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  1. At the age of 60 and with an underlying health condition (atrial fibrillation) I received a text message this week from my G.P surgery inviting me to book a covid vaccination. Needless to say on here, that is not going to happen, but I've said it any way. Has any one else noticed , according to official figures, how the death and infection rate is declining the more the vaccination rate is increasing. A good way to get those who are unable to think for their selves to believe it must be because of the vaccine. The vaccinated now number just under 17 million. Most of those are care home residents and elderly people who don't go out much any way and even less now because you are still supposed to stay at home as much as possible even after having the jab. Out of a population of 68 million, three quarters of us are un-vaccinated, going to work, etc. I see every day how busy the roads are. We are supposed to believe that with only a quarter of the country's population jabbed and still mostly stuck indoors the vaccine is making a difference already. I don't think so. Another brilliant episode from U.K column news today. I see they now have over 78,000 subscribers, just a few weeks ago it was under 65,000. There are more and more people joining this forum, seems to be some one new each time I log in. We are still in a minority but that minority is becoming less of a minority. Johnson, Hancock and co are going to push this too far if they are not careful. Then watch their house of cards come tumbling down. A lot of shit hitting a very big fan I hope. Nearly forgot, talking to a work colleague as we were leaving off yesterday. He was telling me about two care home workers he personally knows who have been vaccinated and are suffreing with health issues. Both are now off work due to sickness. One feels as if he has got flu the other is getting migraines, both having uncontrollable shaking episodes
  2. I can understand people becoming brain washed by watching or listening to the M.S.M and nothing else. Driving around the country as I do for work, If I'm not listening to a C.D then it's Radio four or five live. to hear the constant stream of so called "experts" I'm not surprised so many people have swallowed this covid hoax hook, line and sinker. Then I get home and I get the truth from people on this forum and U.K column news as well as the D.I web site. Keeps me sane. Usually refer people to U.K column news if I get the chance. These days it's not long before any conversation gets round to covid. Just keep praying the truth will come out into the main stream one day and Johnson, Hancock and many others are forced to face up to their crimes against humanity. I can hear them now blubbing "He made me do it". "I was only following orders". "I didn't know I was being lied to". And of coarse the M.S.M demanding they are all imprisoned for a very long time, because they were only repeating what they had been told by the government and the "experts".
  3. I keep hearing how many doses of this vaccine and that vaccine the U.K government has ordered from this company and that company. Sorry to late and too pissed, (gin and tonic tonight) to do any research into the exact numbers. But it seems to me they have ordered far more than is required for a population of 68 million people. This bullshit is not going to go away any time soon, unless the people of, not just the U.K, but many more countries really do wake up and rise up against their respective governments. Unfortunately if this does happen it will lead to blood shed and death, even peaceful protest is not free of violence now. Have you seen U.K column news from Wednesday, shocking what happened to that woman, fucking psychopaths. We are approaching a cross roads in human spiritual evolution. I have never been one to believe in bible stories especially the new testament. Jesus is supposed to be our saviour. if their is an ounce of truth in that then he had better show up bloody quick, because the way things are going we are fucked with out some sort of divine intervention. Far too many people live in the five sense reality as D.I rightly calls it. If you can't see it, hear it, touch it, taste or smell it, then it doesn't exist. They have been brain washed all their lives to believe in the myth of authority, read the book by Larken Rose. I suppose it has been quite easy really for the cabal. Find out what frightens them, then frighten them with it. There is a deadly virus on the loose and if you don't do as you are told you will all die. Job done. One of my Daughters asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I was hoping for that question "The answer", by David Icke was my immediate reply. I am about three quarters through reading it. Once again I can not find just one sentence to disagree with or even question. There is far more to this reality than we are aware of, good and bad. It is said that you will never find an atheist on a battle field. I have never had the misfortune to be on a battle field, but I can imagine this statement to be very true. When are the sheeple going to realize what is happening? Why can they not see that if any one questions the official narrative, they are called a conspiracy theorist, instead of even considering the possibility that the conspiracy theorist is right and authority is wrong. Starting to feel I could go on all night, trouble is I am preaching to the converted. Good night dear friends and may your god be with you.
  4. Look very carefully at his eyes. Occasionally they appear to glow red right in the very centre. Creepy!!!!
  5. Just been listening to todays U.K column news. The new defence secretary in the U.S is reported as saying he will get all Americans vaccinated weather they want it or not. Things like this make me think yes we are fucked. A lot of people on here tonight are very despondent as I some times feel also. Some days the situation does seem hopeless. So glad I joined this forum last April whilst furloughed. It does help to know I am not alone. Fortunately my wife feels the same about this fake pandemic as I do. We are in a minority, but we do have hope. While we have hope we potentially have every thing. As sickofallthebollocks said earlier "STAY STRONG". Don't let the bastards grind you down.
