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  1. Is any body here from Mexico? How are the covid rules there and is it different than in Europe? Austria has the worst rules in the world according from someone who was in Dubai, Spain and Switzerland. He lives in Switzerland and is now in Spain on Holliday.
  2. Hitler wasn't that evil. he just told us what we have to do. everybody said yes. they could have said no. Also he was just a puppet like everybody else. At least the second Hitler. The first was different that's why they killed him.
  3. I got a letter today from the social insurance here in Austria. I am a high risk person and thy choose me to get a vaccine. I am in Group 2, so I am the next group in line. Sadly I have a problem in my right shoulder, so I can't raise my arm. You know what I mean.
  4. that's true. one thing for sure i will not get angry about that anymore. if most of the people want the new normal so be it. i will not be part of it.
  5. don't give them energy. They don't matter. They do not deserve our attention. .
  6. I had stomach problems since 2018. i read a few things. Putin was the good guy and the west evil and so on. Islam is bad but so as the rest of the religions, migrants are also there to take over like we did with Australia. The politicans are evil, i hate them and so on. Rothschild owns the world but he also is a lost soul and i know that I am happier than he ever will be. He ist afraid every day from this invincible hand. I knew about icke since 2012 but never looked into it. I startet at the end of 2019 to look into David icke. It changed me. stomach is much better. the negativ en
  7. just read Heal the world by David Icke. Beautiful boo. I don't need to know about Babylon and religion. I already know that they are evil. What we need to do is love. We are a part of this covid simulation like everybody else. We need to love the lost souls like all the politicians are. You never see them laugh at all. That will turn around everything. love everybody. I love all of you
  8. thank you. with no mask on of course
  9. ok I took the test because I need to go to a hospital tomorrow but at a doctor not those test stations. ok it is dry, and it doesn't get deep into the nose. I get deeper with my finger. Didn't have to raise my head like you see it on TV. If you have to go and there is no why out go to a real doctor but still this was the first and last time I took this test.
  10. so there is an app now but can't find it at all. Not on an tablet or the nvidia shield TV box
  11. Thank you. I would prefer a book but I guess a kindle version is ok too. I am from Austria and shipping for just one book is not worth it.
  12. Icke was always saying that he told us what is happening right now for 30 year or so. What is the name of this book? I saw the answer by the way if it helps
  13. he does feel better though with the shirt on
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