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  1. You could be right Jack, admittedly I have nothing else to go on or back it up.
  2. Saw an interview this morning on B.B.C with some one at a lower league football club which is already struggling. Interviewer said at the end fans can pay £10 to stream games live when the season starts and watch at home. This got me thinking more about children being taught via zoom etc at home. How long before schools are no longer needed and teachers replaced by A.I. Sports venues as we know them will also change beyond all recognition. If you want to you can bet on gambling web sites 24/7, virtual grey hound racing, its what some call cartoon racing. Football teams using virtual reality players, virtual reality racing drivers. Sounds a bit sci-fi which could easily become reality with the internet of ALL things. Tesco trialling deliveries by drone in Ireland. I used to be a Tesco delivery driver. During induction talk we were told that the day will come when drivers will not be needed. Its all heading in one direction. Stay at home to save lives, but then you don't need to go out any where. Food delivered, exercise in the comfort of your own home (seen the studio cycling adverts?). Want to go on holiday just cover your eyes with this and you are transported where ever you want to go. No work, no problem the government will give you just enough money to keep your self alive. You will comply. Exactly what D.I has been talking about for 30 years. David Icke, isn't he the nutter who claimed to be the son of god and thinks the queen is a lizard? FOR FUCKS SAKE PEOPLE WAKE UP. Trouble is, saying things on this forum like that is preaching to the converted. We live in hope and while you have hope you potentially have every thing.
  3. Wife has just had report on face book from a group she belongs to called explorers. Photos of anti lock down protests in Bangkhok Thailand. The crowd is fucking massive.
  4. Too many people are afraid of being confronted by a mask wearer. I have started to see a few more people not masked up and had a brilliant conversation a couple of weeks ago with a young man in Tesco's. He asked me if I had heard of Vernon Coleman, silly question. I admit I felt very conscience not wearing one at first when they were made compulsory. Now I actually find my self looking forward to going into a shop with out one. Head up, don't look guilty act normal and if any one does question me I am armed with enough information. Having said that a work mate this week did say it was people like me who were going to get us back in the shit again. I don't expect to win all battles.
  5. Hoping to get to the one in Norwich on Thursday. On holiday from work so shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Last Sunday our dog Banjo who is epileptic had a seizure at 1.30 in the morning. This was followed by another 9 or 10 during the day. We have noticed in the last two and a half years since his very first fit that he is more prone during a full moon. Nothing happened at the last full moon and we were well past the last one last Sunday. I asked my wife to check the Schumann resonance. She came back with a rare planetary alignment occurring, some thing that only happens once every 500 years. Planets in their own star signs. I don't pay any attention to the astrology predictions especially the crap in news papers ( not that I have read a paper for many years). The one video on u-tube that really caught my attention was by a bloke calling himself Osher Astro. He showed clips of videos he had made in November December last year predicting some thing would happen this year that would affect the whole planet. Predictions of countries economies crashing and a few other things which were chillingly accurate. I can only assume these videos are legitimate and really were made when he claims. He is now predicting some thing happening at the end of November which will be more devastating and shocking than covid. I am prepared to wait and see, watch this space is all I can suggest.
  7. Heard a bloke on the radio recently say he would report neighbours because they are no different than terrorists spreading the virus like some one walking down the road spraying bullets. There really is no hope for some people.
  8. Would very much like to see him debating with Vernon Coleman. But that isn't going to happen.
  9. Have seen the same sort of thing in Leicester when making deliveries for work
  10. Hate to say it, Marianna Spring = twat. She should go to back school where she is taught to look at both sides of any opinion. Until then Marianna Spring = twat.
