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  1. I have a question about the vaccine. Lucky me that I am not allowed to get one. Anyway the mother of my best friend has to take the vaccine because of her job. Those it harm you when you believe it doesn't. It's all frequency after all.Maybe something natural can help against this. If you have anything from icke or other websites please send me a message. I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  2. it will be easier to reduce the population with no war ant killing people. You just can't get pregnant anymore only a few can make the babies in a labor. It will go fast when there is no birth
  3. It's joke. People are just see what they are programmed too.
  4. Where was the security? It is a TV show, a cheap one.
  5. What a show. Does anybody think it is real. I knew it would happen last year.
  6. Hitler didn't kill anybody. He just told them to do it. They could have said no
  7. Why does this vaccine not freeze? -70 degrees Celsius,it has to be frozen when it is a liquid. What is actually in it.
  8. I will not get the vaccine anyway. I am not allowed too. My immune system is weak. I never wore a mask. Nobody is saying anything at all. i have a note from the doctor that I can't wear one
  9. They are definitely not the fittest but those we see are not the rulers. Bill gates a ruler. He is a clown, joke and nothing else
  10. but still somebody wants us dead? it is writen on the georgia guidestones
  11. Those reptuids get energy from our fear. Why do they want to kill everyone besides 500 million. That doesn't make sense.
  12. it is so funny. Please listen to it when you can speak german
  13. Biden will win. Trump say this was fraud. Referee is going to reverse the discussion. On the next PPV it will be a no DQ match. Flair is on Trump corner and Undertaker on Bidens corner. Who is becoming the next US champion?
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