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  1. Had a very pleasant if brief conversation yesterday evening. We decided on an Indian take away for tea last night. Ordered on line then off I went to get it. After I had paid for the meal I was asked to sit and wait a few minutes. Looking at the small waiting area with just one person sat there, we made eye contact, I hesitated, then the chap said "come and sit down mate, i am not afraid of any virus". I joined him and said "Neither am I". We then talked about the whole thing being blown up out of all proportion and the crap being spouted by the government and M.S.M. His meal was brought out to him just before mine. We shook hands and wished each other a good evening. A real delight to talk to a stranger with the same mind set. Door step testing could be fun. I have a dog, he wont mind me taking some saliva. Could be interesting when the results come back, if they introduce it in Norfolk. The compulsory wearing of face masks in public could also be fun. I might start wearing a mask any way. Like the post by golden retriever, of the chap with covid-19 is a lie written on his mask. The possibilities are endless. A chance to get creative. I wonder what reaction I would get if I was to walk into the local Tesco with a pair of the wife's Knickers on my head. As long as the gusset is covering my nose and mouth. Surely that is good enough as no criteria will be offered regarding their construction, material or origin.
  2. Just been reading through the last two pages of posts. First of all, if, Nicola Stalin will stand out side her house and clap me for my 60th birthday today (Saturday) then I will do the same for her next week for her 50th. Don't hold your breath. Interesting post by "Oddsnods on page 131 about S.A.G.E and U.K media creating fear to get the public to comply to government rules. Don't forget our government is not the only one to be manipulated by what ever dark force it is that is controlling this. I am not defending Boris Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon, or any of the others for the way they have fallen for this lie. They are lied to by the few, who are lied to by even fewer, and so on up the pyramid. It is then the job of government to lie to the many, with out question, or risk losing????? Went to Tesco yesterday for Mum ( Friday). No one way system. Very few masks. People not shitting their selves as I walked toward them like they were when all this nonsense started. I feel that people are really starting to realise this is not as bad as we are being told. The majority are not fully awake by a long way, but they are getting there, the second wave will tell. As fluke says in above post the semi awake are still in fear of the covid. As for the second wave, October/November lockdown will finish off the small medium size retailers very nicely. Christmas. Then town and city high streets will be totally fucked. Read post by Andyj on this page. Wife spoke to a cousin a couple of days ago she was saying her Dad has started to come round to her way of thinking. He now realises this so called virus is man made and we are being lied to. He is slowly waking up. One more of us, one less of them. Celebrate every small victory my friends. A good persuasive argument for those in denial is to ask them if they have seen the film "Erin Brockovich" I should imagine many people called her a conspiracy theorist when she started asking questions of the Pacific gas and electric company. Here I am, 10 to 2 Saturday morning, 11th July 2020 , now 60 years old, been drinking rum and coke all night. Wife of 25 years just gone to bed, second marriage for both of us. Still love her to bits and to me she is as @&*%£ as she was 25 years ago. I have for a very long time believed there is organisations that are above the law and existed despite what government we had in control. As David calls them "The permanent government". I had heard of David Icke many, many years ago when we watched a documentary about him. He had given a talk in a theatre in Brixton. If memory serves me right he said about 200 people turned up. He went back to the same theatre about a year later and it was a sell out, 2000 people. I remember seeing the first Wogan interview. Lost touch with David for a long time then because of internet and u-tube he was a lot more accessible. I have followed him a lot closer since then and reading books he has written to catch up. I have always been interested in any thing unusual, bizarre, strange or different from the normal. Just over 30 years ago I stumbled across spiritualism. When we cast off the physical body our soul/ spirit is dragging around with it we go to a different dimension. There is only death for the physical as we know and understand it. This is the same for all. It matters not whether you have led a good life or been a total bastard to others, and yourself. I do not believe in judgement day or asking god for forgiveness or cast into the fiery pits of hell for all eternity. That crap was used by the clergy from way back to control and frighten people. We all go into another realm of existence of which there is different levels. We all have the choice to progress or not at our own pace. A child who is born to abusive parents has the choice later in life to be the same or become more empathic toward others, and break the chain of abuse. My dear friends, trust me when I say the day will come when those responsible for all the evil from the past and in the future will be very sorry for what they have done to others now and in the past. They will also apologise to those they are and have misguided for there own benefit. We all have free will, stick a knife in your guts or say i love you. Good night people and may your god be with you XX.
  3. Just quickly read through the whole document and only once does it mention covid-19. It mentions coronavirus many times. Therefore any one would be expected by law to comply even if they had a common cold.
