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  1. Agreed Tinfoil, I can remember way back when Corrie had some humour. Hilda and Stan Ogden, Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell. That was also back in the day when I believed every thing in the papers and the news on T.V. On the strength of that who am I to criticise some one else for believing what is in the media. All we can do is plant a seed of doubt in those who have bought into the psy-ops and hope it grows. Got talking to a trainee in the office last week she is 17 or 18, she asked me if I had had the vaccine. Told her no and was pleasantly surprised when she agreed with my reasons for not having it. Sadly it has caused arguments with her parents who are now fully vaxxed.
  2. Weather you are jabbed or not I am starting to feel we are all going to hell in a hand cart. If D.I is right, and I am sure he is, this has been a long time in the planning, therefore they will have taken into account the people who will fight back against them and how to deal with them. We are fighting an unknown and unseen enemy. It will take a massive awakening from many more people and I can't see that happening, or some one who has been instrumental in bringing this about to have their conscience awakened then have the balls to blow a very loud whistle or some sort of divine intervention.
  3. Heard recently a Hugo talks video about New Zealand where if you don't follow the quarantine rules when returning from some countries you can be fined up to 6,660 dollars. Gareth Icke this week in his new podcast "Right now" is talking to Josh Sigurdson a Canadian journalist living in Mexico. Josh was telling Gareth that in Canada where he still has family, that upon returning to Canada from certain countries people have to isolate in designated hotels at a personal cost of 666 Dollars. The fuckers are every where. To add to this not far from where I live in central Norfolk ( U.K), a few years ago a man taking his dog for a walk one evening stumbled across a disused church. he decided to take a closer look and entered it. There were satanic symbols on the walls and evidence of animal sacrifices scattered around. He decided it should be restored to it's original state and set about doing so. The church of England were not interested in helping but he was able to get a lottery grant. He received death threats and sinister phone calls late at night. He also had many attempts to run him off the road by people driving top of the range B.M.Ws, Audis etc, and not as you might expect beaten up old bangers. The fuckers are every where. Human race get off your knees. Sadly too many are on their knees and saying "Please sir can I have some more". The human race is in the gutter and having it's fucking head kicked in. People are waking up, but no where near fast enough. David Icke has been warning of this for more than 30 years, most people I talk to have never heard of him or still think he is a nut case. How ever, I live in hope that some, one some where, very soon will be in a position to expose all that is going on and the sheeple will at long last sit up and fucking wake up. I am at my first opportunity going to walk into a book makers and ask what odds they will give me that this covid shit will be exposed for the hoax, fraud it is by the end of 2023. Not 2022, that is too many 2s. 2+0+2+2 =6. Not normally superstitious but this number is cropping up too often. Won't have the volume of my car radio or the truck I drive for a living at a number that adds up to or is divisible by three, six, etc i.e 2+4 or 12,18. Call me paranoid if you like, I care not, but if there really is some thing in the energy, frequency of all there is even numbers, then I would prefer not to add to the negative side of it. Live in hope friends, because while we have hope we potentially have every thing. May your god be with you.
  4. Look at the time on the top right of the screen. When she first appears it says 4.28 pm and very dark behind her. Then at the end the time is 02.07 and just as dark. Add to this the crap acting, a typical Indian B movie. How ever the majority of sheeple who have seen this will believe all of it is real.
  5. We have all at work had e-mails from management that we are all to be expected to provide rapid flow tests twice a week. No intended start date as of yet. Have discovered from a bit of research tonight they cant force any one to do this with out amending employment contracts first. As I am not on site a great deal and only going by what some one else was telling me as we knocked off for the weekend. It would seem quite a few are not happy with this plan to have us all tested. Any of you out there got any useful tips on where I can find more info. I've got a feeling I am going to be some sort of spokesman. I have already been approached by one of the Polish blokes for advice. Fully intend to start putting together as much as I can from this and other sites (U.K column news) to mention just one to build a case and hopefully educate some of those at work who shit their selves when I walk through the factory un-masked. As an aside I heard Bill Gates on the radio this afternoon talking some bollocks about carbon neutral devices. Couldn't help but think he is starting to sound like Kermit the frog. This led me to picture Nicola Sturgeon as Miss Piggy, Boris as Animal due to the crazy hair, Faucci the great Gonzo, Vallance and Witty as Waldorf and Staedtler and Hancock as the Swedish chef talking bollocks and mad as a March Hare. Considering the covid crap the muppet show is quite fitting.
