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  1. I have posted on here before about a book I have read "The invisible rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. It tells of the harm and damage that E.M.F does to people and wild life. He talks about "Spanish flu" at the end of WW1 and how it was caused by the wide spread use of radio and all the transmitters being erected around the world. He goes on to point out that "Asian flu" as you mention coincided with the wide spread use of radar. Then in the 1960s "Hong Kong flu coincided with satellites being put into orbit. Now we have covid-19 and 5g. This is a very informative book and I recommend every one reads it. Maybe the Americans know what effect all this E.M.F will have so create a diversion.
  2. Confirms what we have always suspected, Matt Hancock= CUNT. Borders, my youngest daughter while she not at uni is working as a picker for Tesco does not have to wear a mask. If she goes in the same store as a customer, she is supposed to wear a mask, or face covering. Then she can go for a drink in a pub as a customer with no mask on. Bloody clever this virus, to be able to know the difference between a shop worker and a customer, and where she is a customer.
  3. Haven't heard about this being enforced until now. I am not doubting what you say Blue Sky is correct as I don't work in the hotel industry. All I can suggest is that you talk to the hotel manager/owner in private. Calmly express your concerns and if he or she is sympathetic, hopefully you can come to some sort of arrangement. As for you being sacked, I would think that if you have been working there for some time and have nothing disciplinary against you that should go some way toward some sort of compromise and understanding. Good luck.
  4. I am sure it was DI in one of his talks on u-tube before the dictators there deleted him. He said that America was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 250,000,000 people world wide. Most of them civilians, and they call North Korea and Iran dangerous. If this figure is over estimated by 50,000-100,000 that is still a hell of a lot of people. Some Muslim's call America the great Satan. I have been thinking the last few days, how many Americans seem to be driving this covid hoax. Anthony Faucci, Bill Gates and I bet that Henry Kissinger is sticking his oar in some where. Considering the number of deaths in care homes and it was Kissinger who called the elderly "Useless eaters". I like, you, chud have nothing against the Americans. They just want to go about their lives the same as we all do. It is those in the shadows who pull the strings of who ever is called president, that are pushing this plandemic. As for Europe joining the BRICS, they can if they want too. Britain should tell Europe and America to go and fuck them selves, and Nicola Sturgeon. We as a country have enough land and farmers to feed us all. We have the medical and scientific know how to enable us to all live a happy and prosperous lives with out outside interferance. Sorry this has nothing to do with wearing face masks or not. Just replying to a post in the only way I know how I do have some thing to say about face masks but I will post it later. Got cheese and biscuits waiting
  5. Wife was in Scotland last week. She and friend and friend's relative went to shopping mall in Aberdeen. Paramedics were called because an elderly man had collapsed, complaining he could not breathe. Bloody masks. Wonder if he will be wearing one in the future. She was in local Boots yesterday, girl behind counter kept telling customers to lower your mask because she couldn't understand what they were saying. Since this mask wearing nonsense to go shopping has started I have been in shops with no mask. I've had a mask under my chin leaving nose and mouth totally exposed. I have now got a lanyard and badge which I have also taken with me hanging round my neck. It says MASK EXEMPT on the lanyard and I HAVE A DISIBILITY/HEALTH CONDITION AND AM EXEMPT FROM WEARING A FACE COVERING It was some one on this forum who mentioned they were available from disability horizons. The web site said they would take between 5-7 days to arrive due to the high demand. It took nearly two weeks. They must be busy. I got it because of a heart condition I have got. Atrial fibrillation. I am just waiting for some one to ask me where I got it. Chud and Mr H have mentioned above about North Korea and China being brain washed. I think the only difference between the so called free Western countries and them is their governments are a lot more open about the brain washing and control. It should be obvious, now, to any one who can think for them selves that our media is just as controlled by the state as theirs is.
  6. Got it working now. Thanks Grumpy Owl. Don't know why we couldn't get it working through usual methods. Had phone with external speaker in kitchen, that has worked ok before. Last one worked through fire stick, not this time
  7. Nearly two hours late. Some one at London Real must be keeping these videos going. Why cant they put a message on screen or make an announcement as to why there is such a delay. Does ant one know why D.I is not able to leave the I.O.W. Is he under some sort of house arrest, or island arrest if there is such a thing
  8. We have got football back now or soccer as you would call it. Still the same thing happens when a goal is scored, players hug each other. Then when one of them is talking to a reporter when the game has finished, sure enough there's the mic on a 6 foot pole. Don't watch foot ball but have caught bits when in Father-in-laws room helping him with some thing cos he disabled. That is when I saw a bit of the snooker. In fact wife has been in Scotland since Monday and haven't turned T.V on once.
  9. Been listening to yesterdays high wire live today. Del Bigtree tells why he is another one whose u-tube channel has been deleted. An arse hole called Timothy Johnson complained that Del did not have a medical degree and was spreading dangerous misinformation about corona virus. Mr Johnson has a degree in art history.
