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  1. Covid 19 has never existed. All they have done is rebadge the flu with a new name and label it with every symptom under the sun. It was the easiest scam for this cabal to pull off becuase they didnt need a new real actual virus all they needed was the regular flus/ Coronaviruses which there are hundreds of and label it all under a new name "covid 19"

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  2. Ultimately none of this will go away until the majority are vaccinated. How long that takes and how many actually submit and take it is anyones guess. We could legit be heading for a mini cival war this winter because once furlough goes there will be chaos and people wont just willingly go into lockdown again like last time 

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  3. Its possible it will be made mandatory but it's far more likely they will introduce a lot of restrictions to those who decline it so it wont be mandatory but you cant travel work proper ect without it. ITV brought it up as have other media outlets and thankfully it got a major pushback even by a lot of pro vaxxers but the second wave may change it somewhat. We will have to wait and see I guess 

  4. 25 minutes ago, Silent Bob said:


    Are you in the UK? Would love to know more about this, I agree with you that a 'break away' offgrid community would be the best way forward right now. Just to be around like minded people away from all the madness would be worth it!


    I know it sounds negative but I just dont see a way out of it short term as not enough people will push back against it all before the vaccine ect so by getting as many people together and moving somewhere I feel is the only way out short term. Am from liverpool lol were trying to get it set up and just move lol because of all the mask shit. 

  5. 27 minutes ago, Captainlove said:

    Do you ever post anything positive all i hear from you is doom and the second wave.Try to post some ideas of how to stop them instead.And to your point about wearing masks at home it would be impossible to police so totally stupid.

     Because its happening. You cant bury your head in the sand! All this is happening and not enough of a majority will push back against this. Am in a group trying to push a move off grid setting up a new community but it's a long shot. We ain't getting out of this mess unless we move off grid and get together because staying here we are like sitting ducks. 

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  6. The only way out and to return to normal is with gates vaccine. So for us lot who wont take it normal life will never return  it sounds dramatic but it's the truth. There wont be big enough of a pushback to stop this happening between now and 2nd wave and the mask rules will just get harsher and harsher.

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  7. 28 minutes ago, Ch. Miller said:

    I agree, it will be globally the same, with some delays here and there.
    A summary I posted on another thread:

    So the "options" we are given by the elites' Covid-scam:

    1) Lockdown and permanent economic recession > death
    2) Mandatory mouth masks > dangerous side effects, impaired immune system > death
    3) Mandatory vaccination > retro-viruses in blood, impaired immune system, destroyed cell, DNA reduced to subhuman genetic code (XNA) > death
    4) Deliberate malpractice and lack of beneficial healthcare > death
    5) Totalitarian control > lack of freedom, lack of free movement, etc > death
    6) All of the above (ah and plus 5G and digital ID in the vaccine!)

    Most likely 6) shall happen. After Gates vaccinated the whole world, he and his fascist mates shall introduce a new chapter of another threat to "justify" our lack of freedom.
    They always rely on our willingness to resume to convenient self-deception, false hopes and wishful thinking.
    That is the usual fascist method: first they use blackmail and extortion to get what they want, then they kill you anyway.


    Bascially yeah that's the way it's going unless of course there is big enough of a push back. Its like with this 2nd wave you just know the majority will once again fall for it hook line and sinker and we will be in an even bigger mess than we are in now. Because once in lockdown the only way out will be to take this vaccine and if you decide not to you ain't coming out of lockdown 

  8. They want the masks mandatory everywhere like literally everywhere. There is a push back but whether it will be big enough of a push back remains to be seen.


    Personally think they will be mandatory everywhere expect when exercising and general walking. Shops and all public places pubs resteraunts ect they will be mandatory. All until the vaccine 

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  9. 21 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    Brain-dead public will mate. Someone last night at dinner said "we are not ready for AI yet" I thought you must be fucking joking mate majority of these lobotomised cucks will welcome it with open arms. 


    Unfortunately think so too. The majority are all too far gone with their programming. On the plus side though more people are legitimately waking up and are questioning things. The true test will be this next wave and see if they actually go along with it all and lockdown because by then furlough will have gone 

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  10. 34 minutes ago, jack121 said:


    That's why i spend all this time putting up these posts on every anti vaxx forum on the internet. More and more people are waking up due to the efforts of dedicated brothers. Do a search for these forums and jump onboard with the resistance. Rather than losing to despair, do something positive. The government have an army of keyboard warriors trying to nullify our efforts, we need help. Please help. There is plenty you can do.


    If you can wake up just one person you will have done something constructive with your day. The number of sheep was about 90% before this pandamic, no it is down to 70% You can make a difference.




