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  1. Not been on forum for a week, so had a lot of catching up to do this evening. A thought about the lock down in Wales, apologies if I have missed a similar post to this one. Whilst Wales is in lockdown and people stop getting tested the number of positive test results will of coarse go down. Prompting Drakeford to brag about how he has done the right thing. Then wait for Johnson and Sturgeon to follow suit. Is Wales being used as an experiment?
  2. If things are that bad and covid is sooo infectious, why is he inviting people to join him in the covid centre??????
  3. If Andy Burnham is really serious and wants to stop the draconian measures being imposed on Manchester then it would be a bloody good idea for him to tell ALL businesses to open their doors and operate as they did this time last year. Get the restaurants and pubs open for as long as they like. Get the gyms open the hair dressers, casinos, community centres, night clubs, open until 4 in the morning, and any where else people wish to congregate in large numbers. That includes the football stadiums, professional and amateur and any other sports venues. Have all social distancing posters removed. In fact get Manchester back to where it was a year ago. Then we can watch the momentum grow at a phenomenal rate as others follow. Go for it Andy, the country needs you to do some thing positive. He will have many thousands behind him and that number will grow and grow as Liverpool joins in and sticks two fingers up at Doris, Mad Hancock and the rest of the crazy gang. Come on Andy don't just be a local hero, be a national hero.
  4. Come near me with a needle with out my permission and say goodbye to your teeth. I don't give a fuck who you are!
  5. P A N D E M I C E N A C S N I L I E A P V V U E E L A T E Just a thought Dont know what I am doing wrong, but when I submit post it all goes wrong. First 3 letters and last 2= panic. Deceive, Enslave, Manipulate.
  6. Talking to one of the polish lads at work today, before I hit the road. I know from previous chats he is fully awake. Started wondering where he gets his info from and asked him if he knew of David Icke. He'd never heard of him so wrote down for him to have a look over the weekend David Icke.com, Vernon Coleman, U.K column news and Krystal Tini. He was telling me of a woman in Poland who had recently employed three Ukrainian's. She thought it a good idea to have them tested but suspecting the test was floored she tested her self three times when the kits arrived. She still gave the names of the Ukrainian's. Two came back positive the third negative. Been thinking the last few days about all the so called money wishy washy sunac has been borrowing to pay for the furlough scheme and every thing else. As we know this money does not exist any where in the world and is just numbers on a computer screen some where. As I have been saying for a long time " How is it possible to borrow some thing that does not exist" Maybe I think like that because I am just a simple country boy. "I can't read and I can't write but I can drive a tractor". When the day comes and this covid bull shit has served its purpose and most people have had a needle shoved into their arms (us excluded, we will still be fighting), wish washy or who ever is at number 11 will announce that it is time to start paying back all this non existent money we have had to borrow to keep the economy going during the covid crisis. To pay it back we will have to increase income tax, v.a.t, fuel duty, car tax, national insurance and any other legalised theft the governments of the world use to stop us from keeping all of our hard earned. ( Please read "The most dangerous superstition" by Larken Rose. I say world because the U.K is not alone in allowing their selves and the citizens of their countries to be dictated to by psychopaths. ( And they call D.I. a nutter and dangerous). Maybe some presidents and Prime ministers are fully aware of what is the planned agenda. I would be surprised if they are all in on it. Some are just following the crowd, some are too afraid to do any thing other than what they are told. Others will be bought into line later. I suspect they, and any given countries citizens, if they are given a democratic choice will be given a choice of paying it back over a very large number of decades or going along with a new world wide currency which will conveniently dissolve any previous debt what so ever. Those countries that say no will find it very difficult to have agreeable trade deals. Thereby resetting the global economy. This of coarse will not be to the benefit of the 99% of the worlds population. It will of coarse be a major leap forward for the New World Order. Who ever your god is pray like fuck that enough people wake up in time to stop it and resist. Spread the word of common sense and truth at every opportunity. I am getting fearful that time is running out. This covid crap has been a major leap forward for the cabal. We need a major awakening of consciousness from the slumber humanity was put into, long ago, to re-create the true freedom we as a species once had and are entitled to again. Do not forget dear friends What goes around comes around. If those Perpetrators are not bought to account in this existence they sure as hell will be in the next or the one after that. This physical realm is not the end, not by a long, long way." I was only following orders" is no defence when they have no other way out. They will be bought to account for their deeds. Love them all the same as you love your family. We are all a small part of a huge jig-saw which will one day fit together perfectly. We all have to love each other, no matter what. We should not choose who to love and who to hate or dis-like. We are all here at this time for a reason. I am buggered if I know what that reason is. The answer maybe lies with in each and every one of us. Find it if you can, and if you do, please let me and every body else know. One last thing dear friends, I have got a cold. How do I know. After 60 years I should know by now what a common cold feels like. Slight sore throat, runny nose, coughing more than usual. Will I get my self tested for covid? Will I fuck, IT IS A FUCKING COLD. How many of these cases in the North of England which is causing misery to fuck knows how many people and businesses are nothing more than what we would have said this time last year is a FUCKING COLD are nothing more than a FUCKING COLD. Yes, I have got A corona virus, it is a FUCKING COLD. I will be fine in a couple of days. Should I be running a slightly higher temperature than normal on Monday morning when I get to work, who gives a fuck they owe me 5 days holiday. Good night dear friends. Speak soon . XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  7. Just remembered seeing an interview on fox news with the governor of South Dakota a few weeks ago. She has refused to order a lockdown, no masks, schools open, all businesses open. The deaths per 100,000 in New York state at the time was 167. South Dakota deaths per 100,000 15. Latest figures for S.D show only 258 people have died from covid-19. The population of South Dakota is 893,922. We will not be seeing this in the M.S.M here or in the states any time soon.
