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  1. 7 minutes ago, MR-E said:

    WOW....... wtf    BBC`s    "Specialist Disinformation REporter "  ??   ( 77th brigade operative) spreading lies & disinformation .


     supporters of dangerous viral conspiracy theories are merging  posing a great  risk to society  .. Q anon  many believe is  trump waging a war against bringing down satan worshipping elite  pedo rings  /  corona virus deniers / london demos 


    No  thought to give a balanced objective view & investigate why normal everyday people are voicing genuine & real concerns that are effecting us all........just one narrative....  HOW CAN ANYBODY DENY MEDIA BIAS & PROPAGANDA BEING WAGED BY THOSE THAT SEEK TO CONTROL .PEOPLE ARE YOU GETTING IT NOW....... 




    Hate to say it, Marianna Spring = twat. She should go to back school where she is taught to look at both sides of any opinion. Until then Marianna Spring = twat.

  2. Really can't understand Boris Johnson's mentality. Assuming he wants to get re-elected, why is he allowing this lie to continue. Why has he not put a stop to doctors putting covid-19 on death certificates when people died of other causes. Why has he allowed the M.S.M to continue promoting the fear and bullshit. Why has he not done some thing about the confusion being instilled in people as to corona virus and covid, and made it clear that the common cold is a corona virus. Why has he not questioned the deletion of freedom of speech from u-tube and other platforms ( David Icke, Vernon Coleman, Del Bigtree). Why has he allowed the murder of old people in care homes to go un-questioned. Why has he not questioned the accuracy of the P.C.R test. Why has he allowed him self to be dictated to by Neil Ferguson and imperial college, Dominic Cummings, the W.h.O and Bill Gates. Is he really so controlled from the shadows. Is he bought/ manipulated/ bullied or black mailed by the front men of the cabal to such a degree he dare not say/do any thing other than what he is told to say or do.

         I really can't understand the mentality of Kier Starmer. If he was to start to think out side of the box and question the government figures and strategies over this fake pandemic, he could make Boris and co look absolute twats. The questions he could ask of Boris would make for very entertaining listening. He could have Boris for Breakfast, Dinner, and Tea then spit out what is left. Obviously he is just as controlled and manipulated from the shadows by those in dark suits as Boris is. Or is it simply a case of once you become a leading politician you go to some private hospital to have your brain removed and replaced by A.I to do the thinking for you.

         The same can be said of Trump/Biden, Macron and who ever opposes him/ Merkel and who ever opposes her and most or all presidents and prime ministers the world over.

         And another thought, all these regional lock downs are north of Leicester and Birmingham. If they are not lock downs they are areas being monitored by Public Health England, or some other government organisation because of spikes in infection rates. I wonder how many of these areas are constituencies that had never been tory controlled before the last general election. if this is the case, their local M.Ps who didn't think they had a cat in hells chance of being elected and are there to serve their constituents are very quiet about their local economies being further destroyed and the people there being lied to. I suspect these new conservative M.Ps who probably got into politics for very good and moral reasons have been told "If you know what's good for you and your family, you will keep your fucking mouth shut". I would not hesitate for one second to doubt that the psychopaths who run this and all countries through puppets such as Boris Johnson etc would not stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

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  3. 23 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    I don't know much about this actress, but she makes some excellent points on MSM and the thumbs up agree. The tide is turning.


    Denise Welch Accuses the Government of 'Scaremongering' over the Covid Pandemic




    All I know about her is that she used to be married to Tim Healy from "Aufwiedersein pet". We need more like her go girl go.

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Velma said:

    The new word for FEMA Camps: Non-Congregate Sheltering (required for up to eight weeks!)




    For people who do not need hospitalised because they are not ill, but they can't isolate at home.

    My wife and a friend of ours came across these camps on a website about five years ago. Some photos showed loads of coffins piled up. Thanks Velma, now we know what they were set up for. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, labrats said:

    My cousin had "Corona virus" first person I know, he described it like a flue and he recovered fine, so did his mates

    My Dad and his wife were both diagnosed with it. Jean suffers from Altzheimers, she is thin as a rake and bed bound. Dad has type two diabetes, has smoked all his life, and has C.O.P.D along with asthma. Dad was out of hospital after two weeks and Jean after a month. He is 85, she is 87.

  6. Got quite angry today at work. Had radio two on (Not some thing I normally listen to), but as I wasn't driving far I left it on. People in Scotland mostly were E-mailing and phoning in telling about experiences with elderly relatives in care homes. One woman nearly in tears talking about her Dad with dementia who the family were unable to visit for months then when they could it was seeing him through a window. Her Dad was allowed to have a total stranger come in and cut his hair or have a visit from a priest, but no family allowed. I will not go into what other people had to say because you get the gist by now. Found my self shouting FUCKING WANKERS at the radio. Discovered this evening Vernon Coleman is not putting any more videos on U=tube due to his videos being deleted for telling the truth. FUCKING WANKERS.