    Your right it's just so frustrating seeing the majority fall for it all they are been led up the garden path.  Will keep on trying to wake people up though because your right there are legitimately a lot more awake to all of this now and are questioning it

  11. 4 hours ago, Seeker said:

    There’s plenty of people getting curious about what is going on, their intuition is telling them something doesn’t add up. We can all give those people a nudge to wake up, whether it’s us explaining or some good videos whatever method you think is best. I find if I explain the main NWO goal it becomes very easy to see how this plandemic is a catalyst for it. Some people have figured out things like 9/11 or climate change bs, but they don’t understand the big picture and why, explain that and that it’s the exact same people after the exact same goal. Bill gates is a great example as he’s involved with it all, except for 9/11 as far as I know. He pushes the climate change bs, pushing this pandemic hoax, has shares in Monsanto for gmos, invests in geoengineering and weather manipulation, toxic/ sterilising vaccines, a small influence on 5G, etc. 


    I wouldnt go this deep because it’s too much to comprehend at first for someone waking up but this is happening to suppress humanity awakening. That’s why they want to dumb us down, damage the pineal gland, affect our brain with Nanotechnology and sterilise us because we have power in numbers. We know there’s mind parasites feeding off the negative vibes, stop feeding them and be hopeful, bring that change by waking up those around you who will then wake up more, creating a domino effect. We are at this point because the elite are desperate, making it more obvious what is going on, we will win this. 


    When it comes to totally brainwashed people, I don’t even waste my time as it’s going to make you frustrated, we don’t need that in our day so figure out whose curious with a feeler question. I like to ask something like ‘do you feel like something doesn’t make sense about all this’ 


    Also Bill Gates has told us whenever the second wave is coming, and laughed about it. Around October time. We have time to prepare things like food 


    The second wave is what I and a lot are fearing the most just feel the majority will fall for it hook line and sinker all over again and am worried we wont be allowed out of our house unless were vaccinated. Know what you mean there are a lot of people genuinely questioning it all now but still feel this 2nd wave will finish off any hopes of them waking up nobody seemed interested or willing to move off grid or atleast get together on the matter before it all kicks off at the end of October again so kind of feel lost here. I just cant see enough people waking up in time and I think the majority will take this vaccine whilst us lot are left to face the consequences 

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  12. How is everyone's thoughts at the moment with all this?

    To me it just feels like we are sitting ducks here knowing that a 2nd wave is coming and we wont be allowed out unless were vaccinated? Kind of lost as to what to do

  13. Part of me just wants david to announce and say sod it I'm moving away to a community off grid or something and your all invited to join me Haha. Legit cant be doing with another lockdown staying here and not been allowed out unless were vaccinated. 

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  14. 5 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:


    I had someone (a regular civvie) a few days ago out of the blue ask me if I knew of anyone with a property with a garden to rent, as they did not want to be stuck in a flat with children come a second lockdown. I did put them onto someone who I knew had a vacant property with a garden.  I wonder how many other people are thinking of relocating to a more lockdown comfortable home?  Even if one can't go fully off grid or with an independent community right now, finding a place that is better is always in the right direction.  A small house in or backing onto woodland and with no or as few neighbours as possible, who could be self-appointed Stasi informers, would be nice.   Maybe something nautical, a boat?    Property values in Leicester must be even more dicey with the lockdown plus.


    To be honest I think a lot of people are looking at it. They are aware of the second wave and dont want to be locked in their houses again. How many get up and actually go though is another question. Be brilliant if david icke announced he was moving somewhere because I legit bet there would be thousands who would go. 

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  15. 3 hours ago, awake said:


    Imaginary freedoms. But more free than "lockdown"


    For those who dont get vaccinated life is going to be made hell wouldnt even be suprised if we have to wear badges or something saying we havent had the vaccine. Its going to get slowly worse and worse 

  16. 2 hours ago, Illmatic said:


    One thing I find interesting is the lack of information still about this virus. There seems to be conflicting information on every side. Nobody agrees and there's no real evidence for anything being true. But we're able to strongly predict a second wave? Why? We don't even know if people have immunity to the virus but we know there's going to be a spike in November?


    If there really in another mass lockdown I'm going to consider my options, if living off grid is even possible I think it's the only answer.


    Remember there is no covid 19 it's a scam. All they have done is use the regular flu and labelled it with every symptom under the sun. Gates has ready said the second wave will be here at the end of October so we know when it's coming and another lockdown will be here. Off grid is possible but it's only do able in numbers I'm apart of a group who are looking at doing it but its slow progress as everyone has different commitments 

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