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  1. What is her problem. Those people are vaccinated so normally it will protect them. They will do everything to divide us
  2. I will never get the vaccine. Not even dead. When I die,they have to born me, flush the ashes down the toilet and than give the vaccine somebody else.
  3. Somebody I know wants to get the vaccine because he doesn't want to do those selvetest anymore.
  4. Everybody is showing the heart symbol now. What is that all about. Definitely not love.
  5. The tab water is positive according to the selvetest here in Austria. I tested the water and it says positive.
  6. She is not A threat. We make the choice. The best thing is to laugh.
  7. It's ferrofluid. That's why it is in movies and music videos
  8. It is always at 80% in winter and they even cut the beds down. We used to have more.
  9. Makes sense because covid has a contract with the restaurant.
  10. And I thought Switzerland I not so stupid as we are
  11. On Monday I walked to the post office. This office is in a store called Fussl. You can buy clothes there. In the Post office you need to wear a musk and in stores like Fussl not. Where you can pay for clothes is 2 meters away from the post office. Same room no walls are there. It is open. The woman who was at Fussl did not wore a musk. She walk to steps to the post office and she put on a musk. It is the law she said. I said is the an invisible wall or as the virus a contract with Fussl? People are stupid
  12. https://www.krone.at/2504537 Austria is right behind Australia. If the intensive beds are at 20% utilization, the unvaccinated are not allowed to go to restaurants, watching football games etc. unless they get a PCR test. The vaccinated still need to wear musks. The vaccinated people will not get more freedom buck but they are happy when the unvaccinated get less. People are like that
  13. For those who are speaking German. Only the unvaccinated have to where a musk now. If I go in a store and don't where a mask I look like a vaccinated and nobody would control me besides I never wore a mask since this started https://www.krone.at/2502451
  14. https://davidicke.com/2021/08/29/covid-hoax-freak-show-in-australia-as-actors-are-used-to-pose-as-covid-patients/ They have to tell us this. If we not do something about it, we agree. Nobody can say I didn't know. Like in WW2. They knew but by not standing up you agree
  15. I always thought Switzerland will resist. It is almost like Austria. 3Gs they call it. Vaccinated, testet and when you had covid, you are allowed you go in restaurants etc. Why do we allow morons to tell us what we have to do. Just look at those politicians? They look like idiots. They are freaks, best place for them would be a freakshow. Nobody should take theme seriously. Hitler wanted to be a painter. Here is some jag of colour and now paint my wall. No world war 2.
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