  6. Excellent post .Reminded me of some thing I heard years ago about a Romanian living and working as a taxi driver some where in the U.S. He some how managed to get his Mother out of Romania to come and live with him and his wife. He picked her up at the airport, while driving home he stopped at a super market to do some shopping. His Mother disappeared and was found sitting in a corner crying her eyes out. When she had regained her composure she explained how they were always told by the communist government that those in the West are starving to death. She could not understand how and why the Romanian people were being lied to so much by their own government.
  7. Exactly what I was saying on here yesterday, we are 1% of the 99%. 1% elite, 1% dissenters, 98% sheeple who will go along with what ever they are told to believe.
  8. I think I heard some thing earlier about Kier Starmer saying we should have another full lock down like they have recently had in Wales. If I heard that right then that is what Boris will do next. A full lock down like we had in March last year. They are claiming that the virus is spreading out of control because of people not complying with the guide lines. That bloke Twitty, or is it Twatty, I can never remember. He is going to be on T.V more with a public information film telling us what to do. He will be preaching to the already converted. This in turn will alienate us non compliers even more. Divide and rule. How can they seriously blame the non mask wearers/non compliers. like it or not we are in the minority. 1% of the 99%, I would guess. But if it gets the majority hating us more then job done. I can then see us getting blamed, in the not too distant future, because we refuse to be vaccinated allowing the virus to keep coming back. Compulsory vaccinations will follow or we will not be able to do any thing other than the bare minimum to try and keep our selves alive. I still maintain the long term goal of all this is the great reset. This and many, many other countries will find their selves in so much debt from borrowing money that does not exist but has got to be paid back to the international banking system any way. We will be told that taxes on any thing and every thing will have to be raised for decades. Or we can have all that debt wiped clean if we join this new international monetary system. Economic reset= more control over governments= more control over citizens= more slavery for the human race. Job done, and no body noticed what we were doing. Maybe this will take another ten years, agenda 2030. By the time the majority compliers realise they have been massively conned it will be too late, if they ever realise it at all. A very good question by Avoiceinthecrowd and I would also like to know if any one else has any thoughts on this. Maybe you agree with me or maybe you don't or would like to add some thing. Sorry if any one thinks this is a bit off topic, I don't. It is still connected to the covid scam and the short and long term possible events.
  9. Heard all that bollocks my self. Thought " why don't they give some sort of evidence that covid deniers are wrong". Instead they expect all of us to blindly believe every word they say. Now, now children don't you start having any thoughts of your own, "nanny knows best". Then answered my own question. They cant prove covid deniers are wrong, same as they cant prove them selves to be right. Sadly the majority do believe every word they say these days despite all the lies told to us in the past "weapons of mass destruction any one". Too many people have short memories.
  10. Out of likes for all, some fantastic posts on here today. A huge thumbs up to all of you.
  11. A bit like a boxer, pummelling his opponent, until he falls down in submission.
  12. Are you absolutely sure he said bankers and not w/[email protected]£$%
  13. When you say a "few decent ones" I assume you are talking about the few decent politicians that exist. I my self have no doubt they do exist. Problem is if they do start shouting they will be very quickly silenced. The ones that get the top jobs ( Matt Hancock) for example, are selected by those who are in control of government (weather it be Tory or socialist) because they show signs of Psychopathy, sociopathy, or basically don't give a toss about any one else. Career politicians as they are some times called. As for politicians shouting through the media, not a chance through the main stream media. As I said earlier today our main stream media is as state controlled as it is in China, Russia, And North Korea
  14. The answer to all your questions is simple. State controlled media, just like they have in Russia, China and North Korea. Don't blame the presenters you see in front of the cameras. They are just reading from a script. the people who operate the cameras and sound equipment are also just as ignorant. Those at the top who are pals with the likes of Johnson and co are the ones preventing any proper journalism. They are all being controlled and ordered to do as they are told or face the consequences. Who is telling them what to do? Who knows, but they are being ordered to toe the line as well. And so it goes on, further and further into the shadows.
  15. And so to bed, dear friends. Be thankful that tomorrow is another day and we live to fight again.
  16. The mental toughness and resilience has gone from a lot of people my age, not just the young. People of all ages seem more docile and unable to think for them selves. if it's due to crap being sprayed on crops, chem trails, fluoride in water and a load more chemicals dumbing us down, I have no idea why it has worked so well on so many. I am not claiming to be more intelligent than others, far from it. Human society has changed and not always for the betterment of society. This is a subject that can be debated for many hours and is going off topic. Many apologies.
  17. Left school in 1976, first job was in a small engineering firm. I remember Swarfega, bright green it was, brilliant stuff. I also remember how we would not take being dictated to by any one, not to this extent. I am sure we were made of tougher stuff back then, had minds of our own and not afraid to speak out. I am not saying we should go back to the way things were then. Rubbish piling up in the streets because the bin men were on strike. Power cuts due to electricians being on strike at the power stations. Dont think we would have taken all this covid bull shit then.