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  7. 22 hours ago, Clubsandwich said:

    Had a thought today - does anyone wonder if this is all a massive smokescreen for something more sinister?


    While we are all preoccupied with masks, vaccines and BLM the powers that be are planning something a whole lot worse behind the scenes.. 


    What is it they say? Never let a good crisis go to waste?

    Yes I have had the same thoughts. Look over there, then while you are looking I will do??????????????

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  8. On 9/2/2020 at 6:02 PM, Jelly Bean said:

    Hi Peeps 👋


    I've been meaning to post on here for a million and one reasons. Im always 'oh i must post that' or 'I must ask that'. Clearly being my first post today I've never quite got round to sharing 'that info' or 'asking those questions'. I have a tendency to ramble so I'll try and stick to the reason for my post here....


    I am hearing more and more on the push for this years flu vaccine and call me paranoid (Or should that actually be sane given where we are) but I am concerned, not for myself but for my Dad who will be getting his soon, despite my expressed reservations to him that this may not be the usual vaccine people would normally receive. And the people getting them may then be the next 'wave' of deaths.... Call me crazy i don't know?! I understand they come in different doses etc, but I just wondered if anyone has came across any information that would suggest they are different to the previous ones? Or just know of anything worth reading/considering? I've done a bit of research and haven't came up with anything, so I'm either the worst researcher in the world or it is just a bit of paranoia.... 


    Anyway I'd appreciate your thoughts on this... 



    Sorry if any one has already suggested this but Dr Vernon Coleman has a book worth reading entitled "If any one tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying"

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  9. If you have not seen it then have a look at "Age of truth T.V"> On U-Tube. A video streamed two days ago with a woman Claire Edwards. Sorry I am not teccy enough to be able to download/upload/ move things from one device/site to another. It is well worth having a look and could be removed from u-tube soon.

  10. Had a small victory this afternoon. Stopped to get petrol at Sainsbury's. Bloke in a van at pump behind me, he was just in front of me as we walked to the kiosk. He stopped looked at me and said "I have forgotten my mask". "You don' fucking need one mate, it's all bollocks. For a start if they did any good the government would have had us wearing them months ago". You're right he said, and followed me inside. Got a big grin and thumbs up from him as I got back to my car. One more of us, one less of them.

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  11. 10 hours ago, wideawake said:


    Just wait for the second wave coming up, I suspect what we're seeing today is nothing in comparison to what is coming.

    The first wave might've been a setup for the population to get used to the color coded severity of the plandemic, wearing masks, distancing and vaccine promotion, etc. Then it would be easier to implement stricter policies on society especially if they invent a more severe "virus". 

    I don't trust any of them and I think they are just at the beginning of their agenda. Their f**n  new normal was meant to be permanent and sure was promoted by all media.

    I hope you all had a good Christmas last year because this one coming will be different.


    It's only going to get worse.

    There will be a second wave. As Martin Lee says in the above video. " The government and M.S.M switch between covid-19 and corona virus, to confuse people and make them think they are one and the same". Come Autumn and winter how many people will need to just get a cold for more and more lock downs to be ordered. Three or four people in any given town or city to be tested positive for corona virus will be enough. They can not test for covid-19 specifically, as D.I and also Martin Lee and others have tried to point out covid-19 has never been proven to exist by using Koch postulates. I really do fear that things are going to get far worse for the U.K, Europe and the U.S come the Winter. Not because of this so called virus but the restrictions forced on the people by insane governments who are trying to convince us it is real. The sad part is, judging by the number of people who are fully masked up in shops, they are winning. When ever I go into a shop I am in a minority of 1.

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  12.  Chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere at 30,000 feet or more surely it would take those minute particles quite some time to fall back down to the surface. Would they also fall straight down or get moved around by air flow. Chemicals sprayed over the U.K and an Easterly wind could result in those particles falling over Europe, and vice versa if sprayed over Europe with a Westerly wind. Either way we are being bombarded with toxins from the air. My cousin's husband once worked on a farm. He was astounded by how much crops are sprayed with all sorts of crap. Maybe one chemical on it's own will do no harm. Mix it with three or four more and you have a potential cocktail of toxic shite. If they can make us all ill in some way but keep us alive, more money for big pharma. Keep the populace dumbed down and unable to think for their selves, easier to control. 

         One good thing to come out of the lock down and me being furloughed, we started growing our own veg again. We are now reaping the benefits. Carrots that smell and taste like carrots, tomatoes that taste like tomatoes. Runner beans that are a vibrant green. No chemicals needed or used. We are fortunate that are house was built in the 1950s and has a large garden, these modern houses have a pocket hand kerchief sized garden which do not offer much room for growing food. 

         Good idea for a new thread. All linked of coarse to every thing else that has gone on and still is. Join the dots as D.I would say. Good night all.

