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  1. We in Norfolk, it has been announced today will be in tier 4 as from boxing day, along with other areas. Obviously the deadly virus has got its calendar out again, is taking a few days off before resuming its rampage through the population. Just to give a sense of proportion to you all, a friend of ours works in the biggest hospital in Norfolk, has told my wife and me very recently that she was talking to a nurse who works in the A&E department. This year has been no worse than any other including this autumn/winter. Her son is a porter at the same hospital, he has told her the covid wards have been mostly empty all year. My daughter is a final year paediatric nurse. She is put on different placements to gain experience in all aspects of nursing where children are and might be involved. She has recently done two days at Norfolk's second biggest hospital. Number of covid patients for those two days,1, and this bloke was well enough to drive himself to hospital and then go home after a quick once over by a doctor. |I have been getting even more people looking at me with daggers drawn when ever I walk into a shop since they have announced the new, improved, more contagious variant of covid. According to the expert Matt Hancock it has come from South Africa. Isn't that the country where flu has been eradicated. I have mentioned on this forum before, although quite some time ago. My Father in-law lives with us, he is 89, riddled with arthritis, parkinson's and is bed ridden. For the last four years he has been in hospital in the run up to Christmas and beyond. It is important to find positives for all negative things that happen in our lives to help us to grow and evolve. Some positives for us, with me being furloughed for 3 months is the time to do other things. I joined this forum, we started growing vegetables and following David Icke more closely. We also discovered Andrew Kauffman, Del Bigtree and Vernon Coleman among others. After reading Dr Colemans short but excellent book "Any one who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying" we have decided not to have any more flu vaccines. We are both 60. My wife who is dad's main carer has not made any arrangements for him to have a flu vaccine this year. What a surprise he is not in hospital. A coincidence? Will we have the covid vaccine? Hell will freeze over first. Although we are anonymous on here, and maybe live hundreds or thousands of miles apart we are connected. We are connected to those who wish to do us harm. All we can do for the moment is try to send the light of love and empathy to them. Ignorance is not bliss, it is a curse. Just because any individual is more enlightened does not make them any better. I am no more precious to, or cherished by the creator than Hitler, Boris Johnson or Matt Hancock. God may hate the sin but not the sinner. I apologise if this post is long winded and a little dis- jointed, must be the rum talking. First drink for two months but helps to get the creative juices flowing (L.O.L). Good night dear friends and may your god be with you.
  2. Heard on radio on way home from work, the death toll in the U.K has now reached 67,616. The infection rate in London is doubling every 6 days. All on 21/12---2+1+1+2=6. An awful lot of 6es about today. Also heard Johnson say we can look forward to a very different world in this country after Easter. Read into that what you will. To me that sounds very ominous. All on the darkest day of the year. Saturn and Jupiter in alignment. As D.I has said it's no accident Saturn sounds like Satan. And today is the day the ancients celebrated SATANalia.
  3. Just had a moment of inspiration and have written a new song for xmas. You will all know the tune. Hey Boris Johnson you cunt what are you fucking like I've always worn a mask and stayed away from those I don't like If I wanted another bloody tier I would have bloody asked So this P.C.R test and vaccine shite you can shove right up your arse I've followed all your fucking rules and been furloughed twice Boris Johnson you cunt what are you fucking like You've stuffed my bloody Christmas up it's enough to make you spu But I'm not the only one pissed off, we've all had enough of you. Hey Hancock you cunt what's your fucking plan You're a wanker and a liar a pathetic excuse for a man I can see right through your fucking lies and you're not even very bright I'm sick of you on T.V talking all that shite what's your fucking game man tell us what's really going on Hancock you cunt what's your fucking plan
  4. Heard on radio that Mike Pence, Trumps right hand man and his wife have had the vaccine live on T.V. He said the vaccine is safe and effective. He should know, he's a politician. I for one hope we go into lockdown in the new year. This will confirm once and for all that Boris is a fool. Only a fool does the same thing again and again hoping for a different outcome.
  5. Stress is a possibility but no more than usual. Water around here is pretty crap, we have fridge filter and jug filter to get rid of as much crap as possible. She still the same, thanks for asking. Have read that 5g can cause skin problems. I assume they are still putting more and more satellites up. Hark at me beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist.
