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  1. If I could build a time machine so I could go back in time I would go back to the time of Jesus, first of all to see if he really did exist, and to see what really happened.
  2. Just been going back over posts from the last couple of days. If they should start prosecuting people for spreading covid 19 conspiracy theories, I wonder who will be defending Boris, Matt Hancock, Witty and all the others, and hope they don't forget Neil Ferguson. Saw a bit on B.B.C news yesterday, Michael Gove apparently said that schools were unlikely to be the source of any outbreak. If that is the case now then surely it was the case 8 weeks ago.
  3. Any thing to keep bumping up the figures
  4. Just posted ? because a little while ago I was trying to comment on the post about the masks and "Sorry you are blocked" appeared on screen like it was on Sunday, was wondering if site had been attacked again. Saw video on u-tube this morning. Del Bigtree "The high wire" Some medical boffin and some one else preparing room at Whitehouse not realizing mic was switched on. Type in "The real hoax reporter caught on tape" If You haven't already seen this one. I mention it cos I haven't seen this one mentioned on this forum.
  5. Had a few problems getting here tonight, as I see, so have others. Nice to see that big brother is watching over me. Should have listened to nanny because nanny always knows what is best for me. How silly of me to have thoughts of my own, what was I thinking? Trying to think for my self and that nanny could be wrong. Trying to think for myself and have a different opinion. I have been so naughty and thank you nanny for trying to show me the error of my ways and trying to stop me talking to all those other naughty people. One more thing nanny FUCK OFF. Seriously, our son contacted us two nights ago, he is getting himself out if a toxic relationship and struggling to do so. This ex-girlfriend has been very controlling and manipulative. The police were involved and took him to hospital where my wife met up with them. They were told that despite his mental health problems there was nobody at the hospital who could help, no one to talk to, no therapist to have a chat with, nothing. Whilst I appreciate it was late at night, but given the governments supposed understanding of more people having mental health issues during this lock down you would expect to find more staff available night and day to deal with these people. I realise Sam's problems aren't linked with this supposed virus pandemic, but It would have been the same if they were. The two coppers were as gob smacked as my wife was. Took him back home today because he is off to Cornwall tomorrow (Monday) due to work, gives him something else to focus on. On the way home heard something on radio four, didn't get the person's name, this chap was saying "The lock down should stop tomorrow, those that want to live in isolation should be allowed to do so, and the rest of us who want to get back to normal should be able to". Nearly went off the road hearing some one talking sense on the B.B.C. This was just after 5pm, if it is possible to hear radio broadcasts retrospectively and any one wants to hear exactly what he said. Next article was about hamsters. Some boffins some where have been deliberately infecting hamsters with "covid-19" and separating them from healthy hamsters with screens made from the same material as face masks. They discovered the healthy hamsters were 60% less likely to become infected than hamsters that weren't separated by the screen. Thank god, perhaps I can get some sleep tonight, I have been worried sick about hamsters during this pandemic. If I was to deliberately infect my dog or cat with a virus then have it broadcast on national radio I wonder how long it would be before The R.S.P.C.A and police were knocking at my door. You are maybe questioning why I am posting on this forum because it doesn't have a great deal to do with the "corona virus pandemic". I know this forum is very popular at the moment and wanted to reach as many of you as possible. Finally, if you haven't seen on u-tube or heard of a man called Jerry Marzinsky, go and have a look. I am confident you will find him just as interesting as I have today. No spoilers, just have a listen at what he has got to say and some of the things he talks about. Speak to you all soon, god bless.
  6. During normal times they probably think that everything the government says is a lie because you cant believe a word they say
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