  13. On 7/29/2020 at 6:22 AM, screamingeagle said:

    he doesn't go beyond secret rulers so if aliens are not your thing he is the man to go to(well on of)


    radio spots free to share 



    Have just started reading "The most dangerous superstition". He puts into words what a lot of us have always known but maybe haven't been able to express it in such a simple, common sense way.

  14. Tesco last Friday put mask exempt lanyard around neck. Asked politely by woman who turned out to be a nurse if I was really mask exempt. Answered politely that I was due to heart condition. Q.D and co-op Saturday, no lanyard, glared at by mask wearing woman. Sainsbury today after work, no lanyard. I'd been in store about a minute when announcement I guess from customer service desk. Reminding people to wear a face covering but remember not all customers can wear one due to health conditions. Wonder if they saw me as I walked in. Sad thing is, in all four of these shops I was the only customer not masking up. I know this is only a small example, but I am beginning to think I am the only person in Norfolk who does not conform to this B.S. If any of you can say other wise please do. I feel so alone. Wife would take mask off if she saw others do it first. Same with a friend of ours. I think the trick is to keep your head held high and not look guilty simply because you are the odd one out. 

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  15. To add a comment to Velma's post at the top of this page. Vernon Coleman in a recent video talked about blood donors. They have been told in England to wear a mask at all times. Not to wear a mask in Wales. Vernon said he didn't know what rules had been set in Scotland but they would probably be different again.

  16. Apologies for above post having nothing to do with masks. Tesco yesterday with my mask exempt lanyard which I am entitled to wear due to a heart condition. A woman politely asked me if I was exempt. I politely replied I was due to a heart condition ( Atrial fibrillation). Told her I don't wear one if I forget to bring it with me. I will not risk lowering my blood oxygen levels and I do not believe they make any difference preventing the spread of  viruses. Turns out she is a nurse and knew about A.F. She then told me there is no evidence masks lower blood oxygen levels. I replied there is plenty of evidence they do and suggested she start by looking at u-tube videos by Dr Vernon Coleman. Not surprisingly she asked " Who's he".

          Q.D today no mask, no lanyard. Walked in head held high. While looking for some thing I was aware of a woman glaring at me from the corner of my eye. Thought I can have some fun here. Took a sideways step in her direction I swear she took two steps further away from me. Another step closer two steps further away. Moved back to the left she followed. We were nearly dancing with each other.

           Then hair cut. Have you got a mask, no, I am exempt for medical reasons. Hair stylist asked me if I felt vulnerable not wearing one. No and I dont believe any thing the government tells us. She slightly lowered her voice and said " Neither do I". She went on to tell me that her husband works away a lot mostly in London and mask wearers in shops and on public transport are a minority. If any of you on here are from London could you confirm this to us all.   

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  17. 7 minutes ago, chud said:


    They (the USA) created it out of thin air the exact same way they did it with the 'Asian flu' in 1956 and for the same motive : diverting attention from US attacks on Asian countries. It's very American method to use one same recipe or pattern for many different purposes and for better 'productivity'...  


    You got the full timeline of COVID here that shows how quickly the WHO 'took over' the management of the 'crisis' and how soon it started to 'spread' in the USA... 





    I have posted on here before about a book I have read "The invisible rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. It tells of the harm and damage that E.M.F does to people and wild life. He talks about "Spanish flu" at the end of WW1 and how it was caused by the wide spread use of radio and all the transmitters being erected around the world. He goes on to point out that "Asian flu" as you mention coincided with the wide spread use of radar. Then in the 1960s "Hong Kong flu coincided with satellites being put into orbit. Now we have covid-19 and 5g. This is a very informative book and I recommend every one reads it. Maybe the Americans know what effect all this E.M.F will have so create a diversion.

  18. 16 hours ago, Sentient Being said:

    Apologies if this video has been posted... this thread (quite rightly is long).


    This nonsense is getting stupid. This video sums up my thoughts:



    Confirms what we have always suspected, Matt Hancock= CUNT. Borders, my youngest daughter while she not at uni is working as a picker for Tesco does not have to wear a mask. If she goes in the same store as a customer, she is supposed to wear a mask, or face covering. Then she can go for a drink in a pub as a customer with no mask on. Bloody clever this virus, to be able to know the difference between a shop worker and a customer, and where she is a customer.

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  19. 22 minutes ago, BlueSky said:

    Looks like from tomorrow in England my workplace which is a hotel will now require staff to wear face masks. Can they sack me if I don't wear one? This will cause me psychological damage, possible claustrophobia/panic attack. 

    Haven't heard about this being enforced until now. I am not doubting what you say Blue Sky is correct as I don't work in the hotel industry. All I can suggest is that you talk to the hotel manager/owner in private. Calmly express your concerns and if he or she is sympathetic, hopefully you can come to some sort of arrangement. As for you being sacked, I would think that if you have been working there for some time and have nothing disciplinary against you that should go some way toward some sort of compromise and understanding. Good luck. 

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