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  1. If some one claiming to be a healer says they can heal you, for a price, chances are they are fake or charlatan, unless that is what they do to make a living. I have never charged any one, that my friend is the difference. No healer will tell you they can heal you, only help you.
  2. Love the idea, hope this thread continues for a long time. I am sure we have all had some thing strange happen to us at some time. I certainly have. My grand mother who I was very close to, died in agony with stomach cancer in 1975. I was 15. She was the proverbial salt of the earth, never had a bad word for anyone. Would have given her last slice of bread to some one who was hungry even though she was starving her self. After that I considered my self an atheist, because as I thought at the time if there is a god then some thing so awful would not happen to some one like her. Fast forward nearly 15 years while I was in a long term relationship which was coming to an end, we were wondering what to get her Father for a birthday and retirement present. We happened to bump into a man who she used to live opposite to when married to her ex-husband This man was an artist who worked from home, the idea suddenly came to her whilst talking that a painting of her Dads dog would be a good idea. We agreed to go and see him one evening. Previous to this meeting I had hurt my back one morning. X-rays showed a disease called "Shermans disease". This is some thing that affects about 1 in a hundred teenagers. Four of my vertebrae in my lower back look as if they have been nibbled at by some one using pliers. One vertebrae in particular is half as wide as it should be, putting a lot of pressure on the one below it. I would struggle to get out of bed in the morning and a day at work was agony after 8 hours. We went to see this artist about the dog painting and during the evening my back came into the conversation. Then with out warning John announced that he was a healer. "Do you mean a faith healer". I asked. "No we don't use that term any more". He replied. He then persuaded me to go with him into the kitchen where he sat me down on a dining chair, sideways. He then put one hand on my chest and the other on my back. My back immediately felt as if he had put a hot water bottle on it. The next morning my back was not hurting or stiff. I had no discomfort at work the next day. After the second evening we discovered he was a spiritualist. What he told me that night fired my imagination and I started going to a spiritualist church. I have been involved in spiritualism ever since, as a healer and giving demonstrations of mediumship. My wife awoke one night with the feeling that some thing was trying to get into her body. All she could think to do was say the lords prayer, the entity, if that is what it was stopped. It has not come back to try again.
  3. Totally agree. I am starting to assume these people have no faith in their own immune system, or more likely have never bothered to think about it for a few minutes. As for people who work in shops, I would like to think some are a bit more switched on and for all we know any of us on here could work for a super market. They are only doing as the store manager has told them to do because that is what his/her area manager has told them to do. They in turn have been told what to do by some one at head office, who has been told what to do by some one above him/her. And so it goes on to the top of the pyramid.
  4. When quing out side with all the others I really want to shout "Am I the only one here who knows this is totally unnecessary".
  5. I always make a point of engaging the check out operator in conversation and at least drop hints about the crap the M.S.M and government spew out. From small seeds mighty oaks grow.
  6. Bet the woman in flowery dress and glasses has got track and trace switched on, on her phone.
  7. Or force an action man into submission
  8. Have noticed recently masks are very much in the minority, compared to a few weeks ago. People don't shit them selves any more if you walk past them in the aisles. Just wish a certain super market would stop the fucking stupid, pathetic one way systems. That super market begins with T and ends in esco. Last Friday followed two staff members who had obviously just finished their shift and doing shopping side by side constantly chatting to each other. They didn't give a toss who walked past them or stood right next to them while getting items from shelves.
  9. The only pandemic going on is a pandemic of stupidity
  10. Just been listening to sky news on phone in kitchen. The queen and trooping of the colour. She has two birthdays a year that makes her 184 years old. What caught my attention was some army officer saying the military have recently been involved in operation re-script. Re- script, re-set? Sounds similar to me.
  11. I have no strong opinion about Brian Rose. Maybe he is an arrogant waster or a very genuine caring bloke, or some where in the middle. Been waiting for Rose-Icke iv since the minute the last one finished. Cant wait. Come on David tell it like it is.
  12. Thought this thread might be the best one to ask a question about clones. Wife been looking at stuff today about cloning. Has any one heard of an alleged escaped clone called Donald Marshall. He/it is supposed to have escaped from a D.U.M.B some where in the U.S. which is also a cloning facility.