  4. Was interested to read about the Spanish flu out break in Western Samoa ( in the above link) which killed about 30% of the population, despite them having no communication with the out side world. Decided to do a bit of digging because having read "The invisible rainbow". By Arthur Firstenberg. He talks about how American troops returning from fighting in the trenches went down with flu like symptoms. Also how ships crews, all fit and healthy and at sea for weeks would get have the same illness by the time they reached the port they were headed for. The people of Western Samoa would have had contact with the out side world. A bit of research, and I found an article from 1914 about Britain requesting the help of New Zealand to send troops there to capture German Western Samoa, as it was known then. The request was made because Germany had recently installed a new long range radio transmitter on the island. He points out in the book that troops and ships were using radios on a global scale for the first time. The wide spread use of radar coincided with Asian/Hong Kong flu in the 1950s and then in the 60s when satellites started being put into orbit. Now we have the launch of 5g coinciding with covid-19. I would bet the people of Western Samoa were affected by the radio transmitter. I have said before on this forum that book is a real eye opener and explains so much backed up with undeniable evidence.
  5. Been back to work for the last two weeks, now furloughed again for three weeks, followed by one week compulsory holiday and then one week requested holiday. Due back to work 10th August. I Believe 14 of my work colleagues have been made redundant, so far. I am a delivery driver for an engineering company and travel all over the country. On my first day back I had my temperature taken, as has been the case for all days in the morning. I was given a mask to wear which went straight into my pocket, only agreeing to put it on if I was asked too when doing deliveries. Really don't need to wear it while in the cab on my own, but have seen people with them on whilst driving. Going through Leicester city centre on Tuesday saw a sign saying "COVID-19 pop up cycle lane" with lots of traffic cones WTF. Have put mask on once. Loops around my ears then under my chin. Wasn't asked or told to put over nose and mouth. Wore it a second time last Friday when went to doctors to collect heart medication. I have had text messages saying they were compulsory on entering surgery. Took it off when I saw the two women at the dispensary weren't wearing one and were standing talking to each other about 2 feet apart. Listening to woman on radio on Tuesday whilst going up the M1. She was telling the show host that she had been planning a walking holiday in Italy this year, but will not go now. Just the thought of going to an airport and getting on an aeroplane filled her with dread. She hated going to her local super market and always wore gloves and a mask. Could not help but feel sorry for her. Wanted to tell her to stop listening to the M.S.M and look at some alternative information outlets. Posts on this forum make much more sense and are very often backed up with hard evidence, unlike the B.B.C etc.. As are reports by Tucker Carlson, Del Bigtree (the high wire). Andrew Kauffman, Rashid Buttar, Kate Sherriman and others. This madness has got to stop, but then you all know that. Off to bed now, me and wife getting tired. Good night all, and may YOUR god, who, or what ever he, she or it is, be with you.
  6. It's important to get priorities in order. Really pissed off I missed the clap, clap tonight. But then I missed all the others so achieved 100% record on that one.
  7. Thanks for the books. Have just down loaded "A seed that fell on good ground". Looking forward to reading it. Have read "The invisible rainbow". A real eye opener to any one with an open mind and awake to what is happening. A load of crap and a conspiracy therapy I suspect, to those who wish to keep their eyes and ears shut. Would like to type some more but I must take another selfie and send it to all my friends. Must see what's on Netflix, answer all the messages on face book and twitter, oh and east enders is about to start followed by love island. L.O.L.
  8. Not posted any thing on here for a couple of weeks. Have been back to work, but now furloughed again. Due to return to work 10th of August. Whilst taking Banjo dog for a walk earlier (yes we do have a dog named Banjo). I recalled a strange event that you might find interesting. A few years ago I arrived at work one Monday morning to be told that one of my work mates had died of a heart attack the previous morning. On the day of John's funeral those that knew him out side of work and the managers went to pay their respects. Just before 2 o'clock, the time his funeral was due to start, those of us still there started shutting every thing down. We gathered around a pallet and stood in silence. At the time John's funeral was due to start a collared dove flew in the loading bay circled the bagging plant and then flew out the door to the loading bay. In the 4 years I worked there, that was the only time I saw a bird of any species in there.
  9. In my last post a few days ago I mentioned that me and my wife had been part of a paranormal investigative group and would relay some of the things we witnessed. One of the evenings was in Great Yarmouth at a museum known as the Elizabethan house. The original part of the building was built for a merchant during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. The strangest thing that happened that night was when some of us were in what is known as the panel room. So called because the walls are covered in ornately carved oak panels. At one end of this room is a very old extremely heavy oak table. This table is about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide with 6 very thick turned legs. In the middle of this table was an A4 sheet of paper with 5 marbles on it, known as trigger objects, 1 near each corner and 1 in the middle. Each marble was placed in a small drawn circle. We were all standing at the opposite end of the room when we suddenly heard some thing moving then what sounded like some one tapping. The tapping noise slowly increased in tempo but became quieter. When the light was switched on we could see one of the marbles had rolled off the table and had come to a stop under the table. The fact it was under the table is strange in its self. This meant the marble would have rolled back in the opposite direction it came off the table, but with nothing for it to bounce off to cause the reverse movement.