  6. NewNotNew Just seen that is your first post. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Thinking about it I have always been a bit rebellious, probably not.
  8. My wife a few days ago has developed a rash like thing on her arms legs and is as from today appearing on her back and in her scalp. It is some times called hives, small red lumps. A friend of hers told her today she knows some one who has recently had the same thing appear. Has any one out there got the same or knows of any one. Found article in daily express an itchy rash on the skin is a symptom of, surprise, surprise, coronavirus, and you should self isolate. OH FUCK OFF
  9. The way I see it Velma is like this It is my fucking house therefore my fucking rules. Boris will not tell me who I can have in it until he starts to pay my mortgage. Apologies for the language, like you I am pissed off with them treating us like children.
  10. Yep, knight hood, peerage, more money than he will know what to do with. consultant fees for all sorts of companies for doing fuck all
  11. Follow the rules, follow the rules, stay home, follow the rules, flatten the curve, follow the rules, protect the N.H.S, follow the rules, stay 2 metres away. Your eye lids are getting heavy. Follow the rules, stay alert, follow the rules, defeat the virus, follow the rules, protect the N.H.S, follow the rules, wear a mask. You are feeling sleepy. Follow the rules, protect those you love, follow the rules, protect the N.H.S, follow the rules, get vaccinated, follow the rules. You are fast asleep. When I snap my fingers you will be wide awake, follow the rules, follow the rules, follow the rules. OH FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!
  12. Didn't see Dr Hilary Jones on Good morning Britain. Did hear "Mad" Matt Hancock on Radio 4 say the same thing. "The vaccine will not stop any one getting the virus and they will be able to spread it to others". Why not just say it is useless and doesn't work. I have never heard any one spout crap like this creature. He obviously hasn't got a clue what he is talking about. He is just repeating what some one else is telling him to say. Minister for health, I would be surprised if he has got a first aid certificate. Some times wonder if he even believes what he is saying himself.
  13. Interesting the card has got a crown on it. Isn't corona Latin for crown?
  14. Been wondering how they are going to manipulate the figures to show the death rate falling due to the miracle vaccine. Probably by not putting covid as a cause of death when people fall off ladders etc. Does any one know if it is possible to have the definition of any given word changed. I think the definition of the word pathetic should be changed to Kier Starmer, British labour party.
  15. I believe the latest furlough scheme or job retention scheme as I have also heard it called is due to end in March next year. Occurred to me yesterday it coincides with the end of the tax year. Thousands of people are predicted to be made redundant from their work at this time, if they haven't been already. It would not have been feasible for Rishi Sunak to have had the furlough scheme going for a whole year at the start of this plandemic. It has had to be done in stages so as not to arouse suspicion among the majority. Interest rates have been at record lows for some time now almost as if the bank of England controllers knew what was in the pipeline. When I say "controllers" I am not talking about Mark Carney, etc, he was just another front man, a mouth piece, a puppet. To have suddenly lowered interest rates to where they are and have been,, again would have looked so suspicious that maybe even the B.B.C would have been asking awkward questions. There is a lot of talk on this forum about us all being fucked and vaccines being made compulsory. I agree with both these statements. We can have all the peaceful protests we want, and I wish I was able to get to some of them. Sadly they will achieve nothing. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Who among us is brave enough to do some thing like Emilline Pankhurst. Throwing herself in front of the kings horse at the Epsom Derby was pivotal in women being able to vote. I am not suggesting we do the same but protesting from a motorway bridge and threatening to throw your self off would maybe capture the attention of the media in a different way. Chaining our selves in front of our local town halls might be something to cause interest to the local news papers initially. "If you tolerate this then your children will be next" is very true today. I am sixty, I believe this vaccine is intended to be fully active for generation after mine. It will be made compulsory within the next five years. Receiving this vaccine will be incremental in its effect as it is given each year until the human body is a receiver connected to 5g as has been predicted by D.I for years. A little off topic, I heard an interview on the radio on Tuesday with the heir to the J.C.B company. He was talking about electric vehicles and the energy needed to produce the batteries. Cobalt is mined in the democratic republic of congo, very often children work in these mines. The cobalt is taken from the mines to be loaded onto ships then to China where most of the worlds batteries are made in factories powered by coal burning power stations. the batteries exported all over the world. One electric car produces twice as much co2 than it will save due to the energy needed to make the batteries. He then went on to talk about the use of hydrogen power. The one problem with hydrogen as far as the cult is concerned it will not be so easy to connect it to the grid as an electric vehicle will be. The last sentence is my own thoughts not the thoughts of the J.C.B heir.