  13. I am quite disillusioned with every thing at the moment. George Flloyd, was he murdered by a cop. (Personally I think he was). People saying he wasn't, and it was all a set up, which some of what people are saying sort of makes sense and is logical, i.e why didn't those standing watching do some thing to stop it instead of filming it. Why did paramedics treat him the way they did. Both me and wife believed covid-19 was real but only for a short time. Soon realized it was crap. Then along comes this trouble in U.S.A. Coincidence? If it was then that points to the whole George Flloyd killing being staged. More likely to be a happy coincidence for the cabal. Watched most of the video posted by "Tin foil hat" on the first page of this thread. After seeing most of it I couldn't help but wonder what the looters were hoping to achieve by stealing goods from innocent shop keepers. I suspect they didn't care a toss about George Flloyd and were taking stuff because it was easy pickings, black and white skinned alike. We on this forum are talking to each other because we are followers of David Icke. We come from all over the world. Some have been fortunate to attend one of his talks, I hope to myself one day. Many of us have read some or all of his books. We have seen his videos on u-tube (before the dictators there deleted his account), David Icke .com or ickonic. We follow him because we understand the message he is trying to spread to the people of the world. Was George Flloyd killed because of the heavy handed actions by a white police man? NO. Was George Flloyd a black man? NO. Am I a white man? NO. Am I an English man? NO. Is my Father a scots man? NO. Was Martin Luther King a black man? NO. Was Adolf Hitler a white man? NO. The answer to all these questions is no, simply because we are all infinite consciousness having a physical experience. I am not a white man, that just so happens to be the colour of my skin during this experience. Why am I considered to be an English man because I was born the other side of some bloody fence to some one else. My Mother was born in England. My Father was born in Scotland, some would consider me to be of mixed race, despite the U.K umbrella. What I am trying to say here is this. David is right, we really do need to stop putting labels on our selves. I am a, I am a. No you are not, we are all far more than we give our selves and others credit for. One of his earliest books was entitled "Love changes everything". If the whole world started to love each other, have empathy and respect for each other, then as far as the cabal is concerned its game over. His message is really so simple and truthful and yet some 30 years on people still call him a nutter or think he is dangerous What is dangerous about trying to show the way to peace and harmony the world over. Stop fighting, start loving.
  14. I have also worked in spiritualist churches as a medium and sat in circles, currently, when stupid lockdown over we will get back to our physical circle. Respect friend.
  15. I suspect a few doctors and nurses in this country are whispering, not shouting due to fear of being disciplined, shouted down by colleagues who have bought the scam, hook, line and sinker. Some will just not care as long as they are getting paid to do nothing. Any that should find the balls to shout loud enough will not get within a mile of a microphone at the B.B.C (British Bull shit Corporation) or any other M.S.M outlet. A friend of ours who's son is a porter at a local hospital has said he has never known it to be so quiet and no there are not ambulances constantly screaming into A&E with another covid case. Which the M.S.M has portrayed. Easy to see now how nurses have time on their hands to post well rehearsed dance videos on u-tube.
  16. Not been on this particular forum before. Glad I decided to have a look. A lot of what people have posted has made me giggle. Came across a site on u-tube last night. "World alternative media". One video shows presenter in Mexico walking down sea front road which was cordoned off due to half the road having corona virus on it and the other half didn't. He was asked then told by cops to get the other side of the tape where all the other people were. The only pandemic going on in the world is stupidity.
  17. Just been trying to reply to a post from yesterday. "Sorry you are blocked" keeps coming up on screen again just like a few weeks ago. Any one else having problems?
  18. Nothing to do with covid-19, but got B.B.C news on T.V cos wife saw some thing on phone about cenotaph in London being vandalised. Have seen report about statue of slave trader in Bristol being pulled down, rolled through streets and thrown into river. Why the fuck is a statue a of slave trader erected any where? Have you ever noticed, that when a protest turns violent for what ever reason, the M.S.M quotes how many police have been injured, but never how many protesters. Feel free to discuss.
  19. Hi all, what a shit weekend and I don't mean the weather. Got back from taking Banjo for a walk Friday evening. Yes we really do have a dog called Banjo. We called him Banjo because its easier to spell than glochenspiel or xylophone and a dog called trombone would be just silly. As I was saying, got back from walk then about fifteen minutes later he started to have a seizure. He suffers from epilepsy. Sat on kitchen floor until 2 o'clock Saturday morning with him as they came thick and fast. He finally fell asleep and was o.k until 4.30, then they started again until 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon. These seizures are truly awful to have to watch, but will not leave him on his own. Keep playing soothing music for him at 432 MHz and keeping him quiet. It will take 3-4 days for him to fully recover. Was going to post a few things Friday night that might have made you all smile, that can wait until another day. I have quoted a book I am reading at the moment on this forum, suggested by David in one of his pod casts on u-tube before the dictators there deleted his account. "The invisible rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. Not read much last two weeks, been reading "The biggest secret". Picked up invisible rainbow this afternoon, wondering if he mentions in future chapters any thing about increase in epilepsy in dogs or people since advent of mobile phone and internet. Nothing yet, but I would bet there is, because epilepsy