  10. This thread is brilliant and has the potential to be hear for a long time. Love reading about other people's experiences. This is a subject that has always fascinated me, even as a young child. In the past me and my wife were part of a ghost hunting group and have visited several places with reputations for being haunted. More about that another time. What I wish to tell you about is some thing that I did not witness my self. My Daughter used to work for a Brewers Fayre restaurant, on the edge of Norwich airport. She has shown me a video shared to her by a work colleague to her phone. The C.C.T.V one day, showing an empty bar area. Suddenly one of the metal wine measures toppled over rolled off the shelf to the floor. My Daughter has also talked about staff members hearing foot steps approaching, only to look round and see nothing. The head chef and his family lived in a flat above the kitchen. His wife became so scared she called in a priest who did what priests do. The paranormal activity didn't stop completely but became less. A little bit of research by me showed it was a WW ll airfield and the site where the restaurant was part of it.
  11. Hope they are sitting 2 meters apart L.O.L?
  12. Quite possible. If that is the cause then why not cut to live stream for a minute and tell us what is causing the delay
  13. Same here, trailers, live soon top right. Starting to think its deliberate so Brian can get some free advertising
  14. Wife has just got it to work on t.v using fire stick. Last time we streamed through phone using external speaker.
  15. Seem to remember they were a bit late starting last time
  16. Same here, top right hand corner still saying live soon.
  17. Working o.k for me London Real tv, just keep trying.
  18. Oh well nearly 1.30 Sunday morning. Best go and get some sleep. Only 15 and a half hours to Rose-Icke iv. Cant wait. Good night all and may YOUR god be with you.
  19. Have read "The trigger" and took me quite a while. Was amazed when it arrived as to the size of it. My first thought was it will be quicker to read the bible. Now reading "The biggest secret" taking just as long. One thing to consider about healing. If you hit your head, knee, elbow or some other body part, what is the first thing you do with out thinking about it. You put your hand on the area of pain. Some one with a head ache will put their hand on the area of discomfort. A child runs into mummy or daddy because they have just fallen over and grazed a knee or some thing. Mum or Dad always say ahh come here mummy/ daddy rub it better, 30 seconds later the chid is back out side playing. We are all healers but most do not realize it.
  20. sick of all the bollocks, google Harry Edwards, the greatest healer of modern times. One of my most treasured possessions is a book telling his life story.
  21. If some one claiming to be a healer says they can heal you, for a price, chances are they are fake or charlatan, unless that is what they do to make a living. I have never charged any one, that my friend is the difference. No healer will tell you they can heal you, only help you.
  22. Love the idea, hope this thread continues for a long time. I am sure we have all had some thing strange happen to us at some time. I certainly have. My grand mother who I was very close to, died in agony with stomach cancer in 1975. I was 15. She was the proverbial salt of the earth, never had a bad word for anyone. Would have given her last slice of bread to some one who was hungry even though she was starving her self. After that I considered my self an atheist, because as I thought at the time if there is a god then some thing so awful would not happen to some one like her. Fast forward nearly 15 years while I was in a long term relationship which was coming to an end, we were wondering what to get her Father for a birthday and retirement present. We happened to bump into a man who she used to live opposite to when married to her ex-husband This man was an artist who worked from home, the idea suddenly came to her whilst talking that a painting of her Dads dog would be a good idea. We agreed to go and see him one evening. Previous to this meeting I had hurt my back one morning. X-rays showed a disease called "Shermans disease". This is some thing that affects about 1 in a hundred teenagers. Four of my vertebrae in my lower back look as if they have been nibbled at by some one using pliers. One vertebrae in particular is half as wide as it should be, putting a lot of pressure on the one below it. I would struggle to get out of bed in the morning and a day at work was agony after 8 hours. We went to see this artist about the dog painting and during the evening my back came into the conversation. Then with out warning John announced that he was a healer. "Do you mean a faith healer". I asked. "No we don't use that term any more". He replied. He then persuaded me to go with him into the kitchen where he sat me down on a dining chair, sideways. He then put one hand on my chest and the other on my back. My back immediately felt as if he had put a hot water bottle on it. The next morning my back was not hurting or stiff. I had no discomfort at work the next day. After the second evening we discovered he was a spiritualist. What he told me that night fired my imagination and I started going to a spiritualist church. I have been involved in spiritualism ever since, as a healer and giving demonstrations of mediumship. My wife awoke one night with the feeling that some thing was trying to get into her body. All she could think to do was say the lords prayer, the entity, if that is what it was stopped. It has not come back to try again.
  23. Totally agree. I am starting to assume these people have no faith in their own immune system, or more likely have never bothered to think about it for a few minutes. As for people who work in shops, I would like to think some are a bit more switched on and for all we know any of us on here could work for a super market. They are only doing as the store manager has told them to do because that is what his/her area manager has told them to do. They in turn have been told what to do by some one at head office, who has been told what to do by some one above him/her. And so it goes on to the top of the pyramid.
  24. When quing out side with all the others I really want to shout "Am I the only one here who knows this is totally unnecessary".
  25. I always make a point of engaging the check out operator in conversation and at least drop hints about the crap the M.S.M and government spew out. From small seeds mighty oaks grow.
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