  16. Me too when I was at work, driving from Coventry to Leicester
  17. Saw a programme last Sunday morning om B.B.C 2 "Landward". It is about the Scottish country side. This week they went to a Scottish island just off the North coast "Eileen nan ron". In 1950 a laboratory was set up to study the common cold. One experiment had volunteers from the mainland being infected with a cold virus then doing all they could to infect the healthy volunteers who lived with them. None caught a cold but the inhabitants who lived on the other side of the island did. "Social distancing". What a load of bollocks.
  18. The government of this country or any other, hasn't spent a penny. How is it possible to spend money that does not exist? They and all the others have produced it out of thin air like some sort of magic trick. Going cap in hand to the international bankers and so I heard on the radio recently the bank of England buys government or corporate bonds. What the fuck are they and how do they produce pounds sterling. It is all a massive con so when the day comes and Sunac says we have to start paying it all back to the bankers by raising taxes on every thing and paying it back for decades, or we could enter into this new international banking/economic system and have all debts wiped off the slate. Economic reset and another major step forward into the new world order. We do not want to go back to the old normal. We do need a new world order, but NOT their new world order.
  19. Not been on forum since page 400. Apologies if some thing similar has been posted since I was last here. Been thinking earlier this week and Thursday gave me the chance to put thoughts into words. A conversation with the finance director at work got round to the wearing of masks. He told me about seeing some one in a sure market not wearing one and wished he had been brave enough to challenge this fellow. I asked him if he wore one in shops before July 24th "No" came his muffled reply. Can you remember seeing any one wearing a mask before July 24th. He thought for a while and said "No". "Therefore are you and every body else wearing a mask because you really believe it will stop you getting infected, or do you put one on because Boris Johnson has told you to"?. He turned on his heels saying some thing about having no answer for that one. Dear friends as we know there was nothing to stop any one wearing a mask before this date and they are not hard to get hold of. This could be a useful argument to put fore-ward and get some of the sheeple to start thinking for their selves. The first lock down didn't work and was more severe than this one, so how the hell does Boris and co think that this lock down will make any difference. Another good question for any one who buys into the bull shit ( fuck, doesn't the world stink at the moment). Again, apologies if some thing similar has already been posted over the last 28 pages. That's enough from me for the moment, got some catching up to do. Page 401 here I come.
  20. Was just about to sign off and have a shower before going to bed. Then I thought nah fuck it i really want to post one last thing tonight. BORIS JOHNSON, MATT HANCOCK, CHRIS WITTY, and that VALLANCE bloke are CUNTS. Now that feels good to get that off my chest. Good night.
  21. We've had some one at work who has tested positive. The fear level among the brain dead at work has gone through the roof. A senior manager is among the worst. He drives to work fully masked up. Sits in his office on his own, masked up. Three of us stood talking before work Wednesday morning, fairly close to each other, no masks, when he turned up. "Come on guys we have had some one test positive, stay 2 metres apart". Not so bad for me, I spend most of my time out side loading or un-loading the truck or out on the road. Just waiting to be called into his office because when I do walk through the factory I am face naked. Could be fun. Sadly though I do not feel he will listen to any thing other than what the government say. Some people are beyond any sort of common sense reasoning as far as this covid crap is concerned. One bloke did tell me a few weeks ago it was people like me who were going to get us all back in the shit again. As for him who has tested positive I would put money on him having nothing more than a fucking cold same as I had two weeks ago. They owed me 5 days holiday so I took the week off.
  22. Only had T.V on to watch the rugby. Then the news came on. Any swear word will do to describe how any one on this forum feels about Boris and his gang. Local news has just finished. Apparently police are talking about breaking up illegal raves over the weekend. GO Norfolk Go.
  23. I have seen a local butchers shop with a home made sign saying " NO MASK NO ENTRY NO EXEMPTIONS". Thinking of printing these off and shoving through his letter box or taping them to the door one evening.
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