is due to electrical activity in the brain. You maybe are wondering by now "what has this got to do with corona virus". Bear with me. Was reading this afternoon, that Gro Harlem Brundtland got head aches from mobile phones. At the time she was Director-General of the World Health Organization and the former prime minister of Norway. She ordered that no one was to enter her office in Geneva with a mobile phone on their person. She gave an interview about it in 2002 to a Norwegian national newspaper. The following year she was no longer D.G of the W.H.O. Makes you wonder who controls the W.H.O, surely not Bill Gates etc. As all of you know, Elon Musk is planning on launching 42,000 space-ex satellites to provide 5g coverage of the earth. If the author of this book is correct, and I have no reason to suspect he isn't. Did you know a company called One Web has submitted applications for 5,260 to cover the Antarctic and Arctic. ( Watch as the ice melts and is blamed on climate change). Telesat 512, Amazon 3,236. Get this, (quote) "Facebook, thus far, has an experimental satellite license from the FCC under which it is not required to disclose its plans to the public" (un-quote). A new company Lynk has an experimental license to deploy "several thousand" by 2023. Now, just a thought of mine and you can call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, I care not. What if, this so called pandemic is a dry run to see if, and, how many people around the world can be manipulated into a state of fear, they are going to die from a terrible virus and need to be vaccinated against it. Then when people start to become ill from exposure to 5g with some thing caused by 5g, which any one who makes the connection will be called a conspiracy theorist and ignored by governments and the vast majority of M.S.Ms world wide. The likes of Gates, Fauci, Zukerberg, Musk, W.H.O, UNICEF etc, and those who lurk in the shadows controlling them produce another vaccine which will also connect the population to A.I, and a global computer system with ultimate control of the human mind, which has been predicted by David for years. GOTCHA. Don't know if this has been posted, but here goes. Apparently Greta Thunberg has said that people should stop using chop sticks because of all the trees that have to be cut down to make them. The Japanese have suggested she goes back to school, she might learn that chop sticks are made from bamboo which is easily sustainable due to its growth rate. Even if they were made of wood I am sure they could be washed along with plates and bowls and re-used. Just when you think her stupidity cant sink any lower, she proves you wrong. Another one for Miss Thunberg is this. She really needs to read the above mentioned book and do some serious research. She then might begin to realize it is not diesel and petrol cars etc destroying the planet. She, and others, will understand the damage mobile phone signals etc are doing. She is right about one thing, it is human caused, but not global warming from co2 or climate change. The climate is constantly changing, always has, always will through natural processes. Again, from above mentioned book, the amazon rain forest. In July 2002 America financed a Raytheon-built 1.4 billion dollar system of radars and sensors called SIVA (system for Vigilance of the Amazon). This system was to monitor activities in a 2 million square mile of wilderness to try and hamper drug traffickers. This system has 25 very powerful surveillance radars, 10 Doppler weather radars, 200 water monitoring stations, 900 radio-equipped listening posts, 32 radio stations, 8 surveillance jets and 99 attack/trainer support aircraft. All emitting EMF which is causing un-told harm to people, animals and the environment. With out doubt mobile phones and land lines are a good thing. For instance. When I was a young boy in the 1960s growing up in the middle of rural Norfolk (U.K), if you needed an ambulance for what ever reason, you would have to get in your car, if you had one, and drive to the nearest phone box, if you didn't live close to it, or if you had one, get on your bicycle, or walk, run. Either way if it was because some one had, had a heart attack, for instance, they would probably be dead before the ambulance got to you. Now you can call for an ambulance within seconds. Some one needs to come up with a safer method of providing what enables them to work, before we, and all life on the planet ceases to exist, except single cell organisms. Then the whole process can begin from the start, maybe not such a bad thing. Spanish flu at the end of the 1st world war coincided with the wide spread use of radio by troops fighting in the trenches. Asian flu/Hong Kong flu coincided with the installation of radar stations in the 1950s. Asian/Hong Kong flu coincided with the first satellites going into orbit in the 1960s. Now we have the launch of 5g and covid-19. Just a coincidence? . No it is not. If we are getting close to the Z of the totalitarian tip toe David has been talking about all these years, then these are the days, months and years when the out come can go either way. The likes of Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Zuckerberg etc will realize they have served their purpose and are just as dispensable as the rest of us. Am I scared? No I am not, because the real me, and I totally know, as a spiritualist, where David is coming from, will continue on a different dimension. Seems very quiet on here tonight, hope you all are well.
  20. Tony Blair knew all about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Therefore he must know all about covid/ corona virus. Feeling very flippant this evening, must be the rum and coke.
  21. 750 Billion euros recovery plan? (fuck off) How, and in what world can any one start a recovery plan with money that does not exist. Nothing will change while the lunatics run the asylum.
  22. According to Matt Hancock (penis jokes permitted) on the daily update, we can make our own at home. Must make a point of watching Blue Peter every day from now on, here's one I made earlier. More to come later. Feel a rant coming on, must be the rum.
  23. Best he shoves them all up his arse then
  24. May be should have added, covid-19 exposure notifications, can be found by going to settings, scroll to google, tap it, it should come up straight away. Turn the fucker off.
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