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  1. Covid 19 has never existed. All they have done is rebadge the flu with a new name and label it with every symptom under the sun. It was the easiest scam for this cabal to pull off becuase they didnt need a new real actual virus all they needed was the regular flus/ Coronaviruses which there are hundreds of and label it all under a new name "covid 19"
  2. Always have thought eventually we would win this but it's going to be a long road. We all might end up having to move off grid together to fight it but eventually the masses will wake up. Theres more good people than bad people in the world and eventually they will wake up to it all.
  3. On a positive note though theres a petition going around on twitter which has over 75,000 signatures for not allowing any restrictions to those ie us lot who will refuse the vaccine. If it gets to 100,000 signatures it is considered for a debate in parliament so that's good I guess
  4. Ultimately none of this will go away until the majority are vaccinated. How long that takes and how many actually submit and take it is anyones guess. We could legit be heading for a mini cival war this winter because once furlough goes there will be chaos and people wont just willingly go into lockdown again like last time
  5. Its possible it will be made mandatory but it's far more likely they will introduce a lot of restrictions to those who decline it so it wont be mandatory but you cant travel work proper ect without it. ITV brought it up as have other media outlets and thankfully it got a major pushback even by a lot of pro vaxxers but the second wave may change it somewhat. We will have to wait and see I guess
  6. I know it sounds negative but I just dont see a way out of it short term as not enough people will push back against it all before the vaccine ect so by getting as many people together and moving somewhere I feel is the only way out short term. Am from liverpool lol were trying to get it set up and just move lol because of all the mask shit.
  7. Because its happening. You cant bury your head in the sand! All this is happening and not enough of a majority will push back against this. Am in a group trying to push a move off grid setting up a new community but it's a long shot. We ain't getting out of this mess unless we move off grid and get together because staying here we are like sitting ducks.
  8. The masks are going to be mandatory in all public places eventually and honestly think during and before this 2nd wave they will have the public wearing them ar home too. Already seen stories popping up on how they are "encouraging" mask use at home
  9. There is legitimately a proper push back here. It wont be enough to overturn this from been made compulsory i dont think but there is a pushback happening
  10. The only way out and to return to normal is with gates vaccine. So for us lot who wont take it normal life will never return it sounds dramatic but it's the truth. There wont be big enough of a pushback to stop this happening between now and 2nd wave and the mask rules will just get harsher and harsher.
  11. Bascially yeah that's the way it's going unless of course there is big enough of a push back. Its like with this 2nd wave you just know the majority will once again fall for it hook line and sinker and we will be in an even bigger mess than we are in now. Because once in lockdown the only way out will be to take this vaccine and if you decide not to you ain't coming out of lockdown
  12. They want the masks mandatory everywhere like literally everywhere. There is a push back but whether it will be big enough of a push back remains to be seen. Personally think they will be mandatory everywhere expect when exercising and general walking. Shops and all public places pubs resteraunts ect they will be mandatory. All until the vaccine
  13. Unfortunately think so too. The majority are all too far gone with their programming. On the plus side though more people are legitimately waking up and are questioning things. The true test will be this next wave and see if they actually go along with it all and lockdown because by then furlough will have gone
  14. They want them compulsory everywhere and they will get their wish because the majority will go along with it all.
  15. It will be made mandatory in shops its inevitable. Legit wouldnt suprise me if they made it mandatory everywhere
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