  8. Welcome to the forum, As I always say One more of us one less of them.
  9. Been experiencing some synchronicity over the last 3-4 weeks. Firstly our dog Banjo who is epileptic had a series of seizures one weekend. We have noticed over the last two and a half years he is prone during a full moon. How ever the last time there was no full moon. We did discover there was a rare planetary alignment happening. One that only happens once every 800 years. During this week end I found a bloke on u-tube who had made predictions last year about this year and as I have posted before if they were genuine he was chillingly accurate. He also has predicted some thing happening at the end of November, which will be more shocking and worse than covid. The last two videos on "Age of truth T.V" are well worth a look. The first of the two has Claire Edwards and Steven Whybrow discussing claims from a man in Clapham, London. He is predicting an asteroid hitting the earth at the end of November. Claire Edwards claims it will be another fake using holographic projections and pulse technology the same as they maybe used for 9/11. This will trigger W.W.3 involving Iran and bring in a global governance and new world order. Trump will win this years election. He claims it is encoded in The Economist of December 2019 front cover along with numerology. Listen to the videos before deciding, they are quire interesting. Second bit of synchronicity. Decided at work today to turn the radio in the truck over to radio 5 live. Not some thing I do very often. Just in time to hear an interview with an actor who was in" Game of thrones" talk about his new T.V series which is starting this week on sky one. It has already been shown in the U.S. They finished filming at Xmas last year, so I guess they filmed it for a large part of 2019. The name of the series "Brave new world" Predictive programming? No it's just another coincidence, now stop the silly conspiracy theories and put your mask back on, Nanny knows best.
  10. I know what you mean I some times get despondent being the only person in a super market etc with out a mask. Some of those I work agree with me but cant see any further than refusing a vaccine when the time comes. They are surprised I dare to go into a shop un-masked, so therefore I am sure they are masked up and don't see the implications of complying. I am a member of a local amateur theatre group. We put on comedy plays every year at the end of September. The couple who's house we use for rehearsals went into isolation when all this covid crap started. Their house their rules we have to respect that. Even if we had still had the rehearsals we would not have been allowed to do the three performances. The hall we use holds 250 people and is a virtual sell out all 3 nights. We have all missed the fun and laughter of getting together once a week to rehearse. I some times think we need some one on our side who has the know how to hack into M.S.M studios and then we can start to broadcast the truth with the help of Vernon Coleman, U.K column news etc. Like they did in the film running man. I live in hope that the truth will be revealed. While we have hope, we potentially have every thing.
  11. I posted about three weeks ago a similar comment. Came across an astrologist Osher Astro or some thing like that. He was showing clips from videos he had made October/ November last year. If these videos are legitimate he was predicting some thing happening this year which would affect every body. He also talked about economies crashing and a few other things which are chillingly accurate. He is predicting some thing happening at the end of November which will be more devastating and shocking than covid. Watch this space is all I can say.
  12. Some thing else they can blame on human caused climate change.
  13. Don't know about lock downs and other restrictions ending, but I did post on forum about 3 weeks ago, not this thread. Our dog Banjo is epileptic, his first seizures were just over two and a half years ago. Since then we have noticed he is more prone to them around a full moon. His last series of fits were well after a full moon, but what we did discover was a rare planetary alignment which happens once every 500 years. Looking at stuff on u-tube I came across a bloke calling himself Osher Astro. He was showing clips from videos he had posted October, Novenber last year. By studying the planets he was predicting some thing happening this year that would affect every body globally. He also predicted economies crashing and a few other things which if these videos are genuine and have not been faked were chillingly accurate. He is now predicting some thing happening at the end of November this year which will be worse and more shocking than covid. At the moment I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Watch this space is all I can say.
  14. It is just as likely as any thing else they have got nothing more than a bloody cold, which as we all know is a corona virus. The M.S.M are still saying covid-19 in one sentence and then in the next calling it corona virus, to keep the confusion going so sheeple don't know the difference. As a result any one who tests positive for corona virus is expected to isolate for 14 days although they have nothing more than a bloody cold. ATCHOO.
  15. Pubs and restaurants closing at 10.pm, police cant disperse them all. Bring in the troops to do it. As for young men of military age (Macnamara , above) who have crossed the channel and sent to military bases for training. Wouldn't surprise me one little bit. They will have never had so much money and all they have to do is hit people on the head with a baton, just like last Saturday in Trafalgar square.