  11. Really can't understand Boris Johnson's mentality. Assuming he wants to get re-elected, why is he allowing this lie to continue. Why has he not put a stop to doctors putting covid-19 on death certificates when people died of other causes. Why has he allowed the M.S.M to continue promoting the fear and bullshit. Why has he not done some thing about the confusion being instilled in people as to corona virus and covid, and made it clear that the common cold is a corona virus. Why has he not questioned the deletion of freedom of speech from u-tube and other platforms ( David Icke, Vernon Coleman, Del Bigtree). Why has he allowed the murder of old people in care homes to go un-questioned. Why has he not questioned the accuracy of the P.C.R test. Why has he allowed him self to be dictated to by Neil Ferguson and imperial college, Dominic Cummings, the W.h.O and Bill Gates. Is he really so controlled from the shadows. Is he bought/ manipulated/ bullied or black mailed by the front men of the cabal to such a degree he dare not say/do any thing other than what he is told to say or do. I really can't understand the mentality of Kier Starmer. If he was to start to think out side of the box and question the government figures and strategies over this fake pandemic, he could make Boris and co look absolute twats. The questions he could ask of Boris would make for very entertaining listening. He could have Boris for Breakfast, Dinner, and Tea then spit out what is left. Obviously he is just as controlled and manipulated from the shadows by those in dark suits as Boris is. Or is it simply a case of once you become a leading politician you go to some private hospital to have your brain removed and replaced by A.I to do the thinking for you. The same can be said of Trump/Biden, Macron and who ever opposes him/ Merkel and who ever opposes her and most or all presidents and prime ministers the world over. And another thought, all these regional lock downs are north of Leicester and Birmingham. If they are not lock downs they are areas being monitored by Public Health England, or some other government organisation because of spikes in infection rates. I wonder how many of these areas are constituencies that had never been tory controlled before the last general election. if this is the case, their local M.Ps who didn't think they had a cat in hells chance of being elected and are there to serve their constituents are very quiet about their local economies being further destroyed and the people there being lied to. I suspect these new conservative M.Ps who probably got into politics for very good and moral reasons have been told "If you know what's good for you and your family, you will keep your fucking mouth shut". I would not hesitate for one second to doubt that the psychopaths who run this and all countries through puppets such as Boris Johnson etc would not stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
  12. Got petrol today after work, no mask of coarse at kiosk. Then Tesco, one other person with no mask. Lastly Jolley's to get dog food, one other chap who looked genuinely surprised to see a fellow non mask wearer. Maybe the tide is starting to turn.
  13. All I know about her is that she used to be married to Tim Healy from "Aufwiedersein pet". We need more like her go girl go.
  14. My wife and a friend of ours came across these camps on a website about five years ago. Some photos showed loads of coffins piled up. Thanks Velma, now we know what they were set up for.
  15. My Dad and his wife were both diagnosed with it. Jean suffers from Altzheimers, she is thin as a rake and bed bound. Dad has type two diabetes, has smoked all his life, and has C.O.P.D along with asthma. Dad was out of hospital after two weeks and Jean after a month. He is 85, she is 87.
  16. I believe it was 64,000 in the U.K 1.5 million world wide
  17. Got quite angry today at work. Had radio two on (Not some thing I normally listen to), but as I wasn't driving far I left it on. People in Scotland mostly were E-mailing and phoning in telling about experiences with elderly relatives in care homes. One woman nearly in tears talking about her Dad with dementia who the family were unable to visit for months then when they could it was seeing him through a window. Her Dad was allowed to have a total stranger come in and cut his hair or have a visit from a priest, but no family allowed. I will not go into what other people had to say because you get the gist by now. Found my self shouting FUCKING WANKERS at the radio. Discovered this evening Vernon Coleman is not putting any more videos on U=tube due to his videos being deleted for telling the truth. FUCKING WANKERS.
  18. Yes I have had the same thoughts. Look over there, then while you are looking I will do??????????????
  19. Sorry if any one has already suggested this but Dr Vernon Coleman has a book worth reading entitled "If any one tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying"
  20. If you have not seen it then have a look at "Age of truth T.V"> On U-Tube. A video streamed two days ago with a woman Claire Edwards. Sorry I am not teccy enough to be able to download/upload/ move things from one device/site to another. It is well worth having a look and could be removed from u-tube soon.
  21. A huge thank you to the people who filmed this demo for those of us who were unable to attend. There is a gathering in Norwich on September 24th, me and my wife really hope to be there.
  22. Had a small victory this afternoon. Stopped to get petrol at Sainsbury's. Bloke in a van at pump behind me, he was just in front of me as we walked to the kiosk. He stopped looked at me and said "I have forgotten my mask". "You don' fucking need one mate, it's all bollocks. For a start if they did any good the government would have had us wearing them months ago". You're right he said, and followed me inside. Got a big grin and thumbs up from him as I got back to my car. One more of us, one less of them.
  23. There will be a second wave. As Martin Lee says in the above video. " The government and M.S.M switch between covid-19 and corona virus, to confuse people and make them think they are one and the same". Come Autumn and winter how many people will need to just get a cold for more and more lock downs to be ordered. Three or four people in any given town or city to be tested positive for corona virus will be enough. They can not test for covid-19 specifically, as D.I and also Martin Lee and others have tried to point out covid-19 has never been proven to exist by using Koch postulates. I really do fear that things are going to get far worse for the U.K, Europe and the U.S come the Winter. Not because of this so called virus but the restrictions forced on the people by insane governments who are trying to convince us it is real. The sad part is, judging by the number of people who are fully masked up in shops, they are winning. When ever I go into a shop I am in a minority of 1.
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