  10. I see the snooker world championship has started today in Sheffield. Last time I looked that was in the North of England. Only 300 people allowed in to watch though. Does this mean this emergency lock down their will be no spectators at future games. Instead they will be busy putting up card board cut outs of people. They will have recordings of people clapping and played over speakers when a player pots a ball. I did see a little bit this lunch time whilst helping Father-in-Law to eat his lunch. If any of you have seen the early stages of the world championships before, and I am sure most of you have, those in the U.K that is. Because they have so many matches to get through they have two tables with a screen dividing them. This means the players have to sit next to each other. Have they not heard there is a global pandemic happening and we have to stay at least two metres apart. They sit there chatting to each other between frames, not a mask between them. Very few masks being worn by what few spectators were there. Even so what if one of them coughed or sneezed and couldn't get a tissue out of a pocket in time. The resulting tidal wave of coronavirus particles in the air would be catastrophic. I'm going to call the police. I am a good citizen. No wonder the North of England has gone back into lockdown. Serves them right if that is how they behave after that nice Mr Johnson and Mr Hancock have told them not to.
  11. I am not keen on Brian Rose. I feel he is not some one I would have a lot in common with. He seems to me to be the sort of person who would invite you out for a meal at an expensive restaurant then expect you to pay. He seems to have had a bit of a dodgy past also. If he is ripping people off then he will end up with a bloody nose in the end. It just takes a group of them to get together with enough evidence to take him to court with the help of a half decent solicitor. I am looking forward to Rose/Icke v on Sunday. Not because of BR but to hear what David has got to say and nothing else. One good thing about BR is his interviewing technique. He asks the question then sits back and lets the interviewee talk, with out interrupting. We watch and listen because we want to hear David and BR knows this. Golden retriever please don't stop posting on this forum simply because David is associating with some one you don't like. A lot of your posts are interesting and insightful. oz93666 says above that "Controllers are setting up David for a fall". If that were true they would easily find a bigger platform than London Real, after all those of us that have seen the previous interviews and the one coming on Sunday will still sadly be in a huge minority, not just in this country (U.K) but world wide.
  12. Interesting that the dancers all wore masks until near the end
  13. Hi Holly, Don't do face book any more. My account was hacked earlier this year by some scum bag who was trying to con people into buying some thing. I was forced to have it deleted before some one friend or family got scammed. Wife does but she in Scotland at the moment. Will tell her about stand up x when she gets back Good luck with your march on August 1st. Cant be there in person but will be with you in spirit. Love and blessings.
  14. Arthur Firstenberg in his brilliant book "The invisible rainbow". Tells how during the Spanish flu out break at the end of the first world war, they would get healthy volunteers to sit and talk to sick people in bed. When they started to cough or sneeze the volunteers would get as close as possible and breathe in deeply. None of the volunteers got ill. They would even get the snot and any other secretions, which the volunteers would mix with plain water and then consume. They still didn't get sick. This was done to try and get some understanding of how this virus was being transmitted so quickly around the world. They didn't have the air travel we have today. It was during the first world war radios became widely used by troops and transmitters were being erected all over the world. The next big so called flu pandemic/epidemic was after radar became widely used the world over in the 1950s and radar stations were being erected every where. Then another toward the end of the 1960s when satellites were being put into orbit. Now we have what has been called covid-19 coinciding with the launch of 5g. Where was it first switched on? Woohan, China.
  15. Not heard of Anna Brees, will have a look tomorrow. Thanks. Always on the look out for any thing new.
  16. I forget the name of the doctor who was on Del Bigtree's "The high wire, months ago. He was saying damage to people's lungs he had seen was like some one being put on top of Mount Everest with no oxygen or time to aclimatise.
  17. My Mother was the same,85, and terrified. Me and my sister used to take it in turns to take her shopping on a Friday. My sister who works for Tesco was sent home on full pay because she is asthmatic. I have been doing Mums shopping for her, doesn't matter that I have a heart problem. But then I am not afraid of catching a virus that doesn't exist and if it does is no worse than the flu and I trust my immune system to kick its arse any way. First time I went to get Mums shopping list and bags I couldn't get in the door because of a chair she had put in the way. I moved the chair to get in and she stood there in her hallway with her walking stick raised and shouting get out, get out. She has calmed down a lot and is going for walks with her neighbour now. She even let me go for a piss in her toilet once
  18. Worst I have heard of is, when I returned to work in June for two weeks before being furloughed again. The quality control manager was telling me of his Dad who lives alone, sits in front of the T.V all day watching B.B.C news channel and nothing else. He has doors and windows shut wears a mask, refuses to go outside. Work colleague has stopped going to see him because he wont even have family inside. Phone him up to ask are you O.K straight away he starts on about how many people died the day before. As for the suicide rate, I believe it has gone up by 200%. Many governments and M.S.M outlets the world over have got a lot to answer for. It is not just the people in the U.K that has been treated this way. Have been listening to a few Vernon Coleman videos today. In one of them he refers to Japan. No Lockdown, no bullshit, no anti-social distancing. The number of recorded deaths is still less than a thousand in a country with a population twice the size of the U.K. Some cities amongst the most densely populated places on the planet. Could it just be that the Japanese government have not been exagerating the figures, and have been honest with the Japanese people.
  19. Don't forget people who work in shops are only safe while they are at work. Once their shift has finished and they go into another shop to get some thing they cant get at work they then are supposed to put a mask on. This virus obviously knows the difference.
  20. As Hitler and co said "Make the lie big enough and repeat it often enough, they will believe you.
  21. As I have said before on this forum, I have read the book he mentions, "The invisible rainbow". It is a real eye opener and explains so much. I recommend it to every one I get a chance to have a conversation with.
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