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  1. It doesn't exist. What does exist is the flu which always has done and always will do. All they have done is given the flu a scary propoganded name and labelled it with every symptom under the sun to further push forward all this agenda 21 shite. It's not that hard to see
  2. Haha think if someone is doing time travelling the government/ agenda will no doubt know. Wouldnt suprise me if the back to the future film was actually how time travel worked lol. Wouldnt be suprised.
  3. Are you on twitter? can try and add you in from there. Theres 290 people in it now.
  4. No haha just meant I think time travel has already been done by someone. Wouldnt even by suprised if it had been done by a random person either not a science 1% guy.
  5. I'm in a group with 200 people at the moment discussing off the grid type living if anyone wants to join it. Theres discussions on buying land/ where people are looking at moving to ect
  6. Time travel is and has already been done but the public will never hear about it. This cult will know about it aswell and are probably doing it themselves.
  7. Ashwaganda does works slightly it's worth trying and vitmain c is another thing to use for stress. Both combine will help for sure
  8. There will be bases there and legitimately who knows possible other life forms there too. The nazis were down there in 1938 aswell. Theres legit probably a ton going on down there
  9. Theres a ton going on down there but nobody is allowed to go plus it costs a fortune. A history group called sharkhunters the group who revealed hitler lived after ww2 in south america tried to set up an expedition to go there but it was stopped and the lady who helped them to set it up had her dog killed and her life threatened is she pursued it so that alone tells you somethings going on down there
  10. Admire your spirit but you wont get enough support for it. Shit sticks and the mask wearing on public transport is here to stay. Even if the law against it been made compulsory is removed the majority will still wear them that's how this cult are able to function as the majority go along with it all
  11. Know what you mean it's just so damn difficult because you know its coming back and yoi can just see the majority going along with it all again. When all said and done it's a decent bet that half of the worlds population will take this vaccine which is what mainly this Coronavirus scam is all about. Once they get enough people vaccinated this will all go away and they will leave us alone for a few more years before the whole ww3 build up. So if 50% get the vaccine that leaves the other 50% left so you are right there is still hope without a doubt. It's just hard at the moment because it just feels like I and all of us are sat here waiting for the 2nd wave to arrive.
  12. Hair transplant surgeons are a good example. All they push is the big pharma drugs like finasteride and minoxidl because they make a fortune off them. Dermarolling and scalp massages arent talked about or promoted because they cant make any money off it. Its the same with other treatments cancer, anxiety, depression ect all they can offer is the big pharma drug to solve the problem
  13. 100% and even when doctors or anyone who works in medicine realises that something isnt right they dont speak up in fear they may lose their highly paid jobs.
  14. It's a seriously tough situation we are all in to be honest and without been too dramatic the only way I personally see out of this is if we all sod off the grid and start a new community or something because the majority just arent going to go against this come winter they just arent. At the moment just feel like we are sitting ducks here because its only a matter of months before this farce returns and like you said what normal have we actually got left for these few months. Masks on transport distancing everyone footy without any fans theres nothing here left here. You cant even start a new job or look to do anything because you know we will all be in lockdown again in a few months
  15. It probably won't happen no. Not after all this especially with a planned 2nd wave on the way. Brexit will be pushed away and wont happen at all
  16. Feel similar on Johnson that genuinely dont think he is a horrible person or anything I just think now hes in too deep/ too scared like you said so hes waved the flag and surrendered to it all but he must know somethings not right he just must but it doesn't help any of us lot because we are left living under Orwellian state rules in wait for the inevitable planned 2nd wave and he will put us all in lockdown again arguably a harsher one next time . Bar the Belarus president and the president of the country in Africa who sent the grapefruit as a joke to test all other presidents/ leaders of their countries have surrendered to this cult
  17. This cabal will never get 90% going along with their agenda but they will get the majority. Only time will tell after the vaccine but if you had to have a guess I'd say just just over half of the worlds population will take the vaccine mainly because the restrictions in place for those who oppose will gradually get worse over time.
  18. Thing is with all of this is that it's all coming back in the winter so no matter how much we discuss it all round 2 is on its way and I cant help but feel we are just sitting ducks here because once the 2nd wave is under way we are all going to be in lockdown again with the majority buying every word of what the tv tells them. Maybe I'm just frustrated with it all but short term atleast just feel there isnt an actual plan of action or anything. Just feel like we are sitting here waiting for round 2
  19. Would say the majority of the world arent buying this which is brilliant. Say 45% know somethings not right and dont buy the official narrative. 40% have fallen for it all the mask wearers ect and then theres us lot say 15% who can see it all and know what is really going on. The majority know somethings not right so in that sense this cult/ cabal arent winning so atleast that's a positive
  20. My guess is that they will being this whole scam back this winter when it's already flu season label everything under the sun as Coronavirus and then magically find the vaccine in jan/feb that gives it enough credibility then for the majority to believe it. How many will actually take it is another question maybe 30/40% of the world population? Because thankfully a lot of people are awake to Bill Gates now
  21. Think the exact same. Come winter that's what they are going to do que then another more probably more severe lockdown and the vaccine will magically appear
  22. Imo the majority will wake up when AI starts driving their cars down the smartway motorway and people cant drive their cars anymore. That might be the last straw for some people
  23. Its what's going to happen when it's out because it will be made compulsory in the end. Life on the grid will be almost impossible because they will stop us from travelling, working heck even maybe eating lol. We need to be ready for it all
  24. We wont be returning to any type of normal until the majority are vaccinated or atleast until the vaccine is out. They ain't going to let this go
  25. Think aswell to be honest now they have made the masks mandatory its pushed a lot of people even those who were hesitant at the start to genuinely look at getting off this grid and moving onto another not because they want to defeat this cabal but just because they dont want to live their lives in gloves, masks and 2 metres apart from everyone so legitimately think there will be a ton of people involved in this.
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