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  1. David Icke could be next, I guess.
  2. so when can we sue all the politicians. They are lying every time when they open their mouth
  3. Winter was not like it used to be. Lets see how it is this year. Every year since 2013 it got worse. I don't know why we have much more bees than last year. They are still doing the same.
  4. Not going to happen. Something changed this year. More bees are flying, flies and overall more insects. It is raining at night when the day was hot more often. The last few years was a drought compared to this year. They are desperate. First covid, now war. Food crisis is not going to happen. They are only selling fear. They are to fast now with their implementation of the plan. 2024 is closer and when icke is right they have to go. Love wins.
  5. Is this the reason why we see something in the clouds. Although there are no clouds anymore
  6. I am reading the book The Perception Deception by David Icke. Are this archons only in our Solar system? They are on Saturn according to the book. Their are other galaxies but they are only here. They feed from us but can't they go to other life in the universe and all the frequencies?
  7. You can no longer drive with petrol or diesel on Sunday and the maximum speed is 70 km/h. Gasoline and diesel remain expensive and CO2 taxes will also come. With an electric car you don't have these restrictions. Thanks to the green number plate, one can distinguish who is exempt from the restrictions. So we voluntarily switch to electric. Digital euro will also be voluntary. You pay 20% less with the digital euro than with a debit card or in cash. You will be able to exchange the euro for digital euros one-to-one, without any fee. The reverse is also possible, but you have to pay a 10% fee. Salaries must be paid in digital euros or euros. The more people pay with digital euros, the more digital euros the company has. If the employee wants the salary in euros, the company has to pay a 10% fee for the exchange from digital to normal euros. These costs are deducted from the salary of the worker. Money that comes from the state is automatically digital, but you can also have the normal euro with a 10% fee. So we will voluntarily use the digital euro.
  8. There is a music concert here in Austria against war in Ukraine. Why not for peace?
  9. I'm pretty sure they don't know what they are doing
  10. I know that there is no virus but some people have molecules and I don't. Maybe it's the food they eat
  11. What is the PCR test actually testing? There are people who are positive. I did the spit PCR test and always negative. It must text something what I don't have. I know one who is positive but from what?
  12. Either nothing or everything is real on tv. So guess the Simpsons are real people than.
  13. Maybe they will attack Ukraine. They don't care about people, and I don't mean the so-called leaders. The people don't care about other people. They all can say no. Bells are going to ring in Austria for Ukraine. Where were the bells for Iraq? Probably because they are brown. No champion league in St. Petersburg but we take the Gazprom money
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