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  1. No he is healthy but a smoker.
  2. If people stop watching the news it would be over
  3. He didn't had a test yet. If it would be 2018 he wouldn't think about it. It is because of the media.
  4. The father of a friend mine can't smell and taste not so good since yesterday.He has no cold or anything like that. I know it is not Covid but what could it be?
  5. What are they up to? TV "stars" saying something against Corona and stuff like this on TV, this is for sure all planned.
  6. So somebody ned to explain that to me. What is your theory to that. https://www.wz.de/panorama/verschwoerungstheorien-saenger-michael-wendler-auf-kuriosen-abwegen_aid-53942225 This is somebody in Germany on TV. A so called "star". Why do they say things against Corona and the politicians? I mean they need the media or maybe he thinks he can make more money whem he says something like that because we are getting more? Anyway there must be a plan from the spider for that.
  7. it worked. Thank you. If you need anything just ask me
  8. How can I change the location where it download the video on Linux. It is downloading in home
  9. or is it easier on widows. I downloaded the youtube dl but it won't open
  10. it is saving the video on home. sadly there is not enough space on it. How can i change it where it should download the video
  11. I think it works. Can you show me how it works on windows. I bet it is easier
  12. I know what you mean. I always say wir haben (we have) instead of da ist (there is). That's how we talk here I guess. Never heard there is.
  13. sorry I am not a native English speaker. I am from Austria
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