  16. And if any one has read "The invisible rainbow". By Arthur Firstenberg They will know it was to do with the E.M.F being emitted by radios being widely used for the first time during WW1. The next flu pandemic in the 1950s coincided with radar being developed. The next one in the 1960s coincided with satellites being launched into orbit, and now covid and 5g. Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. Now stop it with your silly conspiracy theories and put your mask back on.
  17. I thought it was Nicola Stalin. L.O.L
  18. I noticed many years ago how M.S.M will always report how many of our brave boys and girls in blue get injured while policing protests. Watched the ruptly stream and saw a few protesters with head injuries. Nothing will be reported about this or the 70 year old woman being punched in the stomach by that psyco copper. Peaceful protesters do not attack each other they do not damage property. Things only turn violent when plod wades in. This is nothing to do with serving and protecting the public and property. It is nothing more than trying to silence people who have a different opinion to the one pedalled by the state controlled media. The U.K, a free and democratic country? Don't make me laugh. America, free and democratic. Don't make me laugh. Australia, free and democratic. Don't make me laugh. Ditto about France, Germany, Spain, etc. Really starting to understand why I have only very rarely voted in elections. I have only voted for U.K.I.P because I did not agree with the E.U. Have realised the last 8 months how much our media is controlled. The last few weeks I have come round fully to the realisation this virus hoax is being orchestrated by very dark and sinister forces. Was prepared to give Boris and co the benefit of the doubt that they had at some point realised they had made a massive balls up and could have manipulated the figures to make it look like the virus had run its coarse and disappeared. The same applies to many, many world Governments who are being manipulated from the shadows. What they don't realise is that their masters who are pulling their strings will not hesitate to throw them under the bus if and when the time comes. That includes you Bill Gates. A thought occurred to me today while watching the stream from Trafalgar square. This virus hoax is a unique event in human history. While we are all unique in our own way. David Icke has a different uniqueness. (Sorry can't think of any other way to put it). I am thinking of the American author who was on desert island discs a few years ago. When she was asked what book of her choice would she want she replied "Human race get off your knees, by David Icke". Apparently you could have heard a pin drop in the studio. She was the one who said she doubted any one else could have done what David has done. We have a unique event occurring at the same time he is alive. It started just as he thought he was about to finish another book. Many would say it's all just a coincidence. Is there such a thing as a coincidence? How many coincidences does there have to be before a line is crossed exceeding the laws of possibility. The U.K having its first winter election for 125 years. Northern constituencies voting tory for the first time ever. The first country to leave the E.U. I am sure there are many many more that I cant think of at the moment and have made this post a lot longer that I originally intended.
  19. "We may as well have done the course from home". As I posted a few days ago we are now starting to see what the future of education is going to be. No more schools, no more colleges, no more universities. All education will be done at home on line. Eventually taught by A.I robots which will look so life like kids and parents will not know the teachers are not real people. STAY HOME, CONTROL THE VIRUS, SAVE LIVES.
  20. You could be right Jack, admittedly I have nothing else to go on or back it up.
  21. Saw an interview this morning on B.B.C with some one at a lower league football club which is already struggling. Interviewer said at the end fans can pay £10 to stream games live when the season starts and watch at home. This got me thinking more about children being taught via zoom etc at home. How long before schools are no longer needed and teachers replaced by A.I. Sports venues as we know them will also change beyond all recognition. If you want to you can bet on gambling web sites 24/7, virtual grey hound racing, its what some call cartoon racing. Football teams using virtual reality players, virtual reality racing drivers. Sounds a bit sci-fi which could easily become reality with the internet of ALL things. Tesco trialling deliveries by drone in Ireland. I used to be a Tesco delivery driver. During induction talk we were told that the day will come when drivers will not be needed. Its all heading in one direction. Stay at home to save lives, but then you don't need to go out any where. Food delivered, exercise in the comfort of your own home (seen the studio cycling adverts?). Want to go on holiday just cover your eyes with this and you are transported where ever you want to go. No work, no problem the government will give you just enough money to keep your self alive. You will comply. Exactly what D.I has been talking about for 30 years. David Icke, isn't he the nutter who claimed to be the son of god and thinks the queen is a lizard? FOR FUCKS SAKE PEOPLE WAKE UP. Trouble is, saying things on this forum like that is preaching to the converted. We live in hope and while you have hope you potentially have every thing.
  22. Wife has just had report on face book from a group she belongs to called explorers. Photos of anti lock down protests in Bangkhok Thailand. The crowd is fucking massive.
  23. Too many people are afraid of being confronted by a mask wearer. I have started to see a few more people not masked up and had a brilliant conversation a couple of weeks ago with a young man in Tesco's. He asked me if I had heard of Vernon Coleman, silly question. I admit I felt very conscience not wearing one at first when they were made compulsory. Now I actually find my self looking forward to going into a shop with out one. Head up, don't look guilty act normal and if any one does question me I am armed with enough information. Having said that a work mate this week did say it was people like me who were going to get us back in the shit again. I don't expect to win all battles.
  24. Hoping to get to the one in Norwich on Thursday. On holiday from work so shouldn't be a problem.
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