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  1. Said it time and time again but will keep saying it we need to get off grid. We are just sitting ducks sat here
  2. This is all just a waiting game now before the 2nd wave which personally I think will introduce an monumental lockdown like spain and italy had. The majority will give in and take the vaccine whilst us lot will be left to face the consequences
  3. It will affect everywhere but eventually the non vaccinated people are going to have to move off grid its inevitable might take years and years but it's going to happen as life for whose on grid who refuse the vaccine will be made hell and the restrictions as to what we can and cannot do will just get worse over time.
  4. To be honest when all said and done think 70% will go along with this agenda take the vaccine and the rest of us lot the 30% will be left to face the consequences.
  5. At the moment I'm trying to move off grid with other people attempting to set up a new community and all that. It's going to take some effort though. Life on the grid not just for me but for a lot of people will never be the same and I legitimately cant be arsed sitting in another lockdown again this winter so wanted to get out while I can. On the vaccine it will be made mandatory in the end but that will take a few years to do so. It's the quickest vaccine ever remember and they cant mandate it at the start be travel restrictions ect then just go slowly worse and worse.
  6. Would happily move to the isle of wight lol if david announced it bet thousands would and all. This isn't over not my a long shot
  7. Again we can only hope the majority dont go along with it and refuse to wear them but they will do just like they always have done hense why are all in this mess
  8. Personally think we will win this in the end and the cabal will lose but its going to take years and years and in my opinion this battle cannot be fought on grid. People like us all need to be ideally together living away from it all off grid either in a community or just on a island somewhere Haha. If david icke announced he was moving away and starting a new community I'd go as would thousands of others in a heartbeat. Short term not enough people are going to wake up
  9. It wont go away I just mean the old normality what people are after will return so no masks distancing allowed to travel ect allowed in footy stadiums ect that will only happen once the majority are vaccinated. They will back off for a few years once they have achieved that and then its ww3 propoganda
  10. Alex


    4-5 years give or take for it to begin. This cult have to get the majority vaccinated first which will take 18 months- 2 years then do a few more terrorist attacks then finally get another war going. Will take 5 years give or take but it will happen
  11. Shows you just how damn keen and quick they want this vaccine into people and also shows you just how deadly it will be. Been sterile and having nano technology inside you is this cults wet dream because not only will the majority be sterile but they will also be hooked up to AI through nano technology which is what way kurzweil of google wants by 2030
  12. None of this will go away until the majority of the population are vaccinated. A second wave should do the trick but if they dont enough people taking it then yes a third wave is possible as is a fourth
  13. Think similar. The main reason I think they are introducing local lockdowns and hyping it up even more now is because the majority for the first time ignored them just went the beach. It was the first time this cult didn't get their own way so they have had to ramp it up and create more fear because a lot more people are realising its bascially a scam/ been way way overhyped. If more awaken your right they will probably bring the 2nd wave back earlier. It always goes cold in the last few weeks of october so that will be when I think it could start.
  14. Alex


    Honestly without been too dramatic I see the only way out of this is by heading off grid in a new community ect because on the grid we havent got a chance. The majority will go along with it all just like they always have done in the past. It makes more of a statement a load of people living a total new way all away from the system. Not enough people are going to wake up in time for this vaccine to come in which for us lot who refuse it our lives here will be made hell
  15. Alex


    I'm in a group on Discord with over 600 people on about living off grid if your interested. A lot are just totally fed up with the whole situation and want a change
  16. Same here. I live in widnes a smallish town near liverpool and there isnt much mask wearing thank god maybe 30% tops if that. More on public transport obviously but not everyone even on the buses has them on.
  17. Say when all said and done 60% of the worlds population will take the vaccine? Maybe a bit more maybe a bit less but it certainly wont be the vast majority but any means. A lot of people have genuinely woken up
  18. They are going to struggle to get the majority taking the vaccine. It will happen obviously but will take a few years it wont be instant as even pro vaxxers know it takes years to develop a vaccine
  19. Honestly wouldn't surprise me. No doubt they will come up with another orwellian rule for it. They ain't dropping this or any of it 100% until they release the vaccine.
  20. You have to be ready for it andy. Cant just sit here and pretend it isnt coming because david has already said its planned and you know they are diagnose everything under the sun as Coronavirus this winter. The majority will fall for it just like have done this time round
  21. Legit just say no or dont go. If enough people do the same they cant force it
  22. Personally cant see any normality returning before the 2nd wave. There may be an easing of these rules before the kids go back to school in September but that's only because they know kids wont wear a mask and social distance. It's a mess an absolute mess
  23. Play the asthma card if needs be on public transport they wont say anything then to you then.
  24. Think the same on the staged alien invasion think thats on the card once they get the majority vaccinated.
  25. Am in a group involved with looking at buying land and living off the grid in the uk If anyone wants to join . Theres 550 odd people in it at the moment its bascially all people fed up of living under this tyranny and wanting a change. It's on an app called Discord thought would put the message anyway
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