this winter I think social distancing will stay it will likely be reduced to1 metre at some point but will stay regardless as the majority have accepted it. Masks they wont be able to do fully as thankfully atleast at the moment theres a ton of people who wont wear them everywhere on transport they may stay however. The fear of it will stay as will the big push for cash to become non existent and card only in 80% of places. Those are probably the main things which will happen but it's all irrelevant really because a 2nd wave will get this cult what it wants with the vaccinations
  13. Fortunately the mandatory masks announcement went in our favour only just but would say 55% of people disagreed with it so that's a positive atleast. On june 15th it remains to be seen whether they will stick to their guns and not wear the masks. Am optimistic though we have enough people on board who wont give in and wear them because thankfully a lot of people can see it's a load of bollocks even those who believe the virus actually exists are arguing against the face masks
  14. June 15th will be the test in all of this. We have just got to hope the majority refuse to do it. It's a big moment to be honest
  15. All we can do is say no and hope the majority do the same. Surprisingly and fortunately would say it's in our favour at the moment with the masks say 55%- 45% in our favour or something like that against it been compulsory but admittedly time will only tell and june 15th will be the true test of it all. With your hair legit just cut it yourself its doable haha or get your hairdresser to come to your house to do it. A lot of hairdressers now are doing mobile appointments
  16. That's possible aswell to be honest. Whatever exactly it is at the core its evil that's for sure and it needs to be stopped.
  17. Feel the same to be honest. Right at the core of this much like what David said the core isnt human. My dad had an encounter with a ufo when he was a kid up close and I've seen UFOs ect so it isnt crazy stuff and its definitely out there. The synthetic human fits their agenda perfectly hense why fertility and sperm counts are plummeting. They legit dont need many actual humans. It's all about the synthetic human
  18. It's to big of a step to do although this step ie the Coronavirus is arguably their biggest step of the lot so far certainly bigger than 911. This step has destroyed the economy making way for a digital currency and cashless society. Has further enhanced control and surveillance threw tracing apps and is about to force nano technology on billions through forced vaccinations. Add the rollout of 5g and the death of quite a few people through lack of treatments and the common flu and they have achieved a lot in a matter of months. The ww3 needs more propoganda to justify it happening but they will do it once they get the majority vaccinated. It's one step at a time
  19. Short term your right the majority will go along with it and with fear alone the majority will take the vaccine we know that say 70% of the worlds population will take it but that still leaves 30% ie us lot left over which is a shit ton of people left fighting this.
  20. They cant even when the vaccines out they cannot force the military upon us. What they will do atleats at first is limit what we can and cant do and obviously in the end make it mandatory but even then aslong theres millions of people which there will be who refuse to take it the whole situation is fine. I get people want to fight it alone and do their own thing but you just cant. Without been too dramatic this is legit a war against the cabal and we can only win by having strength in numbers
  21. It wont get to that stage with people been dragged off to vaccination centres. The ones who take the vaccine will be allowed back to their old normal whilst the non vaccinated people will be living away from society that's where it's going. Remember after they get the majority vaccinated say 70% of the world that's when the build up to ww3 will begin and that's when the real depopulation can begin.
  22. Disgaree the government cant control millions of people. They cant control thousands of people heck even hundreds of people let alone millions. Dont under estimate the power we have. You will see it with the masks shite a lot and arguably maybe more people than not will defy and not wear them and the government cant do shit. This only works if the majority go along with it. A lot of people arent buying the official narrative and know something isnt right. We arent a minority anymore the world is legit waking up.
  23. 100% jack that's exactly what's going to happen. Hense why something needs to be done now
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