  18. Tier 6 will be the highest tier and will be forced upon the whole country in June, the sixth month. They simply love that number. As I posted on 21/12 (2+1+1+2=6) the darkest day in the northern hemisphere the number of deaths from covid had reached 67,616. The other possibility considering what has happened in the recent past is Boris resisting what Kier wants so he appears to be the good guy and then after a month or so he does exactly what Starmer wants. Kier Starmer leader of the labour party, do me a favour, he is nothing more than another bastard tory.
  19. I said on the corona-virus mega thread a few weeks ago, most of the worlds governments are borrowing money from international banks. All this money, weather it be, pounds sterling, euro dollars, U.S dollars, Australian dollars, South African Rand or the Brazilian Real is manifested out of thin air. It does not exist. it is nothing more than numbers on a computer screen some where. How-ever, there will come a time when, through the manipulation of figures and the wonderful life saving vaccine the fake pandemic will come to an end. Then, they will be telling us that because of all the, non-existent, money they have had to borrow to keep us safe and protect the economy, etc, we have got to start paying it back. We can do this by massively increasing taxes on every thing or we can enter into a new international monetary system where all debts are set at zero and we will owe nothing. All currency will be digital, no cash. This will be the economic reset, the fourth industrial revolution. Trust me my friend when I say it will NOT be for the benefit of the human race as a whole. This whole covid scare is working very well for the cabal so far. They have succeeded in inducing fear into the majority of people simply by getting them to believe in their own physical mortality. Fear is a very powerful emotion which they are exploiting to the full.
  20. We in Norfolk, it has been announced today will be in tier 4 as from boxing day, along with other areas. Obviously the deadly virus has got its calendar out again, is taking a few days off before resuming its rampage through the population. Just to give a sense of proportion to you all, a friend of ours works in the biggest hospital in Norfolk, has told my wife and me very recently that she was talking to a nurse who works in the A&E department. This year has been no worse than any other including this autumn/winter. Her son is a porter at the same hospital, he has told her the covid wards have been mostly empty all year. My daughter is a final year paediatric nurse. She is put on different placements to gain experience in all aspects of nursing where children are and might be involved. She has recently done two days at Norfolk's second biggest hospital. Number of covid patients for those two days,1, and this bloke was well enough to drive himself to hospital and then go home after a quick once over by a doctor. |I have been getting even more people looking at me with daggers drawn when ever I walk into a shop since they have announced the new, improved, more contagious variant of covid. According to the expert Matt Hancock it has come from South Africa. Isn't that the country where flu has been eradicated. I have mentioned on this forum before, although quite some time ago. My Father in-law lives with us, he is 89, riddled with arthritis, parkinson's and is bed ridden. For the last four years he has been in hospital in the run up to Christmas and beyond. It is important to find positives for all negative things that happen in our lives to help us to grow and evolve. Some positives for us, with me being furloughed for 3 months is the time to do other things. I joined this forum, we started growing vegetables and following David Icke more closely. We also discovered Andrew Kauffman, Del Bigtree and Vernon Coleman among others. After reading Dr Colemans short but excellent book "Any one who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying" we have decided not to have any more flu vaccines. We are both 60. My wife who is dad's main carer has not made any arrangements for him to have a flu vaccine this year. What a surprise he is not in hospital. A coincidence? Will we have the covid vaccine? Hell will freeze over first. Although we are anonymous on here, and maybe live hundreds or thousands of miles apart we are connected. We are connected to those who wish to do us harm. All we can do for the moment is try to send the light of love and empathy to them. Ignorance is not bliss, it is a curse. Just because any individual is more enlightened does not make them any better. I am no more precious to, or cherished by the creator than Hitler, Boris Johnson or Matt Hancock. God may hate the sin but not the sinner. I apologise if this post is long winded and a little dis- jointed, must be the rum talking. First drink for two months but helps to get the creative juices flowing (L.O.L). Good night dear friends and may your god be with you.
  21. Heard on radio on way home from work, the death toll in the U.K has now reached 67,616. The infection rate in London is doubling every 6 days. All on 21/12---2+1+1+2=6. An awful lot of 6es about today. Also heard Johnson say we can look forward to a very different world in this country after Easter. Read into that what you will. To me that sounds very ominous. All on the darkest day of the year. Saturn and Jupiter in alignment. As D.I has said it's no accident Saturn sounds like Satan. And today is the day the ancients celebrated SATANalia.
  22. Just had a moment of inspiration and have written a new song for xmas. You will all know the tune. Hey Boris Johnson you cunt what are you fucking like I've always worn a mask and stayed away from those I don't like If I wanted another bloody tier I would have bloody asked So this P.C.R test and vaccine shite you can shove right up your arse I've followed all your fucking rules and been furloughed twice Boris Johnson you cunt what are you fucking like You've stuffed my bloody Christmas up it's enough to make you spu But I'm not the only one pissed off, we've all had enough of you. Hey Hancock you cunt what's your fucking plan You're a wanker and a liar a pathetic excuse for a man I can see right through your fucking lies and you're not even very bright I'm sick of you on T.V talking all that shite what's your fucking game man tell us what's really going on Hancock you cunt what's your fucking plan
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