  6. Preparing people sub-consciously for lock downs come the Autumn/Winter.
  7. In Tesco's recently the burly security bloke asked me to put a mask as I entered. "No mate I'm exempt for medical reasons". He then asked me to use some hand gel. I picked up the bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel, looked at him as I put the bottle down. "no mate don't think I will bother with this anti-bacterial stuff". Got into a bit of a conversation with him as I left. Turns out he was at least half awake and as he said it wasn't him who put the hand gel there and he was only doing his job but had no right to force any one to use it or put a mask on.
  8. Just had a look at U.N figures for Brazil. Death rate from all causes is currently 6.674 per 1000 people. This is slightly less than the death rate in 1993 (no pandemic). In 1950 the death rate in Brazil was 16.367 per 1000 people (no pandemic). There was a steady decline until 2008 when the death rate reached a low of 6.017 per 1000. I have no connections to Brazil but the official figures speak for them selves, yes my dear friend it is M.S.M bullshit, again. It would seem that their president is right by not imposing draconian measures on the population. Maybe he needs Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Andrew Kauffman, Dr Sam Bailey, Del Bigtree one of the others who are being silenced and not able to get any where near a M.S.M microphone to help him expose this crap.
  9. And how many will be only too eager to get their kids shirts off and their arms exposed, just like they do with the MMR jab.
  10. Let them get their decent pay checks, they cant take it with them. The next existence does not give a shit how big your house was while you were here. They have no interest in what foreign holidays you had, the size of your yacht, how fast your car was. Human civilization will never sink beneath the waves, not entirely. There will always be some thing on this planet even if it is a human reset and back to just a handful of people. We are a magical, wonderful species. We can live in harmony with each other and create a utopia. Sadly a lot of knowledge as D.I has said many times has been stolen and kept from us to get us to obey. I once considered my self an atheist, then about forty years ago a chance meeting with a healer set me on the road to explore spiritualism. There is far more to life than this existence. Too many people allow their selves to be manipulated and controlled because all they are aware of is this physical existence, due to the spiritual knowledge being taken from us. Divide and rule. Kill the non believers, my religion is the right one not yours so you are wrong and must die. You live on that side of the fence and speak a different language to me, therefore you must die. We are taught from a very early age do as you are told. The second world war for instance would never have happened if the majority of German people had said "Fuck off Adolf, we are not doing that". The human race really does need a mass awakening to end the tyranny of authority the world over. Unfortunately I cant see that happening any time soon. The vast majority of Russian, Chinese or North Korean people are no threat to the rest of the world what so ever. I should imagine that the vast majority of military personnel have no desire to be on a battle field. The only perceived threat comes from the few in positions of power. They are the ones who will be no where near a battle field with a gun in their hands. Heard a bit on the radio recently. A question posed by Martin Lewis the money saving expert. The question was "What advice would you give to your 18 year old self if you could go back in time". My advice to me would be Live an alternative life style and do not get caught up in the system. Unfortunately I do not think my 18 year old self would have understood any of that.
  11. Wetiko mind virus, that was it. Thanks SiliconPsychosis
  12. That reminds me D.I was talking about some mind virus he was looking into a few months ago. Some thing he had heard about from native American Indians. Cant remember what it was called but they had a specific name for it.
  13. As pointed out by todays U.K column news Mad dog Hancock is setting up some new government thing to be ready for the next pandemic As D.I always says they are predictable because they always tell you what is coming next.
  14. They have convinced the population by using the state controlled media to convince people there is a deadly virus on the loose and you will all die if you don't do as we say. Fear is easy to manifest in peoples minds if you know the psychological methods to use.
  15. RE bloke smashing up T.V. My wife had phone call from some medical person recently asking why she hadn't had the vaccine. Among other things she pointed out to him if it wasn't for the main stream media we would not know there was supposed to be a pandemic. She then asked him how many body bags he had seen being bought out out of houses, had he seen any dead bodies in the street. I was asked by woman at work what sort of person refuses the vaccine, my reply the sort of person who can think for them selves. Then asked her when she started believing every thing the government tells you. Finished off with I'm not having a synthetic, man made vial of un-tested toxic shite put into me. I have more faith in my own immune system which has served me well for the last 60 years.
  16. Damn that vasectomy 23 years ago
  17. Get your self a copy of "The invisible rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. I cant recommend this book enough to any one who wants to know more about the harmful effects of E.M.F
  18. Apologies perpetual, I am not that clued up on how to post links etc. I am sure the book can be found on his web site or as I found it £3.99 on (dear I say it) Amazon. As for the pod cast, all his pod casts from March, April last year are worth listening to. The one to which you refer is there some where. His pod casts are only about 15 mins each.
  19. If only. A lot of people talking about Nurenberg style trials for this load of scum bags. They are not the only ones. French, German, Danish, Australian, you get the picture. If, and I fear that is a very big if, these bunch of bastards should be brought to account for their crimes they will for the large part get away scot free or serve paltry sentences, Just like the Nazi's did after the trials. Their true punishment will be in the next existence. I am not talking fire and brimstone or the wrath of god or that sort of bullshit. If it is not the next it will be the one after that or the next, either way one day they will be brought to account.
  20. Get yourself a copy of Dr Vernon Colman's book. " Any one who tells you vaccines are safe and effective are lying". He explains exactly what to take with you to receive any jab. You have to get all the relevant information in writing and ask the would be jabber to sign it. You will be politely asked to leave, un-vaccinated. Any thing verbal will not stand up in court. I also remember one of his pod-casts from some time ago when he was on u-tube, he was telling us exactly what must be on the form you ask them to sign.
  21. A society where love, empathy, understanding, wisdom, peace and people living with each other in harmony with their selves and nature. A world where we work together to provide physical and spiritual sustenance for each other. I am a little disappointed tonight to see posts by some praising the ownership of gold and silver in later posts. I think it is in the Christian bible some where " Money is the root of all evil". No one ant gets more food for taking back to the nest more than the other ant. The same can be said of bees returning to the hive, one more retuning to the hive with more pollen than the other.. If the nasty surprise spoken about by DarianF should ever come to pass the last thing the human race would need is some one saying " Do as I say because I have more gold than you do". That is how we have gotten into this mess in the first place and things would slowly but surely return to how we are now. There is a lot to be said for the theory of communism. Sadly, it has never come to be. " All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others". I believe from Orwell's animal farm. I has also been suggested on here tonight, the possibility that Boris Johnson and many others are already safe in some under ground bunker some where. In a world of infinite possibilities, to quote David Icke, who's to say this isn't possible. To take it a step further who can prove Boris Johnson is human and not a n A.I robot. The same question can apply to Matt Hancock and many others. Is it not possible that any one individual's reality is what they perceive through their five senses at any one time. If you can not see your car, garden out side of your home because the curtains are closed, how do you know they exist. How is it possible to know any thing exists if you can not see, hear, touch, taste or smell it. Welcome to the illusion we are possibly living in. Off topic I know and apologise for. Good night dear friends. Always good to converse with others who are like minded and open to all possibilities. Who ever he/she/it is may, your god be with you.
  22. Here in Norfolk I am 9 times out of ten the only person in a shop not wearing a mask. I have only been asked once by a security guard to put a on mask. " I am exempt for medical reasons". That was enough for him to walk away. I do have a heart condition (Atrial fibrillation ) , as I have said on here before, caused by E.M.F I now have no doubt after reading "The invisible rainbow". I have a mask exempt lanyard which I occasionally wear. More often than not I don't. Today in morrisons I thought I would test the water. I went straight to the security guards and said. "I don't have a mask, I am exempt for medical reasons, I have a mask exempt lanyard but forgot to bring it with me". "No problem sir, if you have any problems come straight to us and we will sort it for you". They know better than to risk a disciplinary and a possible court appearance for breech of the disability act. How ever you do it is up to the individual, I find the best way is to walk in to a shop, head up as if you own the place. I am sixty years old 5 foot 6 on a good day, but I will back down to no fucker when I know I am right. The one thing that really saddens me is children being made to wear masks by their parents. The fear in their eyes as I walk toward them in the aisles is so sad to see. Quite right what U.K column news said yesterday "This time last year if any one had started talking about vaccine passports on the way, you would have been called a conspiracy theorist. Really don't know what it is going to take for the majority of people to wake up and smell the coffee.
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